blogging: Some Things Are More Important Than Blogging - 06/06/18 05:11 PM
Some Things Are More Important Than Blogging
Coming from a long-time blogger, and perhaps being read by a few other die-hards, this statement may sound a little extreme.
But I don’t think so. Hear me out.
Those who are consistent writers, and who bring in referrals, direct buyer and seller business, and website traffic from their posts know how important blogging can be.
Success at blogging is all about sharing great content, being consistent, engaging with readers, offering value to consumers, and knowing the audience you are trying to reach.
That target audience should not be everyone, of course, or you are likely to … (23 comments)

blogging: 2018 January Blog Jumpstart Challenge - Full Details On January 5th - 12/26/17 01:55 PM
It's that time again...for Lynn Friedman's January Blog Jumpstart Challenge, now for the 7th year in a row.
If you have participated before you know what fun, and a challenge, it can be. There are a varuety of topics to write about and different levels depending on how inspired you are or how much time you have. What a great way to kick off the new year!
2018 January Blog Jumpstart Challenge -
Full Details On January 5th

Take this opportunity to learn ---
bump your Blogging Skills to a higher level.
PLUS ..........
MAXIMUM BONUS … (14 comments)

blogging: 3 Pinterest Tips For Real Estate Agents & Professionals - 09/01/17 07:11 AM
If you have any interest in Pinterest, and you should, Kyle's informative post provides the tips you need to follow to ensure success with this very popular social media site in your real estate business. 
How To Succeed On Pinterest For Real Estate Pinterest is one of the best social media networks for real estate agents who are using it correctly.  Pinterest is responsible for driving the most traffic to my real estate website.  It outperforms Google+, Twitter, & Facebook even when they're combined!   As one of the top Rochester NY real estate agents, the most important service that I can provide … (9 comments)

blogging: Avoiding the Poof… a few work arounds for the photo issues. - 05/21/17 12:42 PM
Lots of us are finding problems uploading photos, especially the feature photos, among other glitches from time to time. While we understand these things are being worked on, it's nice to have some work-arounds to get you where you want to be.
Stop by Bob's helpful post to share your thoughts there, too! Hopefully you aren't seeing that nasty looking pooch!!
Avoiding the Poof…  a few work arounds for the photo issues.
“Okay so I was posting to my blog and like Poof… it disappeared”.  “Bummer”.

Okay so this issue has been around for a while, yet many are still having … (22 comments)

blogging: The Thrill and Excitement of Becoming a Blogger on ActiveRain - 04/03/17 08:34 PM
The Thrill and Excitement of Becoming a Blogger on ActiveRain
I still recall the thrill and excitement, and perhaps a little anxiety, when I first started blogging here on ActiveRain waaay back in late 2006. Perhaps you are feeling the same now that you have taken the plunge and joined us.
Blogging opens up an amazing world to you, a life-changing one – just ask anyone who has been here for some time. It’s a little scary when you first start, perhaps, wondering what to do, what to say, and putting your words out there for the world to see. But the more … (72 comments)

blogging: I Don’t Get Paid for Spring Cleaning so I Did it for Free Anyway! - 03/23/17 01:40 PM
ActiveRain Spring Cleaning Challenge for March 2017
Debbie Laity issued quite a lofty task to ActiveRain members in her It’s Time for Some Spring Cleaning with the Spring Cleanup Challenge for March 2017. The extra points are a nice incentive to get going on cleaning up some old posts, but truthfully it’s something we should probably be working on year-round to fix those dirty older posts.
The challenge of Spring Cleaning, and with cleaning up some of my old posts, is getting started, as it is with many tasks which aren’t necessarily fun despite being important.
I admit to a bit of procrastinating, … (17 comments)

blogging: Are You Missing Opportunities on ActiveRain? - 03/10/17 05:13 PM
Are You Missing Opportunities on ActiveRain?
Life is full of missed opportunities. Sometimes we don’t see them for what they are, or we make certain decisions, or don’t, and poof, the opportunity is gone.
It’s true in the real estate business as well, on social media, in public places, when meeting people face to face or on the phone, when having conversations with current and past clients, and here on ActiveRain.
So what are those missed opportunities on AR and what might we be missing? And shouldn’t we also consider the opportunities that are lost not by what we don’t do, but what we … (93 comments)

blogging: Are You the Life of the Party or A Party Pooper? - 02/23/17 06:41 AM
Here's a terrific article about "upping your game," as Kevin says, on social media through engagement and participation, with some good examples of just how to do it and do it well.
Please stop by Kein's post to share your thoughts.

