jeff dowler: Walkable Neighborhoods Series: Carlsbad Homes for Sale in La Costa, Carlsbad - 12/13/08 11:30 AM
In this next installment of my Walkable Neighborhood Series we explore the residential area adjacent to the famed La Costa Resort in South Carlsbad. While this area is not within walking distance to the beach (it's about 2 miles, a reasonable bike ride), the area offers a number of amenities to enjoy within walking distance of a number of real estate options.

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First, the resort … (6 comments)

jeff dowler: Walkable Neighborhoods Series: Carlsbad Village Real Estate in Carlsbad, California - 12/11/08 10:51 AM
As we continue our walking journey in North County San Diego we uncover yet another area in Carlsbad where you can find real estate within walking distance to amenities like shopping, dining and other things to do (bookstores, beaches).
Other Walkable Neighborhoods:
Walkable Neighborhood Series: Downtown Encinitas
Walkable Neighborhood Series: Cardiff Real Estate in The Walking District in Cardiff-by-the-Sea  

Carlsbad Village is a charming community on the ocean about 30 miles from downtown San Diego. Carlsbad has long been regarded as a popular tourist destination year-round, and retirement spot due to the many amenities, terrific beaches, fabulous weather and the … (6 comments)

jeff dowler: Does YOUR Localism Post Appeal to Readers? - 12/09/08 11:07 AM
Writing localism posts - those articles about your particular area - should be part of your blogging repertoire.

Posts about restaurants, tourist attractions, shopping, dining venues, places to visit, neighborhoods, and business services are the kind of articles that folks enjoy reading about, in particular those who are moving to an area and who are unfamiliar with it.
But sharing news about local events and venues appeals to residents as well, since they may not be aware of them.
Localism posts serve multiple purposes:
Educate others about places and goings-on in the local community Spread the word via the Internet … (69 comments)

jeff dowler: Want to Dress up YOUR Photo for the Holidays? - 12/07/08 12:31 PM
A couple of years ago I learned about this site for "pimping our pics." I was fairly new to AR and seems to me the thank you for introducing me, and perhaps many AR folks, to this site goes to Maureen Francis. My memory may be faulty - it often is - but it's a nice thought anyhow.
I played with a few photos and dressed one to use for the holidays. I have now used it two years in a row. Maybe I should do something new...there are lots of options, but I was happy with the original so I … (18 comments)

jeff dowler: Walkable Neighborhoods Series: Downtown Encinitas - 12/07/08 06:10 AM
In this article we'll explore the residential areas surrounding the downtown commercial area of Encinitas, which, happily, is also just a few blocks to the beach. Thus Encinitas buyers in this area can acquire a home that offers walking distance to the downtown area with more than 40 restaurants and 200+ eclectic stores, as well as a short jaunt on foot to the beach - Moonlight Beach in this case at the north end of town, but some folks may walk south to famous Swami's Beach, the best surfing beach in the area (so I've been told).
Downtown Encinitas offers a … (2 comments)

jeff dowler: Encinitas Real Estate - Encinitas Market Report for November 2008 - 12/07/08 02:45 AM

As a buyer or seller in the Encinitas real estate market, it is important for you to have data about the market conditions in order to make a more informed decision about what to do with regard to buying, or selling, your Encinitas home.
Here is a summary of the Encinitas real estate market for November 2008 based on statistics from the MLS (private sales are not included). These data are deemed reliable but are not guaranteed.
In November 2008 there were 18 homes sold in Encinitas (less than half the number that closed escrow in October). Here's the breakdown … (4 comments)

jeff dowler: Encinitas Homes for Sale - Updates on The Lofts at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas - 12/06/08 02:23 AM
New construction in the Encinitas real estate market, especially near the beach, is rare.
I first wrote about these new condos being built in Encinitas just around the corner from one of the nicest beaches in the area, Moonlight Beach.
Here are some recent photos from a few days ago.
READ: Encinitas Real Estate - The Lofts at Moonlight Beach
Here is some updated information.
Homes will be ready for occupancy around the end of January 2009 (residential and commercial). There is a list of folks who are waiting for spaces to lease An investor can buy a group of spaces … (6 comments)

