sell home danbury ct: Where can I get information on sales in my neighborhood in Danbury,CT? - 06/10/19 09:43 AM
If you are homeowner and considering a home, you would want to see what the real estate activity going on the neighborhood is. The best source for sales in your Danbury,CT area is your real estate pro. Opposed to the major real estate website, it is the most accurate & vetted source for information. Several of the national websites aren't the most accurate and sometimes it takes a while for the local municipalities to update to the current one on their respective tax rolls that one may view online.
As a real estate professional serving the Greater Danbury & Candlewood Valley region of western Connecticut, … (1 comments)

sell home danbury ct: Can I Sell My Danbury,CT Home Despite Moving Away? - 06/07/19 08:37 AM
If you are like some of my past clients, you retain real estate in the Greater Danbury,Connecticut area and keep your principal residence elsewhere.  If you are looking to sell immediately or looking to list down the road, look to me a resource for your property. 
If you are selling, pick up your smart phone, call, text or email me. I am ready to go to work for you. After doing a breakthrough on your property, I can then prepare some pricing scenarios after reviewing market activity.  Owners are highly recommended to tour the property prior to selling or have a local representative come. … (1 comments)

sell home danbury ct: Where Should I Go When My House Is Being Shown in Danbury,CT - 06/03/19 01:07 PM
Home owners should be not home when they are selling their home in the Danbury,CT area. Buyers feel considerably more comfortable when the homeowners are not around. Buyers want to picture themselves living in the house and not feel like they are being watched or be intrusive to the home sellers. The homeowners might talk talking to the buyers and accidentally discuss why they are moving and any possible maintenance issues that the house might have that could compromise any sort of negotiations. 
When buyers call to schedule a showing with their agent, home sellers should try their best to accommodate any request that was given with reasonable notice. If you … (0 comments)

sell home danbury ct: Who You Work With Matters When Selling Your Home in Greater Danbury,CT - 04/25/19 08:41 AM
Who you work with for the purchase or sale of real estate does matter. Hiring the professional can cause you un-necessary stress, headaches, and cost you time as well as money. Your transaction by even by comprised if hiring the wrong professional.
Here are some guidelines for selecting the right professional 
-Experience as a full time professional
-Availability to meet with you, Busy enough to know the market & procedures of moving, but not too busy that you can 
-Knowledge of the real estate market that you are looking for results
-Right tools & references available
-Work ethic
-Comes prepared for your appointment 
-References from past clients
-Available services and proven marketing plan
-Length of time in … (1 comments)

sell home danbury ct: My Seller Clients Keep Their Equity When Selling in Greater Danbury,CT - 04/17/19 08:25 AM
I do work very hard from my home sellers in the Greater Danbury area.  As a full time real estate professional, he is one step ahead of the real estate market in order to assit clients with their real estate goals. Home owners invest their trust in Jonathan Hall's knowledge, exprience and marketing plan to help them achieve the goal of the sale of their home in a timely manner.
Several of his past home sellers clients have been quite fortunate. They were able to accept an offer on their home without ever reducing their asking price. Here are some of the … (0 comments)

sell home danbury ct: Do Home Owners Have To Have An Open House in Danbury,CT Area - 03/19/19 01:02 PM
As part of the home marketing progress, there is an option for home sellers to elect to schedule a public open house. It would be typically done on a day on the weekend usually 1-3, 2-4PM or 12-2PM. It would be hosted by the listing agent or a representative from their firm & any body can come into the house to take a look, even if they are not even in the market or in a financial position to qualify for the financing needed to purchase a home. However in some cases, there could be well qualified clients that might want to see the house at their … (0 comments)

sell home danbury ct: Would Selling Your Home In Danbury,CT Help You Out? - 02/23/19 01:17 PM
There could be several reasons why selling your home in Danbury,Connecticut can help you out.As an exprienced real estate professional serving the area, I have came across a number of clients looking to sell their home that require help:
-Job opportunity out of the area
-Family matters
-Need for a larger home
-Preference for another local town
-Commute distance too far
-Estate or assisted living
-Landlord exiting the market
-Combining Households
-Downsizing locally
-Financial reasons
-Was used as weekend/summer home that is not only being used much
-Your unique reason

