professionalism: Buyer and Seller Pain Points and How You Can Help - 06/29/19 08:18 AM
How to Help Buyers and Sellers
with their Pain Points
Buyers and sellers may experience a variety of pain points as part of their purchase and sale transactions, but we can help. Here’s how.
By way of introduction, I was at a Mastermind Meeting in Washington, DC as part of the annual CRS meetings back in early May. The discussion at our table had centered around pain points consumers face these days when buying or selling, and how we can better assist them. Sadly, some of the pain probably comes from things agents bring on themselves!
Needing to Move Fast
Today’s buyers usually need to … (54 comments)

professionalism: Are You Suffering from Communication Withdrawal? - 04/27/19 12:18 PM
Are You Suffering from Communication Withdrawal?
A Letter to Buyers and Sellers
We just closed escrow and suddenly things are very different. You sold your treasured home, or you just bought a new one!
Are you suffering from communication withdrawal?
All of a sudden the hundreds of emails, text messages and phone calls have stopped. Maybe you’re glad, but doesn’t it feel a little weird?
I often feel I am suffering from withdrawal when I finish a real estate transaction, whether a sale or a purchase, or both. No matter how many times I’ve done it the sudden change in communication feels a little … (61 comments)

professionalism: How to make a good first impression - 3 times - 06/09/18 11:18 AM
We all know how important that first impression of a house is to a potential buyer. But the same holds true of the first impressions others have of us.
Marte's post is a perfect guide to making sure those multiple impressions are the best they can be, from the first one via a letter, for example, to the actual face-to-face meeting. Read, follow, and you will be a success with the impression you make.
The first "first impression..."
Today in real estate, and in many other professions, your initial “first impression” is either via a prospecting letter or card in the mail, … (11 comments)

professionalism: It’s OK to Say I Don’t Know - 03/17/18 08:06 PM
It’s OK to Say I Don’t Know the Answer
It’s really OK to say you don’t know the answer to a question asked by a buyer or seller.
Indeed, it’s probably far better to say you don’t know the answer rather than provide a response that is pure guessing, may be outright wrong, and/or possibly could create a problem for them should they listen to your advice.
We get questions all the time we can’t answer, and we must determine the right way to respond, in order to be helpful but also make sure we are not stepping outside our bounds…such as providing legal … (21 comments)

professionalism: The Day Ended Beautifully but the Start Was Not So Great! - 02/23/18 12:32 PM
Starting the Day Delivering Bad News is Not Fun!
I had a really busy day yesterday in real estate, along with work being done by our plumber, and a number of projects being tackled by our handyman Alan Kier (who leads a double life as the Bubble Man – check out the CBS/KFMB Channel 8 lifestyle segment from the other evening - it's very cool!) most of the day. The photo to the right is a bubble Alan made in Carlsbad when we were visiting with him a couple years ago.
I took a break and hit Carlsbad Village late in the day … (15 comments)

professionalism: Staging in the Rain - 01/11/18 04:18 PM
Staging in the Rain
This is not about our stagers here in the Rain, and there are some terrific ones, but I had to come up with a clever, but realistic, title.
I had a staging scheduled for this past Tuesday for a wonderful 1-bedroom condo near San Diego State University I am bringing to the market tomorrow. It figures that our first, and badly needed, rain of our supposed rainy season would be that day.
The condo is in an urban area not far from downtown, so parking is a challenge. And as luck would have it the city had put … (15 comments)

professionalism: Load the Big Rocks First! - 01/04/18 07:48 AM
This is essential reading for anyone when planning your calendar if you want to be more effective. It's an easy concept to understand and implement - go!!
Load the Big Rocks First!
Years ago I heard a real estate instructor say - just load your big rocks first!  I remember looking at him and thinking, what on earth is this dude talking about? Well it didn't take him long to explain the concept to us.....
Take out your calendars and load your big rocks first!  In today's world that probably means going online and loading your big rocks versus … (4 comments)

professionalism: You Know They Will Talk About You: What Do You Want Them To Say? - 07/22/17 05:16 PM
You Know They Will Talk About You:
What Do You Want Them To Say?
The topic of real estate always seems to be a hot one, and people love talking about it – those buying it and those selling it. They’ll talk with family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues at work, and others in their network, or perhaps even people they meet casually at the doctor’s office, the grocery store or elsewhere. And some will be sharing their thoughts and feelings on social media for the whole world to see.
Chances are they will also be talking about us in that process. What do YOU … (53 comments)

professionalism: How to Show Your Clients You Care - 02/15/17 08:47 AM
Show Your Buyers and Sellers You Care
I just returned from Phoenix for the 2017 CRS Sellabration convention. It was 2 very full days of intense learning from top producing agents from around the country on a wide range of topics focused on systems, marketing, operations and leadership, and performance and development.
I’ll share my top takeaways in a future post.
I had dinner my last night there with 2 good friends who are part of my mastermind group, and the question came up - what was your biggest takeaway?
I only had to think for a few seconds. My immediate thought, from all … (89 comments)

professionalism: Keeping in Touch with Clients in Carlsbad - 12/21/16 01:21 PM
Keeping in Touch from Carlsbad
Larry Johnston invited us to participate in a contest this December, Keeping in Touch (Contest), Searching for New Ways to Stay Connected.
There’s still time to enter and share your thoughts, plus read some great posts with terrific ideas.
The neat thing about this contest is it not only provides an opportunity to think through what we already do to stay in touch with clients, but the chance to add some new strategies to the mix in 2017 or improve on the consistency of what is already being done.
I use a number of different strategies for staying in … (18 comments)

