just for fun: A Fruitful Patchwork Quilt at the Farmers Market in Carlsbad - 06/26/19 08:18 PM
A Fruitful Patchwork Quilt at the Farmers Market in Carlsbad
We were at the Carlsbad Village Farmers Market (held every Wednesday in the heart of the Village) today to buy provisions for dinner and the rest of the week.
For some reason the colorful produce, flowers, and prepared foods seemed especially bright today...perhaps because we have had such June gloomy weather for quite some time, and this afternoon was sunny with blue skies.
It made everything brighter, including this berry display, which reminded me of a patchwork quilt. They were hard to resist...but price being price, we found some other berries that were equally … (17 comments)

just for fun: What a Difference a Decade Makes! - 06/14/19 07:57 AM
What a Difference a Decade Makes!
The title might remind you of the song, in its many versions and recordings from various artists, and even a slight change in title. You know...day, decade. Nevermind. Just a little fun on a Friday.
#1 – I’m 10 years older – see, I can do math. And I’m wiser (at least I think so). And I have more gray hair, and less of it. So what?! I’m alive and have a great life.
#2 – I’ve now been married 10 more years, and next month makes 40 and we’ll be celebrating in Maui. How cool is that? … (63 comments)

just for fun: 26+ Things You Don’t Know About Me and Probably Don't Care About - 12/14/18 12:32 PM
Things You Want to Know About Me...NOT!
There was a fun post some years ago about sharing personal stuff that others here in the Rain didn’t know about us.
Kathy Streib  has invited everyone to share personal stuff again, in this final month of the year. No, this is not a contest with points, just some fun sharing AND reading. You might be surprised at what you learn, and have fun doing so.
I have enjoyed others’ lists as you no doubt have as well. Here are some things you probably don’t know about me, and perhaps could care less about. Quite frankly it’s … (24 comments)

just for fun: You've Not Seen an Atrium Like This I Bet - 02/05/18 04:54 AM
Gaylord Hotel, Grapevine Texas (near Dallas)
Lone Star Atrium
I'm at the Gaylord Hotel for the CRS Sellabration in Grapevine TX, a few miles from DFW Airport. I did some exploring after sitting on a plane for a few hours to check out the Lone Star Atrium (the larger of the 3) at the hotel.
Pretty amazing scenery - you need a GPS to find your way around.
Looking forward to some excellent eduation great networking, and the CRS/ActiveRain MEet-up tonight in the Silver Bar near the lobby.


just for fun: The Cardiff Kook Celebrates Christmas for 2017 - 12/21/17 08:36 PM
The Cardiff Kook Celebrates Christmas 2017
The Cardiff Kook has gained some notoriety in the area since the surfing statue was first installed in Cardiff 10 years ago. The notoriety comes from the fact that it is often decorated to fit with the current holiday or in other ways – a treat for many, but something that often irritates others, including those who don’t like the statue to begin with! Or the name it's been unofficially given.
I like this Christmas offering, but I have to say my favorite, which garnered a LOT of attention, was when the Cardiff Kook celebrated the Royal … (15 comments)

just for fun: Feeling Like a Kid Again at a 4-Year-old's Birthday Party - 12/10/17 04:42 PM
Nothing like Attending a 4-year-old's Birthday Party
We were in LA yesterday for our grandson Enzo's 4-year-old birthday party along with his BFF Niam. Things were calmer here around the fires so we felt it was OK to be away for the day, although it's 90 miles away.
There were about 15 kids there, their parents, and several sets of grandparents, lots of food and a fabulous cake.
And several race car tracks for the kids to play with, hosted by PlayParty.
What a cool idea to bring this vendor in for a couple of hours - kids and parents had a great … (19 comments)

just for fun: Grandbaby #4 Arrived this Morning - We Are So Blessed! - 11/05/17 05:46 PM
Granddaughter #3 Arrived Early This Morning!
A long awaited moment happened this morning while I was standing in line with a good friend in Chicago waiting for our flight to San Diego, delayed for almost 4 hours.
I was in Chicago for the CRS meetings (more about our meetup in another post) and shared a cab to the airport early this morning with 2 good friends. We had breakfast at the airport (yum..sorta) and had plenty of time to share lots of personal stories as our respective flights kept getting delayed. It became a joke as to who would be delayed the longest!!
I … (17 comments)

just for fun: The Day Started with a Sunrise & Ended with a Sunset…But in Between?! - 10/17/17 10:40 PM
The Day Started with a Sunrise, and Ended with a Sunset…But in Between?!
It was an interesting, and varied, day today…part of what I enjoy about the real estate business, but a vivid reminder that personal time sometimes must come first, as it should!
Our day started off way before the sunrise, but we got to enjoy a gorgeous one as we arrived to check in for my wife’s surgery, a long-awaited moment. All went well, but it was, as these things are, a flurry of activity, with numerous staff, tons of questions, lots of paperwork, and a bit of a blur at … (13 comments)

just for fun: A Baby, A Buyer, and Some Boxes - 08/29/17 03:44 PM
A Baby, A Buyer, and Boxes
I was pretty busy yesterday afternoon organizing the offers, with more coming in, for my seller in Oceanside, but needed to take time for a baby, a buyer and some boxes.
I had a new homebuyer who recently closed on her first home, just several days after having her first baby, so getting loan docs signed was a challenge. I wanted to give this new Mom time to get settled and into a routine of some sort...as much as 2 month olds allow...before stopping by so I could visit with her, see the new place, and of … (29 comments)

just for fun: Wordless Wednesday: A Friendly Neighbor - 05/24/17 01:03 PM
I was showing property in Fallbrook some time ago and we happened across this friendly neighbor (one of 6) living next door to a home my clients liked. There were some signficant issues so they decided to pass but were intrigued with the idea of this neighbor next door. It might not work for everyone, however, but he was kinda cute!

