technology: What I Love About the Personal Side of Technology - 05/21/16 09:36 AM
The Personal Side of Technology
~ What I Really Like About it ~
I could go on and on about what I like about technology as it relates to my real estate business. No doubt you could as well.
And I could grouse about quite a few things, too – people wanting instant responses and late at night, emails and texts that don’t go through, unforeseen downtime at the worst possible moments, inability to connect to the Internet, spam, hackers, malware and adware, and viruses, to name a few.
But there’s a side of technology I really like. And that’s the personal side.
Ignoring the … (79 comments)

technology: I was Rude at Dinner Last Night But I made Someone’s Day Today - 05/07/16 11:21 AM
I was Rude Last Night so I could Make Someone’s Day Today
Ah, the life of a busy real estate professional, especially in our crazy market.
We were at dinner last night with 2 other couples, both very good friends, as sort of a going away since one couple is relocating to NorCal for his job. They just closed on their new house but are keeping the one here for renting.
As I normally do I turned the phone to silent, and stuck it in my sportcoat pocket, and pretty much forgot about it for over an hour.
Great food, terrific conversation and good friends … (53 comments)

technology: It's an Easter Egg but It's Really a Christmas Party Trick - 12/27/15 05:28 AM
It's an Easter Egg but Really it's a Christmas Party Trick
The new Tesla Model X, their 2016 SUV, has a pretty cool trick which is not even an option.
It's a pretty cool addition to the car's computer system (an Easter Egg as they call it - a hidden message or feature added by software developers when creating new software, and not always known). 
I suppose when you are spending this kind of money on a car it should have something special. Read more about the Tesla's tricks on Gizmodo.

technology: Do You Text at the Dinner Table? - 10/03/15 05:08 AM
Do You Text at the Dinner Table?
It seems almost no one is without a smart phone these days:
Kids walk to and from school with them
There seem to be more drivers on their cell phones than not, and not using hands-free devices…illegal in many states, including CA
People stroll the aisles at the supermarket, chat in the library, walk on the beach and on side walks, ride bicycles and skateboards, and sit on the pot in public restrooms on the phone
And people aren’t just talking on their phones, but texting everywhere it seems.
Is there any place or time that is sacred these days … (22 comments)

technology: Be Cautious Using Reply All & Forwarding Emails in Your Transactions - 10/04/14 02:06 AM
 Be Cautious Using Reply All and Forwarding Emails in Your Real Estate Transactions
Emails are, in most transactions, essential and a significant part of the communications among the various parties involved in real estate transactions.
While we have each likely had at least one seller or buyer who does not use email, I suspect those are rare situations, and even then there are others in the process who are using email – escrow, lenders, title, inspectors, agents, and others.
Preserving confidentiality is essential no matter which side of the fence you are on.
Being cautious … (46 comments)

technology: Sitting Here Surrounded by Technology - 08/24/14 01:22 AM
Sitting Here Surrounded by Technology
I was sitting here at the dining room table early this morning, having my coffee, and realized how surrounded I was by technology.
Not intentionally or planned, it just happened.
But all of a sudden, as coffee-induced wakefullness emerged, I was aware of my surroundings on this early Sunday morning and my day was just getting started.
2 laptops, my iPad, and my iPhone were looking at me, or I them, and all were in use in various ways at the same time.
My computer guy has been working on … (15 comments)

technology: The Journey to a New Laptop - 08/22/14 01:43 AM

The Journey to a New Laptop
I’ve known I was going to need a new laptop for some time. The tell-tale signs were all there as things slowed, and various quirks showed up. I’ve gotten to know my laptop quite well over the last 4+ years and the thought of migrating everything, in spite of the increased speed, memory and so on, weighed heavily.
A few months ago I had a major meltdown on my laptop. One morning I could not do anything. My feeble attempts to modify my friend’s behavior, including several reboots which often do … (27 comments)

technology: Sellers – 3 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Tech Savvy REALTOR® - 07/16/14 01:49 PM
Carlsbad Sellers
3 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Tech Savvy REALTOR®
The sales transaction can be a challenge, no matter what the market, with a myriad of details to attend to, documents to sign, and decisions to make.
Working with a tech savvy REALTOR® to sell your Carlsbad home can be a tremendous advantage to you and to your transaction. How?
Using technology allows for a faster response in many cases, and in a format you may prefer.
Texting, emailing, Facebook messaging, Skype and Facetime, in addition to the phone and being … (7 comments)

technology: Carlsbad Named California eCity by Google in 2013 - 07/02/14 11:17 AM
Carlsbad Named California's eCity by Google for 2013
I heard about this last year in August but never wrote about it.
So you are now learning that Carlsbad was named THE eCity for California by Google for 2013.
And given the companies that are here, the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, and people I know who work in Carlsbad, this honor is not a surprise.
And business is all about being connected, as we all know too well.
Carlsbad leads the big state of CA with the strongest online business community. There were 50 ECity Awards named … (8 comments)

technology: A High Tech Wedding vs. Low Tech Wedding - 03/22/14 01:51 PM
High Tech Vs. Low Tech Wedding
No, this has nothing to do with real estate but everything to do with personal life. And that's OK.
But it's a commentary on our technology lives today.
We attended a beautiful wedding yesterday in Palm Springs, in the California desert. The venue was spectacular, as was the weather. The bride is a dear friend of our older daughter's, and she is like a 3rd daughter in our famiy. It was such fun to be part of this special moment, with the grandkids there too.

