agents: Is Your Communication Only on Request, or When It’s Appropriate? - 06/27/14 01:41 AM

Is Your Communication Only on Request, or When It’s Appropriate?
Several recent experiences prompted this post.
It’s not a rant, but some thoughts around communication, when it happens, or should, and why.
There have been several excellent posts about communication issues recently, about emails and text messaging, and what we say and how.
If by some chance you missed these posts I would urge you to take a look, read, and comment.
And take to heart what the writers are saying.
Read about emails and text messaging, an imperfect form of communication … (3 comments)

agents: Real Estate-ese: What’s in YOUR Preliminary Title Report, Sellers? - 05/25/14 12:22 AM
What’s in YOUR Preliminary Title Report, Carlsbad Sellers?
Do you know?
Perhaps you don’t care at the moment.
But as a Carlsbad home seller you should know what’s in your Preliminary Title Report.
First, what IS a Preliminary Title Report (or in more common lingo, the Prelim)?
The Prelim is essentially a written summary of the title search done by a title company as part of a real estate transaction.
The Prelim may be requested by the listing agent before the home is listed (that’s my recommendation), but certainly will be ordered as part of the escrow and due diligence … (17 comments)

agents: If Your House Took a Selfie, What Would It look Like? - 05/10/14 03:27 AM
If Your House Took a Selfie, What Would It look Like?
Selfies are all the rage it seems. 
Selfie is even a new word for 2013 – indeed, Oxford Dictionaries proclaimed “selfie” to be their international word of the year!
They seem to have been popularized by celebrities and plastered all over the web, with more and more of them showing up on everyone’s Facebook and Twitter pages these days.
Some are pretty funny, and some are, well, more questionable.  
They’re spontaneous, in the moment, and meant for sharing.
At least most of them.
They certainly get lots … (11 comments)

agents: Have an ActiveRain Meet-up Wherever You Go - 05/05/14 01:14 PM

Have an ActiveRain Meet-up Wherever You Go
ActiveRain Meet-ups are fantastic.
I suspect anyone who has been to one, large or small, will agree.
If you have not been to an AR Meet-up you are truly missing out on a rewarding experience.
AR encourages meet-ups around the country at various times of the year and they are well worth organizing or attending. Plus you get extra points for going.
But why not just set one up on your own whenever you travel somewhere – for a class, a convention, or even on vacation.
Getting together with AR friends around … (12 comments)

agents: You Are Doing Just What I Wanted You To Do To Help Me Sell My Home - 04/24/14 01:52 PM
You Are Doing Just What I Wanted You To Do To Help Me Sell My Home
What a wonderful compliment to receive, unsolicited, and early on in the transaction!!
I was referred to a potential seller who had talked with a number of agents but hadn’t found what she needed and wanted.
It wasn’t clear where the failings were but it was a great opportunity. I know the community well, have sold there, AND I help people relocate, so it was a great match in my mind.
A few days after the referral I received a call from the prospective … (45 comments)

agents: Will the Neighbor’s Dogs Kill Your Sale? - 04/14/14 12:19 PM
Will the Neighbor’s Dogs Kill Your Sale?
A new listing popped up in my alerts for a neighborhood I am watching for a very particular client.
The property is exactly she is looking for in terms of location, price, style (single story), among other features.
I went to preview it immediately (this is not a client I ever take to a home without seeing it first so I can rule in or out).
My first thought, upon arriving at the door, is that the neighbor’s dogs may kill this sale, at least for my client.
There … (170 comments)

agents: Is That a Want, A Need, or a Demand? - 04/13/14 01:31 PM
Is That a Want, A Need, or a Demand?
Carlsbad buyers always have requests for features in the home they are searching for.
As they should.
Sometimes the list is short, perhaps even vague, but other times it’s very detailed and, sad to say, possibly out of touch with the reality of the budget and the local housing market.
It is not always clear if what the buyers are asking for is a want, a need, or a demand.
It’s important information to know... for them AND for us!
Several recent requests, actually demands, that were a problem due … (6 comments)

agents: My First Listing – The Seller Never Asked, and I Never Told - 04/10/14 02:08 PM

