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 In Honor of Earth Day(every day is an opportunity to be responsible).  I heard about this product a couple of months ago and it took me some to find it on line. I enjoy gardening and also finding more ways to reduce my impact on the environment. Here's one option, regardless of where you live, t...
In continuation of my previous blog celebrating Earth Day and the inspiration the natural world provides-I have assembled similar natural tones in this collection of swatches collected from last weeks hike into the Waianae Valley on Western Oahu. Greens and browns with highlight shades. The Lau a...
In Honor of Earth Day, I decided to create some color palettes from nature's bounty here in Hawaii. These pictures I took while hiking in the Waianae Valley on the western shores of Oahu last weekend. Hawaiian decor often brings the out of doors in and vice versa, creating home environments that ...
E komo mai- welcome to our beautiful corner of the world     Hawaii is much more than just a vacation destination it is home to a little over a million persons and it is the most remote archipelago in the world. Renowned for it's beauty and culture, Hawaii has become the gateway to the East and t...
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Questions for Kimo: My Realtor showed me a property designed by Ossipoff, who is he? My Realtor could only tell me he was a renowned architect in Hawaii. I love discussing Ossipoff, Hawaii's Master of modernism: Vladimir Ossipoff (1907-1998)was Russian born, raised in Japan and educated at Berkle...
What's all this flack I read about the super ferry and is it true that it's forbidden to sail to Kauai?   Well,  your first question is a complicated one with too many facets to easily explain in a single blog. However, I can awnser the axillary question.   Yes, currently the Super Ferry is only ...
You may or may not understand what I'm talking about but I could'nt have done it without all of you, my bruddahs and sistahs at AR-Land.    And I did't even break a sweat but alas my fingers did the walking. I thought I might celebrate in song, with all of you who strolled along side of me and he...
Questions for Kimo: Is investing in China's Real Estate markets still advisable and where can I go to find out about investing in the markets there?   Your first question is a complicated one especially since change is a constant and acceptance toward foreign investment is being tempered by Bejin...
Questions for Kimo: How many Realtor's does it take to change a light bulb?Awnser: All of them!   Hey, that isn't funny, at least I don't think it is. Well, here's the gas about the new CFL's that we've been hearing about in Hawaii Lately. If you haven't heard CFL stands for compact fluorescent l...

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