marketing: Successful prospecting demands consistency – so put it on autopilot - 05/14/17 07:55 AM
I suspect most if not all of us know how important being consistent in our marketing and prospecting is. But sometimes we need a good reminder, as Marte does so well here.
And she has some terrific prospecting letters for you! Hope you will stop by her post and comment there, too!
Successful real estate prospecting demands consistency – so put it on autopilot.
Whether you’re trying to gain dominance in a geographic area or a niche market, the key to success is consistency.
Just one letter might get you a response – if you send enough copies of that one letter … (5 comments)

marketing: ActiveRain 2016 Photography Contest – My Real Estate Branding Photo - 11/10/16 08:22 AM
2016 ActiveRain Photography Contest
A Real Estate Branding Photo
As soon as I read Dick Greenberg’s post about the 2016 ActiveRain Photography Contest, and saw the categories I knew immediately which photo I wanted to use. It’s taken a little time to get my act together to talk about it, but the choice was simple.
This photo was taken back on April 6, 2008 at sunset, at 6:10 PM to be exact. I actually took several, one minute apart each, with the sun in different places but I like this one best because of the position of the sun over the ocean and the … (32 comments)

marketing: How to Sell a Home – Video Series for Home Sellers (Photos and Videos) - 04/29/15 03:00 AM
How to Sell a Home
Video Tips Series for Carlsbad Home Sellers
Photos and Videos
Selling a Carlsbad home is complex, and time consuming, whether this is your first home or you’ve done it before. This is true even in a busy market where inventory is low.
My “How to Sell a Home” tips and advice video series is designed to provide quick answers to some of the most important issues you face when selling your Carlsbad home, BEFORE you get started. View these on your iPhone, SmartPhone, or Tablet while you are on the go.
See the 2 videos below to learn why good quality … (9 comments)

marketing: How to Sell a Home – Video Tips for Sellers (Marketing Consultation) - 04/18/15 01:24 AM
How to Sell a Home
Video Tips Series for Carlsbad Home Sellers
~ the Marketing Consultation Conversation ~
Selling a Carlsbad home takes time and commitment. It’s serious business with lots of important decisions, and a challenge whether you have done it before or are a first time seller.
My “How to Sell a Home” tips and advice video series is designed to provide quick answers to some of the most important issues you face when selling your Carlsbad home, BEFORE you get started. View these on your iPhone, SmartPhone, or Tablet while you are on the go.
See video below for a discussion of … (12 comments)

marketing: What’s in Your Listing Homebook? - 07/31/14 10:52 AM

What’s in Your Listing Homebook?
One of the marketing ideas I picked up at a CRS class some years ago was about creating a Homebook that is placed at the listing for buyers to peruse. I put mine in a white binder with a photo of the home in front but there are other options depending on preference
The intent is to provide information that buyers will have an interest in about the home, although these days many of them are finding information online even before they go see the property.
There is a wealth of … (13 comments)

marketing: Take This Carlsbad House for a Test Drive - 10/18/13 06:48 AM
Take This Carlsbad House for a Test Drive
As a buyer, would you if you could?
Would you offer this as a Carlsbad homeseller? And if so under what circumstances?
I noticed, for the first time that I can recall, a remark in the San Diego MLS for a Carlsbad resale home listing offering buyers the opportunity to “take this house for a test drive.”
Heck we do it for cars and have for many years.
And more and more retailers offer similar opportunities – take it home and live with it for up to 30 … (30 comments)

marketing: Why I Use Video to Market Your Carlsbad Home for Sale - 09/09/13 07:15 AM
Why I Use Video to Market Your Carlsbad Home for Sale  
There are plenty of things in my arsenal for marketing and selling Carlsbad homes for sale.
One of them, and it's a biggie, is video.
Interesting thing about video…while we know, given the huge number of videos on YouTube and how readily videos are found in the search engines, a lot of real estate agents aren’t using them in their marketing of homes for sale.
Indeed, one recent poll found that while about 75% of sellers wanted video as part of the marketing plan, only … (17 comments)

marketing: Adoramapix, A Neat Gift Idea for Clients, Family and Friends - 05/07/13 04:18 PM
Adoramapix, A Neat Gift Idea for Clients, Family and Friends  
Photos are a wonderful way of remembering friends, special events, our travels, and our clients. And in our digital age most of us never lack for a wealth of photos to use
I recently used Adoramapix to create a memory book for some wonderful clients and very good friends whose home I just sold.
The photo is the cover of a 76 page book filled with photographic memories of their Carlsbad home, the community, their friends, and the new city they moved to. OK I went a … (6 comments)

marketing: SELS HMZ Sells Homes - 02/10/13 03:22 PM
SELS HMZ Sells Homes  
We were in our garage today with the doors open, cars in the drive, doing some re-organizing.
Our neighbors down the street, who we have met briefly but don’t know well, walked by with their dog and noticed my license plate.
They said hello, commented on the license plate, and wanted to know who the realtor was.
We had a brief conversation, in particular about a house across the street that is not on the market but likely will be since the owner recently passed. This is a neighborhood where homes only … (8 comments)

marketing: Do You Want to Sell this Home or Not? - 10/19/12 01:07 AM
Do You Want to Sell this Home or Not?  
This may sound like a rant, given the title, but it’s not. Any sarcasm you might feel is purely your imagination.
It IS a host of suggestions for sellers, and their listing agents, to help demonstrate to the buying public, and buyer agents, that they do, in fact, WANT to sell. And some thoughts on those actions that send the wrong message.
The message you send by pricing is a big one in today’s market, and it’s obvious. Most agents have a good handle on what is selling … (39 comments)

marketing: Do You HONK or MOO? Standing Out in the Crowd - 08/29/11 02:45 AM
Do You Honk or Moo?
Are you standing out in the crowd?