My First Listing – The Seller Never Asked, and I Never Told
I still remember my first listing soon after I received my Massachusetts license.
I was a new agent with RE/MAX Destiny in Harvard Square in Cambridge, across the Charles River from Boston and home of 2 world-class universities, MIT and Harvard.
Back then I did a lot of floor time, and with our store-front location on Massachusetts Avenue there were a lot of walk-ins. Floor time WAS profitable and a good learning experience as a new agent.
Several months post-new-license, I was “on the floor” (no, not … (42 comments)

agents: Announcing The First North San Diego TRULIA meets ACTIVE RAIN Meet Up! - 04/09/14 11:43 AM

Come one, come all, to beautiful Cardiff by the Sea in North San Diego County.
Thanks to host, John Arendsen (who also set up our Spring meet-up) here is another opp to get together with friends from AR and make some new ones, too.
Sorry, I won't be able to be there (I'll be in Mained and Connecticut on CRS business) but I sure will be thinking of you. And if my schedule permits Imight even do Facetime with someone.
Spread the word
April 30th
The Charthouse Restaurant (another one on the beach with great views) starting at 11 AM.
Announcing … (3 comments)

agents: To Inspect or Not to Inspect is Not the Question - 03/28/14 03:42 AM
To Inspect or Not to Inspect is Not the Question
Home inspections during the purchase process are essential in my opinion. That's true of most REALTORS I suspect (see our Google Hangout Video on this topic below).
The question is NOT just “should I inspect or not?”
Home inspections can cause a lot of anxiety for buyers and sellers alike.
However, a prudent buyer will have one, knowing it’s money well spent, and a seller should expect this.
There are some variations in different markets, but the general issues regarding inspections are essentially the same.
As a buyer you want … (9 comments)

agents: An ActiveRain Meet-up Southern California Style in Cardiff by the Sea - 03/27/14 03:37 AM
An ActiveRain Meet-up Southern California Style on March 26 in Cardiff by the Sea
Many thanks to John Arendsen for setting up a terrific gathering of ActiveRain members and friends at the Pacific Coast Grill on Restaurant Row, right on the beach in Cardiff by the Sea. Since I had the camera I got to be photographer and to write this post but perhaps others will chime in.

From L to R - Javier Varon, Joseph Arendsen, Bill Roberts, Lisa Giacomini, John Arendsen, Jeff Dowler, Lenska Bracknell
Fellow long-time Rainer Bill Roberts was there, too - we “know” each … (16 comments)

agents: Carlsbad Buyers & Sellers, Do NOT Rely on Zillow to Make Decisions - 03/25/14 01:47 PM
Carlsbad Buyers and Sellers
Do NOT Rely on Zillow to Make Your Decisions
This is a warning to not use Zillow as the be-all-end-all for making decisions about the price your home should sell at or what offer you should make.
No, I am not telling you to not use Zillow.
I know many buyers and sellers do, and I won’t argue with the fact that there is a ton of information available.
But the data you find is simply that – a data point in time, and one that's not necessarily accurate.

agents: Do You Advertise That Your Listing Is Under Contract? - 03/20/14 12:46 AM
Do You Advertise That Your Listing Is Under Contract?
A house down the street just went into escrow (in your area you might say under contract). Other than knowing because I checked the MLS, the agent made it very clear.
There’s an “In Escrow” sign rider for one thing.
And just to make sure no one is confused, there is a big “Too Late” placard on the sign itself.
From my travels around town, in the majority of cases there is no publicized notice that a home is in escrow.  The choice, I suppose, is either the agent’s, in … (48 comments)

