danbury ct townhomes: Where Are Condos in Danbury,CT? - 08/10/21 01:28 PM
Condos are found throughout most of Danbury. Community range from anywhere to 2 units up over 500 homes. City regulations mandate they are must be serviced by city water & city sewer. They are found in both the 06810 & 06811 zip codes of Danbury.  
They are found in various locations exactly throughout the city, including Padanaram Road, Federal Road, Newtown Road, South Street, Mill Plain Road, Hayestown and Shelter Rock. There also a couple of smaller communities found within City Center,  Pembroke,Germantown, Hospital Area and Lake Avenue areas of Danbury. Due to lack of utility services, they are not found in … (3 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: What's Your Danbury,CT Condo Worth In 2020? - 10/06/20 12:55 PM
It has been a strange and challenging time in the year of 2020. When it comes to real estate, some of the media reported that there is only really high demand for single family home-not such more condos or townhomes. Believe it, condos and townhome are still in still demand in Danbury,CT.  For a number of reasons including low interest rates, high rent , affordable values compared to nearby areas of New York State and lower Fairfield County,Connecticut.  Townhomes in the area are typically attractive to buyers since they are generally newer that comparable single family homes, allow for maintenance free living and several communities … (4 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Sterling Woods Danbury,CT Condo Sales Info For Summer 2020 - 09/02/20 08:47 AM
Home Prices in Sterling Woods Danbury, CT for Summer of 2020
Real estate market data for Sterling Woods condos-Danbury,CT provided by Jonathan Hall of  William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty.
What Sold This Year in Sterling Woods
  There has been limited sales at Sterling Woods to begin the year of 2020.  A large part is because there has been limited condos and townhomes on the market. Inventory was low prior to Corona virus and since May,available properties have been selling like hotcakes.As of 9/2, there are also a total of 5 properties currently with accepted offers or in contract.If you are considering buying a home you can … (1 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Sterling Woods Danbury,CT Townhomes Real Estate Activity Spring 2020 - 04/20/20 10:13 AM
Home Prices in Sterling Woods Danbury, CT for Spring of 2020
Real estate market data for Sterling Woods condos-Danbury,CT provided by Jonathan Hall of  William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty.
What Sold This Year in Sterling Woods
  There has been limited sales at Sterling Woods to begin the year of 2020.  A large part is because there has been limited condos and townhomes on the market. Inventory was low prior to Corona virvus and it has not increased since it within the last month..If you are considering buying a home you can still find deals on a house in Danbury,CT but having a good real estate … (2 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Townhome Market In Danbury,CT Hayestown Area For 2019 Real Estate - 10/19/19 06:46 AM
 Northern Danbury, CT Townhomes Sales 06811
Real Estate Information on Townhomes in the Hayestown and Pembroke Area of Danbury,CT
Currently listed per Smart MLS 10/19/2019 (including under deposit & pending)

 In some communities, the average sales price is considerly less than what it was in years past. However, one most look deeper into the numbers. Most of the communities listed are under 75 homes and if 1 of the few sales is for a smaller low or distress, it can skew the numbers. Ask the real estate professional about the makret value of your home Sales price is also effected by the units condition … (2 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Is There Parking Included In Condos In Danbury,CT - 06/10/19 02:46 PM
Unlike some markets, almost all condos in the Danbury, Connecticut area include parking. There is always off-street parking street or garages available.In several communities, there are restrictions on how many cars can be kept with a unit & what the visitor parking protocol goes. There are also rules for winter parking, as owners must move their own cars that are parked outside & dig them out to be moved in order to have their landscaper plow. 
In some communities, garages do have separate deeds and can be sold separately, as not all homes have those neighbors have a garage that is included. Those are typically … (0 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: What Are Real Estate Prices Like For Townhomes in Danbury,CT? - 10/04/18 11:02 AM
Danbury,CT offers a variety a townhome options at different pricing levels. In my experience, I found that several communities offering very similar pricing for the similar types of homes you would be living in. With this knowledge, I am able to assist clients with understanding the local market whether their goal is to sell their home or purchase. The overall market tells us what is happening in the town, and we can go further in detail by reviewing neighborhood to neighborhood.
Sales information is below for reported closings on the Smart MLS

