jeff dowler: Supporting the Local Food Bank in North County San Diego (Carlsbad area) - 03/21/09 08:03 AM
In these tough economic times there are many folks who need assistance for housing, food, health services and more.
Here in San Diego the North County Community Services Organization provides a number of services to support area residents, including child development programs (Oceanside, Vista, Escondido), a food bank, and social services including winter shelters. They hold several fund raising events throughout the year to raise money and collects donations of food. NCCS provides food to over 15,000 residents in North County every month. 
We held an event at our home last night and ordered a barrel to be used for collecting … (2 comments)

jeff dowler: What Do You and Your Clients Have in Common? - 03/20/09 08:19 AM
Real estate is all about relationships, those connections between a buyer or seller and a REALTOR. Certainly a business transaction can, and often does, occur without a strong positive connection, but more times than not that relationship forms the foundation of the transaction and, in many ways, facilitates it.
How often do we find that transactions come close to falling apart but through our bond with our clients we are able to transcend the road blocks and achieve the goal? OR, conversely, things fall apart because there is no connection, no bond. 
I think that many of these connections arise through … (13 comments)

jeff dowler: The Stiletto Walk in Escondido, CA - Walk a Few Blocks in Her Shoes - 03/20/09 01:27 AM
Get out your Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo stilettos and head for Escondido, CA on April 3 for the first Stiletto Walk as part of the Escondido Fashion Week Downtown 2009, presented by Mercedes Benz of Escondido. 
The purpose of the Stiletto Walk is to raise awareness about ovarian cancer, and to benefit the Clearity Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to the improvement of treatment options for ovarian cancer (remember Gilda Radner??). There are 15,000 deaths per year from this particular cancer and new treatment options are needed.  [photo courtesy of kiirndy on Flickr] 
And it's NOT just for the women. Any … (13 comments)

jeff dowler: We're Having a Liquidation Sale - 03/15/09 01:15 PM
What if the real estate business were to run sales like they do in retail? 
Imagine the about a truck load sale?
A going out of business sale?
Going out of business - well, yes, there are many REO, short sales and pre-foreclosures that MUST be sold. Some folks HAVE lost their jobs or their businesses and must sell. 
50% Off Sale - imagine the bargains! Pick your percentage, we see lots of them depending on the retailer. Some buyers approach offers with this attitude. Unfortunately sellers don't always cooperate. Coldwell Banker held a "sale" of sorts with … (13 comments)

jeff dowler: The 6th Annual GABNet Political Fashion Show in Los Angeles - 03/15/09 07:41 AM
I had the opportunity to attend the GABNet political art and fashion show last night in Los Angeles. The Gabriela Network of Los Angeles of the Mariposa Alliance hosts an event each year to address issues faced by women, ranging from sex trafficking to domestic violence. This year's theme centered about the political repression arising out of the global economic crisis as women struggle in political activism as a means to better their personal situations, yet suffer punishment as a result of their involvement in these activist pursuits. The fashion show was held at the Eagle Rock Plaza in Eagle Rock … (6 comments)

jeff dowler: Just a Friday Thought - It'll Make You Think - 03/13/09 01:55 PM
Things are NOT always what they seem

And appearances CAN be deceptive!
Is it a landscaping tool?
A contemporary sculpture?
Lawn ornament?
Have you figured it out?
It can change someone's life...dramatically.


