leucadia: Lite up Leucadia 2013 will Light up the Skies and Lift Your Holiday Spirits - 11/30/13 07:49 AM
Lite up Leucadia 2013 will Light up the Skies and Lift Your Holiday Spirits
It’s time for Lite up Leucadia this Sunday night, December 1.
Lite up Leucadia will bring holiday cheer and spectacular lights to this charming, and funky, seaside community (part of Encinitas) just of Carlsbad along the Coast Highway.
Merchants in Leucadia (between La Costa Avenue at the north, to Encinitas Boulevard to the south) are all invited to participate in Lite up Leucadia, with lights hung from December 1 through January 1, 2014.
The public is invited to vote for their … (2 comments)

leucadia: Taste of Leucadia is April 4, 2013 - 03/21/13 12:39 AM
Taste of Leucadia is April 4, 2013  
The annual Taste of Leucadia, “Food for Thought,” will be held on Thursday April 4 in Leucadia.
The Taste of Leucadia 2013 is sponsored by the Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association, and will offer food tastings from 14 of Leucadia’s best restaurants, which will include the soon-to-open Soltera Winery and Grill (the first of its kind in Encinitas/Leucadia – more on that later) and my fave restaurant, Le Papagayo (just had brunch there last Saturday on the patio, another reminder of how much I enjoy the atmosphere and creative food in the beach town … (2 comments)

leucadia: The Arts Alive Banner Project 2013 in Encinitas CA is Here! - 02/16/13 01:05 AM
The Arts Alive Banner Project 2013 in Encinitas CA is Here!   
The Arts Alive Banner Project 2013, the 14th annual, is a combination of local artistic talent, open-air displays, and an auction of banners to raise funds for various groups in the local community.
The 101 banners will be unveiled today, Saturday February 16th at the former Cabo Grill in Leucadia (Encinitas) at 1950 N. Coast Highway from 12 – 4 pm.
The unveiling is a fun and free event that is always well attended by the artists, and area art lovers interested in getting a close … (1 comments)

leucadia: It’s Time to Celebrate Howl O’Ween in Leucadia on October 27, 2012 - 10/10/12 12:04 PM
It’s Time to Celebrate Howl O’Ween in Leucadia on October 27, 2012  
The 4th Annual Howl O’Ween will take place in Leucadia (a community in Encinitas) on October 27th to benefit the Rancho Coastal Human Society.
Howl O’Ween, a popular holiday event for humans and their pets sponsored by the Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association, will be held from 3 to 6 pm with a Pet Parade and a Pet Costume contest.
Participating businesses will do the costume judging. The results will be announced after people and the pets finish strolling along the Coast Road/Route 101, visiting the … (3 comments)

leucadia: 8th Annual Leucadia Art Walk 2012 in Leucadia CA - 08/22/12 02:24 PM
8th Annual Leucadia Art Walk 2012 in Leucadia CA  
I’m a big fan of art fairs, art walks, and art galleries in the local communities. And the annual Leucadia Art Walk is a real gem.
The Leucadia Art Walk will take place this coming Sunday, August 26, 2012, from 10 am until 5 pm along a 1-mile stretch of the Coast Road/Route 101 road in Leucadia (a funky eclectic community in north Encinitas).
Read more about Leucadia:
Leucadia – Surfers’ Beach Community in Encinitas CA
The Leucadia Art Walk (LeucadiARTWalk) is a popular event, and this … (4 comments)

leucadia: The Surfing Madonna Surfs Again in Encinitas CA - 07/11/12 02:35 PM
The Surfing Madonna Surfs Again in Encinitas CA  
The Surfing Madonna has quite a history, and she became quite the news story, and not just locally.
The Surfing Madonna is a beautiful, colorful mosaic work of art (formally titled “Save the Ocean”) that burst upon the Encinitas CA scene over a year ago.
The Surfing Madonna rankled quite a few citizens, including the town council, while charming many others, and was later removed from her display spot along Encinitas Boulevard at the rail road bridge.
The Surfing Madonna’s whereabouts, and future, were unknown for a period … (13 comments)

leucadia: Celebrate Howl O’Ween in Encinitas – Has Halloween Gone to the Dogs? - 10/24/11 01:16 PM
Celebrate Howl O’Ween in Encinitas – Has Halloween Gone to the Dogs?  
The 3rd Annual Howl O’Ween is being held in Leucadia (the northern-most community in Encinitas) October 29th for the benefit of the Rancho Coastal Human Society.
Howl O’Ween will be held from 3 to 6 pm (earlier than in the past) with a Pet Parade and a Pet Costume contest, with participating businesses doing the costume judging.
The results will be announced after people and the pets finish parading along the Coast Road/Route 101.
There is a $5 entry fee is donated to the … (13 comments)

