real estate merchandising: Is this view for you? How to target your market. - 08/28/13 06:01 AM
Is this view for you? How to target your market.
Believe it or not, not everyone finds this view worth purchasing, but there are many who do. Professional Home Stagers have long touted that when preparing a property for sale the design aesthetic should appeal to as many buyers as possible. The nominative term is "Broad Buyer Appeal"; and it's marketing goal is to attract anyone and everyone looking to buy a home. On a visceral level this makes sense; why not attract as many buyers as possible, eventually the right buyer will come along. However, statistics and reality often tell a very different story; a … (6 comments)

real estate merchandising: Selling Real Estate and the Art of Storytelling: adding narrative to your sales pitch! - 02/08/12 08:36 PM

A good story doesn't cost a what's your story?
Lets face it just about everyone enjoys a good story, even the potential buyers looking at your property for sale. In Hawaii we call it Talking Story which colloquially means both story telling and social conversation. When it comes to Real Estate Merchandising and Marketing, storytelling or in this case Story-SELLING is more than just anecdotal ice breakers or idle gossip but a highly evolved art of association that casts the potential buyer as the protagonist in the drama that is your property for sale. 
In the antiques and diamond selling business it's called provenance. Similar to a chain of title … (23 comments)

real estate merchandising: Isn't Home Staging and Real Estate Merchandising the same thing? NO it's not! - 03/31/11 10:52 AM
It's all about getting noticed
in a sea of for sale signs. . .

Recently after discussing Home Staging and merchandising techniques with a fellow AR Home Stager. I made a comment that the property we were discussing was actually merchandised and NOT staged which solicited the comment,
Isn't Home Staging and Real Estate Merchandising essentially the same thing?
My reply was an emphatic, NO it's not! 
But isn't the purpose of merchandising to make a property for sale as appealing as possible to buyers which is what Home Staging is doing?
Yes, but there … (17 comments)

real estate merchandising: Finding the Right Fabric to Make it Fabulous! An upholstery and fabric field guide... - 01/08/11 11:23 AM
When merchandising a property for sale, especially high end residences, fabric can play a very important role in establishing a sense of opulence and grandeur; allowing buyers to picture themselves at home in your Real Estate for sale. The tactile and visual elements of upholstery found in sofas, chairs, wall coverings, and drapery can transform a ho-hum interior space into an elegant, warm, and inviting womb that buyers are loath to leave. Surprisingly fabric selection is probably the most difficult element to master when it comes to interior decor, this is largely do to the staggering selection of fabrics available in today's … (11 comments)

real estate merchandising: The Master Bedroom: Virtually Redesigning the Boudoir (a la Nipponaise)! - 03/24/10 10:26 AM
The Master Bedroom: Virtually Redesigning the Boudoir (a la Nipponaise)!
Creating a peaceful space away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world is usually the impetus when designing a Master Bedroom. There are many subtle factors that can be utilized in designing a peaceful and relaxing room that when combined, can harmoniously transform a space into the ultimate "Dream Machine". Our clients had been in the process of slowly updating their home room by room and had finally come to the Master Bedroom just in time for their retirement years. They wanted to make sure that they created a space that … (8 comments)

real estate merchandising: Do Your Clients... Need a Face Lift? - 11/19/09 08:31 AM
Do Your Clients Bathroom or Kitchen Cabinets Need a Face Lift?
Often times a small remodeling budget precludes any cabinet updating save for a few coats of paint. If you have dowdy laminate cabinets, paint usually doesn't make the grade when trying to give an attractive update to an old kitchen or bathroom, mainly because laminate does not hold the paint very well and can peal off easily and or bubble in humid environments. The steam from your shower or boiling pot of pasta can ruin the paint job faster than you can say spaghetti carbonara.

