jeff dowler: Carlsbad REALTOR Says - KISS, BOW, or SHAKE HANDS...or? - 01/22/07 12:31 PM
So, you are meeting a new real estate or mortgage client from another country and you wonder - do I kiss, bow, or shake hands? How do you know? What if you do the wrong thing?
This is a weighty question, and one you should not take lightly. The correct answer can have tremendous impact on your relationship with that client, or determine even IF there is a relationship. Any of your who have dealt with the business worked in other countries are well aware of this, I'm sure.
I am reading a terrific book on the subject of doing business in more … (4 comments)

jeff dowler: Humanitarian Thoughts for the Day - 12/29/06 03:06 AM
I read Randy Prothero's inspiring post the other day, and it got me thinking more about how I contribute to my community currently, but also how I could do more. But rather than talk about the volunteering, I wanted to comment on the importance of sharing financially in ways that can benefit others, either locally in our community or on a more regional, national or global basis.
My brokerage, as do many others, has several charities that it contributes to as a corporation, and encourages agents on a local level to do the same. The Susan G. Koman Foundation is a fabulous organization dedicated … (2 comments)

jeff dowler: Mortgage Insurance Premiums Will Now Be Tax Deductible - with exceptions - 12/20/06 06:24 AM
I just learned this a short time ago and wanted to share the information for those who may not yet know.
The President just signed a new bill that goes into effect in 2007. This bill will allow for mortgage insurance premiums to be deducted - potentially a great savings for some individuals.
The deduction is for households whose adjusted gross income is $100,000 or lessThe bill covers purchases and refinances that occur after January 1, 2007This is good news for lots of people. Many who are in the lower income brakets have less cash for downpayments and, therefore, are required to … (6 comments)

jeff dowler: You Wanna Sell Your Home or Not? (Are You Testing the Waters?) Part 1 of 2 - 12/18/06 10:50 AM
If you are thinking about putting your house on the market to see what might happen (testing the waters, so to speak), this article is NOT for you.
I writing for serious sellers (e.g., those who REALLY need to sell due to family situation, divorce, relocation) who are truly committed to doing what they need to do to sell quickly and at the best price. This is especially important now that the market has shifted to become much more buyer friendly in many areas.
Here are some things you need to do:
Price your home competitively - Most people will tell you this is THE … (5 comments)

jeff dowler: Carlsbad REALTOR - How To Search for a Home On-Line - 12/10/06 02:17 AM
For those of your who are looking for a new Carlsbad home, searching on-line is probably the most efficient strategy you can employ. Recent studies by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in 2005 found that about 79% of buyers were using the Internet to search for a home, and many do this even before they contact any agent. It is likely that this percentage has grown since that study was done. (While my focus here is on Carlsbad, the strategy is the same no matter what area you are looking in).
The advantages to searching on-line are many. Most properties that are … (4 comments)

jeff dowler: Tips on Becoming a Good Buyer (Part 3 of 3) - 12/04/06 01:43 AM
Here is the last post in my series on how to become a good buyer, whether you are looking for a Carlsbad home or searching elsewhere.
Now that your offer has been accepted, you are on to the mechanics of the transaction. This is what you have been waiting for, so do it well!
Here are Part 1 and Part 2 in case you missed them.
Conduct home inspection- This is the time to learn everything you can about the property and to determine if there are substantive mechanical, structural or other defects that might result in your changing your mind about proceeding … (2 comments)

jeff dowler: So You Are Thinking of Selling Your Home Yourself? (Part 4 of 5) - 11/28/06 02:26 AM
Here is the 4th in the series of posts focused on issues that sellers must seriously consider if they are thinking about selling their homes without the assistance of a licensed real estate agent.
 Exposure - This is a buyer's market, for most parts of the country, and a tough one (even for experienced agents) because of the significant inventory. In order to sell a home quickly and for top dollar, it is CRITICAL to have maximum exposure in the marketplace because of this competition. In many areas there are multiple, similar homes on ONE STREET for buyers to choose from. … (15 comments)

jeff dowler: Another new Consumer-oriented site - 11/27/06 07:27 AM
I just learned about and spent some time touring it, including looking at information for Carlsbad, so I thought I would share this with others who may want to check it out (or perhaps already have...maybe I am behind the times here).
The site, yet another, is proported to provide helpful information for consumers around the country regarding things like rent, median home prices, average commute time, ethnic demographics, politics, crime and a range of other tidbits. They plan to add property tax information in the near future (hmm, wonder if that will be any better than what Zillow is providing). … (6 comments)

jeff dowler: What I like about "Clients who are Kind and Nice" - 10/23/06 03:20 PM
Unusual topic? Perhaps. But sometimes I think we (speaking collectively here), as REALTORS, focus more on the problem or difficult clients when we seek assistance and counsel from others, or possibly forget that (hopefully) a large percentage of the people we deal with are really pretty nice folks. I guess I like to be reminded of that, which prompted me to write. Plus I have just recently met a new client that I really really like - she's nice!! - and have very recently heard from several other past buyers and sellers that I really enjoyed working with and would describe as … (4 comments)

jeff dowler: Referring and Referree Agent Etiquette...long post - 10/10/06 04:19 PM
I guess I felt compelled to write this, after several recent experiences that have been annoying, to say the least. Maybe I expect too much, but I feel that if I have a qualified referral to pass along, and I take the time to do the research and track down someone that seems appropriate (if I don't have someone I already know), then I expect certain things in return. Our business depends so much on relationships, and referrals are no different. Geez, I am giving you pretty much a guaranteed buyer or seller (with only 1 or 2 that were iffy … (30 comments)

jeff dowler: Automated Lead Follow-up System - consumer info - 09/29/06 11:09 AM
I just got back from our quarterly CRS meeting here in Southern California. Bernice Ross was our featured speaker, and among the MANY great tips and suggestions was a lead follow-up system focused on homeownersip called My Home Management Club. It sounded like a great idea which I plan to try (e.g., people you meet at open houses might be more interested since you are not sending them the standard information on buying and selling), and I thought others might be interested in learning more.
I also wondered if anyone else had experience with the system and would like to share their thoughts, pro and … (2 comments)

jeff dowler: Thoughts on Relocation Packages - 09/11/06 09:41 AM
For those of you who might work with people who are relocating, I have posted my thoughts, based on personal and professional experience, on my Relocation A to Z blog.
Relocation can get very complex, and if you have not been involved before this may be helpful to you so you understand the client better.This especially true if you get a referral who is using a Relocation firm - they often have restrictions and you don't want to get burned by helping your client find a home only to later find out there is a HUGE referral fee you weren't aware of, or … (1 comments)

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