For years I spent time writing what I thought was great content but internet traffic was ho-hum. And like probably many of people, I shared on all the social media channels, like I thought we were suppossed to do.
Still mediocre results.
Two Key Pieces for Upping Your Game
So I am not the brightest guy in the world … (8 comments)

blogging: 4th Quarter Review and Looking Ahead to 2017 - 10/29/16 05:05 AM
4th Quarter Review and Looking Ahead to 2017
I was inspired to take a closer look at how I am doing in my business as we enter the 4th quarter with Bob Crane’s 2016 4th Qtr. Review/Winning Plan and Productive Blogging challenge. There's still time to get yours in before the end of the month!
The part about posting at least 20 articles in October for this productive blogging challenge was a no brainer, for the most part, other than finding the time to do so. There were moments when life and business mde it tough.
I like having this sort of encouragement to look … (11 comments)

blogging: Ask An Ambassador: Rinse, Lather, Repeat Your Way To The Top - 08/16/16 07:01 AM
If you want to know how to make some in-roads against the 800 pound gorillas of real estate (Bill's words) on the search engines, Bill Spear's post will help get you there...from someone who knows what they are doing.
It's not easy these days with so many players, but Bill (of BLiz) provides some terrific ideas anyone can follow, whether you are new to blogging or experienced.
Please stop by his original post and share your comments there, too!

The internet is a competitive landscape for real estate bloggers.  We're going up against the big 800 pound gorillas of real estate trying … (11 comments)

blogging: 9 Easy Ways to Cultivate ActiveRain Relationships - 05/22/16 09:50 AM
You, Too, Can Cultivate ActiveRain Relationships
No one here would likely question that Activerain is a mighty powerful, and meaningful, social network, especially those of us who have been here for a while. It’s an extraordinary place to learn and grow, but also an amazing place to meet lots of people from all over and develop some pretty awesome friendships.
So how can you cultivate Activerain relationships and turn them into something very special. A few thoughts…
Comment on AR Members’ Posts
Commenting is at the heart of so much that goes on socially here on ActiveRain. It’s a nice way to share an … (101 comments)

blogging: Blogging Has Become my Business Card! - 03/30/16 12:04 PM
You may already be singing this tune, or perhaps haven't thought about the value that your blogging has in quite this way.
This isn't to say that you need to stop getting those business cards made or handing them out, but a focus on your writing to get your knowledge, personality, and business information out to a ton of people is a great strategy if you aren't spending some quality time at it.
Is blogging YOUR business card? What does it say about you? Will it make people want to call you, or move on?
Yes, Blogging has become my business card over … (17 comments)

blogging: My AtHomeInCarlsbad Blog is Now Live! - 02/27/16 04:40 AM
My AtHomeInCarlsbad Blog is Now Live!
After months of redesign, while fixing and modifying and improving functionality, my At Home In Carlsbad blog is again live and ready for consumers interested in learning more about life in Carlsbad, our local real estate market and so much more.
The IDX I am using, IDX Broker, is being updated with a new wrapper and other updates missing from the initial IDX on my blog when first implemented.
Consumers can subscribe to the blog on this page!
Or they can CLICK on the photo below to go to the home page.
What do you think?
I'll continue to work on … (28 comments)