*Sales From 1/1/2018 to 10/28/2018. Sales Data per Smart MLS 10/28/2018, accurate but … (0 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Why Is There A Wide Range Of Homes Sold in My Danbury,CT Neighborhood - 09/21/18 09:10 AM
In your Danbury,CT townhome community, you might have seen home values all over the map. As a owner, it can be confusing as you want to make sure that you would able to get a good value for your home, if and when it is time to move on. In some neighborhoods, the price range of homes range in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars, wherein others it can be closer to about $50,000. Why is there such a difference in the values?
-Layout: The chosen community may offer a variety of different models. Some may be larger than yours, others smaller. Some … (0 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Market Analysis On Your Danbury,CT Townhome - 02/03/18 10:36 AM
Did you know the average sales price for a townhome in Danbury,CT increased 4.1% to $233,947 as compared to the same time period, one year ago.
In the same time period, the average days on market dropped by 16 days to 118 days from 134, an improvement of 12% over the same period last year. Median days on the market also dropped 6 % to 79 in 2017 over 2016.
Across the board for all townhomes in Danbury,Connecticut the average price per square footage for a townhome increased $5.74 a square foot up to $149.27  The average percent of the original list price that home sellers … (0 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Not All Danbury,CT Condos Are Created Equally - 01/17/18 11:28 AM
Not all condos in Danbury,Ct are created equally. With over 5000 built in Danbury and the surrounding towns, there is almost not such thing as a typical condo. It is true that there are several complexes that are quite similar to each other, but there are also a number of different settings, offering a different size, layout or neighborhood environment.Most of Danbury, units where created from the ground up by local developers. Some condos in the area exist because of re-purpose old factories, adding on to a singel family home and converting them or taking former apartment houses are making them into condominiums. Square footage … (0 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Where Are The Best Townhomes For Sale in Danbury,CT? - 01/08/18 02:54 PM
To find the  the best condo in the Danbury,CT area is the place  you find is that feels the most comfortable. It is not too small, but not overwhelming for your needs. The location is ideal for situation. It's the one that you don't regret living in right after you would have closed.You can afford the monthly mortgage.After viewing several homes before deciding in your home, you won't regret wanting to see any other homes that might have come up. Regradless the price range that you are looking to find a home in, you want to make sure that you make the right decision.  
When you … (0 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Is Your Townhome in Danbury,CT Worth More Than You Bought It For? - 01/08/18 02:45 PM
Historically across the board for townhomes homes prices are generally midway between 2003 and 2004 prices in the Danbury,Connecticut area. This means if you bought your home in this time period, the home is worth about  what you bought it for. Even if you bought your home within the 5 or 7 years, the value of your still have come up. With the equity that you have built up, you could be able to upgrade into a larger unit or a traditional single family home if your lifestyle has changed. In addition, you also may be money in your home that would allow to you relocate … (0 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: What are the addresses for the Danbury,CT Townhome Communities - 08/30/17 07:05 AM
There are several condominium and townhome communities in Danbury that offer maintenance free living. Properties are available in all ages, sizes and price ranges. Here's a list of addresses so you can explore before setting up appointments to take a look inside, if you are not working with ana agent and have been preapproed for financing.  To learn about these areas, please visit my website.

-Arlington Woods: Sienna Drive Danbury,CT 06810
-Arrowood:20 East Pembroke-Danbury,CT 06811 
-Autumn Ridge:157 Shelter Rock Road, Danbury CT 06810
-Barclay Commons:1 East Hayestown Road, Danbury CT 06811
-Birchwood, 27 Crows Nest Lane Danbury,CT 06810
-Brookside:7 Padanaram Road, Danbury CT 06810
-Briar Woods: Briar Woods Lane, Danbury CT … (0 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Real Estates Market For Townhomes in Danbury,CT - 07/08/17 12:47 PM
The general market for buying or selling a condominium in Danbury,Connecticut is fairly active. The property is very active in the price range for homes ideal for a first time home owner or investor. The higher end has had some sales, but not all may be recorded on the MLS due to new construction up at Rivington. I'm surprised at the lack of sales around the average price point, which is $233,325,but there a number of townhomes in Danbury currently deposit deposit in that range.

