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This past week I had a great opportunity to meet with, and listen to some of the big brains of internet lead generation.   Let's paint a profile of the internet consumer.  Joey Cyberspace uses the internet for most of his purchases.  Joey decides Monday night is going to be Pizza night at the Cyb...
The story book romance, climaxes in a fairy tale wedding.  The happy couple purchases their dream to begin their life together.  Slowly at first the realities of life begin to tarnish the blissful future Sally & Joey Newlywed envisioned.  What once looked like happily ever after has become the w...
What are ideas worth? Some argue that ideas are the key ingredient to success, ideas change the world as we know it, ideas change the status quo, and ideas inspire success.  I would argue that ideas in and of them self inspire great conversation but the conversation is only theoretical.  Ideas wi...
One of the goals of any professional should be to achieve a state of unconscious competence, meaning that they no longer need to think about their actions to achieve the desired results.  Much as a professional quarterback can simply find the open receiver without thinking about it, or the profes...
Two business days into the New Year, all the reflections of the past are now fading, all the opportunity of the future is glowing, and the Prima Donna is only warming up, now what? The experience of history is the greatest education one can have.  Recent history has provided Real Estate Brokerage...
Yesterday, I was talking with a friend of mine about where to budget marketing dollars for 2010.  The topic of web sites came up, and the purpose of an agent web site was discussed.  Andrea makes what I think is a very good argument that agent web site have become or are quickly becoming dinosaur...
The Battlefields of Flanders gave new meaning to the word war.  Thousands of German, French and British soldiers engaged in trench warfare.  Man's newest killing machine, the machine gun, turning the trenches into a slaughter house of human flesh.  Cold, wet, and, hungry both sides committed to t...
While watching my favorite Christmas Show, "The Grinch", I was reflecting on 2009.  The year that was, or soon to be was, was indeed one in which we all came face to face with economic terms that we all thought were a thing of the past. Continued deflation in the housing market, double digit unem...
Another buyer backs out of a deal. The deal seemed like a dream, 20 competitive bids in a 10 day span, a posh address, and a who's who of neighbors.  In a story right out of the front pages of today's economic reality the seller needed the money to pay the mortgage, not quite a short sale but may...
Saturday night I went to summer school, not your typical summer school, but summer school as in Jimmy Buffett's 2009 summer concert SummerZcool. Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would leave that event with a better understanding of marketing.  That assumption couldn't be further from...

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