moving danbury ct: What Information Should You Have When Selling Your Home in Danbury,CT - 01/22/19 02:08 PM
It's important to gather information about your home before it goes on the market. As a real estate agent that is representing the homeowner and the house, I like to assemble that information into a booklet that buyers can see when they come to tour the house. In addition, I make the documents available online for any licensed real estate agent to access. It's great if the homeowners any provide information as listed as below.
-Plot Plan/Survey
-As Built For Septic & Well Water Docs (if applicable)
-Utility Cost
-Appx age and information of mechanical systems (furnace,ac, hot water heater,roof) and appliances
-List of service providers
-Any HOA information
-Inclusion/Exclusion Sheet
-Any … (1 comments)

moving danbury ct: Of Course I Come Prepared To Market Your Home In Danbury,CT - 01/19/19 11:34 AM
I pride myself to come prepared to meet with a client. This is my job interview for your business. You would hire hiring myself as well as the William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty brokerage to represent you & your property for the sale. After an initial discussion of moving, then I get to work. It includes getting your tax record & field card from the city hall, doing a quick drive-by, pulling the plot plan from the city website and gathering any prior MLS listings for my clients home.  I also always bring a copy of the documents that we would have to … (0 comments)

moving danbury ct: Should You Do Work To Your Home Prior To Selling In Danbury,CT? - 12/04/18 01:14 PM
I hate to have home sellers invest more in their house that what is needed for the market. I would highly recommend home sellers meet with their chosen real estate professional prior to investing to sell or remodeling for their own use. I'd much rather invest my own hour or two with the clients rather than have them make a possible large mistake by over improving their home for the neighborhood or not going enough to in to order get a favorable price for their home.It's my job to ensure by clients homes are set for the 'retail market'. 
If you know something is broken … (1 comments)

moving danbury ct: Can Your Neighbor Cost You The Sale Of Your Home? - 11/20/18 09:16 AM
As many obstacle's that may come in the way of selling your home, one of which you might not think about could be your neighbors. I was recently showing a property to one of clients. She had expressed some interest, but still wanted to see some more homes before deciding on where she should live. As we were finishing up, we were talking outside and one of the neighbor's drive by screaming at me my client and her parents about having a car in his space. In our defense, there was on clearly marked visitor spaces nearby and the neighbor does have a  … (2 comments)

moving danbury ct: You Move Out Before The House Is Sold in Danbury,CT - 11/12/18 09:45 AM
It's pretty much clean & simple when you sell your home in the Greater Danbury & Candlewood Lake region When you sell your home, you have to be out of the house and all of your stuff has to be gone. In some parts of the country, it is customary to let the sellers stay for up to a week after the house is sold so they can move out. That's not the case at all-renting back from the new owner almost never is allowed, advised or practiced. 
If you are planning on renting after you sell the house that you currently … (1 comments)

moving danbury ct: You Should Always Know What Your Danbury,CT Area Home Is Worth - 10/10/18 01:31 PM
There is no harm in knowing what your home's values is worth for the current real estate market. Perhaps you might need to take out a home equity loan to pay for your children's education, plan for a retirement strategy, refinance, budgeting purposes if your family needs a larger home, downsizing or possible job opportunity out of the area.  I had several instances when I meet with a prospective clients where my figure was pleasantly larger than some of the major real estate portals. 
There is no cost associated with getting your local professional Danbury,CT based real estate professional out to your home. Even if … (1 comments)

moving danbury ct: You've Got Questions About Real Estate in Danbury,CT-I've Got Answers - 03/16/18 12:11 PM
When it comes to buying or selling a home, there is a lot of play. Any mistake could cost you the dream home or money when you are selling. There are a lot of factors at play when you in are in a real estate transaction in the Danbury,CT & Candlewood Lake area.  Due to the complications, I am sure that you have a lot of questions; especially if you haven't bought or sold a home in several years. 
I'm Jonathan Hall-a Realtor with William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty. I help clients with their real estate needs, day in and day out. I'm familiar with … (0 comments)

moving danbury ct: Is Thinking of Selling Your Home in Danbury,CT making you nervous? - 03/08/18 10:08 AM
Moving can be a scary process. It's tough to leave where you have set up roots, whether owning your home for over 20 years or moved in just about five years ago. There's a new journey ahead of you; whether across the country or into a larger home for  your growing family.
The actual selling part of your home may be a little challenging, especially if you haven't been active in the real estate market recently. You need to partner with an experienced local real estate expert to help you get the most out of house out. Your housing expert should provide ongoing updating the … (0 comments)

moving danbury ct: What Did My Neighbor Sell Their House For in the Danbury,CT Area - 03/08/18 10:01 AM
As a homeowner in the Danbury ,Connecticut area, I am sure that you are concerned about the property values in your neighborhood, even if you have no intentions on ever selling your home.  However, sometimes life changes and requires you to move and part of that is the process of selling your home. Yet, homeowners are often wondering what goes on in their neighborhood; as they should be aware since owning a home is typically your largest investment.
At any given point, I will be happy to provide any information on past sales data in your neighborhood. This information is provided through … (1 comments)

moving danbury ct: What Can I do to sell my home in Danbury,CT - 09/28/17 02:04 PM
It's not hard to get your home listed in order to sell. Here are some of the steps
-Contact a local experienced real estate professional for a visit to take about the market, pricing, the selling process,etc.
-De-clutter and clean
-Figure out where you want to go when the house is sold & your time frame.
-Evaluate your finances to see if it makes senses to move and get in touch with your agent agent to do the paperwork.
-Allow your agent to do photos a few days before you want the house listed on the market, and to cooperate with any staging to be done prior … (0 comments)

