agents: Working with Senior Clients - Buyers (Part 2 of 2) - 05/20/07 02:44 PM
This is part 2 in the series on working with senior clients (if you missed Part 1, visit Working with Senior Clients – Sellers). The population of individuals over 50 (the Baby Boomers and beyond) is increasing every year, and there are a number of reasons why a focus on this niche may be to your advantage.
If you are already working with senior buyers, or anticipate doing so, there are some important issues to consider, just as there are when working with senior sellers.
Some Challenges and Issues to Consider:
Financial – what can they afford to spend on a … (11 comments)

agents: Want to Impress Your Relocation Clients? - 05/17/07 05:40 AM
Many of us work with folks who are relocating to our respective areas. I do, and I particularly enjoy doing so. Part of the reason is personal - I have relocated a bit myself and I take some pride is understanding what it's like and being able to assist others with their relocation more effectively as a result.
I probably don't need to preach to the choir - those of you who are experts at relocation clients already know what to do and how to best assist these buyers. And maybe you will share your secrets to success, too.
Here are some thoughts … (32 comments)

agents: Blogging for Referrals or Referring to Bloggers? - 05/10/07 05:19 PM
Do you take the approach that blogging is a good way to get referrals? Or is your perspective that blogs are the key to finding great agents to refer to?
My take on it is the latter. Sure, if I write some good stuff someone will notice, and at some point another agent may send me a referral. But that should not be your purpose, in my mind. But that's a topic for another time, perhaps.
I find that blogs provide an excellent means to build a database of people to refer buyer and seller clients to. Like networking and collecting business cards at conventions, reading blogs … (16 comments)

agents: AR Gals? Rain Goddesses? It's Contest Time - 05/03/07 07:12 AM
I'm feeling left out. And possibly some others here on the west coast are too.  That‘s 5754 members as of 8:13 PM May 2 PST (Washington with 1268, Oregon with 390, and my home state California with 4096) - that's 20% of our membership of 28,338. So this can't be taken lightly. But I got sidetracked for a moment.
I had been reading, as many of you have based on all the posts and comments, about the adventures of Flat Caleb, Flat Matt, Flat Jonathan, Flat James and Flat Benwho emerged from anonymity a few weeks ago in Florida and have been traveling … (36 comments)

agents: Working with Senior Clients - Sellers (Part 1 of 2) - 04/26/07 03:34 PM
For many of us working with buyers and sellers in the "baby boomer" generation and beyond is becoming increasingly common.
As the population shifts, we are seeing a larger percentage of folks who are living longer, and the overall percent of our population in the "over 50" category is growing.
This has significant implications for our economy in every industry and facet of life, perhaps in ways we have yet to understand or prepare for: 
in purchasing powerthe job market and labor poolreal estate and housing optionsthe medical profession (insurance, hospitalization, long term care)health and wellness industrythe pharmaceutical industrytravelgovernment programs such as … (23 comments)

agents: Square Pegs and Round Holes - Or is it Oil and Water? - 04/25/07 06:55 AM
Do you fit with your buyer or seller client? Yes? No? How do you know? What do you think they would say?
Are you a square peg in a round hole? Or are you and your client oil and water?
Most of us probably fit pretty well with our clients, most of the time. But sometimes it's the "square peg, round hole" deal. So whose fault is it?
While we all like to think we get along with most, if not all, folks, the reality is that we probably don't. The same is true with buyer and seller clients. Each person we meet … (6 comments)

agents: Do You Do Windows? - 04/20/07 01:43 PM
I'm you do windows?
I do!
I'm not talking about the chores at home - I suspect we all do them at home, or at least pay someone to do them periodically, maybe once a year. Or possibly we coerce someone in the family to take care of the dirt and grime. Not high on the list of fun things to do, I admit, but there is a message.
The point I am getting to is service to our clients. I suspect a good many Rainers provide a broad range of services to their clients. Not just the marketing, and the hand-holding, and the … (19 comments)

agents: What Do Buyers Need Us For? - 04/15/07 06:38 AM
There has been much talk, and a bit of controversy, about the changing role of the real estate professional as the Internet has evolved, discount brokerages have become more prominent, websites have cropped up all over the place for sellers wishing to represent themselves, and buyers, in general, have become more knowledgeable through on-line research. The question often comes up, either explicitly or implicitly...what do buyers need us for? Perhaps we ask ourselves (if we don't we should). Certainly buyers are asking.
Agents have had to change their thinking about what buyers want and need because the demands have shifted...dramatically. Many have, … (38 comments)

agents: Agents and Sellers - Flex those PECS! - 04/07/07 07:14 AM
I apologize in advance, but just a little, for the analogy. But it works for me, so I thought I would share it...and get your feedback.
I was at the gym early this morning, in my usual spin class. It was a rigorous one, which I like, plus it helps to burn off all the calories (which seem to somehow find their way into my system without my knowing it). Despite the difficulty of the class, or perhaps because of it, my mind was wandering, as it tends to do, and I "wrote" this post as the calories fell away from the … (14 comments)

agents: Mediocrity - You Don't Have to Stand for It, Buyers (Part 2 of 4) - 04/04/07 03:08 AM
So now we are going to talk about mediocrity and buyers. No, not on the part of buyers, but on the part of the agents that buyers sometimes must contend with.
My previous post on mediocrity had to do with sellers and the problems they sometime face with agents who are, shall we say, sub-standard. Let me suggest that buyers, too, must sometimes deal with mediocre performance by the agents they "hire" to help them buy home.
This is a serious dilemma, given one is acquiring the largest purchase of a lifetime, and the person assisting you in that acquisition acts as if … (3 comments)