professionalism: 7 Ways to Deliver Superb Customer Service - 12/13/16 05:48 PM
Want to know how to deliver great customer service?
Debbie Reynolds provides the perfect recipe with these 7 tips that anyone can follow with the right attitude, so that it's done consistently and cheerfully!
Be sure to stop by her original post to share your thoughts there, too! She'll appreciate it.
How We Respond Grows or Stunts Our Business Growth.
1. Answer Your Phone Whenever Possible: This will actually surprise and impress people. Other agents as well as first time callers and your clients like knowing that you are a first line agent. It might earn you more business and certainly won't … (10 comments)

professionalism: Remove the M and the deal will go much smoother. - 11/15/16 04:35 AM
Who would think that a simple letter, an M in this case, could make such a difference?
Andrea tells a great tale about things can and should be in our transactions, at least much of the time. I can think of a word starting with M, too, that can make all the difference, and not in a good way!
Years ago I was opening a listing of mine for an agent to show to his buyer. The house had an alarm, and it is my custom never to give out the alarm code to someone else. It is not always convenient, but … (8 comments)

professionalism: Did You Write Your Thank You Notes Today? - 10/13/16 05:25 AM
Did You Write Your Thank You Notes Today?
I closed on another property today and sent several thank you notes out the door, as I always do, to people who helped make this such a pleasurable transaction. There was no lender involved, but a couple of people at escrow, the listing agent, and his transaction coordinator all played a significant role in this process and helped to make it go smoothly.
I use card stationery and envelopes that are personally branded, but also purchase other thank you cards to use for different occasions.
I also create some of my own note cards for various uses … (92 comments)

professionalism: 8 Tips to Inspire Repeat Business - 09/27/16 09:16 AM
I’d Love to do Another Transaction with You!
Having a terrific experience with another agent in a transaction that inspires you to wish, or say to them, that you’d like to work together again is such a great feeling. Even when there are challenges or differences of opinion, working with some agents can be a real pleasure, while others not so much.
The same applies to vendors you work with during a given transaction - a lender, escrow officer, title officer, inspector, staging professional, or someone else.
So what are those things these individuals do that make the working relationship such a positive one, … (20 comments)

professionalism: Do Your Clients Feel Like They are Your Only Clients? - 08/30/16 02:01 AM
How to Make Your Clients Feel Like They are Your Only Clients
I’ve had several testimonials, one just recently, where clients commented I always made them feel like they were my only clients.
Of course that was not the case, and there is never just one client at a particular point in time, but it was a very nice, and telling, compliment nonetheless. I can’t say I consciously try to make clients feel this way, it’s just how I try to run my business.
So I wondered – what are the things we do, or can do, that make our clients feel they are … (15 comments)

professionalism: Are You Sending Mixed Messages? - 06/22/16 07:13 AM
Are You Sending Mixed Messages?
We were having breakfast one Saturday morning at our favorite eatery in Carlsbad Village, and I happened to notice this signage.
Given the laws here about smoking, it was rather ironic that it was even posted. And then I noticed the mixed message.
Thinking back on that, it occurred to me that mixed messages may be something we are sending, perhaps inadvertently, but which cause confusion to those who receive them, create a bad impression, and possibly even send them running in the other direction…certainly not the intent of the message. We've probably all done it, and perhaps not realized … (86 comments)

professionalism: Needy Home Buyer or Just Getting What is Needed and Expected? - 04/21/16 10:56 AM
What Buyers Need and Should Expect!
Or are They Just Needy?
In our busy and competitive Carlsbad seller’s market, buyers have some challenges in purchasing a home in many price ranges. Limited inventory and high demand create a perfect storm for fast-moving, multiple bid situations for many homes, where only 1 buyer among many is destined to win.
It’s an emotional time, and it’s easy to feel anxious and get frustrated, especially when you lose out on a wonderful home, or see things moving so quickly.
Buyers must act quickly when there is a new home on the market and decide if … (41 comments)

professionalism: How to Deliver Bad News to Your Client - 04/08/16 07:03 AM
Passing along bad news to a client is never easy, but it's an essential part of what we do in our business, and it should not be delayed.
Gail outlines an excellent process and some important things to consider BEFORE picking up that phone and blurting out the bad news. Take some time to prepare so you can do it well.
And put yourself in their shoes - they deserve more than "sorry it didn't work out" or some other quick delivery of bad news.
I hope you will stop by Gail's post to share your thoughts there, too!
FRAMING IS IMPORTANT, SO … (13 comments)

professionalism: Are you showing a house, or breaking and entering? - 03/19/16 07:09 AM
Showing instructions that are not clear and easy to understand can drive you nuts when you want to show a house. The same is true when you don't get calls back to confirm appointments or to learn now to gain access.
BUT agents who do not follow showing instructions can be a huge annoyance too, for sellers and listing agents. And, as you can see in Pat's well-done post, not only is that an issue but not adhering to the showing instructions could land you in hot water, legally.
Over the last year or so, an Evers & Company colleague has conducted … (18 comments)

professionalism: When They Know You and Trust You, They Come Back to You - 10/13/15 11:50 PM
When They Know You and Trust You, They Come Back to You
It was a Facebook message that once again confirmed what we all know about past clients, that when they like you and trust you, they come back to you.
Of course they have to remember you, but if that first transaction was a winner (even if there were some problems along the way), and you stay in touch somehow, they will no doubt remember and they will come back. And probably refer you along the way.
In this case 6 years after helping a buyer purchase an REO the decision has been … (43 comments)

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