text messaging: There’s a Time to Text and a Time to Talk - 11/14/15 03:23 AM
There’s a Time to Text and a Time to Talk
No doubt communication has changed in recent years. There was a time when your choice was pretty much face to face or on the phone.
Then along came email, followed by smartphones and the advent of texting.
Like it or love it, texting is a popular of sharing information, connecting, asking questions, providing help, and so much more. For some it’s the way they want to communicate with others, whether it’s a friend, family member or their real estate agent.
Those individuals growing up surrounded by technology may be the heartiest of texters, with many … (112 comments)

text messaging: Do You Text at the Dinner Table? - 10/03/15 05:08 AM
Do You Text at the Dinner Table?
It seems almost no one is without a smart phone these days:
Kids walk to and from school with them
There seem to be more drivers on their cell phones than not, and not using hands-free devices…illegal in many states, including CA
People stroll the aisles at the supermarket, chat in the library, walk on the beach and on side walks, ride bicycles and skateboards, and sit on the pot in public restrooms on the phone
And people aren’t just talking on their phones, but texting everywhere it seems.
Is there any place or time that is sacred these days … (22 comments)

text messaging: What Form of Communication do Your Sellers Prefer? - 10/08/14 12:43 AM
 What Form of Communication do Your Sellers Prefer?
Communication is obviously essential during our real estate transactions, in particular between us and our seller clients. This is true before they get an offer, and perhaps more so afterwards.
What form of communication do your sellers prefer?
Do you know?
Do you ask?
I attended a panel of sellers sponsored by Hear it Direct (if you aren’t familiar with Hear it Direct, you can read more about it on their website) while at the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®Convention. The panel of 5 sellers, in various stages of selling (pre-list, … (107 comments)

text messaging: Should I Call, Email, or Text Them? - 10/12/12 12:37 AM
Should I Call, Email, or Text Them?  
I was at a mastermind meeting the other day and we got into a discussion about communication with clients.
It turned out to be a lively roundtable, since there were differing opinions as to what people preferred to use versus what their clients might want, as well as the pitfalls of different forms of communication, especially when things got dicey in a transaction and emotions ran high.
Should I call, email or text them?
There are no doubt varying opinions on this matter so chime in.
Use of … (21 comments)

text messaging: Want to Save Those Text Messages? Here's How with SMS Backup and Restore - 08/19/12 01:46 PM
I love learning new ways to be efficient - goodness knows I can certainly use the help - and not being efficient drives me nuts!
I do a lot of texting these days, far more than I was doing even a year ago. While some is with with family members the majority is with buyer and seller clients, and those dialogs are something I want to preserve, as I do all transaction emails, just in case.
No doubt YOU are also doing a lot of communicating with your clients during a transaction.
I attended the GOOGLE UNIVERSE BOOTCAMP last Friday in … (54 comments)

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