home buying danbury ct: What Forms Are Required With An Offer in Danbury,CT - 06/10/19 09:51 AM
There are several forms that are required when you find a home that you would to make an offer on in the Greater Danbury area. 
-Offer To Purchase: This a document that spells out the price, terms and conditions of the real estate purchase.
-Property Disclosures: These are documents that spells out to the best of the sellers knowledge about the house. There are spaces that ask about the age and types of systems, if they are aware of any problems of the systems,etc.
-Lead Based Paint Disclosure: This is required by all sellers of homes built prior to 1978. This requires home sellers to disclosure whether … (0 comments)

home buying danbury ct: Where Can You Get The Most House For Your Money in the Danbury,CT Area - 03/18/19 07:41 AM
If you are considering relocating to the Danbury,CT area or already live the area & are considering purchasing a new home, it is important to get an understanding of the local real estate market. Click on this link to view information on to view the average sale for the 2018 calender year, per the local real multiple listing service. Here is recent information on the pricing per square foot.

Sales Data Per Smart MLS 1/1/2018-12/31/2018, accurate but not guarenteed. Data for single family homes only
As you see, generally the east you go from the New York state line, the lower the average price … (2 comments)

home buying danbury ct: I Don't Need To Know All Your Details When Buying or Selling A Home - 02/19/19 09:01 AM
As your real estate agent, I am not involved one bit in your finances when you would be buying a home. Your loan officer or mortgage broker, on the other hand, will be knee deep in your finances. I only need to know that you qualify for a mortgage, how much down you would be planning no downing on the house and that's it. I would also need to know if it is a conventional mortgage or fha. We would need to get that upfront before we go house hunting, as  When we find the right home, the offer does get accompanied with … (0 comments)

home buying danbury ct: What Should I Offer On A Home in the Greater Danbury,CT area - 01/19/19 12:58 PM
As a real estate agent serving the Greater Danbury area, it is my goal to help my home buyer clients purchase their next home My clients ultimately decide on which property they would like to purchase, and how much they would like their offer to be on a home. It depends on how much you want the house.Most homes are generally selling between 97-98% of their final asking price. To prove to sellers that you are serious about their home, I would recommend home buyers start their offers at about 90% to kind of feel the sellers out, based on my experience. However, … (0 comments)

home buying danbury ct: Is Home Buying A Tough Process to Do In The Danbury,CT Area - 01/19/19 12:25 PM
The home buying process can be difficult at times in the Greater Danbury area. The truth is, home buyers should be prepared going in the start of the process so they shouldn't be surprised on the way things go. The fun part of begins when you are have the accepted offer. Looking at the homes can be fun and a good experience, but it can challenging all your ducks in a row getting from the time you see the house to the closing table could be challenging. You would need to get through getting the offer signed, scheduling the inspections, getting through any negotiations, insuring the … (1 comments)

home buying danbury ct: Danbury,CT Property Taxes Lower Than Nearby NY State - 01/19/19 11:26 AM
The Greater Danbury & Candlewood Lake area offers a low of value compared to nearby New York state area, such as Westchester & Putnam County,New York. Incoming owners buyers are often bypassing in-person home house hunting tours due to the much higher cost of living including the initial cost of the home purchase but also the property taxes. After doing some research for clients & what information that I have told over the years,,the nearby areas of NY state charge close to 40% higher and one can generally find more house for the money.  
Home buyers in Danbury,CT should expect to pay around … (1 comments)

home buying danbury ct: Can You Buy Real Estate in Danbury,CT without seeing it in person? - 12/31/18 09:27 AM
It is possible to purchase homes from a long distance these days. You can view homes' without physically stepping through the front door of your home until the walkthrough before closing if not later.  With technology available these days, it be can done by using tools such as face-time,skype, zoom electronic meeting, recording movies and sending multiple photos. However, it is not the same as coming through the house on your own. You can see the space better, evaluate the mechanical systems, see how the neighborhood is at different times of the day, and you may see things in the house that are … (1 comments)

home buying danbury ct: What Will Happen If The Building Inspection Isn't Good in Danbury,CT - 12/04/18 01:57 PM
As a homeowner, it can be a unsettling after seeing many different homes in the area, getting an offer accepted & then getting through the home inspection process. It is common to have to perspective home buyers hire an inspector to guide them through the home from the foundation to the roof. They will not only explain what is right with the house, how things work, what should you budget for to fix down the road and what should be corrected sooner than later. 
In my experience,most sellers should be willing to work with the buyer on major health and saferty issues … (0 comments)

home buying danbury ct: What Should You Do Once You Purchase A Home in Danbury,CT - 11/30/18 01:36 PM
There are several things that you do once you close on your new home
-Have your mail forwarded once you move in
-Change the lockes
-Make arrangements for a service contract on your heating & cooling system
-Notify friends and family of your move
-Notify your banks, insurance and other vendors you have of your new address
-Install new batteries on the smoke & carbon monxide detectors & set a schelude.
-Make a plan to make the home your own including issues that came up on your building inspection report
-Enroll your childern in the local school district 
-Met the neighbor's & get familiar with your new area
-Register your vehicles … (0 comments)

home buying danbury ct: House Hunting Is Time Well Spent - 11/23/18 01:08 PM
It is important to take your time when looking for a new address. I prefer my clients to view several homes, before even thinking about making an offer. It is my job to educate you on the market and to introduce clients to all homes potentially meeting their wish list. Usually that means, seeing about 10-15 properties if they know what town or neighborhood you want to want to live before going forth a offer. Typically, we can see three to five houses in a day, depending on your schedule.
Purchasing the wrong home could mean trouble down the road, and it … (2 comments)

