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Good morning all!  Just a quick thought on the previous year.  2009 was a pretty decent year considering what has happened in the economy.  Of course Montana is usually slower than the rest of the country to feel any ripples in the economy.  But it did hit us.  As far as housing goes, Helena fare...
Good morning!  Just wanted to touch base with all of you about the extension of the tax credit for first time home buyers. It seems that Senators have come to a decision to extend the tax credit for first time homebuyers through the end of April 2010!  This is great news!  Builders that are hurry...
Good afternoon all!  Things in Helena are very busy.  Lots of purchases going on.  We have lots of residential building happening as well.  I believe the increase in construction is due to the $8.000 tax credit available. Just heard that the powers that be are thinking about extending the tax cre...
Good morning all!  We are in the final stages of summer and the first days of fall are right around the corner.  We have seen that refinances are still around but more surprising is the amount of purchases we have been doing!  There have been many new purchases coming on as well as new constructi...
Good morning all!  Here we are in the first weeks of summer for 2009.  Things have been very busy here in Helena, Montana as far as real estate lending is concerned.  We have been going gangbusters with refinancing over the past couple of months.  Now that interest rates have crept up, we have be...
Good morning all!  Just a quick update on HB645.  Governor Scweitzer passed HB645 last Friday but vetoed parts of it.  Most importantly for first time homebuyers....the Governor vetoed the bridge loan portion of the bill that would let first time homebuyers use their $8,000 tax credit right away....
Good morning all!  Just a quick update on the House Bill 645 that the legislature brought to the governor's desk.  HB645 deals with the stimulus money from the federal government.  In that bill is $2 million to be allocated for first time homebuyers to use $5,000 of their $8,000 tax credit as a b...
Good afternoon all!  We are currently finishing up with the State Legislature and should be finished by the end of April.  One of the interesting bills that has come up is House Bill 645, which is a portion of it is very interesting to first time homebuyers! As we all know, in the Federal Stimulu...
This is my first blog so I will do my best here... What a wild ride it has been so far this start of the 4th quarter!  With the bailout being passed and the elections coming along and the stock and bond markets going in the tank, have we seen the worst? In the residential real estate market in Mo...

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