jeff dowler: Cardiff-By-The-Sea Surf Company in Cardiff, California - 11/28/08 01:12 PM

As many of you likely know, whether you read this blog regularly or not, the Southern California area is known for terrific surfing. Though I am a non-surfer, I know enough to recognize areas like Cardiff, Swami's Beach in Encinitas, and other areas as being top-areas for surfing.
Cardiff (more formally known as Cardiff-by-the-Sea), to me, exudes a sense of beachiness (is that a word?). The beaches are close by (walking distance from many homes) surfers are lined up along the coast road, and the overall feel is of a small seaside town that is struggling to retain … (11 comments)

jeff dowler: Wonderful Green Space in Carlsbad's Poinsettia Park - 11/26/08 01:22 PM
Green space in Southern California, particularly in areas that have been built up, and in our desert climate, is precious, and enjoyed by many folks in lots of ways, especially those living in condos, apartments, and homes with little or no outdoor space to enjoy.
There is something about a park with green grass, trees and a feeling of openness, that appeals to most people - a place to enjoy the outdoors in solitude or with friends and family, play with kids, romp with the family dog, toss a Frisbee, take a nap, fly a kite, or enjoy a picnic lunch … (5 comments)

jeff dowler: San Marcos Restaurants - The Market Street Cafe in Old California Restaurant Row in San Marcos (LOCALISM FEATURED) - 11/26/08 09:49 AM
As a confirmed foodie, dining out and find new places to enjoy is a favorite pastime.
Despite living in Carlsbad, with a terrific list of eateries to experience, I often venture beyond the Carlsbad boundaries, either by invitation or because of things I have heard.  I am learning more and more about some wonderful dining places in San Marcos, and after a 3rd visit to one, decided to share the secret. You may already be a devotee.
First off, San Marcos has an area called Restaurant Row on the north side of San Marcos Boulevard midway between Rancho Santa Fe Road … (14 comments)

jeff dowler: Who Let the Dogs Out...Not! A Carlsbad Tale - 11/25/08 07:57 AM
The title is intended to be ironic, and not to refer to the song by the Baha Men (you can read them here, and see several videos on YouTube).
The rant is about showing homes where dogs live. Carlsbad or anywhere else. The issue (an exception, fortunately) I have run into more than once now are short sale and foreclosure homes where tenants live and have dogs (well, normal sales too). Big ones. Angry-sounding ones. Ones that don't like the fact that I am there and the owners are not.
Case in point - there is a home near me with … (44 comments)

jeff dowler: Cardiff Real Estate - Cardiff, California Market Report for October 2008 - 11/25/08 03:03 AM

As a buyer or seller in the Cardiff real estate market, having data about the current market conditions will enable you to be an informed decision regarding what to do with regard to buying a home in Cardiff, or selling your Cardiff home.
The media reports report data on a regional basis, rather than locally, and knowledge about local Cardiff market conditions benefits you as the buyer or seller since the data are often vastly different than the regional data, particularly for a small community like Cardiff.
Here is a summary of the Cardiff real estate market for October 2008 … (0 comments)

jeff dowler: Want Green Grass? Paint It - 11/22/08 12:01 PM
Most folks who have a lawn want it to be green. Many spend a ton of money caring for their grass to make it look its best. Buyers who are looking at homes tend to be turned off by properties where the lawn is not in good shape or perhaps has died completely, as we so often see in distress sales (short sales, foreclosures and REOs).
Grass painting is becoming more popular and common, using a non-toxic paint (so it's environmentally safe)that lasts several months and which will not come off on clothing or shoes (and presumably the dog, too). It … (26 comments)

jeff dowler: What do You Say When You have NOTHING to Say? - 11/19/08 01:48 PM
The social media network is a fascinating world.
If you have been there for a while, you know this. For new folks, well, the discovery road is an interesting one. The rules are pretty much unwritten and still evolving, the places to play are numerous, how one goes about it is not always intuitive (Twitter being a case in point), and the value, short of adding to your list of contacts and having a list of profiles, user IDs and password to remember, is not immediately apparent. It is not, mind you, simply about being Poked or throwing sheep on Facebook, … (13 comments)

jeff dowler: What's Up with all the Eucalyptus Trees in Carlsbad? - 11/19/08 02:01 AM
The eucalyptus tree is a common sight in northeast Carlsbad in an area known as Hosp Grove.  Hundreds and hundreds as a matter of fact.
You will see a smattering of them in some other areas, and large quantities in communities like Rancho Santa Fe, Scripps Ranch, Olivenhain (Encinitas) and La Jolla (especially near UCSD). I have one in my yard and there are a bunch along my street here in La Costa.
Like the palm tree, they remind many visitors of the Southern California, and in some ways seem as much a part of the vegetation as the palm trees, … (5 comments)

jeff dowler: Buyers and Sellers: What YOU Should Know About Social Networking and Why - 11/17/08 11:54 AM
If you are reading this you are undoubtedly one of the 80%+ of buyers and sellers who are using the Internet to research the real estate market and gather information to assist you in your home search or sale. That being the case you likely know something about social networking on the Internet, or at least have heard of some of the popular sites where folks congregate on -line - MySpace perhaps being one of the better known networks.
As a buyer or seller, you should know about social networking and how this can help you in your buying or selling. … (42 comments)

jeff dowler: The 3-Day Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Walk in San Diego November 21 - 11/16/08 03:04 PM
There are likely few who are not aware of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation for Breast Cancer. And perhaps even fewer who have not been touched, or devastated, in some way by the horrors of this far-too-prevalent disease.
There are numerous walks from 1 to 3 days (there are 14 3-day walks in the US annually) around the country every year, and San Diegans will proudly be walking 60 miles over 3 days for this marvelous foundation beginning Friday November 21 starting at the Del Mar fairgrounds. About 5000 walkers are expected. [click on graphic from the website to … (9 comments)

jeff dowler: A New Office, and a New Beginning, Sorta - 11/13/08 04:56 PM
I am in a new office starting today. Still RE/MAX Associates.
Actually it's not that earth shattering. The lease was up at my other office and could not be renewed, so the office is moving to a new spot in Encinitas which is further from my home in La Costa. It was a good opportunity to now move over to a RE/MAX Associates office just 2 miles from my home, near the beach, and in one of my favorite communities - Leucadia - since I have to change the address on everything anyway.

