condos in danbury ct: Townhome Market In Danbury,CT Hayestown Area For 2019 Real Estate - 10/19/19 06:46 AM
 Northern Danbury, CT Townhomes Sales 06811
Real Estate Information on Townhomes in the Hayestown and Pembroke Area of Danbury,CT
Currently listed per Smart MLS 10/19/2019 (including under deposit & pending)

 In some communities, the average sales price is considerly less than what it was in years past. However, one most look deeper into the numbers. Most of the communities listed are under 75 homes and if 1 of the few sales is for a smaller low or distress, it can skew the numbers. Ask the real estate professional about the makret value of your home Sales price is also effected by the units condition … (2 comments)

condos in danbury ct: How Can I Get A Price On My Danbury,CT Area Condo? - 08/06/19 12:40 PM
The market remains fairly active for townhomes or condos in the Greater Danbury area. The current active deposited price listing on the MLS, which includes new construction, any possible short sales and foreclosures, which includes sales information in Danbury,Brookfield and Bethel,CT . The lowest listed price is $112,000 the highest price is $681,995 and the median asking price is $285,000. In addition to those figures, the average deposited price is $305,181-data per smart MLS 8/6/2019, accurate but not guaranteed. There is a wide range of properties and prices. You want to know exactly where you property can lend, so you can plan … (1 comments)

condos in danbury ct: Is There Parking Included In Condos In Danbury,CT - 06/10/19 02:46 PM
Unlike some markets, almost all condos in the Danbury, Connecticut area include parking. There is always off-street parking street or garages available.In several communities, there are restrictions on how many cars can be kept with a unit & what the visitor parking protocol goes. There are also rules for winter parking, as owners must move their own cars that are parked outside & dig them out to be moved in order to have their landscaper plow. 
In some communities, garages do have separate deeds and can be sold separately, as not all homes have those neighbors have a garage that is included. Those are typically … (0 comments)

condos in danbury ct: Similar Homes Are Found In Different Danbury,CT Townhome Communities - 02/28/19 08:59 AM
Due to the size of Danbury,CT & the large development that has shaped our fair city, there have been a number of homes that have been in essence copied from one part of town into others. They lead to a number of great condos or townhomes for owners to call home. 
They include:

Park Brook, Park Ridge & Lakewood-All of which are located in the 06811. Offering both ranch & two story units, residents have access to their on-site pool and good parking. 

Sterling Woods II was the base for many units to be duplicated in other projects. Their 'twins' include Arlington Woods, Briar Woods & … (0 comments)

condos in danbury ct: Should You Buy A Townhome Or A Single Family Home in Danbury,CT - 01/04/19 10:22 AM
Some of my clients are not sure whether they should be purchasing a single family or townhomes. In the Danbury area, we are forutnately to have both options avaialble in both of the towns that comprise the area. Generally, there are most townhomes in Danbury & Bethel,compared to the surrounding towns. 
Each option has it's own postive features. For the most part, townhomes in the Danbury area are more affordable, larger and newer than the single family homes.Current inventory is better for townhomes-in terms on the number that are available to choose from in certain price ranges. In addtion, a good number … (2 comments)

condos in danbury ct: I Just Want To Look At Houses in the Danbury,CT Area... - 10/19/18 01:54 PM
I ask people do you want to see homes or do you really need to move & financially ready to move? The 2nd part of the question is the most important. If one is looking for ideas of decorating, you can get ideas of what some people are doing by looking online at various home listings or stopping by public open houses.  
If you want to see homes and financially ready, we should also talk about your time-frame. If you are not committing to moving for two years, we can out once or twice for an overall of available properties, but shouldn't go out of a … (0 comments)

condos in danbury ct: Shelter Rock Danbury,CT Real Estate Sales For Fall 2018 - 10/04/18 11:10 AM
The Shelter Rock area of Danbury,CT has had the strongest real estate market activity that what I have seen in several years. It is just not one of the townhome communities doing well, it is all of them. Prices have gone up & the time on the market has gone down to take an offer. Below you will find a chart with information needed.

