jeff dowler: Our Visit to the Inn at Playa del Rey CA January 2018 - 01/20/18 08:26 PM
Our Visit to the Inn at Playa Del Rey CA
We enjoy an annual visit to the charming Inn at Playa del Rey in the beach community of Playa del Rey, just south of Marina del Rey and west of Culver City in the greater Los Angeles area.

The Inn at Playa del Rey is a very special place for us, a bed and breakfast we discovered perhaps 6 years ago. We have celebrated special occasions there, but in recent years it’s become our tradition in in mid-January.
It’s especially meaningful given how much it reminds us of a Cape Cod … (8 comments)

jeff dowler: Who Handles the Roof Maintenance of Your Home? - 01/14/18 10:19 AM
Who Handles the Roof Maintenance?
The roof is an expensive and essential part of any dwelling, and making sure it is maintained appropriately is critical.
A damaged or leaky roof can lead to significant problems, and can be costly to replace, no matter what type of roofing material is used – clay or concrete tiles, wood shingles, metal, slate, asphalt shingles.
Specific questions about roofing, maintenance, repair and related matters should, of course, be directed to a qualified roofing contractor. A roof inspection can be a critical part of your home inspection, especially if you are buying a single family detached home.
In the case … (11 comments)

jeff dowler: Stone Sculpture at the Beach in Carlsbad - First Day of 2018 - 01/01/18 12:09 PM
Stone Sculpture at the Beach in Carlsbad 
Artistry can show its face in many ways, and in interesting places, sometimes when least expected.
We took a long walk along the beach on the boardwalk in Carlsbad this morning to start off the new year. There were lots of people out, many with dogs, enjoying our beautiful weather...a balmy 58 degrees and partially sunny!!
Along the path we came across this gentleman who was creating some stone sculptures. This cluster of 3 was done, but he was still workingon another so I left him alone. No doubt they will be there for a few days, … (12 comments)

jeff dowler: Bake Sale at Sea Hive Marketplace to Benefit Victims of Lilac Fires - 12/23/17 12:50 PM
Bake Sale at Sea Hive Marketplace
to Benefit Those Affected by the Lilac Fires
Sea Hive Marketplace, one of my favorite stores around, is hosting a bake sale today with 10 area bakers participating, from 10 am until 4 pm. 100% of the proceeds will benefit those affected by the Lilac Fires recently. Stop by if you have a chance, at 1555 S. Coast Highway in Oceanside.
We started, of course, with the bake sale and bought a bunch of goodies to enjoy and share.
Of course we then went on to do some shopping at this eclectic marketplace with numerous vendors, and … (13 comments)

jeff dowler: The Meditation Gardens in Encinitas – The Last Day of Fall 2017 - 12/22/17 10:15 AM
The Meditation Gardens in Encinitas
The Last Day of Fall 2017
I was out running some errands, including upgrading my Supra Key needed for a new listing in Temecula (a different county) in a couple of weeks, and stopped by the Meditation Gardens at the Self-Realization Fellowship in Encinitas in my way home. The Gardens are beautiful, and being perched on the bluff above the ocean also offer spectacular views of the ocean far below.
Steps leading to the Meditation Gardens
It was a gorgeous day, the last day of Fall, and the gardens were pretty quiet, with only a few visitors. I don’t get … (20 comments)

jeff dowler: Carlsbad Village Holiday Window Display Winners Announced 2017 - 12/21/17 12:06 PM
2017 Carlsbad Village Holiday Window Display Winners
The Carlsbad Village Association (see photo above from their website) sponsored a contest for merchants in the Village to decorate their windows for the holidays in 2017, with voting from December 2 through the 18th for the People’s Choice winner; there were a total of 1338 votes cast by Carlsbad residents.
Two other winners were selected: one by 2 City Council Members (Cory Schumacher and Keith Blackburn), and the second by the Boys and Girls Club of Carlsbad. You can read more about the contest here.
24 businesses participated, and 3 winners were announced yesterday, and … (9 comments)

