agents: RainCamp LIVE in Los Angeles, CA May 15, 2010 - 05/15/10 10:39 AM
RainCamp LIVE in Los Angeles  The excitement has been brewing for a few weeks and the day finally arrived. Having heard so much about RainCamp I was pretty stoked to be able to attend, especially since I had to be in LA the day before (after the week in DC for NAR and CRS) for my daughter's graduation.
It's been great fun to actually meet some folks I have been following and have gotten to know but had never met - Kat De Long, Tony and Suzanne Marriott, Stewart Penn, Cheryl Johnson, Michelle Minch, Carla Muss-Jacobs, to name just a few - … (44 comments)

agents: Fair Housing – Issues and Testing: Learnings from NAR Midyear Meetings 2010 - 05/14/10 12:55 PM
Fair Housing - Issues and Testing  Everyone is, or should be, aware of the fair housing laws and the protections they provide against discrimination. But because not every pays attention, either through lack of knowledge, or intentionally ignoring them, testing is conducted throughout the country in most large cities and smaller communities, and even some rural areas. 
The NAR session on the Fair Housing laws and testing was pretty interesting and worth sharing. Here are some of my top learnings from this meeting
Fair housing discrimination occurs in three major areas: (1) ACCESS - email, phone calls, appointments, how people … (48 comments)

agents: Blogging, NAR Meetings, Referrals and Such – It’s ALL About the Relationships - 05/11/10 11:04 AM
There was a mini-meet-up of AR bloggers yesterday in Washington, DC. - I got together with Margaret Rome (Baltimore, MD), Jay and Monika McGillicuddy (New Hampshire), Pat Kennedy (Washington, DC) and Emily Link (Thousand Oaks, CA). Most of us were in town for the NAR and CRS meetings, but Margaret decided to come visit because, well, she could and she wanted to. 
You can read about it in posts by Pat Kennedy and Emily Link. 

This is soon to be followed by a more formal, planned gathering tomorrow night at Yanni's Greek Taverna at 3500 Connecticut Avenue, NW at 6:30 … (65 comments)

agents: NAR and CRS Meetings in Washington, DC - May 10 - 16, 2010 - 05/08/10 01:56 PM
I'm heading off tomorrow morning early out of LAX for the NAR and CRS Meetings in Washington, DC beginning Monday May 10.
Anyone else heading that way for part or all of the week?
If you are, let me know. I would love to meet up with as many AR folks as I can, given the time constraints.
I'll be attending the midyear NAR meetings for the first time, as part of my role as President-Elect for the Southern California Chapter of CRS (Certified Residential Specialists), through Wednesday. The CRS meetings start on Thursday and run through Sunday. 

agents: Google and My Life: Or is it "Google IS My Life?" Is it Yours? - 05/05/10 02:34 PM
GOOGLE is an amazing company   
Few would dispute that GOOGLE has taken over the Internet (the world?) with a host of applications for personal and business use (about 2 dozen I believe), plus being the biggest search engine around. Last data I saw we are talking almost 300,000,000 searches per day.
GOOGLE IS my life it seems these days. 
OK, I don't depend on it, per se. But there isn't much in my life that I can't learn about, check on, verify, look up, or learn from GOOGLE. At least if I choose to do so.  GOOGLE GETS me to … (9 comments)

agents: Yellow Flower Fields Forever in Carlsbad CA - 04/18/10 04:53 PM

We have had an abundance of rain this winter and spring...a real blessing for drought ravaged Southern Califiornia.
While we still have the Stage 2 drought warnings in place, with mandatory water conservation, from what I have heard we have made subtantial progress against the drought that has plagued us for a number of years.
The abundant water seems to have brought out the flowers, especially fields of these yellow ones.
I'm not sure what they are, but they cover large areas on the hills and along the roadways, their brilliant color blowing in the coastal breeze. They're quite dramatic … (7 comments)