As most sellers are under a tight budget these … (11 comments)

real estate merchandising: Is going turn key with a rental unit a good idea? - 10/13/09 11:12 AM
Going turn key: attracting vacation renters with your rental units. 
There are many factors that should be considered when determining to go turn key with your rental unit. As every property has it's own unique strengths and challenges it is best to consult with an experienced property manager before fully furnishing your rental unit as a vacation rental. This post examines from my personal experience some important issues to consider before adding everything from soup bowls to nutcrackers to your investment property. As a Real Estate Merchandiser working mainly in property management, I often see different types of rental units in various conditions. Everything from unfurnished long term to … (2 comments)

real estate merchandising: Inspirational Books for Designer's: summer's over but the book list continues- - 09/28/09 08:34 AM
Those of you who don't live as close to the equator as I do might be lamenting the end of summer's balmy days and the grasp of fall's chilly nights. Nothing motivates the mind quite like a good read when curling up in the snugness of ones boudoir preparing for that long winter's nap. Even in Hawaii the rainy days of winter can dampen the spirit but here is a book list to help keep the circulation flowing.

For Home Stagers and Real Estate Merchandisers color selection is Primo and Pantone is the science behind color forecasting and selection; this … (12 comments)

real estate merchandising: Nu'uanu Hawaii, Virtual Master Suite Make Over Part II: The Master Bath - 08/10/09 10:09 AM
Virtual Master Suite Make Over Part II: The Master Bath 
Virtual Master Suite Make Over Part I

In continuation of our virtual master suite makeover we move to the bathroom of our Nu'uanu, Hawaii Condo project. Our clients have a tiled water closet in the master bath separating the bath and toilet from the vanity area which is carpeted. For this post and project we focused on the vanity area alone.
Renovating Kitchens and bathrooms traditionally returns the most money on your investment at the resale of the property. As Real Estate Merchandisers we advise are clients to maximize … (7 comments)

real estate merchandising: Nu'uanu Hawaii, Virtual Master Suite Make Over: Breakfast in Bed at Tiffany's! - 08/04/09 10:23 AM
Part I: The Master Bedroom - A diamond in the rough.
 The heroine of this master suite makeovers name has been changed for dramatic purposes to "Tiffany"; whose family is in the process of remodeling their Nu'uanu Condo. Tiffany and Co. needed help with design choices and contacted JDS Consulting for some Do It Yourself advice. After our initial consultation we determined that the new diggs would have a Modern, Contemporary Asian design aesthetic with an earth tone color palette to compliment the view. We also needed the space to potentially function as both a second home and or rental, so stylish … (18 comments)

real estate merchandising: Dreams Do Come True - Give A Gift of Feng Shui to Brighten Someone's Day! - 07/14/09 08:46 AM

You have perhaps heard about the ancient Chinese tradition of Feng Shui and you may even know that it is a philosophy applied to interior design and it's concepts are utilized by many Real Estate merchandisers and home stagers. But what you might not know is that Feng Shui is a philosophy of creating and optimizing environments to bring about happiness, abundance and harmony for it's inhabitants. This philosophy includes urban and city planning, personal and public architecture, interior and garden design, and the ultimate placement of objects in our personal environments.  


real estate merchandising: And Now a Word From Our Sponsors: Real Estate Merchandising Works Wonders! - 07/09/09 09:22 AM
JDS Consulting- Staging Hawaii nei! Providing Real Estate Merchandising services including: Home Staging, Interior Decor, Turn Key, Landscaping, Remodeling, & Open House Hosting. Visit our Blog: Questions for Kimo: Decor Design & all things Hawaiian- tel.+1.808.344.1264 Kimo Stowell Copyright ©2009 … (2 comments)

real estate merchandising: Real Estate Merchandisers in the News: Active Rain member Allegra Dioguardi - 07/02/09 07:33 AM

Real Estate Merchandisers in the News: Active Rain member Featured in "Realtor's Hopes Rise As Home Sales Inch Upward"
Congratulations to Active Rain member and fellow merchandiser Allegra Dioguardi for hosting a standing room only Real Estate merchandising event in the Hampton's this past month; confirming that sellers are taking advantage of the marketing power of a well merchandised property. Merchandising is more than just staging: it's strategic marketing, updating, addressing all the little issues that make potential buyers make an offer, it's about marketing a lifestyle and maximizing what the location has to offer to a new resident in the neighborhood.
Allegra has … (7 comments)

real estate merchandising: Under Contract in Four Days: Why Real Estate Merchandising Gets Buyers Attention! - 06/22/09 11:16 AM
Never underestimate the power of Real Estate Merchandising to grab buyers attention. This property had originally been on the market for several months; went under contract but after the inspection the buyers decided to withdraw the offer. Not a particularly unusual story in the current market as many buyers if faced with a choice, will pick move in ready properties over those with big To-Do lists.
Blog Entry: Before and After Condo Makeover in Waikiki Hawaii!