jeff dowler: The Value of Using a Homebook for Your Listings - 03/13/09 06:52 AM
I learned some time ago in my CRS class about using a Homebook for listings and the types of information that one can/should include. I make it a practice to always create one for each listing. 
Here is just a sampling of the information I am including in my Homebook for a new listing in a couple of weeks (it varies depending on the town/community, type of listing, etc.). 
Feature Sheet
MLS Listing
Map of Local Area, Plat, Aerial View
Carlsbad Area
Carlsbad Unified School District Neighborhood Facts Area Facts School Information Housing Information and Recent Area Sales Crime Information Houses … (17 comments)

jeff dowler: Don't You Want to Know What I am Doing to Market Your Home? - 03/12/09 02:45 AM
Why You Should Have a Written Marketing Plan
You have hired me as your listing agent, to help you find a qualified buyer for your Carlsbad home. It's a weighty task, with lots of responsibilities in a competitive market. And for that task, when the home sells, you will pay me an agreed-upon professional fee of potentially thousands of dollars.
Don't you want to know what I am doing to earn that fee? 
I suspect you do. And you should.
But it's surprising how many listings are out on the Internet where it is obvious the seller is not well informed about what their agent … (9 comments)

jeff dowler: Carlsbad Real Estate - Bluwater Crossing Live-Work Lofts are NOW SELLING in Carlsbad - 03/10/09 12:56 PM
The long awaited and much-lauded Bluwater Crossing live-work lofts are now open for business.
These stunning 3-level lofts provide opportunities for a business (subject to the CC & Rs) with 2-levels of personal living space above, or use all three levels for your living space.
The first phase has been released, with a total of 11 units (although as of the broker open house a few days ago 2 of these units were already reserved), and there are two gorgeous models to tour.
Plan E – Approximately 2767 SF, priced from $987,990 ($335/SF)
Plan F – Approximately 2317 SF, … (9 comments)

jeff dowler: Envision Carlsbad: Planning for the Future - A Community Vision - 03/10/09 02:55 AM
Buyers, sellers and other bloggers have often commented on how much I write about Carlsbad...and wonder how I manage to do so much.
I find it rather easy, because I really enjoy living here and there are so many positive things to write about. It's a good feeling to live some place that you really like and want to tell others about. Not everyone is so lucky. And certainly knowing all these things is a great help to buyers who are relocating here. 
I continue to be very impressed with Carlsbad - the beaches, its weather, the amenities and the services … (4 comments)

jeff dowler: Solana Beach Real Estate - Solana Beach Market Report for February 2009 - 03/09/09 02:39 AM

Solana Beach is an affluent coastal town south of Encinitas and Cardiff, and among the more expensive coastal communities. Despite changes in prices over the last several years Solana Beach has seen less dramatic changes in their real estate market than some other nearby towns. 
READ MORE: Solana Beach Real Estate 
As a buyer or seller in the Solana Beach real estate market, understanding recent trends and current market conditions is essential in order to make informed decisions; area media reports focus on general market conditions and therefore will not provide an accurate picture of the local housing market in … (5 comments)

jeff dowler: San Marcos Real Estate - San Marcos Market Report for February 2009 - 03/08/09 08:26 AM

The San Marcos real estate market continues to evolve, especially with the large number of distress sales. These data do not include any private sales nor manufactured housing; the numbers are derived from the MLS and are believed to be accurate but are not guaranteed.
Media reports speak in general terms, rather than local, so that information may not represent the reality of our local San Marcos real estate market. Having data from a knowledgeable agent about the local market conditions benefits you as the buyer or seller.
In February 2009 there were 83 homes sold in San Marcos' 2 … (4 comments)

jeff dowler: Cardiff Real Estate - Cardiff Market Report for February 2009 - 03/08/09 01:48 AM

As a buyer or seller in the Cardiff real estate market, having information about the current market conditions will enable you to make an informed decision regarding what to do with regard to buying a home in Cardiff, or selling your Cardiff home.
The Cardiff real estate market is very localized, and knowing what is going on in the market with regard to inventory and sales is important for making a buying or selling decision. Finding comparables for determining price for either a listing or a purchase can sometime be tricky. 
Here is a summary of the Cardiff real estate … (0 comments)