agents: Do You Help Other Bloggers? Shouldn't You? - 04/13/10 02:22 AM
ActiveRain is a fabulous community of folks, ‘bout 180,000 of them.
Anyone who has spent any time here beyond just creating a profile would likely agree.
Despite nastiness, griping, flaming, and plagiarism from time to time, the AR community gets along pretty darn well. Friendships are forged, referrals are made, and gatherings take place (here's a step back in time with some SoCal Rainers from 2007 at Crystal Cove in Orange County CA; and a larger event in Long Beach CA to celebrate the 1-year anniversary). 
Most of us started out knowing little to nothing about blogging- what works, what doesn't, … (103 comments)

agents: Nudity on the Walls - Can it Stay or Should it Go? - 04/11/10 01:35 AM
It's time for some audience participation, so don't be shy.
There are naked people on the walls in some homes. 
I'm not referring to pages of skin mags plastered on the walls, although I've seen that in a couple of bedrooms, but to framed and unframed paintings or drawings...perhaps realistic but more often modern, impressionistic or abstract. 
Nudity on the walls - can it stay or should it go?  I am an art enthusiast, and my wife and I have collected a fair number of works of art, a number of which are etchings or paintings of nudes. I've seen more … (93 comments)

agents: Happy Easter from Carlsbad California - 04/03/10 03:38 PM

We have regular visitors to our back yard - rabbits are around pretty much all year, but the ducks return every year in March and hang out until June or so. They seem to enjoy the resort feel of our yard, including swimming in the spool.
We caught this pic of all of them the other day - it seemed to be a good idea for an Easter card.
Have a wonderful Easter, no matter how you celebrate, or even if you don't.

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If I can provide more … (10 comments)

agents: Compliments? Critiques? Criticism? Copying? - 04/02/10 09:36 AM
Such is the nature of commenting on AR, or anywhere on-line where comments are allowed.
What comments do YOU put out there?
Do you put thought into your comments? Or just respond impulsively?

Commenting affords you, the reader, the opportunity to share your thoughts on what you have read, provide feedback to the writer, and enhance the conversation. Assuming you have read it. 
Some folks clearly don't, but simply jump in...perhaps because of time constraints, laziness, a desire to just put their thoughts out there, or maybe to be nice to someone they know or … (30 comments)

agents: Molly the Barn Owl - Live Stream with Babies in San Marcos California 92078 - 04/01/10 06:44 PM
This live stream of Molly the Owl (in San Marcos, CA) hatching her babies has been great fun to watch. There are a ton of followers and quite a social stream too.
Keep it open so you can watch when you have time off and on when working at your computer. You can also watch it on your iPhone.
Here's the link to the full show
Free TV : Ustream ********************************

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If I can provide more information about San Marcos real estate and surrounding areas, or the housing market in general, or otherwise … (3 comments)

agents: So How Did YOU Get to be the Listing Agent?? - 03/30/10 03:02 AM
So How DID You Get to be the Listing Agent?
An innocent question, with many possible answers. 
I suspect we all feel we deserve the listings we get because of our expertise - years of knowledge and experience, familiarity with the local market conditions, the ability to demonstrate our value as an agent, our thorough and convincing market analysis, the diverse marketing targeted to the particular home, the chemistry and the rapport, and so on.
 We compete with others and come out on top. Not always, of course. And perhaps then we wonder - how did YOU become the listing agent? 

