georgia: Wynd Realty First in Atlanta to Offer Agents a DBA Program - 08/25/15 02:25 AM
Atlanta, GA—Wynd Realty is the first real estate brokerage company in Atlanta to offer its agents a program that allows them to brand and advertise their services independently of broker affiliation. 
 Under the program, simply known as “the DBA Program”, agents can create and market their own realty companies as their own brand.  Traditionally, agents have been tied to their Brokers for both marketing communications and identity branding.  But, under Wynd’s DBA Program, Jane Doe can create, build and market Jane Doe Realty or any other name she wants to use as her corporate identity.   She can create a … (1 comments)

georgia: A Real Estate License is a Difference Maker - 08/19/15 10:55 PM
An Evolution in Mindset
The real estate industry continues to be mired in its worst slump in history.  And, without any radical changes coming anytime soon; it hardly appears to be that great a time to be a sales agent.    
Well, it’s all a matter of perspective.
For many, real estate sales are incredibly stressful.  The industry’s own membership association confirms this by citing fairly large percentages associated with agent turnover and burnout.  You would hardly think those statistics as a ringing endorsement.  But, for tens of thousands of area agents, real estate sales are just fine; as a matter of fact, they’re … (0 comments)

georgia: Wynd Realty Introduces a Transaction Cap - 08/19/15 03:18 AM
In response to market conditions, Wynd Realty has announced two new features to their agent compensation plan.  Effectively immediately, the transaction fee for sales less than fifty thousand dollars (50K) has been lowered from $300.00 to $150.00.  “Years ago when the company began we never envisioned that many home sales less than fifty thousand dollars.  Sadly, that isn’t the case in today’s market”, said Jeff Bergstrom founder and Managing Broker of Wynd Realty.   “Agents work just as hard closing smaller deals and make a fraction of what they used to make.  We only thought it fair we lower our fees as … (0 comments)

georgia: A Look At The Greying of Real Estate - 08/14/15 03:07 AM
The Passing of an Era 
The 1970s must have been wild times in the real estate industry.  At the start of the decade the industry found itself in the middle of an interesting business model shift.   Old school Realtors didn’t like the new franchises.  They fought tooth and nail against “big business” getting into real estate.  While franchising wasn’t new in other industries, the founding of Century 21 in 1971 and the development of RE/MAX, shortly thereafter, cemented franchising’s place within the industry with an almost cult-like zeal.   By 1977, the US had 5,000 independently owned and operated franchises.   Obviously, the old … (0 comments)

georgia: Zillow/Trulia – Franchise Killer Qu’est-ce - 08/12/15 03:36 AM
The Zillow Agents are coming.  The Zillow agents are coming.  No, Zillow’s merger with Trulia doesn’t signal their entrance into the brokerage business.   That will mostly likely come later.  However, the merger does signal, “who won”, in the real-life survivor game over the hearts and minds of the real estate consumer.   The public has voted.
The only reason companies like Trulia and Zillow came along in the first place was because the national franchise Brokers failed in capturing the trust and mindset of the buying public.   “Will it be on Zillow?”  If this isn’t the first question asked at every listing presentation, … (2 comments)

georgia: FMLS – Great Company or Greatest Company? - 08/10/15 01:30 AM
The Atlanta Georgia real estate market is extremely unique.   So unique, in fact, most agents working here aren’t aware of their universally envied position.   Sales agents across the nation have long drooled for what Atlanta agents have always known.  And, the sole reason we, meaning the Atlanta real estate community, are the envy of the entire nation: FMLS.
FMLS is NOT owned or controlled by the National Association of Realtors (NAR).   To give that statement a sense of magnitude, there are over 8,000 MLS’s throughout the United States and nearly 90% of them are owned and controlled by NAR.   Whoever owns ninety … (4 comments)

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