technology: Should I Call, Email, or Text Them? - 10/12/12 12:37 AM
Should I Call, Email, or Text Them?  
I was at a mastermind meeting the other day and we got into a discussion about communication with clients.
It turned out to be a lively roundtable, since there were differing opinions as to what people preferred to use versus what their clients might want, as well as the pitfalls of different forms of communication, especially when things got dicey in a transaction and emotions ran high.
Should I call, email or text them?
There are no doubt varying opinions on this matter so chime in.
Use of … (21 comments)

technology: The Power of the Triangle - 10/05/12 09:48 AM
The Power of the Triangle  
Make no mistake, the triangle might just be the most powerful element you can include in your blogging.
Oh, that’s not to say your voice and content aren’t very important, which of course they are.
And we all know a great title will draw readers in, and photos and/or graphics add punch, emphasis and visual interest plus they can say a lot more than words.
But don’t let the power of the triangle, or your fear of using it in your posts, prevent you from missing some of the best … (11 comments)

technology: Technology I Use to Help You Sell Your Home - 08/29/12 09:17 AM
Technology I Use to Help You Sell Your Home  
Technology tools are a big part of my real estate business and there is abundant technology I use to help you sell your home in Carlsbad and surrounding areas, from start to finish.
Obviously there are many other components besides using technology for marketing, finding buyers, and getting through the transaction. And some technology tools are more a convenience that speed up and simplify the process rather than a requirement. But why not use those tools that make your life simpler and hassle-free?
Of course these do not take … (13 comments)

technology: Ok 1-816-659-1194, STOP Harassing Me NOW!! - 08/25/12 03:17 AM
Ok 1-816-659-1194, STOP Harassing Me NOW!!  
I don’t know who you are, nor do I give a hoot!
But I want you to stop harassing me.
I’ve had enough. 12 calls in 3 days and I suspect you’re not finished.
I didn’t answer your first call on my cell because I didn’t recognize the area code. Good thing. You’ve never left a message…no surprise…and I have no desire to find out more.
Nor am I going to give you whatever measly satisfaction you might get out of actually picking up the call … (10 comments)

technology: Want to Save Those Text Messages? Here's How with SMS Backup and Restore - 08/19/12 01:46 PM
I love learning new ways to be efficient - goodness knows I can certainly use the help - and not being efficient drives me nuts!
I do a lot of texting these days, far more than I was doing even a year ago. While some is with with family members the majority is with buyer and seller clients, and those dialogs are something I want to preserve, as I do all transaction emails, just in case.
No doubt YOU are also doing a lot of communicating with your clients during a transaction.
I attended the GOOGLE UNIVERSE BOOTCAMP last Friday in … (54 comments)

technology: Using Docusign Electronic Signatures – A Tutorial for My Clients - 07/18/12 04:34 PM
Using Docusign Electronic Signatures – A Tutorial for My Clients  
Like many agents these days, I am using Docusign electronic signatures more and more with buyers and sellers, except where they are not accepted (e.g., REOs and short sales, and a few conventional lenders will still not accept electronic signing…how archaic) or if people are not yet comfortable and prefer wet signatures, or do not use email.
Our MLS has an electronic signature application but it is not nearly as easy to use nor does it offer the functionality (as yet) of Docusign. So Docusign it is for my … (9 comments)

technology: I LOVE Zumocast - 10/07/11 02:13 PM
I LOVE Zumocast  
I used a new application today and fell in love…immediately.
I have now been 48 hours without my Blackberry, having said goodbye on Wednesday. I am now the proud owner of a Droid3 which I am still getting used to.
Cell phones are sooo passé.
I used Zumocast (by Motorola) today for the first time at a listing I have to access some old photos from the property from my laptop at home to show my client – we were doing some staging of the furniture that had been removed some time ago … (16 comments)

technology: ActiveRain is Like a Kick in the Pants - 09/28/11 05:09 PM
ActiveRain is Like a Kick in the Pants  
Some times some of us need a kick in the pants.
Perhaps it’s procrastinating or avoiding doing something, or we simply need some sort of jump start to get with the program.
It might be using a new gadget or application, trying out new marketing strategies, saying goodbye to a particular client when things are just not working, focusing more efforts on SEO, updating our profiles, blogging more regularly…you get the idea.
ActiveRain is that kick in the pants to get us moving.

There are … (42 comments)

technology: CRS 206 Technology 2-Day Class to be Held in Santa Maria, CA - 09/25/11 05:01 AM
CRS 206 Technology 2-Day Class to be Held in Santa Maria, CA  

The Southern California Chapter of Certified Residential Specialists (CRS) is pleased to announce that the 2-day CRS 206 Technology course will be offered in October.
CRS 206 Technology will be offered at the Santa Maria Association of REALTORS offices in Santa Maria, CA on October 5 and 6, 2011. The instructor will be Mike Selvaggio, a leading trainer for CRS and the NINJA courses, and former National President of CRS.
The cost is only $200 (normally $299 - $325) and there is a member … (2 comments)

technology: Do You HONK or MOO? Standing Out in the Crowd - 08/29/11 02:45 AM
Do You Honk or Moo?
Are you standing out in the crowd?

It's a crowded real estate world out there. There's lots of competition.
So are you one of the crowd or are you able to stand out?