leucadia: REMINDER - ActiveRain Meetup in North San Diego County - The Beach and The Bar on TUESDAY Sept. 6 - 09/05/11 11:01 AM
In case you still haven't made plans to join one of the ActiveRain Meet-ups, there are MANY to chose from this coming week around the country, in addition to ActiveRainCamp OnLine on THURSDAY September 8th.
Here's the full schedule of AR Meetups - Meetup Locations Announced
It's not too late to register for this terrific on-line event happening from coast to coast from 12 - 4 EDT/9 - 1 PDT.
RainCamp Online: Generate Your Next Lead and Closing
If you are in North San Diego County (or perhaps South Orange County, too), this is a quick reminder about OUR … (6 comments)

leucadia: The Leucadia 101 Streetscape is Changing in Encinitas CA 92024 - 04/23/10 04:25 PM
The Leucadia 101 Streetscape is ChangingIt's true...literally. The Leucadia 101 streetscape, as they call it, IS changing.
So what DOES this mean? 
Leucadia is a funky, eclectic beach town (the northern-most community in Encinitas, just south of Carlsbad) with a strong surfing history and feel.
Terrific beaches, a lack of glitzy retailers and boutiques, and an amazing array of housing from apartments to trailer parks to multimillion dollar beachfront homes combine to create an environment reminiscent of years ago but tiptoeing into the future. Folks like it that way.
Indeed, bumper stickers that shout "Keep Leucadia Funky" are commonplace. 
READ MORE: Leucadia - Surfers' Beach Community 
Leucadia … (12 comments)

leucadia: An Empty Building is a Sad Sight Sometimes - But The Andrews Gallery Lives on in San Diego - 02/25/10 11:20 AM
The Andrews Gallery in Leucadia (Encinitas) recently moved to new digs downtown. It is sad to see the Gallery, and director/owner Drew Snyder, leave the area. 

Andrews Gallery added so much to the artistic community in Encinitas and we will miss them. From their wonderful art exhibits, musician, and art openings, Andrews Gallery made a significant mark that will not be soon forgotten. 
And it's sad to see the building standing empty once again.
But the move for Andrews Gallery is a very good one - they are now housed in the heart of Little Italy in San Diego, a … (9 comments)

leucadia: Encinitas Real Estate – A Video Tour of the Neptune Avenue Neighborhood on the Ocean - 12/27/09 02:56 PM
Buyers in the Encinitas real estate market seeking oceanfront homes and a substantial budget will undoubtedly explore the Neptune Avenue neighborhood.
Neptune Avenue runs along the bluff fronting the ocean, from just north of Moonlight Beach to Grandview Beach at the northern end of Leucadia. Given the location and ocean views (on the west side of the street), prices are a premium, although they have declined quite a bit in the last 4 years.
But compared to Del Mar and La Jolla oceanfront, Encinitas waterfront properties are a bargain. 
There are 3 major public beach accesses down significant stairs due to … (1 comments)

leucadia: A Video Tour on the Historic Coast Highway 101 Through Leucadia (Encinitas) California - 12/24/09 09:31 AM
A Video Tour on the Historic Coast Highway 101 Through Leucadia (Encinitas) California

Leucadia is a funky, laid-back beach town just south of Carlsbad on the North San Diego County coast, and one of my favorite communities.
Leucadia has a long surfing history, and as a seaside community retains much of the feel from days gone by - which most people like about the community.
This town is part of Encinitas but with a different feel and look. You won't find high end shopping here, nor 5 star dining (but check out Le Papagayo and Auggie's House of Crab for … (6 comments)

leucadia: Howl O'Ween in Encinitas - Halloween Has Gone to the Dogs!! - 10/22/09 01:23 PM
If you are a dog lover (whether you have one or not), don't miss Leucadia Nights Howl O'Ween on October 24th in Encinitas for the benefit of the Rancho Coastal Human Society.
These after-hours walk for folks and their pooches takes place from 5:30 - 8:30 PM with participating business staying open late. 
There will be a Pet Parade and a Pet Costume contest; the $5 entry fee is donated to the Rancho Coastal Human Society. 
All you have to do is sign up, then bring your pooch in costume with their "trick or treat" bag to one of the participating … (7 comments)

leucadia: Leucadia Galleries – The Andrews Gallery in Encinitas California - July Show 2009 - 07/30/09 12:44 PM
We attended the opening of the newest show at my favorite of the Leucadia Galleries, The Andrews Gallery in Encinitas California, Saturday July 18 with some friends. 

