agents: They Touch Our Lives and We Touch Theirs - 01/22/14 12:44 AM
They Touch Our Lives and We Touch Theirs
It’s said ours is a people business.
I doubt anyone would dispute that.
While it can be easy to get bogged down in numbers and a multitude of tasks as we assist buyers and sellers to reach the “closing table,” the essence of what we do is helping people, amidst the complexity of life and the swirl of emotions we impact as they move to a new home or out of a current one.
Some transactions are more focused on the process without a great deal of emotion, at least when things … (29 comments)

agents: ActiveRainers, Please Help! Urgent! - 01/08/14 12:25 AM
Thanks for getting the word out on this sad story - I am happy to reblog. I hope lots of Rainers will respond and participate in sharing this online.
I have been following the story in Brookline (I know that area pretty well from my days in Boston). So sad, and scary, given how cold it is. I cannot imagine how the parents must feel at the moment. It is so heartwarming to see how the Brookline community has been participating to help find this young man, hopefully safely.
Dear ActiveRainers,
I am writing to request your urgent help in … (2 comments)

agents: Sometimes Just 1 Photo in the MLS IS in The Client’s Best Interest - 11/21/13 03:55 AM
Sometimes Just 1 Photo in the MLS May Be in The Client’s Best Interest
I may be wrong about this, but there are some times when having just 1 photo in the MLS listing may actually be in the client’s best interest.
I saw a house almost 3 months ago that had just come on the market. My relocating client from Maryland was very interested because the solo photo…of the front…was very attractive and the home was in an area that she liked. The home was a traditional sale, not a short sale or REO, and there no red … (47 comments)

agents: Carlsbad Homeowners, Whose Side of the Fence Are You On? - 11/19/13 10:12 AM
Carlsbad Homeowners
Whose Side of the Fence Are You On?
This post probably could be titled, alternatively, “whose fence is that?”
I was reminded of the many issues that can arise with fences from a past client who bought one of my listings and just contacted me.
I thought some words of wisdom (I use that term loosely LOL) were in order.
Thinking about fences took me back a few years to real estate in New England where there are rural properties with a stone wall, rather than a fence, that had been in place for decades, or longer. I … (20 comments)

agents: I’m Late to the Party, but Oh What a Party - 11/01/13 02:48 AM
I’m Late to the Party, but Oh What a Party
I just migrated to an iPhone 5 less than a week ago.
I was a Blackberry user for 9 years in my business, then jumped on the Droid bandwagon about 22 months ago. I thought that change would be harder than it was, especially after being used to the Blackberry key board and all that entails.
It was not a big deal, and easier than I expected.
Oh, there was a learning curve of course, and my normal impatience with new technology – you know, wanting to … (11 comments)

agents: My New Office in Carlsbad California - 10/27/13 01:49 AM
My New Office in Carlsbad California
I have a new office in Carlsbad.
Oh, I am still happily with Solutions Real Estate in our Carlsbad office.
But because of substantial growth (over 60 agents now plus several offices in Arizona in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area) we have moved into new office space in Carlsbad, about 1 mile from the old office at 6005 Hidden Valley Road.
The new office offers plentiful parking, and several conference rooms for meeting with clients if needed. I will still work out of my mobile office (sometimes at home and sometimes on the … (9 comments)

agents: What’s so Special About California? - 10/27/13 12:46 AM
What’s so Special About California?
I really like living in California. It’s been a huge change from many years in New England, but I have no regrets, other than leaving some wonderful friends behind. Boston  is a wonderful city and I will always have a fondness for Boston, and New England in general, despite the winters that I grew to despise.
One of the things I really enjoy about living in California is the diversity – of people, food, topography and views, things to do, weather, and more. I even wrote a post about it with a slide show, … (6 comments)

agents: Take This Carlsbad House for a Test Drive - 10/18/13 06:48 AM
Take This Carlsbad House for a Test Drive
As a buyer, would you if you could?
Would you offer this as a Carlsbad homeseller? And if so under what circumstances?
I noticed, for the first time that I can recall, a remark in the San Diego MLS for a Carlsbad resale home listing offering buyers the opportunity to “take this house for a test drive.”
Heck we do it for cars and have for many years.
And more and more retailers offer similar opportunities – take it home and live with it for up to 30 … (30 comments)

agents: A Memorable Visit to Queen’s Bath in Princeville, Kaua’i in Hawai’i - 10/18/13 12:54 AM
A Memorable Visit to Queen’s Bath in Princeville, Kaua’i in Hawai’i
One of the more memorable adventures of our recent trip to Kaua’i was a trip to Queen’s Bath, not far from the Westin where we stayed.
Like so many of Kaua’i’s beaches, this one (not actually a sandy beach) is a hidden gem, accessed from a small parking area (don’t park anywhere else – you’ll get booted and ticketed) in a beautiful residential neighborhood (yes, of course I checked out the real estate).
The trail is rather steep and often slippery through the woods. We almost … (4 comments)

agents: I Forgot to Log In - 10/17/13 02:21 PM
I Forgot to Log In
I can’t believe I forgot to log in on ActiveRain. I always do. Daily. Never miss, or haven’t for as long as I can remember.
But it happened.
More than once. In fact 5 times while I was on vacation in Kaua’I (more on that later) over the last 9 days.
I went off pledging to myself that I would try to unplug while I was away…something that I am normally not able to do well at all.
I didn’t set a specific goal, but the intent was to NOT check … (7 comments)

