communication: Texters, Emailers, Callers and some Non-Responders - 08/12/17 03:39 PM
Communication Preferences - What's Yours, and Theirs?
The world of communication is filled with different types of people. Some prefer to text, some want to email, others want to call, a few may even prefer or need face-to-face. And then there are some non-responders…the most challenging.
With communication being such a critical aspect of working effectively with buyers and sellers, it’s important to understand what our clients prefer so we can communicate effectively with them, and in a timely manner.
And of course we have our own preferences, which may vary depending on the situation, what we are doing, what needs to be communicated, … (58 comments)

communication: Please Don’t Make Clients Feel Stupid! - 05/10/17 07:41 AM
How Not to Make Your Clients
and Others Feel Stupid!!
We often say to buyer and sellers there is no stupid question. That’s likely true. Encouraging our clients to ask anything they want, even if they feel it might be a silly question, is not a bad thing.
But there are times when we might do or say things that make our buyers and sellers feel stupid, probably unwittingly.  Have you ever done this?
We all know what that feels like…when someone says something to us or treats us in a way that makes us feel stupid, insulted, or embarrassed. It might be a … (73 comments)

communication: What Form of Communication do Your Sellers Prefer? - 10/08/14 12:43 AM
 What Form of Communication do Your Sellers Prefer?
Communication is obviously essential during our real estate transactions, in particular between us and our seller clients. This is true before they get an offer, and perhaps more so afterwards.
What form of communication do your sellers prefer?
Do you know?
Do you ask?
I attended a panel of sellers sponsored by Hear it Direct (if you aren’t familiar with Hear it Direct, you can read more about it on their website) while at the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®Convention. The panel of 5 sellers, in various stages of selling (pre-list, … (107 comments)

communication: Knowing is Good, Not Knowing is Bad - 09/12/14 09:49 AM

Knowing is Good, Not Knowing is Bad
In our business there is a ton of information to share, questions to be asked, tasks to be accomplished.
Buyers and sellers often want or need to know certain things, as we do in order to properly represent them, and to appropriately guide them through the transaction from start to finish.
There are numerous tasks to accomplish for success to occur, and many other people involved in the process – the other agent(s), escrow, title, mortgage professionals, inspectors, movers and the list goes on.  There are 13 people involved … (18 comments)

communication: Is Your Communication Only on Request, or When It’s Appropriate? - 06/27/14 01:41 AM

Is Your Communication Only on Request, or When It’s Appropriate?
Several recent experiences prompted this post.
It’s not a rant, but some thoughts around communication, when it happens, or should, and why.
There have been several excellent posts about communication issues recently, about emails and text messaging, and what we say and how.
If by some chance you missed these posts I would urge you to take a look, read, and comment.
And take to heart what the writers are saying.
Read about emails and text messaging, an imperfect form of communication … (3 comments)

communication: How Much and How Are You Communicating with Clients During Your Transaction? - 07/16/12 11:54 PM
How Much and How Are You Communicating with Clients During Your Transaction?  
I have often wondered how much communication goes on in different transactions…between agents, with lenders, and with our clients.
Not just face to face communication, which these days seems to be far more infrequent especially with some clients and vendors, but via email, phone calls and text messaging. I suspect it varies quite a bit in terms of volume, the nature of the transaction, and the people involved.

I just finished another transaction, and as I always do was saving all the emails in … (36 comments)

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