If you are looking to move sooner than later, we can need to discuss. If your plan is in a while, that's OK. Keep … (2 comments)

sell home danbury ct: I don't mind working to help you sell your home in Danbury,CT - 02/04/19 11:48 AM
I have helped many home sellers clients over the years with the sale of their homes. I found have myself going above and beyond on a regular basis in order for my clients to achieve the results that they want. I have helped clients by doing the following items
-Re-staged and organized from top to bottom a 1700 square foot condominium for the photos & showings, as the owner has relocated into assisted living & the home was in disarray when I arrived for the listing
-Oversaw the installation of a new central air handler unit prior to closing for an out of area … (1 comments)

sell home danbury ct: What Information Should You Have When Selling Your Home in Danbury,CT - 01/22/19 02:08 PM
It's important to gather information about your home before it goes on the market. As a real estate agent that is representing the homeowner and the house, I like to assemble that information into a booklet that buyers can see when they come to tour the house. In addition, I make the documents available online for any licensed real estate agent to access. It's great if the homeowners any provide information as listed as below.
-Plot Plan/Survey
-As Built For Septic & Well Water Docs (if applicable)
-Utility Cost
-Appx age and information of mechanical systems (furnace,ac, hot water heater,roof) and appliances
-List of service providers
-Any HOA information
-Inclusion/Exclusion Sheet
-Any … (1 comments)

sell home danbury ct: Should I sell my home furnished once I move out in Danbury,CT? - 01/19/19 12:55 PM
If you have relocated into another home before selling your current home in the Greater Danbury,CT area, it is generally best to keep as little furniture in the house possible when it is being marketed to a home buyer. That way, buyers can picture their 'stuff' in the space. In addition, it might be easier for your schedule to move everything out before the house goes on the market since everything has to be out before the closing. If there is anything that you couldn't get out in time before the owner is ready to go on the market for sale, owners … (1 comments)

sell home danbury ct: You Will Need A Market Analysis On Your Danbury,CT Home When Selling - 01/19/19 12:22 PM
Home sellers in the Danbury,CT area will need a market analysis on their home when it's time to list their home for sale. This is a on-going living and breathing document that talks about what is on the market, what homes are under deposit & in contract and what has recently sold in your neighborhood or town that is similar to what your home has to offer. After evaluating this information, home sellers should understand where their home should be listed at in hopes of selling. As a real estate professional, I have no problem being honest with clients on where they … (1 comments)

sell home danbury ct: Of Course I Come Prepared To Market Your Home In Danbury,CT - 01/19/19 11:34 AM
I pride myself to come prepared to meet with a client. This is my job interview for your business. You would hire hiring myself as well as the William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty brokerage to represent you & your property for the sale. After an initial discussion of moving, then I get to work. It includes getting your tax record & field card from the city hall, doing a quick drive-by, pulling the plot plan from the city website and gathering any prior MLS listings for my clients home.  I also always bring a copy of the documents that we would have to … (0 comments)

sell home danbury ct: How Do Home Sellers Decide On Setting Their Price in Danbury,CT Area - 01/07/19 08:10 AM
There are a few things that home owners in the Greater Danbury are have to consider when setting the sales price for their home. 
Condition: The condition of your home should be reflected in the pricing. If other homes have been updated and yours reflects much of the original construction but things are working, you can not expect buyers to pay as much for your home as your neighbors have gotten. In the contrary,we have to be careful about taking price plan if your home is the largest or most improved. 
Motivation:If you want sell quickly I would go the lower end of the comps based … (1 comments)