agents: Help My Carlsbad Home Sold Too Quickly - 10/06/13 09:25 AM
Help My Carlsbad Home Sold Too Quickly
One would think this would not be a complaint. Usually, when asked, sellers want to sell as soon as possible.
In this market it is not unthinkable that a home can sell within a matter of days, and with closing 30 days later (or less if cash).
Sellers that are prepared for a quick sale and close won’t bemoan the fact that their home sold quickly.
But that means being prepared with contingency plans. Here are some options for sellers:
A temporary place to stay with family
A … (7 comments)

agents: Lessons Learned on a Personal Journey Across the Country - 08/27/13 01:52 PM
Lessons Learned on a Personal Journey Across the Country  
If you have followed me at all on Facebook in the last couple of weeks you know I took a personal journal across the country.
It wasn’t about me, but about my Mom and her relocation to CA after living in her house for 26 years.
But of course I was intimately involved in getting her to this point over the last couple of years since my sister passed away – working with a REALTOR to get the home sold, and then all the myriad details that anyone goes … (35 comments)

agents: 5 Key Things to Do When Working with Out Of State Sellers - 08/23/13 03:24 AM
5 Key Things to Do When Working with Out Of State Sellers  
I do a lot of work with out of state sellers who are selling their rental properties or family homes. In some case these sellers are trustees of properties where the owner has moved into assisted living or has passed away. I have also worked with a fiduciary.
Working with out of state sellers can be more challenging because they are not local, may be in a different time zone, and are not there to manage day to day issues that arise during the listing and transaction. … (44 comments)

agents: Join Me on my Personal Journey Across the Country - 08/13/13 02:31 PM
Join Me on my Personal Journey Across the Country  
I’m taking a personal journal across the country
When I wrote this I was heading to Philadelphia from San Diego on a plane... yesterday.
The reverse trip, starting Friday, will be by car.
About 2800 miles over 5 days…with 2 cats (who can’t wait for the journey to begin LOL) and my Mom, who is moving to CA from her house in West Chester PA.
She closes on her 6800 SF c.1750 3-story home on 5 acres and is moving to a 2-bedroom apartment a … (12 comments)

agents: Opinions About Listing Security are Widespread and Varied - 08/10/13 12:16 AM
Opinions About Listing Security are Widespread and Varied  
It seems there are all sort of opinions about security for MLS listings in my area.
No doubt you have seen and experienced the same, and perhaps more.
Some agents are very cautious, appropriately so, and safeguard the security of their clients homes.
Others seem to have no cares whatsoever.
We are seeing more agents asking for a text with the BRE # (our California Bureau – formerly Department – or Real Estate of BRE #) on vacant homes before you can use the Sentrilock lock box.

agents: Carlsbad Buyers, Are You Being Nags? If Not, You Should Be - 08/06/13 11:16 AM
Carlsbad Buyers, Are You Being Nags? If Not, You Should Be  
Real estate transactions are complex, and often filled with problems, delays, errors and things that make you crazy.
It’s all part of the process, and with a competent, reliable team of professionals helping – your buyer agent, your lender, the escrow office, the title office, your home inspector, your insurance agent, the loan processor, the underwriter, and others – you should be in good shape.
I think it’s OK to be a nag, sometimes. After all, you have the huge vested interest in the process and closing … (17 comments)

agents: Are You Afraid to Buy a Home? - 07/28/13 11:46 AM
Are You Afraid to Buy a Home?  
I recently read a blog post on Keeping Current Matters, “Buying a Home? Don’t Let Fear Get in Your Way.” The author, Steve Harney, founder and President of Keeping Current Matters, talked with a young couple closing on their first home. While they were excited about their new purchase, it was clear from the discussion that a number of friends of theirs were afraid of buying a home, for a host of reasons, and were continuing to rent.
I know, from being intimately involved as a REALTOR with many buyers, a good … (38 comments)

agents: I've Got the Overpriced Blues - Lyrics by Jeff Dowler - 07/14/13 08:28 AM
I was going through some VERY old posts recently and found this song I had written while at an open house waaay back in 2007. Clearly the open house was not busy and I had plenty of free time on my hands, perhaps because of being over-priced.
While our area, and many others, are clearly in a sellers market, with low inventory, high buyer demand and rising prices, you still see homes that are over-priced. You can usually tell. Some things never change about pricing incorrectly, and I thought the lyrics I wrote almost 6 years ago still ring true. What … (2 comments)

agents: Which Post Got the Most Clicks in 2013? - 06/09/13 06:07 AM
Which Post Got the Most Clicks in 2013?  
We all know content is important, indeed essential, to our blogging success. And there is a wealth of stuff to write about, real estate related and not, depending on our strategy and our interests.
It’s useful to know what posts are getting the most attention so you can continue building on that success. But it’s not always obvious which articles will, and do, garner the most attention from others here on ActiveRain as well as consumers.
AR has asked the question “Which Blog of Yours Has Received the Most Clicks … (27 comments)

agents: Hissss – Do You Need to Disclose Me or Not? - 06/02/13 05:42 AM
Hissss – Do You Need to Disclose Me or Not?  
I was out touring homes yesterday for buyers and previewing properties that I know will fit their criteria.
One home was in beautiful shape due to a remodel by the investor who was flipping it No issues with the interior.
I was waiting in the front yard for some other buyers to finish so I could take my time and some photos – the yard was also redone with new sod and plantings.
While walking around the yard I spied our 5’ friend here…sure gave me the willies as … (95 comments)

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