moving danbury ct: Is Keeping Your Home on the Market The Best Solution in Danbury,CT? - 09/28/17 01:55 PM
If your house been on the market for several months without a sale, something has to not be working. Either the marketing hasn't been effective or perhaps you have not been allowing as many showings has there's been requested. Another possible reason why your home could be sitting on the market for longer than average time is that home buyers are not seeing the value your home based on the market. 
I could understand that it can be frustrating trying to sell and not getting the results that you want. As the home seller, it is your decision whether keeping the house … (1 comments)

moving danbury ct: Can You Help Me Move From Danbury,CT By Selling My House? - 07/08/17 01:17 PM
Attention Homeowners in the Greater Danbury Connecticut & Candlewood Lake Area? Are you planning a move out of the area?
Not only can I assist you with the sale of your property here locally, I can also connect you to qualified associates across the country and the globe to your chosen area to relocate once your home sellers. The Sotheby's International Realty network has locations in prime areas throughout the United States and over thirty countries. We also a principal Cartus broker, which allows access to your partners in areas that may not have Sotheby's specific affiliates.
The best step is deciding where you want to end up is … (0 comments)

moving danbury ct: It's Easier to Move Twice than not at all in Danbury,CT - 07/08/17 12:59 PM
I have some clients that are thinking of selling their house in the Danbury area, but they haven't found any house that they would want to purchase to live to replace their old home. However, they don't want to list their house until they find something they like. But when that happens, like most people, you would need the equity from your current home in order to qualify for a mortgage to get the new house.  If it takes a while to sell your current home, the one that you want might be sold. Also, sellers might not be interested in … (0 comments)

moving danbury ct: You Can't Sell Your Danbury,CT Home If It's Not For Sale - 07/08/17 12:54 PM
This might be stating the obvious, but you can't sell your Danbury,CT home if it is not listed for sale. It does not you no justice having the home being withheld from the MLS or other websites and only marketed via word of mouth. The goal of advertising is to cast a wide-span canvassing all platforms to attract as many qualified and interested buyers as possible. Hopefully that will create a sense of urgency & buyers will be going forth with strong offers quickly. If no one knows about the house, it may be tough to get it sold and you on your … (1 comments)

moving danbury ct: Moving From Greater Danbury and Need to Sell Your Home? - 06/01/17 08:31 AM
Before home owners get excited about moving out of the area, and starting their home search out of the area, I really think if you need to sell your home in order to move, they should get an idea of their current homes value in today's market before making plans. That way, you know your purchasing power if & when it it time for you to move on. There is no extra cost to invite your local real estate agent out to see your home  and to met with you. That way you as the owner can bounce off any ideas of any … (0 comments)

moving danbury ct: Hidden Gem Of Danbury,CT - 02/27/17 11:22 AM
As a long time resident of Danbury,CT, there are several things that come to mind when discussing local attractions: The Danbury Mall, Richter Golf Course, Candlewood Lake, the Charles Ives Center, Western Connecticut State University and the Danbury Train Museum. Yet, the biggest hidden secret in Danbury is Tarrywille Park. Located just 1 mile from downtown, the city purchased the property from the Parks family in 1985, initially purchasing 535 acres of meadows, ponds, forests and mountains. Over the twenty years, abutting land was subquently pruchased bringing the total to over 700 acres, which is equal to about one square mile … (1 comments)

moving danbury ct: Business Activity In Danbury,CT - 10/12/16 04:17 AM
There has beern a quite a deal of recent business activity in Danbury over the last couple of months.
Changes include
-The Windmill Diner has been sold, as the original owners have retired. The new owners have re-branded the business the Mill Plain Diner. The food and service quality has remained the same. They are found at 14 Mill Plain Road in Danbury, 203-743-6541.
-Sadly, Bluu restaurant and lounge on at the corner of Nabby Road and Federal Road has closed. I went there several times a year for different things, and am kind of sad it's closed up. In addition, the Sports Authority, Bertuccis and … (1 comments)

moving danbury ct: Should You Use the Same Real Estate Agent to Sell and Buy? - 04/15/14 08:12 AM
When you are looking to sell your home and then hope to buy another property, you should absolutely use the same real estate agent for both transactions. The person that you hire represent you for the sale of largest asset, your home, should be able to use the same skill set to help with the selection and purchasing progress of the new home. The skill set that is includes negotiation, market knowledge, communication, ability to solve problems as well as experienced & competent .  This will save you time and headaches.
Like most people, the purchase of your next home is … (2 comments)

moving danbury ct: Your Home with a baby in Danbury,CT - 03/31/14 07:23 AM
Having a child is a big  important deal and happy occasion. Your child is going to be very big part of your life. Having another person in your family is going to effect your living situation.  Is  having a baby reason to move?It honestly  honestly depends on your situation. Is the layout of your home conducive to accommodate another person? Can you covert your second bedroom into a nursery? Is there enough space in the rest of your home to move the things? Are you ok with possibly combining the nursery with what purpose your second bedroom is being used for? … (2 comments)

moving danbury ct: Selling Your Home and Purchasing a New Home in Danbury,CT - 10/23/13 05:29 AM
One of things to think about when you are selling your home in the Danbury area is where you would go if the house sells. One of great things about being in Danbury is there is a number of apartment complexs that may offer shorter term rentals (6 months or longer) so you can move out of your home and have time to look for your next home. You don't have to buy the first house you see and have time to explore several options and new properties may come on the market. However, short terms rentals typically cost more per month … (0 comments)

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