hawaii: A Day at Hānaiakamalama, Queen Emma's Summer Palace Oct. 1st. 2016 - 09/27/16 07:47 AM

A Day at Queen Emma
Summer Palace 2016
The 40th! Hele mai local foods, crafts and music!
A $5 entrance fee for an entire day of fun.
Kimo Hanohano will host the event with Ka'hai Topolinski and Ka Pā Hula Hawai'i, The Royal Hawaiian Band, Naluhoe, Kualoa, the Kamehameha and Punahou Alumni Glee Clubs and more.
About Hānaiakamalama:
Queen Emma Summer Palace or Hānaiakamalama (The Southern Cross), served as a summer retreat for Queen Emma of Hawai‘i from 1857 to 1885, as well as for her husband King Kamehameha IV, and their son, Prince Albert Edward. It is a now a historic landmark, museum, and tourist … (3 comments)

hawaii: Kimo's Advent Calendar: Decorate Door #13. - 12/12/14 06:31 AM
Kimo's Advent Calendar: 
Decorate Door #13.

Holiday Wreaths Hawaiian Style
 Lehua blossom holiday wreaths are beautiful to behold and dry well.
Kimo's Advent Calendar celebrates Hawaii's ethnic diversity and the many traditions that combine to make the holidays in Hawai'i a magical season of giving and sharing time with family and friends. I'm posting an Advent Door a day until Kalikimaka (Christmas), featuring a word or cultural tradition found here in Hawai'i that celebrates the joy of the holidays and our time spent together.
Some of the most beautiful holiday wreaths made in Hawaii are the Lehua  Kalikimaka Leis(Christmas Wreaths) and the Big Island is particularly well known … (10 comments)

hawaii: Kimo's Advent Calendar: Discovery in Door #8. - 12/07/14 05:44 AM
Kimo's Advent Calendar: 
Discovery in Door #8.

Ahi Poke - Raw Cubed Yellowfin Tuna
Mmmmm sooo Ono...
The diversity and multi-cultural melting bowl that is Hawaii is especially noticeable during the holiday's with it's multitude of celebratory traditions. In celebration of this multi-culturalism I'm posting an Advent Door a day until Kalikimaka(Christmas), featuring a word or cultural tradition found here in Hawai'i that celebrates the season of giving.
Ahi Tuna Poke is a Native Hawaiian delicacy: Hawaiian fishermen from ancient times to today have prized the Ahi Tuna. Poke in Hawaiian means slice or cut and Ahi Poke is raw cubed cut Yellowfin tuna seasoned in any number of ways. Like Japanese Sashimi, poke is wildly popular through out the Hawaiian Islands, especially during … (7 comments)

hawaii: Kimo's Advent Calendar: Have a look in Door #16. - 12/04/14 07:38 AM
Kimo's Advent Calendar: 
Have a look in Door #16.

The Parol - Filipino Christmas Star
Said the night wind to the little lamb:Do you see what I see?...
A star, a star dancing in the night with a tail as big as a kite...
In order to honor Hawai'i's many multicultural gift giving traditions that make the holiday season here in Hawai'i an experience unlike any other, I'm posting an Advent Door a day until Kalikimaka(Christmas), featuring a word or cultural tradition found here in Hawai'i that celebrates the generosity of the season.
Through out the Christmas season in Hawai’i, star-shaped lanterns can be found hanging outside the homes of Hawaiians of Filipino decent. The Lanterns are called Parol and these … (7 comments)

hawaii: Kimo's Advent Calendar: Opening Door #2. - 12/01/14 09:11 AM
Kimo's Advent Calendar: 
Behind Door #2.
Makana / Gift
Give and thou shalt receive
In the spirit of good tidings I thought I would unite some of the many multicultural traditions that make the Hawaiian holiday season uniquely Hawaiian buy offering an Advent Door a day until Kalikimaka(Christmas), featuring a word or tradition found here in Hawai'i that celebrates the magical season of giving!
Makana in the Hawaiian language means gift or reward, the best gifts are those that are given freely from the heart without expectation. The idea that to give is to receive may seem contradictory but when one realizes that humanity resides on a relatively tiny spec, called Earth in … (15 comments)

hawaii: Hoakalei Residential Resort Community O'ahu Hawai'i - 10/14/14 06:37 AM
Hoakalei Residential Resort Community O'ahu Hawai'i  