In addition to a lively and diverse crowd, always the case at one of director Drew Snyder's openings, Andrews Gallery festivities included a talented jazz trio, In Motion, all the more impressive because of their young age (someone mentioned one of the members is only 16, but I don't know if that is fact or rumor). 

I had a wonderful conversation with Susan Snyder, a well established artist in her own right (and Drew's … (7 comments)

leucadia: Encinitas Restaurant Le Papagayo Delights us Again - Great Food in Leucadia California - 07/19/09 07:54 AM
Encinitas restaurant Le Papagayo remains at the top of our list of favorite places to dine along the coast. The atmosphere is always friendly, lively and comfortable and a reminder of dining in the islands - a-come-in-your-shorts-and-flip-flops type of place, and the food is varied and presented well. Yes, the trains roar by on the other side of the Coast Road now and then, but for a casual, fun place with great prices, a respectable wine list, and a colorful interior (lots of original artwork), Le Papagayo is well worth a visit.

Read a recent review in the North County … (6 comments)

leucadia: Wonderful Art at The Andrews Gallery in Encinitas (Leucadia) - June 2009 Show - 07/14/09 04:07 AM
The Andrews Gallery, once again, offers art enthusiasts a wonderful opportunity, with works presented by French artist Erwin Dazelle. It is especially exciting that this exhibit is a debut for Dazelle in the US.
READ MORE about Erwin Dazelle on his LinkedIn profile 
Dazelle hails from the Basque Country, with a personal history as a glassblower prior to bringing his talent to the canvas. 
This colorful exhibit titled "A la tienne!" [to you, yours] is appropriately named, with contemporary treatment of some classic French imagery, including large-scale paintings mindful of the vintage French wine posters you find in many cafes … (10 comments)

leucadia: A Buck and Vegetable Oil Will Get You to the Beach - 06/24/09 02:38 PM
It's cheap.
It's environmentally friendly.
And it runs on bio fuel converted from used vegetable oil.
And it can help with our traffic congestion on busy weekends. 
It's the new Beach Shuttle running through Leucadia, Downtown Encinitas and into Cardff-by-the-Sea along the coast road/Route 101. And it will only cost you $1 (one-way), or $5 for a weekend pass. 

Wherever Shuttle provides the bus - the Coast Cruiser - that covers a several mile route through these coastal towns (and yes, stopping at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas) with 11 stops, including the Coaster Station … (8 comments)

leucadia: The California Surf Museum in Oceanside, California - 03/26/09 12:04 PM
When one thinks of Southern California one likely thinks of beaches and, of course, surfing. 
Surfing in Southern California has played a significant role in the development of the sport, and of the growth in many coastal towns.
It is, indeed, for many a lifestyle, with a culture and even a language all its own. Consider how surfing spawned movies (remember Gidget?) and songs (hey, where would be Beach Boys be without surfing?). 
It is likely a rare beach along the coast that does not appeal to surfers for different reasons, and some areas have become downright famous...such as Swami's Beach … (11 comments)

leucadia: The Andrews Gallery in Leucadia - The Latest Show (February 2009) - 02/22/09 02:39 PM
I am a big fan of art, as folks who know me can attest. AND a big fan of The Andrews Gallery in Leucadia, the newest, and brightest, addition to the art scene in North San Diego County. My opinion. But I think others agree. And it's right next to Carlsbad.
The Andrews Gallery opened, with quite a bit of fanfare, last October 2008 (here's my post from the opening reception).
Drew Snyder, curator, owner, and artist, continues to bring excitement and vision to the art community in North County, and the latest show (I missed the opening reception, being out of … (7 comments)

leucadia: Environmental Artist Kirkos Draws a Crowd to Stone Steps Beach in Encinitas - 01/01/09 11:55 AM

Environmental and internationally-known artist Kirkos (Kirk Van Allyn, a long-time Leucadia resident) is known for his elaborate designs in the sand along the Encinitas/Leucadia coastline, usually at Stone Steps Beach.
Today's event was especially interesting - a meditation labyrinth at the base of Stone Steps beach drew a large crowd on a misty, foggy, cool wintry New Year's Day. There was an article on-line announcing the creation in process encouraging folks to stops by and bring environmentally sensitive/biodegradable objects (e.g., flowers) to add to the maze. Visitors also brought candles (hard to see in the photos) that will be removed … (12 comments)

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