The challenge in this particular situation was getting the Real Estate agents in the area to revisit the property after it had sat on the market for months and … (21 comments)

real estate merchandising: Move over Modernity it's Moooi! - 06/11/09 09:25 AM

As some of you already know I'm a big Dutch Modern fan and love the modern design aesthetic of Marcel Wanders and Moooi. Unfortunately when I was in Amsterdam this past winter the Moooi gallery had yet to open it's doors to the public. Finally the highly anticipated moment has arrived and the gallery is poised to release it's new collection in it's new diggs on June 12th 2009. Here's a little peak of what's inside.
Blog Entry: Mod Tips for Home Stagers...Modern News for Modern Styles...

Moooi Gallery Opened June 1st this year and anticipating the release of it's … (6 comments)

real estate merchandising: Developing An Editors Eye! - 06/04/09 08:58 PM

edit  - (!e-dut): to prepare (as literary material) for publication or public presentation b. b to assemble (as a moving picture or tape recording) by cutting and rearranging c. c to alter, adapt, or refine especially to bring about conformity to a standard or to suit a particular purpose - carefully edited the speech - edit a data file -Webster Online Dictionary
As active bloggers we are usually acutely aware of our editing skills or lack there of when it comes to writing but developing an editors eye for ones own occupation can be applied successfully to almost every profession with … (9 comments)

real estate merchandising: The Devil wears Prada and makes one hell of a Real Estate Merchandiser. - 05/27/09 09:51 PM
There are many marketing and merchandising truths in the fashionably funny film "The Devil Wears Prada" based on the novel by Lauren Weisberger of the same name. When it comes to real estate merchandising, color selection is serious business and a priority in Real Estate Merchandising as well as in the Fashion World! The film clip below is one of my favorites.

There's an old adage about God and the devil being found in the details and when it comes to real estate merchandising there is a fine line between too little and too much color. So if … (35 comments)

real estate merchandising: Before and After Condo Makeover in Waikiki Hawaii! - 05/20/09 08:48 PM

Here is our latest Real Estate merchandising project in the heart of Waikiki, Hawaii. We replaced most of the lighting, installed Berber carpeting, laminate floors(bamboo), replaced the kitchen counter-top, replaced the kitchen sink, repainted the cabinets, inside and out, replaced bathroom vanity, refurbished the furniture, and staged the property.


JDS Consulting- Staging Hawaii nei! Providing Real Estate Merchandising services including: Home Staging, Interior Decor, Turn Key, Landscaping, Remodeling, & Open House Hosting. Visit our Blog: Questions for Kimo: Decor Design & all things Hawaiian-  tel.+1.808.344.1264  Kimo Stowell Copyright ©2009

real estate merchandising: The TOP TEN Differences Between Real Estate Merchandising and Home Staging:Comparing Golden Delicious to Granny Smith. - 05/19/09 01:31 PM
The TOP TEN Differences Between Real Estate Merchandising and Home Staging:Comparing Golden Delicious to Granny Smith:  
Knowing whether you need a Home Stager or a Real Estate Merchandiser can save you money, time, and aggravation when it comes to preparing your property for sale. Both professions prep properties for sale but there are subtle and not so subtle differences between the two design denominations that might make one more helpful in your specific selling situation than the other.

Below is my Top Ten Differences Between Real Estate Merchandising and Home Staging, hopefully, you may use it as a guide to determine who might serve you … (20 comments)

real estate merchandising: Nightmare on your street! Don't let the To Do list do You in! - 01/05/09 05:55 AM
Don't let the To Do list do You in. Most sellers would opt to wait for a buyer with an offer before initiating an inspection. However, as is sometimes the case, an unknown issue can arise as the result of the inspection that might encourage the would be buyers to contractually back out; even when the terms are 'as is'.

There are a number of unseen issues that might scare off potential buyers that an inspection might reveal: roofing, electrical, mold, plumbing, and foundation issues are some of the biggest unseen nightmares that can tank a … (8 comments)

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