  Find similar condos for sale here- Greater Oahu Residential Development Projects
Hoakalei Resort is a 726-acre master-planned resort community scheduled for completion in 2016 with 887 units. The resort lies along the Ewa coastline on the leeward side of Oahu, approximately 25-minutes from Honolulu along the H1 freeway. This unique multi-neighborhood community overlooks Hoakalei Country Club with many model units to choose from.
In addition to the neighborhood pool, spa and barbecue areas, homeowners will also enjoy access to the planned Wai Kai Hale Club, a private area at the water’s edge. Wai Kai is … (2 comments)

hawaii: Is this view for you? How to target your market. - 08/28/13 06:01 AM
Is this view for you? How to target your market.
Believe it or not, not everyone finds this view worth purchasing, but there are many who do. Professional Home Stagers have long touted that when preparing a property for sale the design aesthetic should appeal to as many buyers as possible. The nominative term is "Broad Buyer Appeal"; and it's marketing goal is to attract anyone and everyone looking to buy a home. On a visceral level this makes sense; why not attract as many buyers as possible, eventually the right buyer will come along. However, statistics and reality often tell a very different story; a … (6 comments)

hawaii: 175TH Birthday Celebration For Queen Lili'uokalani - 08/24/13 09:38 AM

175TH Birthday Celebration For Queen Lili'uokalani
Onipa'a Celebration
Sunday, September 1, 2013, ‘Iolani Palace
Welina mai nei kākou a pau;
Greetings to you all!
This is an invitation to you, your family and or organization to spend the day with us as we plan to honor Queen Liliʻuokalaniʻs 175th birthday, as a beloved leader of peace and justice.  This 7th annual commemoration-celebration will take place at ‘Iolani Palace on Sunday Sept. 1st, from 9:50 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the palace grounds, followed by a special ‘oli performance on the steps of ‘Iolani Palace at 3:15 p.m., and the … (3 comments)

hawaii: A Colorful Journey-春節-Kung Hee Fat Choi-Happy Chinese New Year-農曆新年 - 02/05/11 08:02 PM
 農曆新年 春節  
Please enjoy this brief slide show of some of the New Year excitement. 
There is nothing quite as colorful as a Chinese New Year parade, and Honolulu's Chinatown hosts one of the most vibrant. The Agrarian Calender New Year 農曆新年 also known as the Spring Festival 春節 officially begins on the 2nd of February; culminating with the lively nighttime Lantern Festival. The Chinese New Year is usually celebrated on the 2nd new moon after the winter solstice and ends with the full moon 15 days later. Red symbolizes Happiness and Gold, wealth, may you have plenty of both in the coming year!
Happy Year 4709 
A Colorful Journey - Kung Hee Fat … (10 comments)

hawaii: I'm an Hawaiian Ask Me Anything About Hawaii! - 09/30/09 08:15 AM
Inspired by Active Rain Staffer Mike Judge's blog post challenge to ask him anything, I thought I would do the same; as my blog is titled Questions for Kimo, I think it would be apropos. So while I patiently wait for Mike to answer my Active Rain question posed to him I thought I would field a few from those who might be interested in learning more about my beautiful home, Hawaii.

JDS Consulting- Hawaii Home Staging and Decor Design. Providing Real Estate Merchandising services including: Home Staging, Interior Decor, Turn Key, Landscaping, Remodeling, & Open House Hosting. Diamond Head, Kahala, Waikiki, Kapahulu, Kailua, Makiki, Tantalus, Hawaii Kai, Manoa, Nu'uanu, Ala … (5 comments)

hawaii: 50 years of Hawaii Statehood: Fact or Fiction? - 08/18/09 11:45 AM
Monday, August 10, 2009  Some Hawaiian activists reject statehood, saying it's a 'crime' Activists point to illegal acts, starting with the overthrow By Michael TsaiAdvertiser Staff Writer  In 1959, what opposition there was to Hawai'i statehood was based on a variety of factors, from fears that communists had infiltrated the territory's labor unions to concerns that statehood would further disenfranchise its Native Hawaiian population. Fifty years later, Hawaiian activists are calling for an end to the statehood era, not as a goal unto itself but as a necessary step in remediating a series of illegal acts through which, they say, the United States robbed … (8 comments)

hawaii: Nu'uanu Hawaii, Virtual Master Suite Make Over Part II: The Master Bath - 08/10/09 10:09 AM
Virtual Master Suite Make Over Part II: The Master Bath 
Virtual Master Suite Make Over Part I

In continuation of our virtual master suite makeover we move to the bathroom of our Nu'uanu, Hawaii Condo project. Our clients have a tiled water closet in the master bath separating the bath and toilet from the vanity area which is carpeted. For this post and project we focused on the vanity area alone.
Renovating Kitchens and bathrooms traditionally returns the most money on your investment at the resale of the property. As Real Estate Merchandisers we advise are clients to maximize … (7 comments)

hawaii: Nu'uanu Hawaii, Virtual Master Suite Make Over: Breakfast in Bed at Tiffany's! - 08/04/09 10:23 AM
Part I: The Master Bedroom - A diamond in the rough.
 The heroine of this master suite makeovers name has been changed for dramatic purposes to "Tiffany"; whose family is in the process of remodeling their Nu'uanu Condo. Tiffany and Co. needed help with design choices and contacted JDS Consulting for some Do It Yourself advice. After our initial consultation we determined that the new diggs would have a Modern, Contemporary Asian design aesthetic with an earth tone color palette to compliment the view. We also needed the space to potentially function as both a second home and or rental, so stylish … (18 comments)

hawaii: The Devil wears Prada and makes one hell of a Real Estate Merchandiser. - 05/27/09 09:51 PM
There are many marketing and merchandising truths in the fashionably funny film "The Devil Wears Prada" based on the novel by Lauren Weisberger of the same name. When it comes to real estate merchandising, color selection is serious business and a priority in Real Estate Merchandising as well as in the Fashion World! The film clip below is one of my favorites.