Sales data per CMLS 11/15/2016-11/16/2017

As a real estate proferssional, I assist clients purchase and sell condos and townhomes throughout the … (0 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Sterling Woods Danbury, CT Sales in 2015 - 12/31/15 01:45 AM
Home Prices in Sterling Woods Danbury, CT for 2015
Real estate market data for Sterling Woods condos-Danbury,CT provided by Jonathan Hall of  William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty.
What Sold This Year in Sterling Woods
We have seen stable prices for the last 12 straight months of listing price increases on the condo prices for properties in Sterling Woods, and I do not anticipate anything at this time which will change that.. If you are considering buying a home you can still find deals on a house in Danbury,CT but having a good real estate agent who understands the market is a must. Don’t wait … (0 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Open Houses and Your Condo Hunt-Danbury,CT - 08/25/15 04:03 AM
Condo Open Houses In Danbury,CT

Sometimes I get calls from prospective movers is when will there be an open house at local upscale townhome  in Danbury communities such as Woodland Hills, Timber Oaks, Sterling Woods and similar.

There is no set schedule for public open houses.  All condos and townhomes that are not new construction are privately owned. Open houses are at the discretion of the homeowner, as many do not feel it is necessary to do because of the Internet.  Even if the seller schedules an open house with their listing agent, I can generally not aware of it unless it is my personal listing.  Most … (0 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Shepherd Hill Townhome For Sale-Danbury,CT - 07/20/15 06:11 AM
Search for all  condos in Danbury,CT
Listing DetailsSpacious Townhome166 Old Brookfield Road #11-3 Danbury,CT 06811
Price: $199,000
MLS number: 99105975
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1.5
Square Footage: 1239
Call or Text Agent Jonathan Hall  at 203-417-0523 to see if this property is still available and arrange a showing.

A unique opportunity awits you to own a spacious townhome in the Federal Road area of Danbury,CT. The wide open mian level living space makes entertaining a breeze.  The main level also features new laminate flooring. A spacious eat in kitchen features modern applicances and a tile backsplash. A wood burning fireplace, powder room and sunny deck complete the main level.Upstairs, … (1 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Is owning a condo the right path toward home ownership in Danbury,CT? - 06/01/15 12:09 AM
Is a condo the right path toward homeownership in Danbury,CT?

In the Danbury,CT and Northern Fairfield County, there is nothing wrong with owning a condo. They do appreciate in the market just like single family homes. As a first time homebuyer, you would not be burdened with all responsiblity of you would get with a traditional single family home.  Owning a condo is better than renting since you have control of the property. You get to build over time, and there are tax benefits. You don't have to moving immediately, or having a landlord who does not maintain the property to your standards.  
Owning a traditional single family home is expensive. Owning a traditional … (0 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: Does the age of the condos matter in Danbury,CT? - 04/15/15 12:48 AM

There were several different boom times for condo construction in Danbury,CT.  The largest boom was from 1982-1987 was in excess of 2000 residences were constructed throughout the city limits. Many of the large communties where created at this time: Lake Place, Birchwood, Westwood Village, Barclay Commons, Shepherd Hill, Lakewood, Arrowood, Park Brook ,Park Ridge,Summerset, Autumn Ridge among others. The construction was lead by the new Union Carbide headquaters, Cartus and other large corportations relocating to Danbury. You can read about these devolpments and other properties on my website.
There is nothing wrong with purchasing a unit that was built during the time … (1 comments)

danbury ct townhomes: What effects condo pricing in Danbury,CT? - 03/10/15 04:46 AM
What's the deal with condo pricing in Danbury,CT?


Why do some condos sell for more money than others in the same condo project? In several complexes in the Danbury area, prices do vary quite considerably. What is the main reasons for this kind of discrepancy?

-Style:Many complex offer a variety of floor plans. Some floor plans are easier to sell than other for a number of factors such as size and setup of the kitchen, location of bedrooms, size of a garage and more. The style can also include how the lower level is designed, and if it is walkout … (0 comments)

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