humor: Wordless Wednesday: My Star Trek Lunchbox - 11/29/17 08:11 AM
My Star Trek Lunchbox
I have long since forgotten the occasion, way back in 2011, when I received this from our well-known Photoshop expert Craig Rutman  from Cary, NC.
I was looking for a particular photo for another post this morning and stumbled across this. Turning ME into a Star Trek hero is photoshop-genius for sure!! Just goes to show you can be anything you want, with the right talent.

humor: Throwback Thursday: Dowler's Crossing 1989 - 07/27/17 03:06 PM
Dowler's Crossing 1989
My Dad, a few years before he died, became sorta famous, or perhaps it's infamous. I had forgotten about the event until I recently came across this in a file of photos from my Mom with various memorabilia about my Dad. The write-up accompanying it is kinda funny - see below.
He really enjoyed deer hunting - never was my thing - and went every year to the Poconos in PA. He was, as I recall many years later, rather sheepish about this. Guess I would have felt pretty embarrassed as well, especially with all the fuss they made creating the … (20 comments)

humor: What's That Yer Smokin', Dude?! - 07/23/17 05:51 PM
What's That Yer Smokin', Dude?!
Actually, it's Wild Alaskan Salmon, but I bet you were thinking something else when you saw that title, knowing I'm in California!
Given our weather year-round, we tend to grill out 5-6 times a week pretty much year round. I am the Grill Guy. I suppose it's rather a traditional role but I like it, and have for years. Back in New England I tended to avoid grilling out in the worst weather, but still braved the cold now and then. I used to be a dire-hard charcoal griller, but migrated to gas grilling soon after moving to … (21 comments)

humor: Throwback Thursday: Partying with ListHub in Washington DC - 08/25/16 12:19 AM
Partying with ListHub in Washington DC
ListHub threw a great party at Malmaison on the Georgetown waterfront in May 2015 during the NAR convention.
The theme of the party was "Cirque du Mystique," with appropriate costumes for several people who were part of the decor. The tall fellow was on stilts, and stood perhaps 10 feet, maybe more. Hard to believe he walk around, posed, and stood on those things for hours. The place was jammed, with terrific music and music videos. Realtors know how to party!!

humor: Wordless Wednesday: Who Doesn't Like Iced Coffee? - 08/17/16 04:39 AM
Who Doesn't Like Iced Coffee?
Lily is our female Maine Coon cat. She has quite the personality, and a penchant for getting into mischief. Like cats in general, she does what she wants and when - who cares what you have to say.
I just happened to catch her in the sunroom one day a few years ago chewing on this straw of my iced coffee, although it looks like she's taking a drink. It's says a lot about who she is!

humor: It’s Been a Day of Waiting and Waiting and Waiting - 05/10/16 02:19 PM
It’s Been a Long Day of Waiting
I just arrived in DC a few hours ago for the CRS meetings for several days, then off to NY for a family wedding on Friday before heading home to Carlsbad Monday afternoon.
It’s been a day of waiting and waiting, as travel tends to be these days. I normally don’t pay all that much attention to all the waiting, and get all sorts of things done on my phone during these times unless I’m in the car. It seems I paid more attention to all the waiting today and it made me grumpy.
I had to … (42 comments)

humor: My Ten Commandments of Photos for Sellers and Agents - 03/15/16 11:11 AM
10 Things You Should NOT Do With MLS Photos
Real estate photos for marketing a listing effectively are a huge deal – we all know that, as does the buying public.
Buyers expect to see lots of photos, and will, in some cases, make decisions about not seeing a house based on the photos they see. Sadly, some agents don’t take the issue of having quality photos very seriously. In this age of digital photography, or the reasonable cost of a professional photographer, there is no excuse to not have top quality photos to showcase a seller's home!
But having good photos requires the cooperation … (193 comments)

humor: Like You? I Don’t Even Know You - 03/13/16 03:04 AM
While there is a bit of humor in Michael's post, he raises a serious question - are we getting overwhelmed by requests to like, friend, link up and more, by people we don't know?
Are there some requests that deserve consideration? Should we simply move on?
Is this too much to ponder with 1 less hour of sleep. Or did you forget?!!
Like You?  I Don’t Even Know You
Social media. I digress.
Is it just me but are you tired of receiving requests to “like” someone?   
Or their company?
Or something they like?
Or … (26 comments)

humor: Sitting Here Surrounded by Technology - 08/24/14 01:22 AM
Sitting Here Surrounded by Technology
I was sitting here at the dining room table early this morning, having my coffee, and realized how surrounded I was by technology.
Not intentionally or planned, it just happened.
But all of a sudden, as coffee-induced wakefullness emerged, I was aware of my surroundings on this early Sunday morning and my day was just getting started.
2 laptops, my iPad, and my iPhone were looking at me, or I them, and all were in use in various ways at the same time.
My computer guy has been working on … (15 comments)

humor: Happy Birthday From the Cardiff Kook - 07/15/14 01:22 PM
Happy Birthday From the Cardiff Kook
The Cardiff Kook, as the surfing statue at the intersection of the coast road and Chesterfield is affectionately called, was dressed up today for a birthday.
Happy Birthday Avi, whoever you are.

