social media: So Where HAS Social Media and Technology Taken Us? - 04/29/17 06:41 PM
So Where HAS Social Media and Technology Taken Us?
I attended a terrific, informative session on social media - the topic was actually about social selling, with Alice Heiman - at the recent CRS Sellabration Convention back in February in Phoenix.
The session started off with this very powerful video by rapper Prince Ea entitled "Can we Auto-Correct Humanity." Before you read further I suggest you to watch it.
No, I don't think it's offensive nor will you find it so, but there is an emotional message here, a strong commentary on where technology, and in particular social media, have taken us, and … (107 comments)

social media: Are You the Life of the Party or A Party Pooper? - 02/23/17 06:41 AM
Here's a terrific article about "upping your game," as Kevin says, on social media through engagement and participation, with some good examples of just how to do it and do it well.
Please stop by Kein's post to share your thoughts.

For years I spent time writing what I thought was great content but internet traffic was ho-hum. And like probably many of people, I shared on all the social media channels, like I thought we were suppossed to do.
Still mediocre results.
Two Key Pieces for Upping Your Game
So I am not the brightest guy in the world … (8 comments)

social media: It Was Just Another Day…Until a Video Prompted Them to Call Me - 07/11/16 05:25 AM
Video Prompted These Relocating Buyers to Call Me 
This is my favorite story about the value of video in lead generation, that resulted in success!
We all know video has become a huge component of many buyer and seller searches, with YouTube the maven of video sharing and search. It’s not just for listings, but for information about communities, “how to do it” videos, agents and their services, market reports, and so much more.  We all love video, and YouTube videos rack up an amazing number of views daily. Check out these impressive YouTube statistics! How can you ignore this?!
It was an ordinary … (29 comments)

social media: How A Home Seller Pocketed Extra Cash Because Of Facebook - 05/23/16 09:20 AM
Do you talk with your buyer and seller clients at the outset about not talking about their transaction online with friends, family, or worse, THE WORLD, on Facebook and other social media sites? It can be a quick way to potentially derail a transaction, or possibly spend more money as a buyer or lose money as a seller. Transactions should be confidential...that means stay off social media.
Joe does a great job here with a real world example of the financial harm that could befall a buyer for blabbing about the transaction they are in the midst of when they shouldn't.
I hope … (25 comments)

social media: Ideas for your real estate Pinterest site - 03/18/16 05:15 AM
This is a wonderful resource for those of you with Pinterest sites that could use some work, as well as great ideas for getting started with a site.
Rain provided some terrific tips on how to set up your Pinterest site but also on how best to pin to your boards. Anyone with other tips and advice, please share we so can all benefit.
In the previous blog I went over the basics of what pinterest is and how to set up an account.  Next it is time to start building the site.  The idea behind this is you want to pin … (15 comments)

social media: What Do You Say When You Have Nothing To Say? - 12/28/12 12:46 PM
What Do You Say When You Have Nothing To Say?   Looking Back on 2008  
The social media network has evolved into a fascinating world, especially since I wrote my first thoughts on this topic back in 2008. While many are still not participating, or just getting started, others are well entrenched in the more popular social media sites, AND finding business.
Facebook is the giant of social media sites, growing in leaps and bounds, and taking users new and old on a whirlwind of changes in the last couple of years.
Twitter remains a favorite of … (10 comments)

social media: The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Your Social Media Strategy - 12/12/12 12:18 PM
The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Your Social Media Strategy    
Are you a tech savvy REALTOR?
And do you have a strategy? Or is it hit and miss?
I am formalizing my social media strategy, something that should have been done before.
I go about my blogging and sharing information on social media sites pretty regularly, especially Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, but it is not always been as planful as it ought to be.
As I work on my social media strategy for 2013, I thought I would share my ideas and … (41 comments)

social media: Do You Know Your YouTube EKG? - 11/30/12 03:27 PM
Do You Know Your YouTube EKG?  
This is my EKG.  Looks like I’m alive and well.

It reminds me of the real thing, which I’ve had done a couple of times for routine testing.
It's actually my YouTube EKG.
Do you know YOUR YouTube EKG?
Well, head over to your YouTube Channel’s dashboard and check out the analytics available to you.
Like our blog posts, it’s great to be able to see the activity our channel and videos are getting, which videos are the most popular (sometimes … (29 comments)

social media: Haven’t Been Liked, Friended, Tweeted, Reblogged, Endorsed, Recommended, Reviewed, Plussed, Featured or Pinned? Here's What to Do! - 07/31/12 05:49 AM
Haven’t Been Liked, Friended, Tweeted, Reblogged, Endorsed, Recommended, Reviewed, Plussed, Featured or Pinned?!   Here’s what to do!  
It’s tough in the social media world, keeping up with protocol and unwritten rules we’re supposed to follow. Plus doing things to gain recognition on major social media sites, including AR, which will translate into business.
Here are some suggestions for social engagement to ensure YOU get the recognition you crave. I warn you it’s long, so feel free to complain, but if you don’t read it all you definitely will fail.
You are worthy - your therapist keeps telling you that … (40 comments)

social media: Social Media Class in Southern California - Social Fusion: A Strategic Approach to Social Media - 03/12/11 02:50 PM
Social Media Class in Southern California "Social Fusion: A Strategic Approach to Social Media" The Southern California Chapter of Certified Residential Specialists (CRS) is sponsoring a newly-created class on social media:
"Social Fusion: A Strategic Approach to Social Media"