sell home danbury ct: What's Included When You Sell Your Home in Danbury,CT? - 01/03/19 10:43 AM
When you sell your home in the Greater Danbury,CT area with me, I require my clients to fill out an inclusion/exclusion sheet. This a document that spells out what you as the homeowner plan to leave for the home buyer purchasing the home, what you plan on taking with you. You can also list what items you would like to be negotiable for, depending on what the overall offer is for the house. Items listed on this sheet include appliances, window treatments, lighting fixture, sheds or play-sets, fireplace tools and more-some of the items may not even apply to your property. I … (13 comments)

sell home danbury ct: Rent Or Sell Your Home in Danbury,CT? - 01/02/19 01:25 PM
Whether you are moving across town for a larger home, combining households or a job transfer across the country, help is here to guide you to make the right decision with your property. Regardless of the change, it would require the sale of their property or becoming a landlord within the Greater Danbury,CT area.. Each option has their own positive and negative options.     
Selling is the easiest way to get rid of the property which no longer suites your needs. We would market your Danbury,Connecticut areas townhome to qualified buyers. Through the work of a proven marketing plan, we get several qualified … (0 comments)

sell home danbury ct: Should You Do Work To Your Home Prior To Selling In Danbury,CT? - 12/04/18 01:14 PM
I hate to have home sellers invest more in their house that what is needed for the market. I would highly recommend home sellers meet with their chosen real estate professional prior to investing to sell or remodeling for their own use. I'd much rather invest my own hour or two with the clients rather than have them make a possible large mistake by over improving their home for the neighborhood or not going enough to in to order get a favorable price for their home.It's my job to ensure by clients homes are set for the 'retail market'. 
If you know something is broken … (1 comments)

sell home danbury ct: Can Your Neighbor Cost You The Sale Of Your Home? - 11/20/18 09:16 AM
As many obstacle's that may come in the way of selling your home, one of which you might not think about could be your neighbors. I was recently showing a property to one of clients. She had expressed some interest, but still wanted to see some more homes before deciding on where she should live. As we were finishing up, we were talking outside and one of the neighbor's drive by screaming at me my client and her parents about having a car in his space. In our defense, there was on clearly marked visitor spaces nearby and the neighbor does have a  … (2 comments)

sell home danbury ct: Do You Want A Price, Or Do You Want To Sell Your Danbury,CT Home - 10/15/18 01:57 PM
As a property expert in the Danbury & Candlewood Lake area of Connecticut, I am propositioned by anxious owners of their home. They often invite me to pick my brain on the market. I often debate in my mind whether they are just wanting a price on their real estate for future planning or actually planning on moving immediately or in the near future. Sometimes clients don't tell me up front, which isn't that beneficial to either of us, even when I try to get your motivation. 
The price for the selling your house now or in the future shouldn't be the only thing … (0 comments)

sell home danbury ct: You Should Always Know What Your Danbury,CT Area Home Is Worth - 10/10/18 01:31 PM
There is no harm in knowing what your home's values is worth for the current real estate market. Perhaps you might need to take out a home equity loan to pay for your children's education, plan for a retirement strategy, refinance, budgeting purposes if your family needs a larger home, downsizing or possible job opportunity out of the area.  I had several instances when I meet with a prospective clients where my figure was pleasantly larger than some of the major real estate portals. 
There is no cost associated with getting your local professional Danbury,CT based real estate professional out to your home. Even if … (1 comments)

sell home danbury ct: Find Out What Your Home Is Worth in the Greater Danbury,CT Area - 09/20/18 09:36 AM
We offer home owners the opportunity to get an estimate for their home's value in the Greater Danbury area without even inviting their chosen real estate professional out to their home. 
Here is the link to click on to obtain this report. Once you review the report online, you can have some questions about the market in addition to how the program arised at the dollar amount. I will be happy to come out to meet with you to discuss the current market, how the house would be marketed if you are really interested in selling, how the home selling process works,etc  In addition, … (0 comments)

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