jeff dowler: My Seller's Handbook: Special Thanks to an AR Member - 03/07/09 02:28 AM
I am in the final stages of completing my Seller's Handbook - work in progress for many months - with just some editing to do. Plus a cover. Once done I will use it in presentations, share it with clients, and keep it on Google Docs to share.
I had planned to modify the cover I used for my Buyer's Handbook, that is until I saw Teresa Boardman's post this morning about having fun with Flickr toys.
I immediately decided the magazine cover was the way to go, so here it is (yes, that's MY photo of South Carlsbad State Beach … (19 comments)

jeff dowler: If You Snooze You May Lose - Build Those Relationships On-Line and Off-Line - 03/05/09 05:57 PM
Building relationships is a fact of life in our business, and its foundation.
Without them you won't get far in terms of buyers and sellers.  Maintenance is pretty important, too. If you don't work on keeping your relationships, they will fade away - referrals will disappear and your wonderful clients will forget you even exist. 
There are a myriad of ways to build relationships, and lots of different ones. Here are just a few: 
Prospective buyers and sellers - Current/past buyer and seller clients
Escrow and title officers - Mortgage brokers and banks - Attorneys
Home inspectors - Relocation companies
Trades … (69 comments)

jeff dowler: Condos in North San Diego County for under $100,000 - Great News for Buyers - 03/04/09 12:04 PM
In follow-up to my recent post on housing affordability in Carlsbad and nearby communities, and since I often get asked, I though I'd pass along some information on some terrific buys for buyers. 
With escalating prices in recent years it has been near impossible in our area to find anything under $100K or even higher (except for manufactured and mobile housing which is typically in seniors communities). 
That has now changed, and folks who ask "can I buy something for under $100,000?" will get a resounding YES rather than "are you kidding?"

Granted, these are not view homes near the … (12 comments)

jeff dowler: Encinitas Real Estate - Encinitas Market Report for February 2009 - 03/04/09 05:38 AM

As a buyer or seller in the Encinitas real estate market, it is important for you to have data about the market conditions in order to make a more informed decision about what to do with regard to buying, or selling, your Encinitas home. 
Here is a summary of the Encinitas real estate market for February 2009 based on statistics from the MLS (private sales are not included nor are manufactured and mobile homes). These data are deemed reliable but are not guaranteed. 
In February 2009 there were 23 Encinitas homes sold (a 21% decrease in sales from January). Here's … (3 comments)

jeff dowler: Carlsbad Real Estate - What are you Going to do About That RV? - 03/04/09 12:55 AM
Lots of folks own RVs, in various sizes and shapes, and for a variety of reasons. But if you are moving into a new home or condo in some communities including Carlsbad you may have a problem. 
So what are you going to do about that RV? 
In some neighborhoods having an RV is not an issue, provided you can park it off the street, especially if it is a smaller one. On-street parking is usually allowed for a limited period of time but not round the clock. But in some communities RVS are not allowed to be parked in front … (4 comments)

jeff dowler: Carlsbad Real Estate - Housing Affordability in Carlsbad and Nearby Communities - 03/03/09 01:47 AM
Housing affordability in California has been a topic of interest, and concern, for years, with median home prices rising to amazing levels in some communities, to the extent that many would-be buyers were not able to afford them (well, until the days of 100% financing). 
While Southern California home prices remain high compared to many other parts of the country, affordability has improved substantially, relatively speaking, in many communities since the median price of a single family detached home hit its peak in June 2007 for San Diego County at about $670,000. The median for the county for single family detached … (6 comments)

jeff dowler: HUGE Glass and Mosaic Tile Sale in Carlsbad - Courtesy of a Fan - 03/02/09 09:41 AM

One of my blog fans wrote me recently to say "I am a fan of your blog, you always list some great finds around here." I love hearing from readers, and it's always nice to know they enjoy what I share about Carlsbad and nearby communities.
Turns out she had some interesting news that I thought I would share (with her permission) about a HUGE tile sale being held in Carlsbad, since I bet some folks would be very interested.
"Not sure if you are interested, but we are having our warehouse sale next month. I attached a picture … (10 comments)

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