agents: Is Positioning a Home to Sell an Art, Science, or is it Just a Guess? - 12/08/12 11:17 PM
Is Positioning a Home to Sell an Art, Science, or is it Just a Guess?  
Pricing a home correctly to sell in a particular market is the key to success, assuming everything else about the transaction goes as it should.
But is positioning a home to sell an art, science or is it just a guess?
There are lots of local market statistics to use in the analysis:
days on market available inventory (absorption rate) average sales price of comparable homes sold within the last 90 days (more or less depending on the market and availability of comparables) … (3 comments)

agents: Sellers, Are Your Listing Photos Ho Hum? - 11/20/12 11:58 PM
Sellers, Are Your Listing Photos Ho Hum?  
I was looking at the photos of several MLS listings that one of my sets of buyers is interested in and found myself saying “ho hum.”
They really were uninteresting (yawn suppressed), and while they weren’t poor quality they just did not create a very positive impression of homes priced at $800,000.
Quite frankly they were sooo booorrriiing.
It didn’t appear that whoever took them put much thought into what they were photographing, or how the photos looked on-line.
They were clearly not professionally done, which is … (16 comments)

agents: Are You Circling Around Google+? - 11/14/12 12:15 PM
Are You Circling Around Google+?  
No doubt most people here on ActiveRain have heard of Google+.
If you haven’t then you have either been incredibly busy or your head is in the sand. It would be like saying “what’s Facebook?”
Hearing about Google+, knowing about it, and doing something about it are vastly different. Bet you can guess what you should be doing.
So are you circling around Google+???
Just in case you need some prodding, and some reasons to get on board, I strongly suggest the following article, which will lead you to others … (15 comments)

agents: Do You Have a Smart Desk? - 11/08/12 01:38 PM
Do You Have a Smart Desk?  
I heard a great quote today that really resonated with me, and prompted this post. Perhaps it will strike a chord with you as well.
I am attending the Annual CRS Meetings in Orlando, as a member of our Chapter leaderships and as a national Education Forum committee member. Today was a special day-long series called Listing Legends, a topic for another post. But the lead-in to the session, by moderator Dale Charlton, posed the question...
Do you have a smart desk?
We've all attended educational sessions, seminars, expos and other meetings where we … (8 comments)

agents: Are You on a First Name Basis with Your Clients? - 11/02/12 06:30 AM
Are You on a First Name Basis with Your Clients?  
In some professions it seems more of the norm, although that may be shifting, for us to address another professional more formally than by first name. The medical profession, for one.
I suspect that in the past it was a rare person who addressed their doctor, and perhaps their dentist, by anything other than Dr. ____. While I don’t think that’s necessarily as true these days, I know the formal title is still often used, particularly with someone you don’t really know.
I call my doctor and … (33 comments)

agents: What If I Know More Than My Agent - A Reality Check! - 10/25/12 03:12 PM
What If I Know More Than My Agent?!  
Does it ever worry you someone might even ask that question or be thinking along those lines?
Is it unlikely?
Probably not, in this age of the Internet and the availability of information, accurate or otherwise.
It’s certainly possible a buyer may know more (about certain things) than you, or at least think they do.
I wouldn’t sit there thinking because YOU are a licensed professional real estate agent that you know it all, or that some buyers may not be more knowledgeable about some things than … (33 comments)

agents: Would You Paint Your House This Color? - 10/24/12 03:31 PM
Would You Paint Your House This Color?  
House colors have often created controversy, especially when it’s time to list.
As I drive around and note the range of styles of homes in my market, every now and then a home jumps out because of its style – perhaps uber contemporary in an otherwise traditional or homogeneous neighborhood – or when the color REALLY pops, as in these two examples.
No doubt homes painted strong colors raise equally strong emotions from neighbors. Some may think it’s fun, daring and creative.
Others may really hate it.
There was … (11 comments)

agents: Do You Want to Sell this Home or Not? - 10/19/12 01:07 AM
Do You Want to Sell this Home or Not?  
This may sound like a rant, given the title, but it’s not. Any sarcasm you might feel is purely your imagination.
It IS a host of suggestions for sellers, and their listing agents, to help demonstrate to the buying public, and buyer agents, that they do, in fact, WANT to sell. And some thoughts on those actions that send the wrong message.
The message you send by pricing is a big one in today’s market, and it’s obvious. Most agents have a good handle on what is selling … (39 comments)

agents: Should I Call, Email, or Text Them? - 10/12/12 12:37 AM
Should I Call, Email, or Text Them?  
I was at a mastermind meeting the other day and we got into a discussion about communication with clients.
It turned out to be a lively roundtable, since there were differing opinions as to what people preferred to use versus what their clients might want, as well as the pitfalls of different forms of communication, especially when things got dicey in a transaction and emotions ran high.
Should I call, email or text them?
There are no doubt varying opinions on this matter so chime in.
Use of … (21 comments)

agents: The Power of the Triangle - 10/05/12 09:48 AM
The Power of the Triangle  
Make no mistake, the triangle might just be the most powerful element you can include in your blogging.
Oh, that’s not to say your voice and content aren’t very important, which of course they are.
And we all know a great title will draw readers in, and photos and/or graphics add punch, emphasis and visual interest plus they can say a lot more than words.
But don’t let the power of the triangle, or your fear of using it in your posts, prevent you from missing some of the best … (11 comments)

