technology: Are You Still LISTENING to Your Voice Mail? - 04/18/09 04:11 PM
Are you STILL listening to your voice mail? Hmmm, that's a bit archaic in this day and age. 
If you are, I bet you experience some hassles: 
Having to dial back into your voice mail to listen to the message (oh, and getting that annoying ringtone reminder) Scrambling for a pen and a piece of paper to jot down the name of the person and the phone number to call Deleting the voice mail accidentally, instead of saving it (darn that phone keypad) Hitting redial on the call instead of listening to the message, only to find the number the caller … (65 comments)

technology: The NEW Relationship: It Ain't What it Used to Be - 04/07/09 03:56 AM
Relationships are the foundation of our business, and serve as a means by which one can acquire business as well as to transact it. While some real estate relationships might be described as business only, some become, and remain, much more personal.
In the recent past, relationships with buyers and sellers were forged more traditionally - through personal meetings, referrals from acquaintances and clients, or a walk in the brokerage door. Eye contact was made, hands were shaken, and we all started off on equal footing, knowing little about each other and navigating the "getting to know each other" stage much … (23 comments)

technology: The Skills of a Web 2.0 Practitioner - 03/21/09 09:41 AM
The last several years have seen unprecedented advances in the use of the Internet, and many people have discovered numerous ways technology can alter their personal and business lives.
With these technological advances has come the opportunity to acquire, and use, new skills.
As REALTORs in a customer service business that has increasingly become more competitive, these skills can lead to new marketing techniques, novel ways of developing and maintaining relationships, and foster the attitude that technology can serve (often, but not always) to make business and personal life simpler and easier to manage.
With that, however, has come the expectation … (34 comments)

technology: Don't You Want to Know What I am Doing to Market Your Home? - 03/12/09 02:45 AM
Why You Should Have a Written Marketing Plan
You have hired me as your listing agent, to help you find a qualified buyer for your Carlsbad home. It's a weighty task, with lots of responsibilities in a competitive market. And for that task, when the home sells, you will pay me an agreed-upon professional fee of potentially thousands of dollars.
Don't you want to know what I am doing to earn that fee? 
I suspect you do. And you should.
But it's surprising how many listings are out on the Internet where it is obvious the seller is not well informed about what their agent … (9 comments)

technology: It's All the Internet's Fault - 01/17/09 02:16 AM
I didn't do it. Really. None of this was intended. It's all the Internet's fault. Life was reasonably simple until the Internet came along. Supposedly it makes life easier, or more efficient, and things happen more quickly, and all that stuff. I'm not so sure some days.

See if you agree. If not, that's fine. 
The Internet has sucked away my personal and sleep time - 24 hours used to work but it's not enough any more.
The Internet has created a feeling of anonymity so folks feel they can do and say whatever they want - and they do. … (20 comments)

technology: Do You Write What YOU Want, or What CONSUMERS Want? - 01/16/09 01:59 AM
There is amazing diversity of articles here on ActiveRain from an equally impressive group of folks in all areas of the real estate business. People create post from a broad range of perspectives covering all sorts of topics related directly, or indirectly, to the business as well as articles that have nothing to do with real estate at all.
How do you decide what to write?
Do you write what YOU want or what consumers want?
It seems that some folks are writing for the points. Plain and simple. Not many, but some (people, that is). That's fine. I'm steering away … (82 comments)

technology: New Listings Turn Me On! - 12/30/08 03:49 PM
I can get revved up about a number of things. New listings for one. They really turn me on. It doesn't matter if I am the only agent the sellers interviewed before making their choice...I love when that happens...or I was the one selected out of several people interviewed.
I work with both buyers and sellers, so perhaps my perspective is a little different. Maybe not. But new listings get me pumped up and raring to go. I can't wait to get started and tell everyone about the new home.

Being enthusiastic is, of course, important. It … (9 comments)

technology: Want to Dress up YOUR Photo for the Holidays? - 12/07/08 12:31 PM
A couple of years ago I learned about this site for "pimping our pics." I was fairly new to AR and seems to me the thank you for introducing me, and perhaps many AR folks, to this site goes to Maureen Francis. My memory may be faulty - it often is - but it's a nice thought anyhow.
I played with a few photos and dressed one to use for the holidays. I have now used it two years in a row. Maybe I should do something new...there are lots of options, but I was happy with the original so I … (18 comments)

technology: How Many Ways Can You Use Real Estate Shows (RES)? - 12/01/08 02:11 PM
There are a number of ways I use RES shows in my business for buyers, sellers and marketing in general.
I am, of course, referring to Jeff Turner's Real Estate Shows virtual tours that you all likely know about. If you don't, your head has been in the sand, I think. And you are missing out on a terrific marketing and advertising tool if you are not using it, IMO. But you may have your reasons. It can't be financial - AR folks get a 1 year subscription for unlimited shows for $99.95.
RES shows' leading proponent (other than Jeff himself, … (12 comments)

technology: Who am I? I am an Internet Lead! - 10/22/08 07:27 AM
Do you know who I am? I'm an Internet lead.
Much has been written about me. I seem to get talked about in every real estate seminar and keynote speech, big and small. I'm pretty popular these days. Cool beans.
Many of you seek me out, or try. SEO experts pound the pavement and make big bucks with suggestions on how to capture me, even though I don't want to be "caught," and won't.
There are scads of polls out there claiming to know who I am, that categorize my behavior, and characterize me, in order to shed light on my … (6 comments)

