first time sellers: Did Your Home Commit a Faux Pas in Today’s Competitive Market? - 06/23/13 07:53 AM
Did Your Home Commit a Faux Pas in Today’s Competitive Market?  
Some homes present themselves beautifully when put on the market to sell. It’s hard to find fault with them and not surprisingly they sell quickly.
Some homes are committing one or more faux pas. And buyers don’t like it.
It’s probably not the home’s fault directly. More than likely it’s the owner who has not taken care of a problem, has allowed something to deteriorate, or just ignored a particular obvious defect.
Perhaps sellers think buyers will not notice. Or they will overlook it, or … (5 comments)

first time sellers: Mr. and/or Ms. Seller – Do You Have A Carbon Monoxide Detector in Your House? - 07/27/11 09:02 AM
 Do You Have A Carbon Monoxide Detector in Your House? Mr. and/or Ms. Seller – if we are going to work together this is an important question I will ask you. 
While that may seem odd, and not related to taking your listing, it is a critical question. It's not simply a curiousity question.
It is now a legal matter in California.
Newly passed legislation, California Senate Bill 183, that is now in effect as of July 1, 2011 requires that any home sold after July 1, 2011 be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector for homes with a fossil fuel … (19 comments)

first time sellers: Is That a Comparable? Or Your Competition? - 02/25/11 02:49 PM
Is That a Comparable? Or Your Competition?  It's a fact - some homes are comparables, and some are competition. They are not necessarily the same. 
And depending on whether you are a buyer or a seller, and perhaps an agent, you will likely view these differently. And might not even consider them. 
Pricing is commonly based on comparables that have sold recently, generally within a fairly narrow geographic area, in the same complex or in that very building, depending on the market and availability of sold inventory. 
And as agents we focus on helping sellers figure out a listing price based … (68 comments)

first time sellers: Your First Open House is On-Line | Are YOU and Your House Ready? - 02/18/11 03:16 PM
Your First Open House is On-Line Are YOU and Your House Ready?  Whether you like it or not, or have even given it a thought, your first open house is on-line.
Unless, of course, your REALTOR is showing your home BEFORE putting it on the MLS and other real estate sites.
Think about that for a moment.
Assuming your home is on the Internet, even if just the MLS, before any open house, your on-line listing IS an open house - an invitation to prospective buyers, thousands of them, to walk through your home before stepping in the door.
You may … (44 comments)

first time sellers: Carlsbad California Making Home Affordable Loan Modification Program - 07/19/09 11:02 AM
The Making Home Affordable Loan Modification Program for Carlsbad California may be a solution for some folks who are at risk of losing their homes for a variety of reasons. This program was introduced by the Obama administration earlier this year and may provide a solution for many home owners.
You can read more about Loan Modification in the Press Release from the Adminstration about the Making Home Affordable Program.
Bill Gassett is a top REALTOR for Metrowest Massachusetts real estate, and shared this summary of the Making Home Affordable Loan Modification Program to benefit troubled home owners possibly avoid … (2 comments)

first time sellers: Carlsbad Sellers, Is Your Home Vacant? Better Check Your Homeowner's Insurance! - 08/26/07 05:33 AM
SELLERS in CARLSBAD - For those of you who have not sold your home yet and are vacating it to relocate....beware of your homeowner's insurance.
This is a cautionary note to you to check on the status of your policy before you move out, or once you are no longer living in the home while it is for sale:
•·        It is possible that your insurance premiums will increase since the home is not owner occupied
•·        And you certainly cannot let the insurance expire (you are likely required by your mortgage company, unless the home is owned outright, to keep it properly insured), especially … (6 comments)

first time sellers: Sellers - You Want to Impress Me? Here's How! - 07/14/07 08:21 AM
I know you have heard through the media, and perhaps friends and neighbors, that this is a tough market for sellers. The media may, at times, distort the facts or headline trends that are not necessarily accurate, but the truth is that this market favors buyers. There is a lot of competition, with many homes in your price range and area, so potential buyers have many choices besides your home. So how do we ensure that your home in Carlsbad is the one that they will see as the best value for their money?
I have talked about the things sellers should … (28 comments)

first time sellers: Can You Step up to the Plate and Be a Savvy First Time Seller? - 06/05/07 03:47 AM
Just as when you are buying your first home, there are important things to know as a seller when you are selling for the first time. Understanding the process is essential for your success.
As this is a new experience, you are sure to feel some anxiety about what to do and what not to do. And since selling your home to move to a new one (possibly a relocation) causes a fair degree of anxiousness anyhow, combined with being a newbie you are likely feeling pretty well as lacking in knowledge.
As a first time home seller, there are things you should … (12 comments)

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