This information is per CT Smart MLS, 10/4/2018. Sales data is from 1/1/2018 to 10/4/2018. You can view the earlier report showing data til early May here. As you can see, the strong housing market continued into the summer … (2 comments)

condos in danbury ct: Why is there a big in property values in Danbury,CT Townhomes? - 10/04/18 11:04 AM
The Danbury,CT real estate market can be confusing if you are going from out of the area or even move locally into a townhome. Generally speaking, the newer the unit would is, the more more money you are going to be paying. In addition, amenities do factor into the valuation as well. Danbury is a larger city, and some areas tend to historically have higher prices for similar homes when you purchase, but then it is generally make up for it if and when you have to sell. There are lot of other factors that play into the valuation of real estate, including interior condition … (0 comments)

condos in danbury ct: How Are Sales Going For Townhomes in Danbury,CT? - 07/15/18 09:24 AM
If you live in Danbury,Connecticut, then you should know that there are several larger townhome communities offering residents real estate options that are not traditional single family homes. At current inventory levels as of today (7/15/2018), there are almost exactly as many condominium and townhomes on the market for sale in the 'active' category as there are for single family homes, and only a slightly less that are in contract or accepted offer when compared to single family homes.
When compared to last year (2017) at time, there has been some changes. The average sales price has increased $13,554 to $242,626 over  The number of … (1 comments)

condos in danbury ct: Not All Danbury,CT Condos Are Created Equally - 01/17/18 11:28 AM
Not all condos in Danbury,Ct are created equally. With over 5000 built in Danbury and the surrounding towns, there is almost not such thing as a typical condo. It is true that there are several complexes that are quite similar to each other, but there are also a number of different settings, offering a different size, layout or neighborhood environment.Most of Danbury, units where created from the ground up by local developers. Some condos in the area exist because of re-purpose old factories, adding on to a singel family home and converting them or taking former apartment houses are making them into condominiums. Square footage … (0 comments)

condos in danbury ct: I really like to work directly with actual clients-not family helping - 01/15/18 02:17 PM
Sometimes, due to my knowledge of real estate in the Danbury area, I am contacted prospects that claim to have family members potentially moving up to the area. Although I appreciate the call and opportunity to provide information, it's not exactly what I need. Please have them contact me directly so information doesn't get lost in translation & I'm able to provide them with ongoing information. Even if you contact my to preview homes in advance for a family member going, I am still obligated to make you sign a buyer's agency agreement under state consumer protection laws just like I would have … (0 comments)

condos in danbury ct: Where Can You Find Townhomes in Danbury,CT? - 12/18/17 03:09 PM
The numerous townhome developments in Danbury,CT are scattered across the 42 square miles of land. Some are in more visible locations if you where passing through town, like the hillside community of Westwood Village on Mill Plain Road or the Ridgeview commons on Clapboard Ridge.  Some others are tucked away, potentially only visible to those at live there, such as Park Brook, the Knolls or Park Ridge. 

Regardless of visibility or not, the condo and townhome market usually makes up about 30% of  current properties for sale in Danbury. There are several options whether you need to buy a condo as a first time home buyer, scaling back, … (0 comments)

condos in danbury ct: What are the addresses for the Danbury,CT Townhome Communities - 08/30/17 07:05 AM
There are several condominium and townhome communities in Danbury that offer maintenance free living. Properties are available in all ages, sizes and price ranges. Here's a list of addresses so you can explore before setting up appointments to take a look inside, if you are not working with ana agent and have been preapproed for financing.  To learn about these areas, please visit my website.

-Arlington Woods: Sienna Drive Danbury,CT 06810
-Arrowood:20 East Pembroke-Danbury,CT 06811 
-Autumn Ridge:157 Shelter Rock Road, Danbury CT 06810
-Barclay Commons:1 East Hayestown Road, Danbury CT 06811
-Birchwood, 27 Crows Nest Lane Danbury,CT 06810
-Brookside:7 Padanaram Road, Danbury CT 06810
-Briar Woods: Briar Woods Lane, Danbury CT … (0 comments)

condos in danbury ct: Could Non-Residents Use The Condo Facilities in Danbury,CT? - 08/14/17 02:29 PM
I must get a couple call s a month from people that are looking to use the facilities of a condo or townhome in the Danbury,CT area. However, it is very much the fact that the on site facilties such as the clubhouse, meeting room or pool can only be used by resdients that owner in the complex or rent within the devolpment. It is very much fact the all of the facilties that would be available offer a sort of securtiy measure to keep unauthorized users away. If you are living in the complex and need access to the your wondeful amenties, … (0 comments)