The purpose of the class is to provide agents with a better understanding of the new rules of marketing and show them how to utilize the different types of social media, create accounts in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., and vanity URLs, and to develop a strategy to implement in their business.  Social Fusion is understanding consumer, marketing and brand in today's … (14 comments)

social media: Content Before Conversation - 10/07/10 07:13 AM
Content Before Conversation  I attended Tech Tuesday, the first day of the California Association of REALTORS (C.A.R.) Expo in Anaheim, and the lunch speaker, Ed Dilworth, shared his thoughts about social marketing today, and where it's going. Of course, the big topic was Facebook, who (notice the personalization) seems to be taking over every aspect of social media in leaps and bounds...or at least trying to. 
A central premise of his talk was that it is the content that matters, and that content must come before the conversation.
Indeed, it is the conversation that evolves around the content. A powerful notion … (25 comments)

social media: Staying Safer While Using Facebook and Social Media - 09/25/10 04:53 AM
The social media world is growing and changing constantly and we need to be aware of what we, and others, are doing and saying in terms of personal safety and reputation.
The on-line nature of social media makes it far to easy to share everything you might tell a close friend at a cocktail party, without realizing the implications of what you are doing...that the world can now see.
Myrl did an excellent job of cautioning us to be careful when being social with friends, and others. This is well worth a read, adn taking to heart.
What are YOU doing … (13 comments)

social media: Using LinkedIn To Maximize Your Professional Identity | Why You Should and How - 09/24/10 12:03 PM
How to Use LinkedIn To Maximize Your Professional Identity  I attended a terrific LinkedIn seminar the other evening taught by 2 managers from LinkedIn. I learned a lot of stuff I didn't know and thought I would pass it along. 
While many think of LinkedIn as a job board, it's not. Admittedly it's being used extensively in the corporate world for recruiting but there are far more reasons to be on LinkedIn.
Here's Why: 
75 million members with 3 million added each month, over 1 per second US has 52% of the members but international membership is growing Focus is … (21 comments)

social media: PLEASE Don't Pee in the Pool! - 07/20/10 03:00 PM
Please don’t pee in the pool!!
You were probably told that in one way or another as a kid. However it happened, in some way you learned it was not a cool thing to do. So too, with social media. 
Don’t pee in the pool.
I can’t take credit for this title – the inspiration comes from a talk I heard at Sellabration in Las Vegas by Brian Copeland. But I thought this quote was worth repeating, with some cautions about what not to do in the social media pool.
The difference, I suppose, is … (58 comments)

social media: Let’s Get Soci@l and Grow Your On-line Audience | Do You Know How and Why You Should? - 07/04/10 01:29 PM
Let's Get Soci@l and Grow Your On-line Audience: Friends, Followers, and Connections  
I haven't completely finished reading "Let's Get Soci@l", and I know I will read it again and again, as I have other ebooks residing on my computer (e.g., Twitter, Facebook).
It was hard to decide WHICH chapter to write about, since the information is so good, but... 
"Growing Your On-line Audience: Friends, Followers and Connections" really struck a chord with me. It should with you as well. I'm happy to tell you why... I hope you listen. 
Social media, in my not-so-humble opinion, is NOT a fad, … (12 comments)

social media: Make Mistakes, and Make Mistakes Often - 06/24/10 01:25 PM
Make Mistakes, and Make Mistakes Often This quote, from Doug Devitre, says a mouthful.
Don’t be misled by what may be your first, and incorrect, impression of this statement.
Doug Devitre is a well known national speaker and instructor on Social Media, Blogging, technology, and other real-estate related topics. He spoke today at our North San Diego County Association of REALTORS membership meeting on social media, covering a range of tools and tips. If you haven’t heard Doug talk, you should.
Doug’s advice early on in the talk for folks getting started, or already involved, in social media was “MAKE … (33 comments)

social media: Need to Get in Touch with Me? Here's How! - 03/18/10 06:20 PM
While this may seem rather obvious, in this day and age of technology, and busy lives, it seemed appropriate to share how you can get in touch with me. 
Communication with prospective, current and past clients is key to being successful, and I know that being able to get in touch with me, for whatever reason, is a priority for you. 
Different forms of communication suit differing purposes and individual styles. So while I use all of them, it's important I communicate with you in a manner that works best and suits … (58 comments)

social media: Did You REALLY Say That? Uh Oh!! - 11/14/09 10:50 AM
You've likely done it yourself, or heard someone else do it. And thought to yourself...did you REALLY say that? Uh Oh.
Saying the wrong thing can be embarrassing or hurtful, or get you into hot water. 
Saying the wrong thing on-line can get you into big trouble as well...legally. It happens frequently, and more and more commonly we are seeing issues being tested in the court room. 
I attended the RE Bar Camp San Diego last Thursday with roughly 400 other folks from around the country. It was a stellar event - you can read some other people's impressions and check … (49 comments)

social media: Why I Hate Social Media! And You Probably Do Too But Won't Admit it! - 09/29/09 05:32 PM
Like so many I've joined all the popular social media sites, and some not so popular ones.
I've spent countless hours adding profiles, uploading photos, adding videos, and sharing personal information and I've had it. I hear there's a point to all this, but quite honestly, I have grown to hate social media. 
Here's why: 
THERE ARE TOO MANY SOCIAL MEDIA SITES - every time I think I am on all the right ones, another one makes an appearance, and I feel obligated to join. My spreadsheet for tracking sites, log ins, and passwords is totally beyond control and impossible to maintain. … (107 comments)

social media: 13 Ways to Promote Your Blog - 06/26/09 01:45 PM
We all know the promotion is important, although one does not want to come across as salesy or pushy.
The same is true of our blogs. We want folks to know about them and the valuable content they offer, but shoving them down someone's throat is not likely to be accepted kindly. 
As I learned yesterday at REBarCampOC (although I sorta knew this), publishing your post is about 30% of the work. (that's a quote from notable dude, Jim Marks, founder and President of Virtual Results ). The rest comes afterward. That is, promoting your blog so consumers can take … (77 comments)

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