jeff dowler: Fancy a Journey to Renaissance England? - 04/29/09 05:41 PM
If the notion of a journey to Renaissance England intrigues you, you only need to go Escondido, CA to experience a return to the days of olde. 
READ MORE: Escondido Real Estate - A Tour of Escondido: A Diverse Inland San Diego Community 
There's a Queen [Elizabeth, BTW], a battle or two (with several hundred wielding all sorts of weapons), Shakespearean actors and musicians, and archery demonstration by the San Diego Archers of Ravenwood, arts and crafts vendors, street performers, gypsies, a pirate village and all sorts of other entertainment are sure to enchant you and make you feel it is, … (5 comments)

jeff dowler: A Return to the Seller’s Market of Days Past - 04/14/09 02:58 PM
I am finalizing an offer with some terrific out of town clients - first time buyers - who have been looking for some time. In their price range and area, almost everything for sale is an REO, a short sale or a pre-foreclosure. Many of them are pretty ugly and need a lot of work. Schools are important and must be factored in. 
We submitted an above-asking offer on a pre-approved short sale in nice shape (there were 6 offers when I called the agent, all above asking price) and got outbid. We have a pending offer on a short sale … (9 comments)

jeff dowler: 2043 Mar Azul Way, Carlsbad, CA 92009 - 04/10/09 05:06 PM

jeff dowler: Oceanside Real Estate - Live in "The Country" at Jeffries Ranch in Oceanside - 04/10/09 03:28 AM
Oceanside is the northern-most community in San Diego County, bordering Camp Pendelton on the north, the ocean to the west, and the towns of Fallbrook, Bonsall and Vista to the east. Oceanside is also a study in contrasts - the housing, the people and the topography.
Oceanside is also the home of a number of poplar and historic attractions - the Oceanside Pier, the California Surf Museum, and the Mission San Luis Rey.
READ MORE: Oceanside - A Growing and Changing Community  
The residential community of Jeffries Ranch, in the northeast corner of Oceanside, is an excellent example of the contrasts … (4 comments)

jeff dowler: Carlsbad Real Estate – Senior’s Housing (55+ Communities) Market Report April 2009 - 04/08/09 03:32 PM
North County San Diego has a strong appeal for seniors as place to retire, given its weather, amenities (shopping, dining, tourist attractions, beaches) and reputation as a destination retirement area. I've had several calls and emails in the last week from senior buyers in other parts of the country who are planning, or considering, moving to Carlsbad or nearby communities. 
With great interest rates, a healthy inventory, and prices that are lower than they have been for several years, buying a home in a seniors' community can make a lot of sense for some buyers, provided they have decided that is … (5 comments)

jeff dowler: The NEW Relationship: It Ain't What it Used to Be - 04/07/09 03:56 AM
Relationships are the foundation of our business, and serve as a means by which one can acquire business as well as to transact it. While some real estate relationships might be described as business only, some become, and remain, much more personal.
In the recent past, relationships with buyers and sellers were forged more traditionally - through personal meetings, referrals from acquaintances and clients, or a walk in the brokerage door. Eye contact was made, hands were shaken, and we all started off on equal footing, knowing little about each other and navigating the "getting to know each other" stage much … (23 comments)

jeff dowler: Solana Beach Real Estate - Solana Beach Market Report for March 2009 - 04/06/09 11:27 AM

Solana Beach is an affluent coastal town south of Encinitas and Cardiff, and among the more expensive coastal communities. Despite changes in prices over the last several years Solana Beach has seen less dramatic changes in their real estate market than some other nearby towns. 
READ MORE: Solana Beach Real Estate 
As a buyer or seller in the Solana Beach real estate market, understanding recent trends and current market conditions is essential in order to make informed decisions; area media reports focus on general market conditions and therefore will not provide an accurate picture of the local housing market in … (4 comments)

jeff dowler: Cardiff Real Estate - Cardiff Market Report for March 2009 - 04/05/09 01:49 PM

As a buyer or seller in the Cardiff real estate market, having information about the current market conditions will enable you to make an informed decision regarding what to do with regard to buying a home in Cardiff, or selling your Cardiff home. 
The Cardiff real estate market is very localized, and knowing what is going on in the market with regard to inventory and sales is important for making a buying or selling decision. Finding comparables for determining price for either a listing or a purchase can sometime be tricky.
Cardiff by the Sea
The Composer District … (4 comments)

jeff dowler: I Bet You Thought You Were Done with Us - 04/05/09 03:20 AM
I got a call from my buyer on Friday. The first comment was "I bet you thought you were done with us." Absolutely not, I said.
But it made me think.
How often ARE agents done with their clients when the transaction closes? 
And you have to wonder if clients feel that once the deal has closed we will disappear into the sunset...and if they may have had that experience in the past.

We closed on my client's small REO condo purchase in a nearby town earlier this week. The buyer lived out of the area, and was buying the 1-bedroom … (20 comments)

jeff dowler: Contemplating the End of the Day at the Edge of the Continent in Encinitas, California - 04/04/09 03:04 PM


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jeff dowler: Encinitas Real Estate - Encinitas Market Report for March 2009 - 04/04/09 04:38 AM
As a buyer or seller in the Encinitas real estate market, it is important for you to have data about the market conditions in order to make a more informed decision about what to do with regard to buying, or selling, your Encinitas home.

