sell home in danbury ct: Real Estate Sellers in The Greater Danbury Area Need Help - 08/14/19 01:44 PM
Being a real estate agent in the Danbury is more than just helping buyers going into town and showing nice houses. Home sellers typically have a representative to work on their behalf, market the house and bring the sellers to the closing table. There are several things to consider when looking for a real estate professional to represent thing to ensure that the home sellers have a smooth transaction. Sellers should choose the individual that is most qualified and experienced to represent the property, not a brand new agent. It comes down to more than just the agents valuation of the real estate … (0 comments)

sell home in danbury ct: Is Your Danbury,CT Home Ready To Be Shown When Selling? - 03/25/19 01:38 PM
Home sellers could be leaving equity on the table & or take a longer time to sell if their home is ready for buyers to see it. Your Danbury,CT area home doesn't have to be HGTV ready, but presented to the open market in a clean and organized manner. You won't go try to sell your car if you haven't clean the inside, brought it to be detailed and the oil changed before you start to advertise your car being for sale.Why should the sale of your home be any different? However, it is even more important to put in the … (2 comments)

sell home in danbury ct: Danbury,CT Real Estate Report For Single Family Homes in 2018 - 01/17/19 09:13 AM
The general market for buying or selling a single family home  in Danbury,Connecticut was very active in 2018 for what was on the market. Days on market decreased quite a bit over the 2017, and 90 less homes were sold over last year. The average on market decreased 2 weeks & the average sales price increased about $8000.The lower end is the most active with most properties coming under deposit in under three weeks on the market, but a little bit longer to get into formal contract .The average closed price for a single family home in Danbury,CT is now $330,641. There were … (1 comments)

sell home in danbury ct: My Home Seller Clients Have Gotten The Results They Wanted - 11/29/18 12:23 PM
My recent seller clients have gotten good results on their move. Here are some of the success stories

-31 Boxwood Lane, New Milford CT 06776. Closed Date 12/29/2017, Asking Price $469,900, Sales Price $465,000, Accepted Offer in 3 Days

-27 Crows Nest Lane #10K, Danbury CT 06810. Closed Date 12/12/2018, Asking Price $159,750, Closed Price $160,108 Accepted Offer in 5 Days

-27 Crows Nest Lane #12-G, Danbury CT 06810, Closed Date 6/20/2018, Asking Price: $150,000, Sales Price $161,000, Accepted in 1 day

-27 Crows Nest Lane #12-H, Danbury CT 06810. Closed Date 10/27/2017. Asking Price, $159,900, Sales Price $150,000. Accepted Offer In 25 Days.

-46 Golden … (0 comments)

sell home in danbury ct: How Do We Set The Asking Price For Selling Your Home in Danbury,CT - 11/23/18 09:14 AM
There are several hings to come into play when you decide to sell your home in the Greater Danbury area You, the seller, have to make the decision to where we should list the house for, in terms of the asking price. As an experienced real estate agent in the area, I have seen clients tyr to shoot themselves in the foot by either testing the market at a value at this unrealistically high or think their house is actually worth less than what it should be.
So how exactly do we come to the setting your sales price
-Evaluating Your Property:Each home is different. You have … (0 comments)

sell home in danbury ct: I Deserve To Be Treated As a Professional To Treat Us As Such! - 07/10/18 01:12 PM
I don't not have to work everybody that comes me way. We can different philosophies on the market and the way transactions are conducted in Connecticut. There has to be respect for the clients time and understanding on the real estate professionals'  judgment and ethics.We have no right to be screamed at since you did not provide the proper documentation that was asked for several times and subsequently called some not very nice things when trying to explain basic real estate practices, vital documentation & current market information. We have no business being called four or five times in a row on our cell phone … (0 comments)

sell home in danbury ct: Need To Sell Your Danbury,CT Real Estate? - 11/04/17 09:39 AM
If you need to sell your Danbury,CT home you have to the right place. I am your neighborhood real estate expert, Jonathan Hall-Realtor of William Pitt Sotheby's.  Whether you are considering selling your home due to an upcoming job  transfer out of the area, growing family requiring more space in the area, retiring or need to sell your rental property, homeowners will receive complete service and expertise.  We offer consultation from just thinking of moving  down the road but don't have an exact time frame  or need to place on your on the market as quickly as possible.  However, there is no harm in learning … (0 comments)

sell home in danbury ct: Your Real Estate Agent & Client Need to Partner Together - 09/28/17 02:15 PM
Whether you are buying or selling a home in the Greater Danbury & Candlewood Lake region of Connecticut, you need to be on the same page as your real estate agent. I can not tell you how critical that is in order for a smooth move or home purchase experience. Communication and expectations of results are needed up front before we decide to partner together. As your real state professional, it is my goal to ensure a positive transaction from start to finish. That means I need to have on-going discussions with clear expectations. For example, home buyers need to have open discussions with the agent on … (0 comments)

sell home in danbury ct: Pending Single Family Homes in Danbury,CT -Free Market Analysis! - 06/16/17 08:49 AM
Above is the current infomation about the single family homes that are under contract and pending in Danbury,CT. In total, there are,128 accepted offers, with an average listing price of $296,375. It is a sellers market in Danbury, with an absorption rate of 4.88 months.
There is a need for quality single  family homes in Danbury,CT. If you are considering selling your home, please contact Jonathan Hall of William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty for a free market analysis.
Pick up the phone, call or text him at 203-417-0523. You'll see what I do, how I do it, who I am and how I … (0 comments)

sell home in danbury ct: Selling Your Home in Greater Danbury & Candlewood Lake,CT? - 01/28/14 01:29 AM
There is no real best time to list the house. You should be your home the market when you feel it is time for your family to move on and you are agreeable to having people come through your home, your are comfortable with the market value of your home and the idea of staying any longer in your current home is scary or doesn’t suite your lifestyle.
When looking to sell your home, select a full time agent that will work to get your property sold. The first step is by having me come over to your home for a … (0 comments)

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