Unfortunately the Kook's bathing suit seems to have slipped abit, so perhaps today was not the real birthday.
For those of you unfamiliar with this popular bit of SoCal (especially Cardiff by the Sea) history, the Cardiff Kook is regularly dressed in all kinds of finery year-round - for holidays, local events, and even more personal circumstances … (4 comments)

humor: How Now Not so Brown Newport Cow? - 06/04/14 10:10 PM
How Now Not-so-Brown Newport Cow?
I am traveling in Rhode Island for business, and then 5 days vacation on Cape Cod. Currently I am in the Newport area, and after dinner last night, and then again today, took a drive around the famed Newport mansions and "cottages."
It was very cloudy, rainy and a bit foggy so the views were not so spectacular, but I came upon a massive farm (I'm sure it has a name - it might be the Hammersmith Farm, childhood home of Jackie Kennedy) with these cows in the field in the pouring rain. They were worth … (22 comments)

humor: If Your House Took a Selfie, What Would It look Like? - 05/10/14 03:27 AM
If Your House Took a Selfie, What Would It look Like?
Selfies are all the rage it seems. 
Selfie is even a new word for 2013 – indeed, Oxford Dictionaries proclaimed “selfie” to be their international word of the year!
They seem to have been popularized by celebrities and plastered all over the web, with more and more of them showing up on everyone’s Facebook and Twitter pages these days.
Some are pretty funny, and some are, well, more questionable.  
They’re spontaneous, in the moment, and meant for sharing.
At least most of them.
They certainly get lots … (11 comments)

humor: A High Tech Wedding vs. Low Tech Wedding - 03/22/14 01:51 PM
High Tech Vs. Low Tech Wedding
No, this has nothing to do with real estate but everything to do with personal life. And that's OK.
But it's a commentary on our technology lives today.
We attended a beautiful wedding yesterday in Palm Springs, in the California desert. The venue was spectacular, as was the weather. The bride is a dear friend of our older daughter's, and she is like a 3rd daughter in our famiy. It was such fun to be part of this special moment, with the grandkids there too.

The officiant, a close friend of the … (6 comments)

humor: Why Move to Carlsbad? No Snow! No Mosquitoes! No Humidity! - 03/19/14 12:33 AM
Why Move to Carlsbad? No Snow! No Mosquitoes! No Humidity!
I’ve had several conversations recently with people who live here, as well as those considering or planning a move, about the main reasons to buy a home in Carlsbad, apart from the terrific year-round weather and the beaches.
There is a common theme…
no snow, no mosquitoes, and no humidity.

Oh, we get snow in the mountains in Southern California, and you can see it from many vantage points in Carlsbad. On a really clear day you can see snow at Big Bear and other distant mountains. But we … (6 comments)

humor: Why is Your Seller’s Frozen Meat My Buyers’ Problem? - 12/30/13 12:05 PM
Why is Your Seller’s Frozen Meat My Buyers’ Problem?
I don’t get it.
The frozen meat shouldn't convey. It wasn’t in the contract to remain, and we asked for all personal items to be removed before closing.
Yes, I know it was a short sale and the seller vacated and moved out of the area months ago.
But why is the frozen meat in the freezer now my buyers’ problem since closing has occurred?
I guess it’s part of the AS IS status of the property?
Or considered trash left behind.
Fortunately it’s … (62 comments)

humor: Just Say NO! - 11/28/13 04:35 AM
Just Say NO!
Sometimes, you need to say no.
It’s not something I’m particularly good at.
I don’t really have an issue when it has to do with my business, especially when there are requests for things I cannot provide or feel are inappropriate. There’s a nice way to say no.
Sometimes the answer may be “not yet” rather than no. Or “not right now”.
But there are times when I know I should say no but don’t. It gets me in trouble with overextending myself, helping out when I really don’t have the time, or … (46 comments)

humor: I've Got the Overpriced Blues - Lyrics by Jeff Dowler - 07/14/13 08:28 AM
I was going through some VERY old posts recently and found this song I had written while at an open house waaay back in 2007. Clearly the open house was not busy and I had plenty of free time on my hands, perhaps because of being over-priced.
While our area, and many others, are clearly in a sellers market, with low inventory, high buyer demand and rising prices, you still see homes that are over-priced. You can usually tell. Some things never change about pricing incorrectly, and I thought the lyrics I wrote almost 6 years ago still ring true. What … (2 comments)

humor: Man, I hated to Push That Button…But I Did it Anyway! - 06/06/13 03:50 PM
Man, I hated to Push That Button…But I Did it Anyway!  
There are some buttons you just don’t want to push. And once you do there is no going back. The fear of what might result is staggering. But you know you have to take the plunge and jump through the hoop or else…
Such was the case with my Droid.
We’ve been good friends for some time, but recently things have not been so good.
Apps closing on their own or not working at all, periodically being unable to make calls or disconnect calls, multiple taps on numbers … (35 comments)

humor: Butt Calls and But Calls - 02/04/13 12:44 PM
Butt Calls and But Calls  
We’ve all experienced them with today’s technology.
You've either made them or received them. You know, somehow your smartphone magically dials a number and you end up calling someone accidentally, usually without even realizing it.
Don't you breathe a sigh of relief when you hear only their voice mail?!
Or you get a call, answer it, and you hear talking in the background, the radio, or other activity and no matter how much you yell HELLOOOO no one ever responds. The butt strikes again.
Oh, it might not have been your butt’s … (49 comments)

humor: Ok 1-816-659-1194, STOP Harassing Me NOW!! - 08/25/12 03:17 AM
Ok 1-816-659-1194, STOP Harassing Me NOW!!  
I don’t know who you are, nor do I give a hoot!
But I want you to stop harassing me.
I’ve had enough. 12 calls in 3 days and I suspect you’re not finished.
I didn’t answer your first call on my cell because I didn’t recognize the area code. Good thing. You’ve never left a message…no surprise…and I have no desire to find out more.
Nor am I going to give you whatever measly satisfaction you might get out of actually picking up the call … (10 comments)

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