home buying danbury ct: Everything that we discuss about buying or selling is confidential - 11/05/18 08:34 AM
When we get together about your buying or possibility of selling your home, everything becomes confidential once we sign the buyer agency's agreement or the exclusive right to sell contract for your home. Unless disclosed in writing from you, I can not disclose why you are in the market for a house or why you have to sell your home. Other confidentially includes if you were pre-approved for a higher amount but only feel comfortable spending a certain number, non-disclosure on what your bottom line is when your home is on the market when asked.
The old acronym OLDCAR spells out what I to you. … (0 comments)

home buying danbury ct: Five Top Real Estate Tools For Homebuyers in the Danbury,CT Area - 10/16/18 08:41 AM
It seems there are a lot of real estate apps and tools that are out there competing for the buyers use on their home search. Here are the tools that I find the most useful from my clients:
-Sotheby's Mobile App: This mobile app is the premier choice for house hunting. You can view all current listings, search by proximity, get directions, see which listings have had price changes or have open houses planned, search by lifestyle, and allow buyers to favorite homes. With this app as well, you can search by lifestyle, share listings, search more in depth as well as providing … (0 comments)

home buying danbury ct: Have You Been Pre-Approved So You Can Go House Hunting in Danbury,CT - 08/23/18 10:46 AM
In order to tour houses in the Danbury,Connecticut area, home buyers really should be pre-approved buyer before going out to see houses. There is no extra fees from your bank to get pre-approved early in the process, even if you have plenty of time before you want to be settled in your new address. If for some reason you bank is unable to pre-approve you, you will have time to work on the things they suggest in order to improve your changes of getting financing.
When you find the right house, it is expected to have an offer be accompanied by a deposit check, signed … (0 comments)

home buying danbury ct: What is included in an offer to purchase a home in Danbury,CT? - 08/23/18 10:23 AM
There are a lot of items that are included in an offer to purchase on a home. It can be a tricky to understand if you are a first time homeowner or a seller of a property that has not moved in several years. In this part of Connecticut, there are about three different forms that buyer's agents can use to help clients get an offer accepted on their new home. Regardless of the form, the basic offer on a home should have the information below:
-Buyer & Seller's Name And Address
-Address of the property being sold
-What personal property would be included … (1 comments)

home buying danbury ct: How Many Houses Should We See Before Making An Offer in Danbury,CT? - 08/23/18 10:22 AM
Each buyer has their own schedule of when they think they should buy a home. I have heard clients buy the first house they see and others have have seen close to 100 properties, made several offers on different houses but didn't work out for one reason or another before one was accepted. If you want to live in the house and feel it's a good value etc, be prepared to write up an offer. If you really don't want to live there or want to see other homes before deciding, that's fine. 
I have found that most it usually takes about seeing … (2 comments)

home buying danbury ct: Which Town Or Is The House More Important in Danbury,CT area? - 08/21/18 09:26 AM
There a number of different websites that you are get can information about moving to the Danbury,CT area.  They might include pursuing different sites for school information, safety, demographic information, online message boards, talking to friends and reading different news articles. My job to present to you all available properties you decide on a town or area. You can view all available properties here or download my free mobile home search app.
Property values and available to styles of homes vary from town to town. For some buyers that I have worked with, they don't care how far from work if they get the … (0 comments)

home buying danbury ct: Every Home You See Will Not Be 'Perfect' - 08/20/18 09:12 AM
When you are viewing homes in the Greater Danbury area, you could see homes in a lot of different conditions. Sometimes, the home looks much better and larger online.  In some cases, the listing agent might have accidentally uploaded the photos of the wrong house into the MLS. We deal with everything in the Greater Danbury area, the good, the bad and the ugly. Depending on what you are looking for in a new home, you may see houses that appear to be well maintained or homes that need several trips to the home improvement store to bring up to current standards..However, … (0 comments)

home buying danbury ct: Now Offering Free Real Estate Search App In Greater Danbury,CT Area - 07/29/18 11:25 AM
Jonathan Hall of William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty is pleased announce his branded personal app. This mobile app allows buyers to view nearby homes, see all photos/property information, search by lifestyle as well as get directions. Unlike some website portals, any information that you request on a property will only be sent to your trusted real estate adviser, Jonathan Hall of William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty in Danbury,CT.
To download the app with no cost or obligation for real estate services, please click on this link. If you have any problems getting the app, please contact him at 203-417-0523.
Below are you can see … (1 comments)

home buying danbury ct: We Should Get Together To Discuss Your Housing Needs in Danbury,CT - 07/23/18 01:14 PM
It's best to get together in person to discuss your housing needs. There are several good reasons for this. To start, after talking, we can actually see in person what is out there. If we start get by getting together at the first home of the day, after listening to your needs, we may be spending additional time together seeing homes that may not suit your needs or something that you are not willing to compromise on.  We can also spend time talking about what happens when you find the right house for your needs, so you are prepared as to the … (0 comments)

home buying danbury ct: You Can't Have To Go From Agent To Agent To See Homes in Danbury,CT - 07/23/18 01:01 PM
You do not have to go from real estate agent to real estate agent to view homes in the Greater Danbury area. By hiring the right buyer's agent and signing the CT exclusive right to represent buyer agreement,you now have access to see all of the houses offered on the MLS through all of the various real estate agencies as well as new construction offerings.. You don't have to keep meeting different agents that you find one way or another-they might not get to know the most important things you need in a new home or explaining the home buying experience. It … (1 comments)

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