just for fun: Real Estate Lessons Learned from a 2-year-old - 05/21/17 09:25 AM
Real Estate Lessons Learned from a 2-year-old
We spent the day yesterday visiting with our grandkids in LA, always a welcome trip whether for the day (3 – 4 hours of driving typically) or for an overnight. Our youngest, Ella, is turning 2 in another week and has limitless energy. But then they all do.
I was musing about our visit on the drive home last evening, while thinking about some clients at home, and it occurred to me that we can learn a lot from 2-year-olds that’s relevant in our business.
A smile is always welcome, and will bring another smile. Showing pleasure … (62 comments)

just for fun: Throwback Thursday: Ice Cream, Jerky and Jazz - 03/30/17 12:32 PM
A Trip to Idyllwild, CA
We've been to the artsy mountain town of Idyllwild CA a couple of time (most recently last year) to enjoy some hiking, beautiful mountain views, and their popular down town area with abundant shopping (OK some of it kinda touristy), art galleries, antique shops, and a variety of popular places to eat, some with live music in the evenings (the jazz at the Italian place our first night was first rate!). Sometimes it's fun to get away from our beautiful coast and see some other gorgeous areas of Southern California!
I spied this interesting combination when strolling the … (13 comments)

just for fun: Throwback Thursday: Family in Vermont - 11/10/16 05:46 AM
Family in Vermont
I was through some old family photos I found recently and came upon this photo of my Mom, who is now 92, and her Mother (who came over from Sweden), taken at the home my Grandparents moved to after my Mom moved out and got married. Not sure of the age but guessing this is perhaps 60 years old or more. If anyone is an expert on old cars, let me know.
I still remember this house along a dirt road on a mountain in Northfield VT well from numerous visits, although it's been well over 40 years since I … (11 comments)

just for fun: Visiting A Former Home in the Boston Area - Have you Done This? - 10/08/16 05:03 AM
I was on a business trip several years ago to Boston for a couple of days and had some extra time before catching my flight back to San Diego, and decided to drive by the condo we lived in before moving to Carlsbad in 2005.
We had always lived in single family detached home (this condo was our 8th primary home) in a subburban (and even rural - see our Bolton MA home above on 1 acre of woods) setting, and moving to a condo in the Harvard Square area of Cambridge, across the Charles River from Boston, was an entirely new … (39 comments)

just for fun: Fall Comes to Carlsbad CA Today - 09/22/16 12:47 AM
First Day of Fall in Carlsbad
It's hard to believe but today is the first day of fall, and the Fall Equinox. It seems like summer just started and now it's come and gone.
The beaches are quieter now that many tourists have left, and the kids are back in school.
The leaves have been changing - yes, we do have fall colors here in SoCal, it's just not as dramatic as elsehwere in the country. Our temperatures haven't changed much yet, however;  in fact September and October can still offer us some pretty warm weather, and can bring us the Santa Ana winds. … (16 comments)

just for fun: Throwback Thursday: A Personal Ariel Look - 09/15/16 12:09 AM
Do I Look Like Ariel?
My now 5-year-old granddaughter is, and has been, an Ariel fan for a number of years.
For those of you not well-versed in these sorts of things - I wasn't - Ariel is the main character in the Disney animated film, "The Little Mermaid." It seems like Ariel shows up everywhere - clothing, toys, lunch boxes, book bags, and of course you, too, can look like Ariel. So I tried it out back in 2013. Not sure it does much for my professional image but my granddaughter thought it was funny!

just for fun: 10 Things I Didn’t Know When I Moved to Southern California - 07/22/16 02:47 AM
10 Things I Didn’t Know When I Moved to Southern California
My wife and I relocated to SoCal back in the spring of 2005. It feels like eons ago, and long enough to have acclimated reasonably well to the Southern California lifestyle here in Carlsbad.
I still don’t surf, but otherwise I feel pretty well adjusted but there is still probably some New Englander in me. My Boston driving habits have gotten better, but there are moments….
There were all sorts of things that were new to us when we moved here, and that I didn’t know. I suppose that’s true of any … (13 comments)

just for fun: How Will the Day Unfold? - 06/19/16 02:08 AM
We're taking off for a Staycation here
in America's Finest City
It's Father's Day, but we decided also, rather last minute, to just take the next 24 hours or so and see how things unfold. Sometimes it's nice to not have everything all planned out and just see where the inspiration takes us. And to play tourist in the city where you live. Who knows what we will discover that was previously unknown. I'll have my camera in tow, too!
The hotel in the Gaslamp District is confirmed, as is dinner at a terrific Italian restaurant in that area, Osteria Panevino, but apart … (30 comments)

just for fun: Almost Wordless Wednesday: Underwood Typewriter - 05/04/16 02:58 AM

Oh, my, how things have changed. I wonder if some generations even know what this is?!
This Underwood typewriter was spied during a visit some years ago to the Learning/Visitor Center at Crystal Cove just north of Laguna beach. Crystal Cove is a collection of historic cottages on the beach at Crystal Cove State Park. It's a fascinating place to visit.

just for fun: Throwback Thursday: Ducks at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando - 04/28/16 11:13 AM
Ducks at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando
I was at a CRS convention in Orlando, FL in 2011 and stayed at the Peabody Hotel.
At the time the hotel was famous for their duck parade, with the ducks ushered in at different times of the day on a red carpet to gather at the fountain in the main lobby area. It was a treat to see.
Here is a video (not mine).
My understanding is the ducks' last parade at the Peabody Hotel was in 2013 when the hotel was turned into a Hyatt but parade at the Memphis, TN location.

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