There's an old adage about God and the devil being found in the details and when it comes to real estate merchandising there is a fine line between too little and too much color. So if … (35 comments)

hawaii: Questions for Kimo: I would like to use Hawaiian indigenous plants to spruce up my curb appeal... - 04/01/09 02:27 PM
Questions for Kimo: I would like to use Hawaiian indigenous plants to spruce up my curb appeal, where can I go to see them in a natural setting to get ideas?  
It's not easy to recognize plants that are indigenous to Hawaii from the multitudes of imported varieties. However, If you are in the Honolulu area, a convenient place to find indigenous plantings in a natural albeit planned garden is the Lili'uokalani Botanical Garden in Nu'uanu.
This startling oasis, just a few blocks from downtown Honolulu and it's towering skyscrapers, has a wonderful selection of native plants and trees to give gardeners inspiration. Many are … (7 comments)

hawaii: Knowing your Banana from your Lauhala: - 03/18/09 12:33 PM
Knowing your Banana from your Lauhala: Not all tropical matting is created equal-
When it comes to Hawaiiana or tropical decor, natural matting (matting created from the weaving of palm or plant leaves) is a warm, eco friendly, and sustainable product found in many homes here in Hawaii.
From the multimillion dollar estates in Diamond Head and Kahala to the country cottages of Makaha this all natural matting can be utilized in many ways from flooring to veneers to wall coverings, to ceiling treatments.


Before Western contact, Hawaiian homes typically would have several layers of matting on the … (17 comments)

hawaii: Kung Hee Fat Choy! Part III. China Town Renaissance. - 02/10/09 02:13 PM

Kung Hee Fat Choy! part III. China Town's Renaissance.  
Part I  -  Part II

In the last installment of my 3 part Blog series celebrating Chinese New Year in Hawaii we observe the revitalization of China Town in recent times and the many interesting places to see and visit.

Pictured Above- The Wo Fat building, a former Hotel on Honolulu's infamous Hotel Street, has become the iconic symbol of China Town today - New Year revelers pack the streets in Honolulu's Historic China Town neighborhood.
It was not too long ago in recent history … (2 comments)

hawaii: Sailing Aboard the Historic Hōkūleʻa , Hawai'i's 'Bright Star'. - 01/21/09 12:42 PM
Sailing Aboard the Historic Hōkūleʻa,
Hawai'i's 'Bright Star'... 
In celebration of my 100th post I thought I would share one of my latest adventures this past Tuesday, aboard Hawaii's most famous vessel, the Hōkūleʻa . Polynesian navigators, using only celestial navigation and environmental observations managed to navigate and colonize the great breadth of the pacific ocean a millenium before Westerners discovered longitude and could accurately travel the world's oceans. In the long process of proving these skills to those Westerners who doubted such know how existed, the Hokule'a was lovingly created.
Incredulous to the idea that Polynesians were superior sailors and navigators, many Westerners believed … (8 comments)

hawaii: Questions for Kimo: Where's the best place to learn about the Hawaiian culture...? - 01/08/09 08:27 AM
Questions for Kimo: Our family is re-locating to Hawaii and we are wondering where's the best place to learn about Hawaiian culture?
In my opinion the best and most family orientated place to learn about Hawaiian culture is the Bishop Museum, located at 1525 Bernice Street, Honolulu, Hawai'i 96817  Phone: 808.847.3511. The Museum is located in Palama just off the Like Like and H1 Highways. It's a little bit out of the way for tourists and new comers but it's well worth the trip for visitors and locals alike.   

"The Bishop Museum is the largest museum in the state and the premier natural and cultural history institution … (6 comments)

hawaii: Robbing Peter to pay Paul: The State of Hawaii's crusade to sell land it doesn't own. - 10/23/08 08:47 AM
Robbing Peter to pay Paul: The State of Hawaii's crusade to sell land it doesn't own.  
There has been much concern recently on the outcome of the Hawaii Supreme Court Ruling that prohibits the State of Hawaii from selling confiscated land that belonged to the Hawaiian Kingdom. Governor Linda Lingle and Attorney General Mark Bennett has appealed this decision to the US Supreme court which will review the case in 2009. 
As a native Hawaiian these lands represent more than just valuable land assets and potential state revenue. I believe these lands should not be left to the machinations of state government so … (7 comments)

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