sellers: Prediction: Top Cities Primed For Appreciation In 2012 - 01/03/12 02:30 PM
According to HousingPredictor, Kansas City tops the list of cities primed to experience housing appreciation in 2012.  Citing the boom in farm prices, several cities in the midwest help fill the list.  If you're selling real estate in any of these areas, your buyers and sellers could be at the forefront of the recovery curve as we will come to love and know it.  The link to the article is below.

sellers: I'm On A Soap Box and I'm Talking To YOU! - 12/30/11 03:04 AM
I just read this article about the recent settlement against Countrywide and it got me to thinking.  I know that greed and immorality and unethical behavior is what drove the market and caused the crisis that we are currently enduring.  Nothing can change history and eventually we will recover.  It's like I tell the kids on my little league team, it's not the error that you focus on, it's taking every measure necessary to prepare yourself to not make the same error again that counts.  In that same vein, it amazes me just how many Realtors don't quite seem to be … (3 comments)

sellers: Safest Places To Live - 12/29/11 04:25 AM
A recent study by the Farmers Insurance Group Companies lists the ten safest places to live in America, broken into two categories, populations over 500,000 and populations between 150,000 and 500,000.  Whether it's buyers or sellers that you're working with, if your market is on either one of the lists, use it to your marketing advantage.  The link to the article is listed below.

sellers: Where You Can Find The Cheapest Housing In The Country - 12/28/11 04:34 AM
Every day I read to stay informed about our real estate market.  It is always helpful to be able to convey select information to prospects and clients in whatever way possible to support a point or position.  I read the following article this morning and couldn't help wondering why real estate data is alwsays compared on a year over year basis.  We say that real estate is a long term investment, yet articles continue to compare data to the previous year.  Why do they not compare to five years ago or ten years ago?  Year over year stats don't put anything … (1 comments)

sellers: When Will We Hit The Bottom? - 12/27/11 12:03 AM
I'm often asked when I think the real estate recovery will happen.  Buyers ansd sellers alike asking, "when will we hit the bottom?"  I know it's rude to answer a question with a question, but my response is always the same, "do you want to buy or sell right now?" 
If the answer is "yes", then it doesn't really matter when the market actually "bottoms out" because the buyer or seller has an immediate need.  If the answer is "no", then I can conservatively prognosticate and often find myself telling the inquierer that we should see nationwide stability within 8 to … (4 comments)

sellers: Low Rates Will Not Revive The Housing Market - 08/18/11 09:13 AM
Clearly, low rates and affordable housing will not revive the condition of the housing market as we know it.  Even the Fed's recent proclamation of low rates for the next two years will not stimulate the housing market.  In a twisted way, it might even reduce the chances of stimulation.
With rates being held at bay and housing prices continuing to decline in some markets and remain level in most others, there is no sense of urgency for buyers to get off of the fence.  Weakened US and world economies and fear of unemployment have led to a negative psychological effect … (3 comments)

sellers: Are Sellers Overpricing Homes? - 07/22/11 04:39 AM
A recent Zillow study of one million homes currently on the market for sale, shows that, on average, homes purchased before 2002 were overpriced by an average of 11.6%, homes purchased between 2002 and 2006 were overpriced by an average of 9.3% and home purchased since 2007 were overpriced by an average of 14%.
Putting all of the numbers aside, the reason I wrote this today was to express a thought about something that seemed to be left out of the article.  The sellers did not overprice their homes at all.  The Realtors overpriced the homes. 
It is time to put … (1 comments)

sellers: Facebook Video Chat Feature Coming Soon - 07/08/11 04:26 AM
In an effort to reach out to new clients and the younger generation of real estate buyers and sellers, I am going to get on board with the new Facebook video chat feature (coming soon).  Facebook, through a deal with Skype, will be rolling out this enhancement some time in the next month.  This will be a handy tool for interviewing, as well as video conferencing.  For more information, it can currently be accessed at  You have to keep up with technology to stay competitive.  Remember the days when we used to look at listings in a printed "telephone book"? … (2 comments)

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