agents: Active Rain Presents The San Diego Real Estate Spring Meet-Up - 03/16/14 09:03 AM
Wanted to spread the word about the ActiveRain Meet-up for Spring in the San Diego area being held at the Pacific Coast Grill in Cardiff by the Sea on WEDNESDAY MARCH 26 from 5 - 7 PM.
This is a terrific venue right on the beach with incredible views of the beach, surf, surfers and coastline. Great food, too.
Don't miss your chance to mingle with your AR friends!
 Presents The San Diego Real Estate 
Spring Meet-Up
Join us at the
Pacific Coast Grill WED. 3/26/14 5-7pm

Come one come all to the … (7 comments)

agents: 6 Tips for Carlsbad Sellers to Maximize Showings - 03/09/14 07:47 AM
Showing Snafus Sellers in Carlsbad Need to Know About       
No matter how prepared we are, and how carefully we craft showing instructions for the MLS so agents will know the procedure to follow for showing, snafus can and do occur.
It may be carelessness on the part of the agent, a change of heart by the buyers at the last minute, failure to read or follow the showing instructions, delays due to traffic, or simply human error.
But showings do not always go according to plan, although these are the exception. Best to be prepared and aware it could … (2 comments)

agents: I Love Our MLS Abbreviations - 02/28/14 12:04 PM
I Love Our MLS Abbreviations
Finding your way through the abbreviations in our MLS, and no doubt many others, can be a challenge. It’s a good thing many of these are not public – consumers would never figure out what we are talking about.
That’s true in other fields, of course, too.I remember working at a well-known medical center in downtown Boston years ago in a former life - it took a while to get used to the doctors' and nurses' abbrevations, like PRN.
I expect today's buyers and sellers are, for the most past, used to CMA, SFD, SF, … (12 comments)

agents: Want a Catio for Your Carlsbad Home? - 02/27/14 12:04 AM
Want a Catio for Your Carlsbad Home?
No that’s not a typo. Did you think I meant patio?
We have a new word in our real estate lexicon.
It hasn’t made an appearance in our MLS from what I have seen, but catios are gaining in popularity. I haven’t seen one, yet, either, but the media says they exist.
A catio is essentially an enclosed and covered outdoor playground for cats, allowing indoor cats to be out in the fresh air and protected from predators.
Owners who have built them, or had them created, include small trees for climbing, … (8 comments)

agents: I Feel Like I Already Know You - 02/18/14 02:16 PM
I Feel Like I Already Know You
This was a comment made upon first meeting, and shaking the hand of, a relocating buyer some time ago.
It was a wonderful compliment, and in many ways we had already met.
There were posts I had written, and a video or two.
And there was a long string of emails over several weeks responding to questions and providing much needed information about the area this client was moving to, among other matters of interest.
We had never even talked on the phone as email was the preferred communication method for this … (11 comments)

agents: Are You Good to Work With? - 02/12/14 09:49 AM
Are You Good to Work With?
I have had a number of clients, agents, and vendors (mortgage professionals, inspectors, title and escrow officers) where I have said “you were good to work with (or even great!)” I have had the same comment made to me. And when making a recommendation I have often said the same about the person I am recommending.
Are you good to work with? And do you know others who are? As well as those who are not?
What makes someone good to work with?
A pleasant personality? 
A calm, friendly demeanor and temperament?
No doubt some … (100 comments)

agents: Last Minute Lender Issues That Can Ruin Your Day, and Your Closing - 01/29/14 10:39 PM

Last Minute Lender Issues That Can Ruin Your Day, and Your Closing
I doubt anyone will disagree that the mortgage process can be a real challenge. There are more requirements than before, a wealth of documentation that needs to be provided, and an administrative process that sometimes makes you shake your head at how long it takes. It may feel like they don’t even care that there are deadlines to be met.
The following are are not necessarily issues that will happen to you, as things vary from lender to lender. But they are all things I have encountered … (15 comments)

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