Most of us no doubt want to stand out, and for the right reasons, not because we do a lousy job, are incompetent, provide crummy service or other negatives that make consumers to want to steer clear.
And with the market being what it is, and the not-so-stellar- rep our industry has, it may not be easy to stand out. … (16 comments)

technology: Let's Play in the Sandbox - 06/22/11 12:39 PM
Let's Play in the Sandbox I learned about a new application that I thought was pretty cool and wanted to pass it along. 
Have you ever had a virus invade your PC or laptop (who hasn't, multiple times?) Or discover spyware or malware? Sandboxie is designed to cure you and your laptop of these problems. 
I discovered Sandboxie when my laptop got sick while traveling back East and had to take the patient in to visit the Computer Doctors. Once they were able to rid my laptop of the viruses, buried deeply inside and rather resistant to being expelled, Sandboxie was … (18 comments)

technology: I wonder what it would be like without technology? - 06/08/11 02:41 AM
I wonder what it would be like without technology? It's unfathomable, isn't it?
I mean think about it!
As I sit here, early in the morning getting ready to head out to catch a flight back to the West Coast, again, surrounded by cords, battery chargers, 2 cell phones, and my laptop, it hit me.
What would I do without technology?
First of all, think about how much quieter it would be. Cell phones have got to be one of the noisiest toys around, between calls, voice mail messages and text messages, plus people talking on them … (19 comments)

technology: Applause for All San Diego Computer Repair - 05/14/11 01:12 AM
I just had to write this post about ALL SAN DIEGO COMPUTER REPAIR, founded by IT professional Eric Larson.
I had used All San Diego Computer Repair before, with excellent results, so when I got hit with a virus while traveling here is Washington DC for NAR/CRS late Thursday night, I got in touch right away.
I sent Eric a text message about 1 am EST and within minutes had a text back. He let me know his schedule the next day, which fortunately worked out well with the 3 hour time difference and my meetings schedule.
One of the things … (24 comments)

technology: Social Media Class in Southern California - Social Fusion: A Strategic Approach to Social Media - 03/12/11 02:50 PM
Social Media Class in Southern California "Social Fusion: A Strategic Approach to Social Media" The Southern California Chapter of Certified Residential Specialists (CRS) is sponsoring a newly-created class on social media:
"Social Fusion: A Strategic Approach to Social Media"

The purpose of the class is to provide agents with a better understanding of the new rules of marketing and show them how to utilize the different types of social media, create accounts in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., and vanity URLs, and to develop a strategy to implement in their business.  Social Fusion is understanding consumer, marketing and brand in today's … (14 comments)

technology: Are You Listening? REALLY Listening? - 02/22/11 11:32 AM
Are You Listening? REALLY Listening?  Sometime you hear such a profound talk by someone you respect that you feel compelled to share. 
Such was the keynote given by Jeff Turner at the CRS Sell-a-Bration at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando this past week. 
Jeff's comments were not directed just at real estate, but "listening as a strategy" in general, and in the social media world.
I won't try to convey all that he said. And what you are about to read is, well, what I heard and took in. I hope you find it helpful and take it to heart. Hopefully … (50 comments)

technology: The Curse of Your On-Line Presence When You Change Brokerages - 02/08/11 03:28 PM
The Curse of Your On-Line Presence When You Change Brokerages  OK, it was not really THAT bad, but when making my recent change from RE/MAX after 8 years to Solutions Real Estate in Carlsbad, I knew there were some issues to deal with. I tried to plan ahead and make my list...extensive, mind you...of all the places I knew I had a profile, signed up for a service, and so on. The obvious ones are easier, but then you start to realize all the others that you decided to join, for whatever reason, don't use much or at all.
The list was … (58 comments)

technology: No Email? No Website? Are You Kidding? - 01/14/11 11:32 AM
No Email? No Website? Are You Kidding?  I attended a trade expo on behalf of the Southern California Chapter of CRS some months ago. As we have done in the past we collected business cards from agents who came by to talk, learn more about the CRS designation, and just talk about the real estate business. 
I was going through about 100 cards today to send a follow-up email with information, and noticed 2 cards that truly took me by surprise. 
No Email
No Website
Are You Kidding? 

I had to take a second look, sure that I had missed … (236 comments)

technology: Sometimes the Littlest Things Can Drive You Nuts - 12/01/10 01:46 AM
Sometimes the Littlest Things Can Drive You Nuts They say you shouldn't sweat the small stuff. I don't believe it for a second. 
Whoever said that first is an idiot. They certainly weren't thinking about my Blackberry, or technology. 
Speaking of little things, my trackball went on the fritz the other day.  Not completely, just enough to drive me nuts. 
I could scroll left, right and up, but not down. Weird, and a pain in the tail. 
No scrolling down through emails and recent phone calls
No checking in on Foursquare
No accessing apps below the top navigation line 
It's amazing how such … (60 comments)

technology: I Love Dropbox - 11/10/10 02:38 PM
My new tech friend is Dropbox.  I'm sure you've heard of it, and perhaps are in love, too. But if not, it is well worth your investigation. 
And it's free. I love free, especially when it's cool stuff. 
I am using Dropbox,  as an example, right now to work with friend and web designer, Gregg Franklin, who is helping me launch my new blog. More on that in the new future. It's gonna be cool. 
Dropbox allows you to share files across computers. Imagine sharing tons of files (pdfs, word docs, excel files, photos) with your team, your transaction coordinator, your … (68 comments)

technology: Is it OK to Text While Having Sex? - 08/28/10 03:06 PM
Is it OK to Text While Having Sex? 
In our age of technology it seems almost no one is without a cell phone...
...Kids walking to and from elementary school with them
...more drivers on their cell phones than not - sans hands-held device which is illegal here in CA and other states
...Folks stroll the aisles at the supermarket, chat in the library, walk on the beach and on the side walks, ride their bicycles and skateboards, you get the idea. Folks are not just talking on their phones, but texting everywhere you turn, apparently while having sex, too. More on … (33 comments)

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