jeff dowler: Humble Olive Oils in Carlsbad Village - 12/20/17 08:53 PM
Check out Humble Olive Oils in Carlsbad Village
Humble Olive Oils has been there for a while in the heart of the Village, since September 2014, and although I have walked by multiple times, usually on a mission, I only stopped by for the first time yesterday. Shame on me...boy, what I have been missing all this time!
This family-owned (owner is Zac Markham) olive oil tasting room and store is bright, airy, and filled with a broad assortment of ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils from different countries and infused olive oils, all to taste before you buy.
Oils come in different bottle … (19 comments)

jeff dowler: Wordless Wednesday: Holiday Decorating in the Desert - 12/20/17 09:20 AM
Desert Decorating for the Holidays
Coming from New England after many years, it took some time to get accustomed to different types of holiday decorating out here, and flowers blooming over the holidays instead of snow and ice. But we quickly adapted, and I continue to enjoy seeing different kinds of decorations inside and out for the holiday season here n Southern California.
We were in Palm Desert and La Quinta several years back over New Year's Eve and I spied this cactus (one of several) in this yard.  A rather prickly decorating job no doubt, but I thought it was pretty cool, … (11 comments)

jeff dowler: A Holiday Tree by the Beach in Carlsbad - 12/19/17 05:42 PM
Holiday Tree at the Beach
I was out running errands, and being such a beautiful day, and having a few moments of spare time, I decided to enjoy a walk on the beach at Terramar and then a short drive down the Coast Road/Carlsbad Boulevard.
I was going to make a u-turn to head back to the Village when I spied this Holiday Tree by the Beach and couldn't resist stopping. So cool that someone, perhaps multiple people, took a few moments to decorate this gnarly tree on the bluff overlooking the beach and the Coast Road.

jeff dowler: Holiday Music at the Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside CA 2017 - 12/17/17 06:51 PM
Holiday Music at the Mission San Luis Rey
in Oceanside CA 2017
The Mission San Luis Rey, the largest of the 21 California missions and founded in 1798, is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year, with wonderful grounds and abundant history (it’s a National Historical Landmark) to enjoy – and open daily to the public. The Mission is home to a community of Franciscan Friars.
Mission San Luis Rey offers a Retreat Center with day and overnight programs cemetery, historic church, museum, multi-function meeting spaces, and gift shop, and is well worth a visit if you are in the … (20 comments)

jeff dowler: Feeling Like a Kid Again at a 4-Year-old's Birthday Party - 12/10/17 04:42 PM
Nothing like Attending a 4-year-old's Birthday Party
We were in LA yesterday for our grandson Enzo's 4-year-old birthday party along with his BFF Niam. Things were calmer here around the fires so we felt it was OK to be away for the day, although it's 90 miles away.
There were about 15 kids there, their parents, and several sets of grandparents, lots of food and a fabulous cake.
And several race car tracks for the kids to play with, hosted by PlayParty.
What a cool idea to bring this vendor in for a couple of hours - kids and parents had a great … (19 comments)

jeff dowler: Wordless Wednesday: Pink Car in Chicago - 11/08/17 09:49 AM
Pink Car in Chicago
I was in downtown Chicago for 4 days for the CRS meetings (and the AR Meetup) and spied this pink car coming through the intersection on a rainy Saturday afternoon from my hotel room. Not something you see every day!!
I did a little research and there is a Pink Taxi company in Chicago but this car seemed a little different style-wise from the fleet on their website. Whoever it belonged to, it was cool to see on an ugly gray day.
I'd take a ride in this, wouldn't you?

jeff dowler: Grandbaby #4 Arrived this Morning - We Are So Blessed! - 11/05/17 05:46 PM
Granddaughter #3 Arrived Early This Morning!
A long awaited moment happened this morning while I was standing in line with a good friend in Chicago waiting for our flight to San Diego, delayed for almost 4 hours.
I was in Chicago for the CRS meetings (more about our meetup in another post) and shared a cab to the airport early this morning with 2 good friends. We had breakfast at the airport (yum..sorta) and had plenty of time to share lots of personal stories as our respective flights kept getting delayed. It became a joke as to who would be delayed the longest!!
I … (17 comments)