The officiant, a close friend of the … (6 comments)

technology: IPhoneography - 02/03/14 03:14 AM
I attended the CRS (Council of Residential Specialists) Sellabration Convention in Coronado (San Diego) from January 30 through February 2, 2014 at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort.
It was pretty intense, with some top notch learning and networking with outstanding agents from around the country. 
One of the sessions on Friday was about iPhoneography, with Dale Chumbley, CRS and Heather Ozur, CRS and was of particular interest given my enjoyment of taking photos and being a relatively new iPhone user.
I learned a number of things that will be of particular use in my business with my iPhone, but … (25 comments)

technology: I’m Late to the Party, but Oh What a Party - 11/01/13 02:48 AM
I’m Late to the Party, but Oh What a Party
I just migrated to an iPhone 5 less than a week ago.
I was a Blackberry user for 9 years in my business, then jumped on the Droid bandwagon about 22 months ago. I thought that change would be harder than it was, especially after being used to the Blackberry key board and all that entails.
It was not a big deal, and easier than I expected.
Oh, there was a learning curve of course, and my normal impatience with new technology – you know, wanting to … (11 comments)

technology: I Forgot to Log In - 10/17/13 02:21 PM
I Forgot to Log In
I can’t believe I forgot to log in on ActiveRain. I always do. Daily. Never miss, or haven’t for as long as I can remember.
But it happened.
More than once. In fact 5 times while I was on vacation in Kaua’I (more on that later) over the last 9 days.
I went off pledging to myself that I would try to unplug while I was away…something that I am normally not able to do well at all.
I didn’t set a specific goal, but the intent was to NOT check … (7 comments)

technology: Man, I hated to Push That Button…But I Did it Anyway! - 06/06/13 03:50 PM
Man, I hated to Push That Button…But I Did it Anyway!  
There are some buttons you just don’t want to push. And once you do there is no going back. The fear of what might result is staggering. But you know you have to take the plunge and jump through the hoop or else…
Such was the case with my Droid.
We’ve been good friends for some time, but recently things have not been so good.
Apps closing on their own or not working at all, periodically being unable to make calls or disconnect calls, multiple taps on numbers … (35 comments)

technology: Data vs. Analysis – What Buyers and Sellers Don’t Know - 03/29/13 11:01 AM
Data vs. Analysis – What Buyers and Sellers Don’t Know
The Internet these days is a tremendous mass of information, and lots of data with regard to real estate and the housing market. Media headlines and reports are a big part of this.
The good thing is that anyone can find it these days…much more than they probably want, need, or can make sense of.
The bad thing is that anyone can find it.
Tons of data and media headlines and reports, often contradictory, cause confusion, which often leads to indecision on the part of buyers and … (27 comments)

technology: Butt Calls and But Calls - 02/04/13 12:44 PM
Butt Calls and But Calls  
We’ve all experienced them with today’s technology.
You've either made them or received them. You know, somehow your smartphone magically dials a number and you end up calling someone accidentally, usually without even realizing it.
Don't you breathe a sigh of relief when you hear only their voice mail?!
Or you get a call, answer it, and you hear talking in the background, the radio, or other activity and no matter how much you yell HELLOOOO no one ever responds. The butt strikes again.
Oh, it might not have been your butt’s … (49 comments)

technology: What Do You Say When You Have Nothing To Say? - 12/28/12 12:46 PM
What Do You Say When You Have Nothing To Say?   Looking Back on 2008  
The social media network has evolved into a fascinating world, especially since I wrote my first thoughts on this topic back in 2008. While many are still not participating, or just getting started, others are well entrenched in the more popular social media sites, AND finding business.
Facebook is the giant of social media sites, growing in leaps and bounds, and taking users new and old on a whirlwind of changes in the last couple of years.
Twitter remains a favorite of … (10 comments)

technology: The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Your Social Media Strategy - 12/12/12 12:18 PM
The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Your Social Media Strategy    
Are you a tech savvy REALTOR?
And do you have a strategy? Or is it hit and miss?
I am formalizing my social media strategy, something that should have been done before.
I go about my blogging and sharing information on social media sites pretty regularly, especially Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, but it is not always been as planful as it ought to be.
As I work on my social media strategy for 2013, I thought I would share my ideas and … (41 comments)

technology: Are You Circling Around Google+? - 11/14/12 12:15 PM
Are You Circling Around Google+?  
No doubt most people here on ActiveRain have heard of Google+.
If you haven’t then you have either been incredibly busy or your head is in the sand. It would be like saying “what’s Facebook?”
Hearing about Google+, knowing about it, and doing something about it are vastly different. Bet you can guess what you should be doing.
So are you circling around Google+???
Just in case you need some prodding, and some reasons to get on board, I strongly suggest the following article, which will lead you to others … (15 comments)

technology: Do You Have a Smart Desk? - 11/08/12 01:38 PM
Do You Have a Smart Desk?  
I heard a great quote today that really resonated with me, and prompted this post. Perhaps it will strike a chord with you as well.
I am attending the Annual CRS Meetings in Orlando, as a member of our Chapter leaderships and as a national Education Forum committee member. Today was a special day-long series called Listing Legends, a topic for another post. But the lead-in to the session, by moderator Dale Charlton, posed the question...
Do you have a smart desk?
We've all attended educational sessions, seminars, expos and other meetings where we … (8 comments)

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