blogging: My AtHomeInCarlsbad Blog is Undergoing a Transformation - 01/29/16 02:47 AM
My AtHomeInCarlsbad Blog is Undergoing a Transformation
I launched my Wordpress blog, At Home In Carlsbad, back in 2010. I continued to write here on AR as well as on the new blog but over time not as consistently on my outside blog as I should have.
Last year I made the decision, finally, that needed a transformation, and we should be launching the new version in mid February. There are a number of enhancements, with improved functionality in a number of areas, and I am looking at a couple of different IDXs (any thoughts??!).  There will be some other changes, too, … (22 comments)

blogging: The Value of Commenting, and What NOT to Do - 01/19/16 05:31 AM
The Value of Commenting and What NOT to Do
Comments are a vital part of participation here on ActiveRain, or any social media site for that matter, and a key to building relationships.
So what is the point of commenting (and no, we are not talking about the points here on AR, but more on that later)?
Commenting on someone’s post is a way to add to the conversation about the topic at hand. It can be a way to clarify what was said in the post with a personal example or by sharing a personal experience, or to add other relevant information … (152 comments)

blogging: The Weltanschauung and the 2016 Blog JUMPSTART Challenge - 01/18/16 09:24 AM
The Weltanschauung and the 2016 Blog JUMPSTART Challenge
The 2016 Blog JUMPSTART Challenge, hosted by Lynn Friedman, asks us to write a total of 14 posts during the month of January, one of which must be about the ActiveRain guiding principles and philosophy, the “world view.” Of the 10 guiding principles, the follow really resonates with me.
ActiveRain believes that it is in the best interests of real estate professionals to build a community that is focused on educating one another.
It’s been clear, I think, that education has been at the core of AR since it was founded, and bloggers have publicly responded … (14 comments)

blogging: The ActiveRain Referral List – How to Get on It! - 01/12/16 12:37 AM
The ActiveRain Referral List – How to Get on It!
I am always working on building my list of real estate professionals to refer to around the country. I like having an up-to-date referral list as you never know when you will need it for a friend or family member, a past client, or just someone who finds their way to you but needs assistance some place other than your service area.
Since I do a fair amount of relocation (I market myself as the Southern California Relocation Dude) having a terrific referral list is essential!
As a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) I cultivate … (105 comments)

blogging: ActiveRain Community Guidelines and Respect the Real Estate Community - 01/06/16 03:39 AM
ActiveRain Community Guidelines and
Respect the Real Estate Community
The ActiveRain Guidelines are a key component of our online network. These guidelines, in particular “Respect for the Real Estate Community, are something all should be aware of and adhere to, in all activities on AR.
As part of the 2016 Blog JUMPSTART Challenge hosted by Lynn Friedman, bloggers are to write 14 articles by the end of January 2016, one of which must be about the ActiveRain Guidelines.
The ActiveRain Guidelines help structure what our network is all about and how members should act. Respect for the real estate community, however, goes … (26 comments)

blogging: Is it Time to Spruce up Some of Those Old Posts? - 12/30/15 11:10 PM
Is it Time to Spruce up Some of Those Old Posts?
The New Year is upon us and with it comes plans for making changes, whether personal, business, or otherwise. You may be one who makes New Year’s resolutions – I don’t – but we are not here to debate whether you should or not, discuss how one keeps them, avoiding guilt when you don’t, and so on. You can have that debate over a glass of champagne New Year’s Eve.
Many of us have finished (or are finishing) a business plan for the New Year, which probably includes social media and blogging (how, … (76 comments)

blogging: 9 Years Ago Today I Launched my Career as a Blogger! Happy Anniversary - 08/29/15 03:14 AM
9 Years Ago Today I Launched my Career as a Blogger!
Happy Anniversary!
It’s hard to believe, for me at least, but today marks my 9 year anniversary as a blogger.  I wrote my very first post, not knowing a thing about what I was doing, on August 29, 2006.
It’s said the best way to get wet is to jump in, and so I did. Thankfully, the water wasn’t icy, but it was rather murky. Totally lacking in knowledge, or even much thought about what I was actually doing (that’s scary!), I created my first blog, Fans of Coastal San Diego, on … (36 comments)

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