housing: Prediction: Top Cities Primed For Appreciation In 2012 - 01/03/12 02:30 PM
According to HousingPredictor, Kansas City tops the list of cities primed to experience housing appreciation in 2012.  Citing the boom in farm prices, several cities in the midwest help fill the list.  If you're selling real estate in any of these areas, your buyers and sellers could be at the forefront of the recovery curve as we will come to love and know it.  The link to the article is below.

housing: Where You Can Find The Cheapest Housing In The Country - 12/28/11 04:34 AM
Every day I read to stay informed about our real estate market.  It is always helpful to be able to convey select information to prospects and clients in whatever way possible to support a point or position.  I read the following article this morning and couldn't help wondering why real estate data is alwsays compared on a year over year basis.  We say that real estate is a long term investment, yet articles continue to compare data to the previous year.  Why do they not compare to five years ago or ten years ago?  Year over year stats don't put anything … (1 comments)

housing: Low Rates Will Not Revive The Housing Market - 08/18/11 09:13 AM
Clearly, low rates and affordable housing will not revive the condition of the housing market as we know it.  Even the Fed's recent proclamation of low rates for the next two years will not stimulate the housing market.  In a twisted way, it might even reduce the chances of stimulation.
With rates being held at bay and housing prices continuing to decline in some markets and remain level in most others, there is no sense of urgency for buyers to get off of the fence.  Weakened US and world economies and fear of unemployment have led to a negative psychological effect … (3 comments)

housing: America's 10 Sickest Housing Markets - 08/09/11 10:44 AM
A recent article was published on TODAY.com regarding housing markets most adversely affected by price decreases, increased vacancies, and the down economy.  The list is as follows (starting with the worst):
Tucson, AZ
Indianapolis, IN
Memphis, TN
Atlanta, GA
Baton Rouge, LA
Dayton, OH
Detroit, MI
Kansas City, MO
St. Louis, MO
Oklahoma City, OK
The data wa sgathered by 24/7 Wall St. via a census of the 75 largest U.S. metro areas.  They ranked the cities with the highest overall vacancy rates for both homeowner vacancy and rental vacancy in the 2Q of 2011.  They then removed the cities on … (5 comments)

housing: Is Government Broken? - 07/24/11 05:21 AM
I was watching a news show this morning and the debate was heated.  The panelists were discussing the Republican agenda vs. the Democrat agenda.  Who is right?  Who is wrong?  Fingers were pointing in every direction and each side was sure that they were "winning".
Then one young man (I can't recall his name, but I know he was 33) made a great point.  "In the last three elections" he said, "the American people have spoken."  he went on to talk about how Tea Party movements and election results have recently proven that we are sick and tired of the same … (5 comments)

housing: Where To Find Buyers - 07/21/11 03:54 AM
It's a question we ask ourselves every day.  Maybe this is one of the answers.  It certainly makes sense.  Since I'm building my business with a long range frame of mind, I am thinking it would make sense to break Gen Y into four categories: (1) the 15-18 year old high school group, (2) the 19-22 year old college age group, (3) the post college age first time home buyer group, (4) and the post college age moving up to a larger home buyer group.  I'll probably attack it from that perspective and try to capture prospects and plant a lot … (5 comments)

housing: Foreclosures Delayed ... Recovery Delayed? - 07/15/11 04:47 AM
Recent RealtyTrac news reports that 1 million foreclosures will be delayed until 2012 due to the massive backlog currently being experienced throughout the country.  It is being reported that this will result in a delayed market recovery of an additional year, and thet "normal levels" of foreclosures will not be experienced until 2015. 
The general observation made is that "lenders taking longer to take action against delinquent borrowers is stalling the housing recovery."  On the other hand, lenders, with the support of our current administration, have self-imposed delayes in an effort to allow homeowners to restructure or modify their loans, or … (0 comments)

housing: Another Reason To Be Optimistic - 07/12/11 02:03 AM
I just read an article about an analysis of the real estate market for the first half of 2011 made by Clear Capital.  A couple of thoughts came to mind. 
I am always cautious to qualify these studies by evaluating their criteria.  There isn't much detail in this article and the author simply states that market performances were based upon "first half data".  Specifically what data, we are not told. 
Assuming the data is reliable, I am encouraged to see Washington DC and New York at the top of the list.  One of the primary contributing factors to the lack of … (45 comments)

housing: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - 07/06/11 02:22 AM
I just read two articles this morning that grabbed my attention.  One has to do with the expectation of home prices and the other with the idea of a minimum downpayment plan.
The good, is that the poll suggests that home prices are "bottoming out" and should remain stable for the next several years:
"More than half of economists, real estate experts and investment strategists polled by MacroMarkets LLC in June said they now expect national home prices to hit a bottom sometime in 2011 and remain stable through 2015"
The bad, is the article that talks about the proposed Dodd-Frank … (0 comments)

housing: New Mortgage ARM's Up 33%! - 07/03/11 08:29 AM
Now that I got your attention by completely manipulating the statistics, I want to put up the caution flag before we revisit a sore subject.  The following quote was obtained from a recent article regarding the growing popularity of ARM's.
"In the first quarter of this year, about 12 percent of the $325 billion in new mortgages made were ARMs. In the fourth quarter last year, ARMs made up 9 percent of new mortgages, reports the newsletter Inside Mortgage Finance. During the housing boom, ARMs made up 45 percent of mortgages issued in 2006"
While 3, 5 and 7 year ARM's … (4 comments)

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