agents: Buyers, Birds, and Selecting a Home - 03/28/10 02:56 PM
The Wrens in our yard have it all figured out. It occurred to me, as I was watching them the other days, that some buyers could learn a lesson or two. 
The wrens knew what neighborhood they wanted to be in and they focused on those homes. There are plenty of dining opportunities just a short hop away and good shopping for furnishing their home. There were 3 potential homes on the back fence with great views of the lush vegetation in our back yard and down to the golf course. 
Each home had a different floor plan, architectural style and … (11 comments)

agents: I'm an Internet Consultant, Not a Telemarketer...There's a Difference - 03/24/10 03:38 PM
It's inevitable that when I am real freaking busy I get the calls I don't want. You too? Sort of a Murphy's Law kind of thing.
Some calls I never want. But sometimes I get caught unawares. It happened yesterday.
A voice mail popped up on my laptop when I was on another call (that's Voice Cloud working). It was from a woman named S----- who was "just on your website and have a few questions. Please call me when you can." Cool. That sounds like someone who needed help. Out of state number...perhaps a relo?
Rang up the number and … (88 comments)

agents: Decision Time for the REALTOR - 03/21/10 06:27 PM

Our days as agents are often beset by numerous decisions to be made that impact our clients.  Some are more significant than others.
I'm not sure where to place this on the list of priorities, but this was what I faced, with my buyers, at the 10th showing of the day.
They started laughing and suggested I post this on my blog. It made sense to do so, as I'm sure others can appreciate the dilemma that we are often confronted with when showing homes, at least in some areas.
Today, the stars were aligned and we WERE able to … (104 comments)

agents: Need to Get in Touch with Me? Here's How! - 03/18/10 06:20 PM
While this may seem rather obvious, in this day and age of technology, and busy lives, it seemed appropriate to share how you can get in touch with me. 
Communication with prospective, current and past clients is key to being successful, and I know that being able to get in touch with me, for whatever reason, is a priority for you. 
Different forms of communication suit differing purposes and individual styles. So while I use all of them, it's important I communicate with you in a manner that works best and suits … (58 comments)

agents: Southern California Chapter of CRS Presents REO 101 and 102 in Oxnard California March 3rd and 17th in Ventura County - 02/28/10 01:52 AM
Southern California Chapter of CRS Presents REO 101 and 102 in Oxnard California 
There are two opportunities in Southern California to advance your learning and understanding of the REO market: to learn HOW to obtain more REO listings AND manage them. For only $99 per class (normally $149 per class), with the SoCal CRS sponsorship, you will learn from a local REO expert (Silver Lining Workshops) with hundreds of REO transactions under her belt. 
Here's some of what you will learn: 
REO 101:  Topics covered included an Introduction to REO Market,  foreclosure and MLS Statistics, a 2-hour BPO Breakout Session, terminology, … (6 comments)

agents: The San Diego MLS (SANDICOR) Now Provides a Walkscore - 02/25/10 01:18 AM
The San Diego County MLS, SANDICOR, is now providing a Walkscore for each listing. 
For folks not in the know, a Walkscore is a score based on a calculation off how walkable a particular home or condo is, determined by the proximity to various amenities such as shops, restaurants, libraries, and other services.
Agents can click on the Walkscore tab on the left hand side of the listing, and it pulls up a separate screen from the Walkscore site and calculates the walkscore for that listing that can then be shared with buyers. I suspect this concept is a new one … (10 comments)

agents: Guidelines to Becoming a Localism Master - 02/18/10 04:28 AM
Sounds arrogant, doesn't it?
I can tone it down - how ‘bout a great Localism writer? A good one? 
Heck, maybe you don't even WANT to write Localism posts. If that's the case, perhaps your time is better spent elsewhere rather than reading this. To each his/her own. 
I think there is tremendous value in writing Localism posts (can you say Google? Leads?). And they are one of my favorite articles to write, so I tend to write a bunch of them. 
AND they get traffic. There are some that have over 11,000 clicks, especially … (126 comments)

agents: Simple Pleasures on Valentine's Day - 02/14/10 12:26 PM

Hope your Valentine's Day was a special as mine.
This series of photos was taken this evening at South Carlsbad State Beach in Carlsbad just a few miles from my home. It was a spectacular evening and some wonderful moments with someone special ~ my wife.
Watching the sun set is such a special time and we so rarely take the time to enjoy it.

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