technology: Learnings from the California Association of REALTORS Tech Tuesday - 10/15/08 02:51 AM
I wasn't on AR most of yesterday due to attending the first day of the C.A.R. (California Association of REALTORS) in Long Beach, California.
I always come away from these events with new learning, and many thoughts about what to implement in my business. Some I get to some I don't. And I always run into folks I know or meet new ones.
Yesterday I spent some time with Irina Netchaev, Ted Mackel (who I met off-line for the first time last month at REBlogWorld08 in Las Vegas), Mana Tulberg, and Elaine Hanson (who I know on-line but met for the … (5 comments)

technology: Click or Call - 09/24/08 11:20 AM
Click or call. It's a choice we often have.
~ Shop on-line or call a bricks and mortar store ~ Arrange a flight on-line or contact a travel agent (yes, they still exist, and yes, they can add value) ~ Make a restaurant reservation at Open Table or call directly Our prospects are faced with these choices as well. At first, the tendency, for many, is to click. On a blog or a website, a link on Google.  We know that about 80% of buyers are clicking before they are calling.
So, of course we need to be there so they … (64 comments)

technology: New 760 Area Code for Carlsbad and Surrounds - Maybe? Maybe Not! - 09/15/08 03:25 PM
It was announced a number of months ago that a new area code was being planned for our area.
The 760 area code covers the largest area in all of California. Not only do we have it here in Carlsbad but folks all the way up in Barstow (one of the hotter places in all of California) do as well...'bout 2 1/2 hours northeast heading toward Las Vegas. The new area code, 442 has been proposed for the SW part of the state, and a significant portion of San Diego County would then need to switch to this new area code.

technology: Ghana Spammer Strikes Again - 09/09/08 04:05 AM
We've all been spammed zillions of times from folks around the world who want to give us money, usually millions! If only life were so simple.
You have to admire the inventiveness of some of these spammers.
The heart-wrenching stories the pleas for help getting the loved one and money out of the country the congratulations on winning the biggest sweepstakes in the world, and on and on. And messages from such important heads of state!! I feel so honored.
The subject headers are dead giveaways, and fortunately spam filters capture most of these charletans, along with emails about Viagra, enhancing … (8 comments)

technology: A New Way to Write a Post on Your Blog: Use Voice Cloud - 08/15/08 07:19 PM
I just discovered another really cool way to write a post.
For those of you who have used Jott before you probably know that you can send Jott to your blog on Blogger (see my test post), Wordpress or other applications.
Jeff Turner wrote a great post introducing us to Jott a few months ago…if you haven't seen it, check it out. You can write a short post by calling into Jott, recording the post and sending it to the appropriate link, whether it's on Blogger, Wordpress, Twitter or others sites Jott allows; you set up the links directly on Jott … (23 comments)

technology: My Web 2.0 Vocabulary is Changing, or Is It Changing Me? - 08/12/08 07:21 PM
Intriguing thought, isn’t it?
We often hear new words that, over time, become commonplace in our daily lives. Some are made up, some are real entities or products, and some is jargon and slang. Some seem to emerge in the media or on TV.
Brangelina comes quickly to mind…not that I care, mind you, but you can’t avoid it, especially being here is La La Land as they call it. Who thinks up this stuff anyway? Cripes, there’s even a website for this nonsense. Get a life. Who really cares? Maybe TomKat does.
And there’s yada yada yada. Dude, is there … (31 comments)

technology: My Longest and My Shortest Transactions - Challenges and Lessons Learned - 08/09/08 09:06 AM
This is about a real estate dichotomy - the longest and the shortest transactions - and some valuable lessons.
I just finished my longest closing ever 2 days ago, on an REO for a first time buyer in the military. I'm sure there are others' whose closings far outshine this one, but it was a first for me. About 3 ½ months (114 days to be exact). Despite all the headaches, set-backs, surprises, and unexpected costs, the bottom line is my buyer got his first home. Unfortunately he is out of the area in medical training for 30 days now, returns … (2 comments)

technology: Carlsbad Buyers - Are You Using Technology to Your Advantage? (Part 3 of 3) - 08/08/08 04:19 AM
Here's the final article in this series on using technology to your advantage.
If you missed the first two articles:
Carlsbad Buyers - Are You Using Technology to Your Advantage (Searching for a Home)
Carlsbad Buyers - Are You Using Technology to Your Advantage (Finding an Agent)

In this section we talk about the all-important communication that must occur during any real estate transaction. Here are some things you should expect when working with a REALTOR and the kind of communication that is, or should be, pretty normal.

Working with a REALTOR during … (5 comments)

technology: Carlsbad Buyers - Are You Using Technology to Your Advantage? (Part 1 of 3) - 08/05/08 11:45 AM
There probably aren’t too many of you who are looking for a Carlsbad home (or anywhere for that matter) that aren’t using technology in some manner. In this day and age it is hard to escape. But are you using technology to YOUR advantage?
This is a 3-part series on how Carlsbad buyers can use technology to their advantage before and during a real estate transaction.
Here we begin with the home search.
Searching for a home, whether locally or for a relocation, is best accomplished on the Internet.
Whether you are venturing out on your search … (9 comments)

technology: Hate Voice Mail? Try VoiceCloud - 06/25/08 03:15 AM
Inspiration for this post, and for trying VoiceCloud, came from local Carlsbad friend and blogger Roberta Murphy, and Pat Kitano. I owe them a big thank you! You will too.
I first read Roberta's post on VoiceCloud, which got me thinking, and then saw Pat's post as a subscriber to his blog. That was it - two recommendations from two trusted bloggers and I was hooked.
If you hate checking voice mail on your cell, or perhaps just prefer a better way to get messages, VoiceCloud is the answer.
Messages are send to your email as MP3 files AND transcribed into … (35 comments)

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