agents: Lunch at The Beachcomber Cafe at Crystal Cove in Newport Beach CA, and Another Wonderful Memory - 09/26/12 09:06 AM
Lunch at The Beachcomber Cafe at Crystal Cove in Newport Beach CA, and Another Wonderful Memory  
The Beachcomber Cafe at Crystal Cove in Newport Beach California must be a place to making memories.
At least for me.
I had a 3-hour lunch at The Beachcomber Cafe at Crystal Cove on Monday with my cousin from Florida who I haven’t seen in over 15 years. We’ve been in touch, particular in the last 1 and a half years with my sister’s death and her father’s, but have lived some distance apart for years. Her business travels brought her to … (10 comments)

agents: A Good Friend, A Good Blogger and A Great Agent - 09/21/12 03:29 PM
A Good Friend, A Good Blogger and A Great Agent  
Well, you have to put them in some order, obviously, but I’d say they are all equal.
I had a chance to have lunch today at La Brasserie in La Quinta, one of the California desert cities, with friend KATHY SHOWE.
We’ve been friends on ActiveRain for several years now, and as it always is, our meeting F2F was very special.
I’ve gotten to know Kathy quite well through her blogging, and if you are not a fan you will be if you take a look. … (11 comments)

agents: Oceanfront Property in Mexico – Everything You Could Want - 09/16/12 10:11 AM
Oceanfront Property in Mexico – Everything You Could Want  
I spied this on the bluff overlooking the ocean on a beach walk when we spent a few days at the beach in Mexico last week at San Antonio del Mar.

It had everything you could want for a beach home – killer views but not likely to have erosion issues given the location, satellite TV, laundry, and AC (open windows and ocean air). No close neighbors, either.
Simple living but an amazing site.
This was a sunset from where we stayed a few hundred feet … (8 comments)

agents: I called You With a Referral but You Never Called Me Back - 09/12/12 09:16 AM
I called You With a Referral but You Never Called Me Back  
It happened again, much to my surprise, because it is not all that common in my experience.
I called an agent I know in another state about a referral of a client of mine who is house hunting here and has been for some time, but who wants to sell a home sometime in the next 6 months.
I was, quite frankly, surprised, that after leaving a lengthy voice mail about the referral, and some of the details, that I never got a call back 24 … (45 comments)

agents: Technology I Use to Help You Sell Your Home - 08/29/12 09:17 AM
Technology I Use to Help You Sell Your Home  
Technology tools are a big part of my real estate business and there is abundant technology I use to help you sell your home in Carlsbad and surrounding areas, from start to finish.
Obviously there are many other components besides using technology for marketing, finding buyers, and getting through the transaction. And some technology tools are more a convenience that speed up and simplify the process rather than a requirement. But why not use those tools that make your life simpler and hassle-free?
Of course these do not take … (13 comments)

agents: Want to Save Those Text Messages? Here's How with SMS Backup and Restore - 08/19/12 01:46 PM
I love learning new ways to be efficient - goodness knows I can certainly use the help - and not being efficient drives me nuts!
I do a lot of texting these days, far more than I was doing even a year ago. While some is with with family members the majority is with buyer and seller clients, and those dialogs are something I want to preserve, as I do all transaction emails, just in case.
No doubt YOU are also doing a lot of communicating with your clients during a transaction.
I attended the GOOGLE UNIVERSE BOOTCAMP last Friday in … (54 comments)

agents: The Winning Buyer Resume - 08/11/12 09:18 AM
The Winning Buyer Resume  
Those who know me well are aware I come from a background in corporate Human Resources, about 16 years give or take. Of the many roles I played as an HR exec was helping companies hire the right people for key jobs.
Not an easy task.
A key part of the hiring process is reviewing resumes (i.e., skills, experience) of qualified candidates, or those who feel they are. In my HR career I saw tens of thousands!
A good resume is a work of art, and consultants make plenty of money helping potential … (27 comments)

agents: The Life Cycle of Real Estate - 08/06/12 12:46 AM
The Life Cycle of Real Estate  
Those of us in the real estate industry experience a life cycle of real estate in ways that others, perhaps, cannot understand or appreciate.
Many of us begin our real estate careers as the result of parents or other relatives in the industry. The birth of our real estate careers may be, for some, predetermined, and while we may venture in other directions first, so often the lure of helping others buy and sell homes draws us in sooner or later.
Some of us launch our careers on our own, while … (21 comments)

agents: Haven’t Been Liked, Friended, Tweeted, Reblogged, Endorsed, Recommended, Reviewed, Plussed, Featured or Pinned? Here's What to Do! - 07/31/12 05:49 AM
Haven’t Been Liked, Friended, Tweeted, Reblogged, Endorsed, Recommended, Reviewed, Plussed, Featured or Pinned?!   Here’s what to do!  
It’s tough in the social media world, keeping up with protocol and unwritten rules we’re supposed to follow. Plus doing things to gain recognition on major social media sites, including AR, which will translate into business.
Here are some suggestions for social engagement to ensure YOU get the recognition you crave. I warn you it’s long, so feel free to complain, but if you don’t read it all you definitely will fail.
You are worthy - your therapist keeps telling you that … (40 comments)

agents: Google Helped Make the Decision to List - 06/28/12 03:19 PM
Google Helped Make the Decision to List  
I love Google, for a host of reasons.

Perhaps I should say I love getting noticed on Google. It’s an ego thing, on one level.
And, more importantly, a business thing on another.
Writing posts that get found by buyers and sellers who are doing targeted searches is a key reason many of us are here.
ActiveRain gets a ton of traffic and writing targeted articles that show up in buyer and seller searches brings us to their door.


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