agents: Mediocrity - You Don't Need to Stand for it, Sellers (Part 1 of 4) - 04/03/07 09:25 AM
This series is about mediocrity, unfortunately (and possibly even failure). I say that because you would hope you would not have to confront it. But, the reality is that it may be there. However, you don't need to stand for it.
So, sellers, what mediocrity are YOU putting up with?
I suggest the following possibilities (as an agent I see this with listings I visit all the time, and it drives me nuts):
Missing or inaccurate information in your listingLousy photos, which do nothing to showcase your home, or none at allLack of communication from your agent (who is supposed to be representing you)No … (8 comments)

agents: The Buyer Presentation: What To Expect (Part 2 of 2) - 03/19/07 12:08 PM
In my last post I talked about why you should have a Buyer Presentation and how it can benefit you. Think of it as another hoop to jump through in the process.
Now let's talk about what to expect. What should you find out?
Here are some things to consider:
Experience - years in business; homes sold; experience working with buyers, especially first time buyers (or buyers who are relocating, if that is you)Knowledge of the market - types of homes, different communities and neighborhoods, market conditions, pricing in different areas, inventoryPersonal style - find out how this person likes to work and communicate … (8 comments)

agents: Need a New Friend? Maybe it's Your Camera - 03/08/07 08:41 AM
Do you need a new friend? You might want to make it your camera. Going off a bit here into psychological, esoteric land, I guess, but bear with me - the point will be gradually revealed.
This is NOT about the mechanics and techniques of photography. There are far better people than I right here on AR to give us those lessons. Cheryl Johnson has shared some good stuff on technique when taking photos (Photography 101: Exposure Trilogy: The Third Fundamental, and Photography 101: Depth of Field, for starters) and our resident photographer, Bryce Mohan, is giving us all some great lessons, FREE of … (23 comments)

agents: Are You Relocating and Need to Find a Great Agent? (Part 2 of 2) - 02/22/07 02:25 AM
As part of your search to find the perfect agent to help you find a new home when you relocate, here are some things that you might want to look for (Part 1 in this series talked about HOW to find the right agent)
You will need to do some research to find a REALTOR® who matches your needs. Keep in mind what is happening here - you are making a major move from one part of the country to another unfamiliar area. So having someone you can trust and rely on is essential.
In your research I recommend looking … (2 comments)

agents: Are You Relocating to Carlsbad and Need to Find a Great Agent? (Part 1 of 2) - 02/21/07 01:37 AM
Are you relocating here to Carlsbad, or elsewhere, and need to find a great agent to help you? It is well worth the effort to spend time finding someone to help you find a new home in an area you do not know.
I have some thoughts on how to find that person AND what to look for, based on some significant personal moving experience, and having helped a few folks relocate around the country. Let's talk about how to find the right REALTOR®.
1. I think it makes sense to use an agent who is a REALTOR® (a real estate professional who is a … (3 comments)

agents: Hi, This is ... Thanks For Calling. I'm Not Available to Take Your Call... - 02/03/07 07:17 AM
Grrr. How many times do we get that sort of response to our calls. It's inevitable, of course, since folks are busy and can't always answer the phone. And I (like many of you I hope) turn off my phone when I am with a client so I can devote my attention to my buyer, seller, or prospect. So callers get my voice mail. I'm OK with that and my clients appreciate it.
The dilemma - what message do you leave for your callers? And how do you respond?
Some that drive me nuts - or I guess it's the response that's so … (10 comments)

agents: SUPERBOWL SUNDAY - A Great Day to Have an Open House...or Is It? - 01/29/07 02:46 PM
One of the most popular sports and TV events in the history of the world (I exaggerate for effect here) is coming in no time at all - SUPERBOWL SUNDAY. Last year there were an estimated 141 MILLION viewers, give or take a few hundred thousand. This is pretty staggering. It's almost more of a holiday than some of the real ones.
I am not a Bowl fanatic, but I do pay attention, nand generally find myself ensconced in front of the TV for some of the time. And if I'm at a party at least SOME of the time the eyes … (44 comments)

agents: Carlsbad REALTOR Says - KISS, BOW, or SHAKE HANDS...or? - 01/22/07 12:31 PM
So, you are meeting a new real estate or mortgage client from another country and you wonder - do I kiss, bow, or shake hands? How do you know? What if you do the wrong thing?
This is a weighty question, and one you should not take lightly. The correct answer can have tremendous impact on your relationship with that client, or determine even IF there is a relationship. Any of your who have dealt with the business worked in other countries are well aware of this, I'm sure.
I am reading a terrific book on the subject of doing business in more … (4 comments)

agents: Going All The Way - 01/17/07 10:43 AM
Just how far should you go, and how far is TOO far? That depends. The answer may be personal, or it may be legal. Or perhaps something else.
I had an out of state seller with an investment property to sell. The home (a twinhome) had been a rental for some time, the tenants (who were in a rock band) had just moved out, and it was time to off-load the place, quickly, since the end of the tax year was approaching.
The issues: really ugly brown shag carpet that had not been cleaned in who-knows-how many years. The amount of … (30 comments)

agents: Know Your Dates! - 01/08/07 11:51 AM
No, I don't mean people you go out with, silly. I'm referring to dates in the purchase contract. CARLSBAD BUYERS AND SELLERS - THIS IS IMPORTANT!
Knowing your dates is critical for everyone - buyers, sellers, agents - so that the transaction can proceed as smoothly as possible and doesn't fall apart because one party or the other doesn't do their job.
As an agent, you need to help your clients here, and make sure they know the relevant dates. And help them understand the implications of those dates (e.g., time frame for offer expiration, inspections, contingency removal, application for a loan, … (11 comments)

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