jeff dowler: 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Second Home (Part 2) - 09/29/17 12:16 PM
Consider These 10 Things
When Buying a Second Home (Part 2)
Buyers desiring a second or vacation home have a number of important considerations before making a decision about where, when and how to buy that property. And what they specifically want and need for that second home is a critical discussion to have.
These issues may differ in important ways from decisions made for your primary home purchase. So give careful consideration to what these differences might be before you get too far along in the process.
Here’s what was discussed in Part 1:
Lifestyle issues (how might your second home lifestyle differ … (9 comments)

jeff dowler: Don't Give a "One and Done" to the Equifax Breach - 09/12/17 08:21 PM
Most know about the serious Equifax breach that occurred recently.
But as Gene so aptly points out, this is NOT something you can just deal with now, by checking accounts, breathing a sigh of relief when all looks well, and then forgetting about it. You need to worry about the future.
Read on for some really good suggestions.
Don't Give a "One and Done" to the Equifax Breach
By now, you've probably heard and seen multiple articles regarding the recent Equifax breach of security.  I myself have written and addressed this breach in an earlier post.
You may believe you've seen and absorbed all … (6 comments)

jeff dowler: Wordless Wednesday: Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road - 07/18/17 10:17 AM
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
One might ponder this on a visit to Kauai, given the ever-present chickens, and noisy roosters seemingly everywhere. They seems to follow their own rules about where they go and what they do. I suspect some don't make it across the road or through the parking lots.
The bigger question - why are there so many and where did they come from?
I'm looking forward to our trip to Kauai, but not the chickens.

jeff dowler: Wordless Wednesday: "The Birds" in Carlsbad - 07/05/17 09:12 PM
"The Birds" in Carlsbad
I suspect many know of and have seen the Hitchcock horror-thriller "The Birds" which took place in Bodega Bay, CA.
Everytime I see the flocks of crows near our house in Carlsbad I think of that movie, which is kinda spooky - I took this photo this evening while grilling.
They often fly overnight in large numbers in the evening, heading off to roost. I've seen a massive collection of them over by the Agua Hedionda Lagoon aat various time, and in recent days there's been several hundred of them in the trees on the other side of our … (19 comments)

jeff dowler: What’s My Carlsbad Home Worth? Carlsbad Home Sales for June 2017 - 07/04/17 08:05 AM
What’s My Carlsbad Home Worth?
Carlsbad Home Sales for June 2017
The Carlsbad real estate market continues to change, and the statistics for June show several shifts from last month and from 1 year ago. These data do not include private sales or manufactured/mobile/multi-family housing; the numbers are derived from the MLS and are believed to be accurate at the time they are reported but are not guaranteed.
Media reports speak in general terms, and not about the local Carlsbad housing market. Current data, and knowledge, about the local market conditions benefits you as a buyer or seller so you can make informed … (6 comments)

jeff dowler: Treats for Dogs at Sun Diego Dog Bakery in Vista CA - 07/01/17 12:11 PM
Sun Diego Dog Bakery in Vista CA
We were at the Vista Farmers Market early this morning to beat the crowds and I stopped by the Sun Diego Dog Bakery booth (no, that’s not a typo) to chat with the owner, Tina Hall, and buy some goodies for a client’s dog as a closing gift.
Tina has a wide selection of different healthy treats in all sorts of clever  shapes as you can see, each with the ingredients labeled so you can pick your dog’s favorite, or avoid those that your pooch might be allergic.
The treats are all beautifully displayed and the packaging … (16 comments)

jeff dowler: How to Show Your Clients You Care - 02/15/17 08:47 AM
Show Your Buyers and Sellers You Care
I just returned from Phoenix for the 2017 CRS Sellabration convention. It was 2 very full days of intense learning from top producing agents from around the country on a wide range of topics focused on systems, marketing, operations and leadership, and performance and development.
I’ll share my top takeaways in a future post.
I had dinner my last night there with 2 good friends who are part of my mastermind group, and the question came up - what was your biggest takeaway?
I only had to think for a few seconds. My immediate thought, from all … (89 comments)

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