agents: Looking for a Good Listing Agent? - 12/31/06 04:22 AM
If you are a serious seller and are setting out to hire a good listing agent, I would encourage you to consider the following. Hiring the right person will help you avoid the things I discussed in my earlier posts (Part 1, Part 2), and probably avoid a long drawn-out sale...or worse, having your home rejected by the market.
Some suggestions:
•·        A good listing agent is not the agent who promises a particular price or the highest list price (don't forget - the market determines the sales price, not you or the agent)
•·        Look for evidence of a strong marketing plan, … (2 comments)

agents: Help! My Agent isn't Doing the Job! (Part 2 of 2) - 12/31/06 02:27 AM
Now that you have that nagging feeling your agent is NOT doing the job, what can you do about it?
Since you are already in a contract (I'll talk more about prevention in another post) you will have to confront the issues. But make sure you have really thought it through and are not just responding to the fact that your home hasn't sold within days of being listed - that's probably not realistic in most markets these days unless you are really underpriced. Are you really being realistic about your expectations of your agent? If so, then your concerns need to … (5 comments)

agents: Help! My Agent isn't Doing the Job! (Part 1 of 2) - 12/30/06 12:23 PM
As a seller, what do you do when you get that sinking feeling the agent you hired to help sell your house isn't cutting the mustard? What are the tell-tale signs and what should you do about it? Let's talk about the job not getting done first.
Let's face this market many houses are not going to sell right away. It will likely take some time even if the home is priced well and shows beautifully. So let's assume you have priced your home competitively and are getting some showings. Just because the house didn't sell in a week does not, … (1 comments)

agents: What I like about "Clients who are Kind and Nice" - 10/23/06 03:20 PM
Unusual topic? Perhaps. But sometimes I think we (speaking collectively here), as REALTORS, focus more on the problem or difficult clients when we seek assistance and counsel from others, or possibly forget that (hopefully) a large percentage of the people we deal with are really pretty nice folks. I guess I like to be reminded of that, which prompted me to write. Plus I have just recently met a new client that I really really like - she's nice!! - and have very recently heard from several other past buyers and sellers that I really enjoyed working with and would describe as … (4 comments)

agents: Referring and Referree Agent Etiquette...long post - 10/10/06 04:19 PM
I guess I felt compelled to write this, after several recent experiences that have been annoying, to say the least. Maybe I expect too much, but I feel that if I have a qualified referral to pass along, and I take the time to do the research and track down someone that seems appropriate (if I don't have someone I already know), then I expect certain things in return. Our business depends so much on relationships, and referrals are no different. Geez, I am giving you pretty much a guaranteed buyer or seller (with only 1 or 2 that were iffy … (30 comments)

agents: First Time Buyer? Choosing the Right Agent to Help You - 10/04/06 08:45 AM
Here are some suggestions on finding the right REALTOR to help you find your NEW CARLSBAD HOME (or for anywhere you may be moving).
Since you are new to buying a home, having a REALTOR you can trust to help you find your new home, and educate you thoroughly about the process, is critical. You will have lots to worry about and coordinate with your move, and working with an agent who does not understand your issues, nor care, is NOT going to be helpful.
1. I recommend working with an agent who is also a REALTOR,not someone who is not. A … (5 comments)

agents: Relocation - Helping your REALTOR Help YOU! - 10/04/06 07:13 AM
Here are some suggestions for helping the REALTOR you have chosen in Carlsbad (or wherever you are moving) to effectively aid you in finding the right home, based on my personal relocation experience and from assisting multiple buyers in their moves around the country.
Not only is this one of the largest purchases you will make, but you are moving to a new area you don’t know which adds to the stress. And if this is not a choice (e.g., a corporate transfer) it is probably even more difficult for you and you family.
Once you have chosen the person you … (1 comments)

agents: Automated Lead Follow-up System - consumer info - 09/29/06 11:09 AM
I just got back from our quarterly CRS meeting here in Southern California. Bernice Ross was our featured speaker, and among the MANY great tips and suggestions was a lead follow-up system focused on homeownersip called My Home Management Club. It sounded like a great idea which I plan to try (e.g., people you meet at open houses might be more interested since you are not sending them the standard information on buying and selling), and I thought others might be interested in learning more.
I also wondered if anyone else had experience with the system and would like to share their thoughts, pro and … (2 comments)

agents: Thoughts on Relocation Packages - 09/11/06 09:41 AM
For those of you who might work with people who are relocating, I have posted my thoughts, based on personal and professional experience, on my Relocation A to Z blog.
Relocation can get very complex, and if you have not been involved before this may be helpful to you so you understand the client better.This especially true if you get a referral who is using a Relocation firm - they often have restrictions and you don't want to get burned by helping your client find a home only to later find out there is a HUGE referral fee you weren't aware of, or … (1 comments)

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