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Excuse me; “what did you say?”   When a real estate agent relocates to Atlanta Georgia, and hears the term, “little r”, for the first time, they are often confused.   In truth, wherever they were from, the idea of living in a two “r” world never have crossed their mind.   But here in Atlanta, we ...
Real Estate sales agents in the Southeastern region of the United States who bought zip code leads from Zillow—you were probably ripped off. Help our agent Community, let’s get our collective Zillow stories to the Attorney General. Here is their scam.For any number of reasons an agent buys into t...
She told me; “they are moving to an all team concept”. She wasn’t a Zillow employee, rather a Zillow power buyer describing her vision of their future. I had no reason to doubt her as she had just participated in a company sponsored panel with other power buyers staged for a crowd of lesser zip c...

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