agents: Needy Home Buyer or Just Getting What is Needed and Expected? - 04/21/16 10:56 AM
What Buyers Need and Should Expect!
Or are They Just Needy?
In our busy and competitive Carlsbad seller’s market, buyers have some challenges in purchasing a home in many price ranges. Limited inventory and high demand create a perfect storm for fast-moving, multiple bid situations for many homes, where only 1 buyer among many is destined to win.
It’s an emotional time, and it’s easy to feel anxious and get frustrated, especially when you lose out on a wonderful home, or see things moving so quickly.
Buyers must act quickly when there is a new home on the market and decide if … (41 comments)

agents: You Might Think I’m a Nag, But I’m Just Doing my Job - 07/13/15 10:51 AM
You Might Think I’m a Nag, But I’m Just Doing my Job
A real estate transaction is a complex thing.  There are a multitude of tasks to be accomplished, continual follow-up to be done, questions to be asked and/or answered, documents to be reviewed and signed then sent to the right people such as the lender or escrow company, deadlines to meet, problems to solve, and so much more.
There are times it’s necessary to remind people about doing things to stay on track, provide information or documentation, or meet certain deadlines.
Sometimes you have to ask more than once. Paperwork doesn’t get … (23 comments)

agents: Don't Make Your Clients Feel Stupid - 05/24/15 04:55 AM
Don't Make Your Clients Feel Stupid
I recently read a terrific post by Elizabeth Weintraub, “Never Say I Told You So About Choosing the Wrong Lender.” It’s well worth a read and raises a significant issue – how saying “I told you so” could certainly set the wrong tone with your client. That could apply to other transaction issues (e.g., inspections), too. True in life as well.
But Elizabeth’s post reminded me of something I was told at a seminar some time ago:
It’s important to not make your clients feel stupid!!
I suspect we have all been made to feel this way at … (57 comments)

agents: Are You on the “List of Agents I Want to do Business With?” - 01/04/15 12:08 AM

Are You on the “List of Agents I Want to do Business With?”
My last transaction of 2014 went very smoothly. While there was a fair amount of negotiating until we got agreement on the price – indeed it seemed at one point that no agreement was forthcoming – once we were in escrow things proceeded smoothly.
We had a number of visits to the home for inspection purposes, which was complicated due to the work schedules for the seller, but the other agent was terrific to work with from start to finish. There was a … (64 comments)

agents: Must Text Agent Code on Refrigerator Before Submitting Offer - 10/28/14 06:37 AM

Must Text Agent Code on Refrigerator Before Submitting Offer
It’s not unusual in our busy seller’s market with multiple offers on some properties that agents are requesting that NO BLIND OFFERS be made.
In other words, you, the buyer, have to view the property before the offer is made, since agents say it is not unusual for blind offers to back out once they view the home after the offer is accepted by the seller.
I have seen a few listings, often in the case of short sales and REOs, where the buyer and buyer … (9 comments)

agents: Choosing Someone to Cover You While on Vacation - 10/14/14 12:53 AM
 Choosing Someone to Cover You While on Vacation
So often when I have taken vacation I have simply continued to tackle issues back home via email, phone and text, and my absence appears seamless. I have a transaction coordinator who manages much of the paperwork flow and process, and count on her help whether I am around or not. Since she is also a licensed REALTOR there are things she can do than an unlicensed administrator or TC could not.
Taking a longer vacation where distance, multiple time zones, and simply trying to truly get away might interfere means … (63 comments)

agents: What Form of Communication do Your Sellers Prefer? - 10/08/14 12:43 AM
 What Form of Communication do Your Sellers Prefer?
Communication is obviously essential during our real estate transactions, in particular between us and our seller clients. This is true before they get an offer, and perhaps more so afterwards.
What form of communication do your sellers prefer?
Do you know?
Do you ask?
I attended a panel of sellers sponsored by Hear it Direct (if you aren’t familiar with Hear it Direct, you can read more about it on their website) while at the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®Convention. The panel of 5 sellers, in various stages of selling (pre-list, … (107 comments)

agents: Staging Your Offer - 08/17/14 02:33 AM
Staging Your Offer
Yes, it can be done. And probably should, in particular if there are multiple offers and you want your offer, like a home, to show its best.
Perhaps the subtitle should be "Dressed for Success!"
Let’s face it – you want your offer to look great! You’ve made an effort to get pre-approved, have looked at a number of homes, decided on one you really like, and you want it. Bad!
So of course you want your offer accepted, right?!
Granted, the bulk of the responsibility for making the offer look great rests … (104 comments)

agents: I Got Asked to Take Down a Post Yesterday - 08/11/14 11:37 PM
I Got Asked to Take Down a Post Yesterday
This has only happened one other time, a little over 6 years ago, but yesterday I received an email asking me to remove a post.
The email was from a new home builder in the San Diego area.
They found a post I had written about a new home community in the Leucadia area of Encinitas that I posted a few months ago.
As a real estate blogger with a keen interest in my local housing market, keeping tabs on and sharing information about new homes has … (137 comments)

agents: The San Diego Climate Impact Plan – Applaud It or Criticize It? - 08/11/14 02:06 PM
The San Diego Climate Impact Plan – Applaud It or Criticize It?
There is a new plan that has been submitted to the San Diego City Council for approval. It could have significant financial consequences for home owners when it comes time to sell, depending on what is approved and mandated.
On the one hand I want to applaud that the Climate Action Plan, spearheaded by City Council President Todd Lorio and presented to the City’s Mayor after its creation in February 2014, is an effort to impact the negative effects of global warming.
Whether everyone agrees … (6 comments)

agents: The SoCal Costa Mesa ActiveRain Meetup August 7, 2014 - a Huge Success - 08/07/14 02:12 PM
The SoCal Costa Mesa ActiveRain Meetup August 7, 2014 - a Huge Success
Our meetup today at Maggiano’s at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa was a huge success. And why shouldn’t it have been, given the crew that was there?