It's a crowded real estate world out there. There's lots of competition.
So are you one of the crowd or are you able to stand out?

Most of us no doubt want to stand out, and for the right reasons, not because we do a lousy job, are incompetent, provide crummy service or other negatives that make consumers to want to steer clear.
And with the market being what it is, and the not-so-stellar- rep our industry has, it may not be easy to stand out. … (16 comments)

marketing: Are They Reading ABOUT YOU? How ABOUT.ME? - 04/26/11 02:15 PM
How about a quick profile you can customize with a neat photo and personal stuff about yourself, then link to it so others can read about you.
Use About.Me for your free profile - be creative, and as detailed or as simple as you want. This is not the time to ramble on about all your awards, specialities, accomplishments, and real estate stuff, but a time (my opinion) to get personal and share some tidbits that folks might not kbnow about you.
Here's mine
Check out my profile!
I also got some free business cards (50) through Moo, too.

marketing: Broadcast Voicemail Messages Should be Outlawed!! - 03/20/11 06:43 AM
Broadcast Voicemail Messages Should be Outlawed!!  Perhaps that's a strong position to take. I don't care. 
They drive me nuts, and I‘m getting more and more of them all the time. 
I must be on a special list.
Yes, I know they can be a great way to reach a ton of people by phone without talking to them, and perhaps, through some magic in your voice mail, convince them to take action:
call you for that special report that will make you millions in just a few days check out your website for information on starting your own home business … (10 comments)

marketing: Things We Probably Shouldn't Say, But Do - 03/04/11 04:45 PM
Things We Probably Shouldn't Say, But Do  There are often times we say things we probably shouldn't.
Perhaps it's simply without thinking. You know, "open mouth insert foot?" Sometimes it's less significant, perhaps a minor faux pas. 
Whatever the reason, it happens to us all, including in our real estate business. Sometimes it's verbal, and sometimes it's what we put in writing, too - in our listings, on-line marketing and flyers. 
Some of this is on a serious note, some not. You may not agree. Whatever. 
"Won't last" - seems to me that often listings where this is said DO last...forever
"Great … (181 comments)

marketing: Your Camera Is Your BEST Friend - 10/18/10 03:44 PM
Your Camera May Be Your Best Friend   
As a real estate professional, and a blogger, your camera may be your best friend. 
There are lots of good reasons to use a camera (preferably digital these days) and plenty of ways a camera can be a big help to you in your business, and for blogging and social media purposes. 
Here are just a few - bet you can think of some more
*       *       *       *       *       *
Help buyers remember the homes they visit, at least the ones they like
Sharing information on homes you preview for out-of … (63 comments)

marketing: The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Signage on Your Car - 09/14/10 04:34 AM
Pros and Cons of Real Estate Signage on Your Car  Real estate marketing has undergone significant growth in the last few years, not just counting the on-line stuff you can do. You see billboards, bus benches, grocery shopping carts, ads on moving trucks, and more and more on agents' cars. 
There are some pros and cons to advertising on your car, and in addition to sharing my own thoughts, I hope folks will share their ideas and experiences. 
There are license plates, whole car wraps, magnetic door signs, rear windshield signage, and bumper stickers. Some people completely paint their cars. 


marketing: How DID They Find You? - 07/09/10 04:33 AM
Knowing how your prospects find you is important. Whether it's from print, on-line activity, or other means there is tremendous value in understanding how your marketing and visibility, or lack of, are working.
Do YOU know how they found you?
It's not always easy to determine, and I am willing to bet many folks don't bother to ask. There are times when I don't, or I don't query enough to really understand if what I am doing to generate business is, in fact, working. That's not smart. My bad. 
There are lots of ways for buyer and seller prospects … (90 comments)

marketing: Senior+First Time Seller+Relocation=Challenge and Opportunity - 07/13/09 09:41 AM
I am meeting with a new potential client today and really looking forward to the opportunity and the challenge.
Here's the 411: 
Lived in the home 50 years (original owner) Never sold a home before (first time seller) Moving from the Left Coast to the Right Coast to be near family Senior (no age discussion here but you can make assumptions from the data)  This is not your typical market proposal, nor am I approaching this like I would with a more typical seller.

I WILL be prepared with all the data (number of homes on market, competition, what's … (16 comments)

marketing: Maybe THIS Will Grab Your Attention: Marketing Ideas You Can Implement - 05/26/09 09:27 AM
As a member of the Board of Directors for the Southern California Chapter of CRS, I recently monitored our CRS 201 class on Listing Strategies.
Even though I took this class when obtaining my CRS, I have had the opportunity to sit through it twice since, and always come away with new ideas to use in my listing presentations, pre-listing package, and marketing my listings. 
The collective wisdom and sharing of ideas among class members that can easily be implemented is one of the biggest benefits . 
One of the big take-a-ways from the class last Friday was a list of … (116 comments)

marketing: Don't You Want to Know What I am Doing to Market Your Home? - 03/12/09 02:45 AM
Why You Should Have a Written Marketing Plan
You have hired me as your listing agent, to help you find a qualified buyer for your Carlsbad home. It's a weighty task, with lots of responsibilities in a competitive market. And for that task, when the home sells, you will pay me an agreed-upon professional fee of potentially thousands of dollars.
Don't you want to know what I am doing to earn that fee? 
I suspect you do. And you should.
But it's surprising how many listings are out on the Internet where it is obvious the seller is not well informed about what their agent … (9 comments)

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