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Inspired by Active Rain Staffer Mike Judge's blog post challenge to ask him anything, I thought I would do the same; as my blog is titled Questions for Kimo, I think it would be apropos. So while I patiently wait for Mike to answer my Active Rain question posed to him I thought I would field a fe...
Those of you who don't live as close to the equator as I do might be lamenting the end of summer's balmy days and the grasp of fall's chilly nights. Nothing motivates the mind quite like a good read when curling up in the snugness of ones boudoir preparing for that long winter's nap. Even in Hawa...
Before western contact mental illness was virtually unheard of in Hawaii. There are several accounting factors for this including: a culture that was very open, accepting, loving, nurturing, and more apt to respect ability and natural talent over discriminating views toward gender or sexual prefe...
A Day of Feng Shui - without the furniture being rearranged! Feng Shui, to many Westerners, is as unknown as the place of it's origin; China if you didn't know. More importantly it is an aspect of a philosophy on living a happy fulfilling existence regardless of circumstance. You may understand F...
  Whether designing a property for sale or for personal purposes, the essential design process is the same.  Understanding the architectural interplay with decor will help create a room that leaves a positive impression on the potential buyer or design client instead of leaving them befuddled or ...
  Celebrating Hawaii's Famous Chiefs from ancient times: Hawaii has many myths and legends surrounding it's ancient rulers or Ali'i. One such famous Chief was Umi the peasant King of Hawai'i. Born to the unwed union of a commoner of exceptional beauty and the legendary King Liloa of the big islan...
Master Bath Virtual Remodel - Pearl Ridge Hawaii - JDS Consulting Hawaii Decor Design and Home Staging Many of our clients at JDS Consulting are simply looking for a little inspiration in their design projects. We point our clients in the right direction by providing suggested designs, materials,...

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