condos in danbury ct: We Help Danbury,CT Condominium and Townhome Sellers - 07/05/17 02:11 PM
Selling your home can be pretty stressful. Some might say it is tougher to be a home seller than the home buyer. With selling your home, you have things like keeping your home clean, sometimes buyers coming earlier or later than they scheduled, buyers might wanting to come several times before making an offer or following inspections to bring family members or contractors overs, getting ready to move, finding a new house and sometimes might take a little long for your buyer to secure their financing. With things like setting the price, it's amazing why some people like yourself might even want … (1 comments)

condos in danbury ct: Describe Western Danbury,CT Real Estate - 01/22/17 01:42 PM
Homes on the western side of Danbury often are in demand. Due to the proximity to the New York State Line, highways, shopping & services, this has a created an environment . It is not just all built up. Once you get off Mill Plain Road, Lake Avenue or Backus Avenue, it is typically residential areas with homes generally sited on 1+ acre lots.  Once you are into those neighborhoods, you can't tell you are that close to all the conveniences that you need.
I would generally describe homes in the Western Danbury area to be found in this highlighted map.  It is not just a place … (0 comments)

condos in danbury ct: Renovated Townhome For Sale in Danbury,CT:8 Mannions Ln#6 - 12/28/16 11:34 AM
Listing Details
Fully Renovated Townhome8 Mannions Lane #6, Danbury CT 06810
Price: $212,500
MLS number: 99159250
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1.5
Square Footage: 1700
Open House 1/8/2017 1-3 PM Or Shown By Appointment
Call or Text Agent Jonathan Hall  at 203-417-0523 to see if this property is still available and arrange a showing.

Pristine condition fully renovated townhome offering outstanding quality features. Improvements throughout are highlighted by a beautiful kitchen offering white cabinetry, granite countertops stainless steel appliances and tile back-splash. Large living room and separate dining room lead to deck. Both bathrooms have been remodeled offering tile floors and quality fixtures. New flooring throughout home and has been professionally painted top to bottom. Loads of space … (6 comments)

condos in danbury ct: Are You Moving to Danbury,CT? Housing Information Guide - 01/02/16 03:57 AM
There are several differences between Danbury,CT real estate compared to other areas of the country. To start, it is customary that most single family homes or hare serviced by septic systems, well water and oil heat. City sewer and water are typically found in homes closer to the center of town. Sometimes city water is available in outlying areas  when the homes were orginally serviced by community water and the town took it over. Oil heat is standartd (outside of condos), provided there is no buried oil tank and if there was on previously, there is readily paperwork or testing to … (0 comments)

condos in danbury ct: Sterling Woods Danbury,CT Market Report - 08/31/15 01:11 AM
Home Prices in Sterling Woods Danbury, CT for September 1, 2015
Real estate market data for Sterling Woods condos-Danbury,CT provided by Jonathan Hall of  William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty.
Sterling Woods Home Prices 
We have seen stable prices for the last 12 straight months of listing price increases on the condo prices for properties in Sterling Woods, and I do not anticipate anything at this time which will change that.. If you are considering buying a home you can still find deals on a house in Danbury,CT but having a good real estate agent who understands the market is a must. Don’t wait on … (0 comments)

condos in danbury ct: Does the age of the condos matter in Danbury,CT? - 04/15/15 12:48 AM

There were several different boom times for condo construction in Danbury,CT.  The largest boom was from 1982-1987 was in excess of 2000 residences were constructed throughout the city limits. Many of the large communties where created at this time: Lake Place, Birchwood, Westwood Village, Barclay Commons, Shepherd Hill, Lakewood, Arrowood, Park Brook ,Park Ridge,Summerset, Autumn Ridge among others. The construction was lead by the new Union Carbide headquaters, Cartus and other large corportations relocating to Danbury. You can read about these devolpments and other properties on my website.
There is nothing wrong with purchasing a unit that was built during the time … (1 comments)

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