Here is a summary of the Encinitas real estate market for March 2009 based on statistics from the MLS (private sales are not included nor are manufactured and mobile homes). These data are deemed reliable but are not guaranteed.
In March 2009 there were 31 homes sold in Encinitas (a 35% increase in sales from February). … (6 comments)

jeff dowler: Carlsbad Home Buyers: Why You Should Know about Market Statistics - 04/03/09 03:19 PM
Not everyone is a numbers person. Some folks really don't like math or dealing with statistics or anything that involved numbers.
Other people are very focused on statistics and numerical information, and tend to be more analytical. They not only appreciate numbers, but demand them.
Allow me to suggest that as a buyer in the Carlsbad real estate market, you should know about the market statistics for the area(s) you are interested in, even if you do not consider yourself a numbers person. Being informed about the market in essential to making a good decision about your home purchase so you … (8 comments)

jeff dowler: Carlsbad Real Estate - Carlsbad Market Report for March 2009 - 04/03/09 09:11 AM
The Carlsbad real estate market continues to show some positive trends, and the statistics for March show a number of changes as compared to February 2009.

These data do not include any private sales nor manufactured/mobile housing; the numbers are derived from the MLS and are believed to be accurate but are not guaranteed. 
Media reports speak in general terms, rather than local, so that information may not represent the reality of our local Carlsbad real estate market. Having data from a knowledgeable agent about the local market conditions benefits you as the buyer or seller.
In March 2009 there … (3 comments)

jeff dowler: REBarCamp Los Angeles on April 2: A Day to Remember and a Wealth of Learning - 04/03/09 02:59 AM
I was at RE Bar Camp Los Angeles (a.k.a. #REBCLA for all you twits) in Pasadena, with lots of other folks - I was told the account was 298. Hard to believe it finally happened, as we began having discussions about this not long after REBlogWorld in Las Vegas in August 2007. The excitement was palpable, and there were so many people to meet...and undoubtedly not enough time to do so. 
Check out Dakno.TV for archived sessions if you missed any of the streaming video they did.
Here is a short list (apologies to those I forgot) of the NEW people … (35 comments)

jeff dowler: REBarCampLA 2009 Starts Off Just Right: Lively Happy Hour at The Yard House in Pasadena - 04/01/09 06:45 PM
It was a long day today, starting off with blogging, emails, an offer acceptance, setting up the SoCal CRS Booth for the SDAR REALTOR Expo and Member Appreciation Day (on April 2 in San Diego) and a 2.5 hour ride in traffic to The Yard House in Pasadena. Despite a few phone calls and having pay some attention to the heavy traffic, I had a chance to think about where I was headed, and to wonder about what I would find. 
I haven't attended a Real Estate Bar camp before but have certainly paid attention to the posts and to streaming … (11 comments)

jeff dowler: Internet Aids to Help You in Your Relocation to Carlsbad - 03/31/09 03:39 AM
Moving to Carlsbad from afar? Or is your relocation taking you somewhere else? 

You have a big job ahead of you before you get settled in your new home. And finding that new home is one of the big challenges ahead of you. 
Fortunately, buyers these days who are relocating to Carlsbad have the Internet to help them research communities and all the other stuff they want and need to know. I have assembled a few Internet Aids to help in your Carlsbad relocation: 
Schools are one of the biggest concerns for many buyers, even those without school-age children … (11 comments)

jeff dowler: Animal Rescue in Carlsbad and Surrounding Areas - Fallout from Short Sales and Foreclosures - 03/28/09 06:00 AM
There is much fallout from the short sale and foreclosure crisis that has hit the housing market these last few years. No area seems untouched, in some way, by the substantial increase in loan defaults, and numerous families are in the process of losing, or have already lost, their homes. A certainly the expectation is there will be many more 
The other fall out from this crisis is a huge increase in the number of abandoned animals, primarily dogs and cats. 
We saw many pets left behind in the drastic fires here in San Diego in October 2007, and further north … (5 comments)

jeff dowler: The California Surf Museum in Oceanside, California - 03/26/09 12:04 PM
When one thinks of Southern California one likely thinks of beaches and, of course, surfing. 
Surfing in Southern California has played a significant role in the development of the sport, and of the growth in many coastal towns.
It is, indeed, for many a lifestyle, with a culture and even a language all its own. Consider how surfing spawned movies (remember Gidget?) and songs (hey, where would be Beach Boys be without surfing?). 
It is likely a rare beach along the coast that does not appeal to surfers for different reasons, and some areas have become downright famous...such as Swami's Beach … (11 comments)

jeff dowler: Carlsbad Real Estate - Laguna Del Mar Homes on the Lagoon in Carlsbad - 03/26/09 02:15 AM
Buyers in the Carlsbad real estate market have lots of options, depending on their budget and interests.
With the ocean, 3 lagoons, Carlsbad Village, rolling hills, canyons and greenbelts, there are plenty of different neighborhoods to buy in, as well as a diversity of housing types and styles.
Laguna Del Mar, built in the late 1980s, is located on rolling hills, tucked away just east of the Aqua Hedionda Lagoon south of Carlsbad Village. These homes (PUD or Planned Unit Development, not condos) are sited in such as way so as to provide views of the neighborhood, the open space, and … (3 comments)

jeff dowler: No More Doom and Gloom in Carlsbad - 03/23/09 12:12 PM
We have all been hearing negative "doom and gloom" messages, forever it seems. And many folks have commented they are tired of them or ignore it. And there have been lots of posts written about "enough is enough." Yep, we know the economy sucks in many ways, but focusing on how awful it is gets tiresome, and promotes more negativity.
A Carlsbad retailer (actually in La Costa, where I live), has had it and is doing something about it.
Dale Condy (as reported in Today's Local News) is now creating playful signs, stickers and coffee mugs in his efforts to help … (8 comments)

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