jeff dowler: Walkable Neighborhoods Series: Cardiff Real Estate in the Walking District in Cardiff by the Sea, California - 12/05/08 02:51 PM
I have started a series of articles on Carlsbad area real estate for sale which is within walking distance of amenities including dining and shopping.
Lots of folks are interested in being able to live in certain neighborhoods and then walk to dining and shopping - something that is not always easy to do in Southern California, and in many cases comes at a hefty price, since many town centers in North County San Diego are very close to the beach. Close to the beach means high real estate prices.
But there ARE options in and around Carlsbad, and I will be … (7 comments)

jeff dowler: Holiday Bazaar in Solana Beach Sunday December 7 - 12/05/08 02:53 AM
The annual Holiday Gift Bazaar will be held in Solana Beach at the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club on SUNDAY December 7 from 1 until 5 PM.

This is a popular and well attended event offering many crafts and hand-made items for the holidays from local artisans.
A couple of folks I know personally will be there with their booths - Something Old Linens and N. Bahr Designs.
Lomas Santa Fe Country Club is located at 1505 Lomas Santa Fe Drive east of the 5 freeway in Solana Beach.
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If I can provide more information … (2 comments)

jeff dowler: Are Short Sales and Foreclosures a Deal in the Carlsbad Area or Not? - 12/04/08 02:24 PM

Carlsbad buyers often believe that buying a short sale or a foreclosure will yield a tremendous deal. This can be a misconception, and seems to arise from all the hype in the media, and the notion that since they are distress or hardship sales the price will be much lower than a typical sale for a comparable home.
This may or may not be true.
No buyers should be surprised to hear that short sales can be difficult to finalize and may take many months to complete, or to even get an approval from the lender(s). … (8 comments)

jeff dowler: Visit Queen Eileen's and Have a Blast in Encinitas, California - 12/02/08 03:01 PM
Need a special fun gift for the holidays? Heading to a party and want to take along something for your hosts? Want to show clients or employees how much you care by sharing a gift basket over the holidays?
Queen Eileen's IS the place in Encinitas to visit. Here's why.
GIFT BASKETS - They make them right there (yep, I was there to grab a few pics and chat with Queenie [Eileen] herself in the midst of creating - see the show) and there are many choices for all occasions. They ARE impressive and beautiful!
The holidays are especially popular for … (12 comments)

jeff dowler: Rock Sculptures at Cardiff State Beach in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California - 12/02/08 08:20 AM

Sometimes art can be found in the most unexpected places. Mother Nature has her own way of creative artistry at the beach in the sand, waves, driftwood, shells and vegetation.
Sometimes humans intervene and create their own artistic works in unique places.
Cardiff State beach along the coast road/Route 101 in Cardiff is one such venue.
Unknown "artists" for years have created stone sculptures along the coast road here, using the smooth and jagged stones dumped there to help with erosion. These sculptures appear without notice, at various times during the year, in groups or sometime as solitary testaments … (14 comments)

jeff dowler: Social Media Broadcasting Series -- The Next One Is Just Around the Corner!!! - 12/02/08 06:44 AM
Wow. Another chance for folks who want to learn more about the many benefits of social media networking is just around the corner.
Beginning this Friday December 5th in fact.
This is a DON'T MISS, IMO. I am about halfway through the series and I can tell you the learning is top notch. Kevin Boer and Pat Kitano are recognized experts on social media (and darn nice guys to boot), and their webinar series is chock full of good stuff, not techy/geeky gobbledegook that some of us don't easily grasp. And you can participate from the comfort of your own … (12 comments)

jeff dowler: How Many Ways Can You Use Real Estate Shows (RES)? - 12/01/08 02:11 PM
There are a number of ways I use RES shows in my business for buyers, sellers and marketing in general.
I am, of course, referring to Jeff Turner's Real Estate Shows virtual tours that you all likely know about. If you don't, your head has been in the sand, I think. And you are missing out on a terrific marketing and advertising tool if you are not using it, IMO. But you may have your reasons. It can't be financial - AR folks get a 1 year subscription for unlimited shows for $99.95.
RES shows' leading proponent (other than Jeff himself, … (12 comments)

jeff dowler: Carlsbad Real Estate Market Report - November 2008 - 12/01/08 02:36 AM