NEW … (22 comments)

jeff dowler: THE BIG ONE Happens TOMORROW, 11/13 at 10 AM - 11/12/08 03:06 PM
Geez it sounds like I am announcing the apocalypse.
There has been talk of THE BIG ONE for years, and folks are getting serious about it here in California. And with good reason.
Tomorrow, at 10 AM about 5 million Southern Californians (and anyone else who wants to take part) will practice for The Big One.
The Great ShakeOut, as it is being called, is a real life practice for the big earthquake that has been predicted for Southern California for years. This will be the LARGEST disaster simulation in the country. What makes it different, and … (10 comments)

jeff dowler: Carlsbad – Finding a Place to Live with Great Walkability (Walkable Neighborhoods Series) - 11/11/08 11:58 AM
 Carlsbad – Finding a Place to Live with Great Walkability (Walkable Neighborhoods Series)
Carlsbad buyers often are looking for a property where they can walk to shopping, bookstores, small business services, restaurants and other amenities. And of course the beach.
Being close to amenities IS often high on the list, and for some it is the MOST important quality of the home, whether it is a move-up, down-size or second home buyer.
For many, higher gas prices and less reliance on a car are incentives for living in an area where many errands can be accomplished on foot. And certainly some folks don't … (4 comments)

jeff dowler: Olivenhain Crafts Fair November 2008 - Photos - 11/10/08 02:01 AM
Here's a phototour of the Olivenhain Crafts Fair (Encinitas, California) held on Saturday November 8, 2008. You can read more about the Olivenhain Crafts Fair here.

If I can provide more information about Olivenhain (Encinitas), Carlsbad and surrounding areas, or the housing market in general, or otherwise assist you in your homes search, please contact me by phone or text at (760) 840-1360 or email me at
All content copyright © 2008 Jeff Dowler Carlsbad Homes and Real Estate Tidbits


jeff dowler: An REO Sampler of Great Carlsbad Real Estate Buys and in Nearby Communities - 11/07/08 02:36 PM
Like other areas, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Cardiff and other coastal communities have their own share of distress sales - short sales, foreclosures, and REOs (bank owned properties). The short sales in particular seem the most challenging, the more time consuming AND the least likely to close.
On the other hand there are a good number of REOs out there at terrific prices (some prices remind us of 2005 - can you imagine?!) and since you negotiating with the bank owner directly, there is generally a faster response time, and a quicker close.
Mind you, there are some things to keep in mind. … (5 comments)

jeff dowler: Encinitas Real Estate - Encinitas Market Report for October 2008 - 11/07/08 05:32 AM

As a buyer or seller in the Encinitas real estate market, it is important for you to have data about the market conditions in order to make a more informed decision about what to do with regard to buying, or selling, your Encinitas home.
Here is a summary of the Encinitas real estate market for October 2008 based on statistics from the MLS (private sales are not included). These data are deemed reliable but are not guaranteed.
In October 2008 there were 42 homes sold in Encinitas (essentially the same number sold in September). Here's the breakdown of overall … (3 comments)

jeff dowler: Carlsbad Homes Sellers - Everything You Need to Know is Right Here! - 11/06/08 02:55 AM
If you are a Carlsbad real estate seller, everything you need to know to sell your home for the best price and in a reasonable time frame is right the pre-listing kit you see in the photo.
Am I gloating a bit? I don't think so.
Consider that as a Carlsbad seller you have some critical things to do:
Commit to selling your home, not just testing the market Find the right REALTOR to help you Set the right price in line with recent sales and current market conditions and demand (here's the most recent Carlsbad real estate market report) … (5 comments)

jeff dowler: Olivenhain Crafts Fair is November 8, 2008 in Olivenhain (Encinitas) - 11/05/08 12:16 PM

The fall is a time of many arts and crafts fairs in North County San Diego. Most recently we had the largest in the area, the Carlsbad Art Fair on Sunday November 2 (a semi-annual event).
On Saturday, November 8, Olivenhain, a beautiful rural equestrian community within Encinitas, will hosts its annual arts and crafts fair at the Olivenhain Meeting Hall on Rancho Santa Fe Road at 7th Street, just a short distance north of the heart of town (Rancho Santa Fe Road and Encinitas Boulevard).
Olivenhain: Rural Residential Equestrian Community
Olivenhain Arts and Crafts Fair in Encinitas … (7 comments)

jeff dowler: Carlsbad Real Estate Market Report - October 2008 - 11/03/08 09:40 AM

The Carlsbad real estate market continues to evolve, and the data for October 2008 show a number of changes from September. These data do not include any private sales nor manufactured housing; the numbers are derived from the MLS and are believed to be accurate but are not guaranteed.
Because the media reports speak in general terms, rather than local, the information you hear in the media may not represent the reality of our local market, so having data from a knowledgeable agent about your local market conditions benefits you as the buyer or seller. Don't hesitate to ask for … (4 comments)

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