First of all many thanks to host Pete X, who coordinated the whole thing, posted about the event, was in touch with fellow Rainers about attending, AND provide some terrific entertainment. More on that shortly.
We had Rainers from as close as 5 minutes away (John Meussner), and as far as about 3000 … (41 comments)

agents: Writing Localism Posts Brings Value to the Writer, Too! - 08/04/14 10:40 AM

Writing Localism Posts Brings Value to the Writer, Too!
We all know that writing localism posts is important for a number of reasons.
They bring more traffic to our blogs, help grow our business, and provide information that home buyers are looking for, to name a few.
Here is a recent post about Localism posts that is well worth reading if you want to know more about why these posts are important and to gather some great ideas:
“There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Localism Post” by Margaret Goss.
Writing … (18 comments)

agents: Carlsbad Sellers, Get Rid of Those Hazardous Waste Items Before Closing - 08/03/14 01:19 PM

Carlsbad Sellers, Get Rid of Those Hazardous Waste Items Before Closing
It’s pretty common that buyers will request that all personal items belong to the sellers be removed before closing, as they are not part of the transaction.
Even if not explicitly stated in the contract, the assumption is that all non-fixtures are to be removed.
A common set of stuff that is probably in most homes, and not so easy to get rid of, are the hazardous waste items.
I find that in most cases buyers want these gone. And you often do … (29 comments)

agents: 1800GotJunk to the Rescue for my Seller - 08/02/14 12:32 AM

1800GotJunk to the Rescue for my Seller
We are close to closing on a quick sale and the seller, who lives out of state, has had to have the house cleaned out.
Some items have been trashed, others donated.
It’s not always easy finding someone to donate items to, and some vendors (e.g., Salvation Army), while they will come pick up things at the property will refuse certain things based on condition, or for other reasons.
Such was the case the other day.
After canceling their previously arranged pick-up, Salvation Army was scheduled to … (18 comments)

agents: The Value of an HVAC Inspection - Time for That Furnace to be Replaced - 08/01/14 02:33 PM
The Value of an HVAC Inspection - Time for That Furnace to be Replaced
A home inspection is essential, and sometimes additional inspections are important.
A recent home inspector recommended an HVAC evaluation because of concerns about the furnace in a Carlsbad condo.
The HVAC company did an inspection (quickly, I might add), and recommended that the furnace be replaced.
Seems the current furnace was a Premier, which was a model that was discontinued some years ago because of fire hazards (do a Google search for Premir furnaces and you'll see what I mean).
There was … (8 comments)

agents: What’s in Your Listing Homebook? - 07/31/14 10:52 AM

What’s in Your Listing Homebook?
One of the marketing ideas I picked up at a CRS class some years ago was about creating a Homebook that is placed at the listing for buyers to peruse. I put mine in a white binder with a photo of the home in front but there are other options depending on preference
The intent is to provide information that buyers will have an interest in about the home, although these days many of them are finding information online even before they go see the property.
There is a wealth of … (13 comments)

agents: I Broke 3 Hearts Today - 07/29/14 01:46 PM
I Broke 3 Hearts Today
It was another situation that none of us likes...the need to let buyers know they did NOT get the home they really wanted in a multiple bid situation, despite doing everything they could to make the best offer, including optimal terms and conditions.
Of course I prefer to deliver good news, but that is not always the case.
And we don't always have an explanation for why things did not turn out as we hoped, or expected. It's one thing when buyers are not making an optimal offer with strong terms and conditions, … (25 comments)

agents: Sellers – 3 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Tech Savvy REALTOR® - 07/16/14 01:49 PM
Carlsbad Sellers
3 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Tech Savvy REALTOR®
The sales transaction can be a challenge, no matter what the market, with a myriad of details to attend to, documents to sign, and decisions to make.
Working with a tech savvy REALTOR® to sell your Carlsbad home can be a tremendous advantage to you and to your transaction. How?
Using technology allows for a faster response in many cases, and in a format you may prefer.
Texting, emailing, Facebook messaging, Skype and Facetime, in addition to the phone and being … (7 comments)

agents: What Will My Home Be Worth – The Zillow Crystal Ball - 06/29/14 02:22 AM
What Will My Home Be Worth – The Zillow Crystal Ball
We often get asked questions about future value of homes by sellers and buyers
I don’t know about you, but my crystal ball doesn’t function very well and I’m loath to respond to an inquiry like this with any sort of definitive answer. How about you?
But now we have a solution – blame it on Zillow.
Zillow has rolled out a new offering that will, purportedly, estimate the future value of millions of homes around the country, a new evolution of the popular “Zestimate.”

agents: 4 More Handwritten Thank You Notes out the Door Tomorrow - 06/27/14 03:40 PM

4 More Handwritten Thank You Notes out the Door Tomorrow
I closed on another property this afternoon, and as I always do I hand-wrote thank you notes to the special people who made this all happen, to let them know how much I appreciated their assistance in getting this property closed in less than 30 days, with a few hurdles along the way.
I strongly believe there’s something special about a handwritten “thank you” in today’s age of email, texting, voice mail and mass produced newsletters and postcards.
So I write notes weekly, for closings … (53 comments)

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