The Carlsbad real estate market continues to evolve, and the data for November show a number of changes from October. These data do not include any private sales nor manufactured housing; the numbers are derived from the MLS and are believed to be accurate but are not guaranteed.
Media reports speak in general terms, rather than local, so that information may not represent the reality of our local Carlsbad real estate market. Having data from a knowledgeable agent about the local market conditions benefits you as the buyer or seller.
In November 2008 there were 57 homes sold in Carlsbad's … (0 comments)

jeff dowler: The Search for the Perfect Tree in Southern California: The Pinery in Del Mar - 11/30/08 02:52 PM
Our tradition, for many years, has been to go out and cut down our Christmas tree (actually for many years it has been two - the regular tree and a special tree, usually in the kitchen for our collection of bird ornaments). I'm not sure how many years it has been but certainly 20 or so.
The appeal has been to get something really fresh and a tree that would not be dropping its needles the minute your brought it in the house.
We have gone out to cut down trees when it was 25 below zero when living in Minneapolis. … (6 comments)

jeff dowler: Relocation Services for Buyers and Sellers - 11/30/08 12:26 PM
Making a move to a new community across the country or several states away is a challenge in many ways.
It becomes more difficult when the area is vastly different from your current home, you don't have a good idea of where you want to live, and you cannot easily explore the area personally.
But help IS available.
First, you need to find a knowledgeable REALTOR who can help you in your search. I'm sure you have already discovered the many advantages of using the Internet, as 80% of buyers have, but a live being at the other end will make … (9 comments)

jeff dowler: Making the Honey Lebkuchen for the Holidays – A Family Recipe for Generations - 11/29/08 01:20 PM
One of our favorite, and closely observed, traditions during the holiday season is making honey lebkuchen, an old German recipe passed down through the generations in my wife's family.
The recipe we use, and follow religiously, is her great great grandmother's. The cookies are always mixed and made right after Thanksgiving, since they need to season in tins for several weeks (although tasting along the way is, of course, mandatory to ensure quality).
My wife and I have been making these every year since we have been married (29 years), which, given the recipe makes about 15 dozen, is one heckuva … (14 comments)

jeff dowler: ActiveRain Celebrates the Holidays – Here, There and Everywhere (NEW GROUP) - 11/29/08 10:18 AM
The holiday season is once again upon us, a time of celebrations, family traditions, shopping to take care of, events to attend, parties to plan and enjoy, and a wealth of activities and memories that make the holidays special, no matter how you celebrate or what holiday is meaningful to you.
Given the diversity of folks on ActiveRain, I thought it might be fun to create a NEW GROUP where everyone who wishes can share THEIR particular traditions and celebrations up to and including New Year's Day.
Here's the link - sorry I left it out before!

No matter what … (7 comments)

jeff dowler: Artists By The Sea Gallery in Cardiff By The Sea, California - 11/29/08 03:01 AM
Cardiff, more formally known as Cardiff by the Sea, is a charming beach town just north of Solana Beach in San Diego's North County.
Known for years as a surfing town, this small community's history is evident with several surf shops, the surfing statue on the Coast Road, and folks along the coast road and walking through town with surf boards under their arms.
Cardiff is growing and changing, fortunately not too quickly, and the small town charm appeals to residents living on the adjacent ocean-view hills and attracts many visitors, who enjoy the beaches, ocean-front dining, the ever-popular Pipes (perhaps … (2 comments)

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