4805956412: Housing Affordability: Truth About What You Need to Know - 11/10/16 06:42 AM
Housing Affordability - From a purely economic perspective, this is one of the best times in American history to buy a home. Black Night Financial Services discusses this in their most recent Monthly Mortgage Monitor from a National Average perspective.
Here are two of the report’s revelations:
The average U.S. home value increased by $13,500 from last year, but low interest rates have kept the monthly principal & interest payment needed to purchase a median-priced home almost equal to one year ago.
Home affordability still remains favorable compared to long-term historic norms. The report explains:
“Even though the value of the average … (0 comments)

4805956412: Chandler AZ REALTOR ®: Things To Do Here in Chandler - 12/16/15 01:53 AM
In your visiting Chandler for family, fun, or house hunting, your Chandler AZ REALTOR ® has some ideas for you.
If you like golf, casino excitement, fun for the whole family, or outdoor fun, it’s all here for your enjoyment. We’ll rate these activities using our personal experience to give you a benchmark of that activity. It’s important to remember that this is our opinion rating, and we all have different likes.
Chandler AZ REALTOR ®: Things To Do HereAs a Chandler AZ REALTOR ® we enjoyed the Apache Trail tours that offer Jeep and hiking expeditions through the majestic Apache Trail that … (2 comments)

4805956412: Preparing for a Household Move | Scottsdale real estate Arizona - 02/27/14 06:18 AM
Preparing for a Household Move | Scottsdale real estate Arizona has found it does not matter if you are moving within your neighborhood or across the country, it is typically one of the most stressful times in your life.
However, if you are organized with a plan, getting those involved in the move prepared ahead of time, and organizing all the services at both ends of a move, it will be less stressful.
Here are some tips that will make your move much better, for as good as a move can get:
Develop a moving file either on your computer or … (0 comments)

4805956412: The Savvy house hunter - Intrepid house seller use digital targeting - 02/23/14 04:18 AM
The Savvy house hunter – Intrepid house seller use digital targeting The Digital House Hunt
A Joint Study from The National Association of REALTORS® and Google
Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate Consumers’ online experiences are increasingly influencing their home buying activity offline, according to a joint study from search giant Google and the National Association of Realtors.
It’s a far cry from the statement
“Frequent newspaper advertising is the best way to sell a home.”
The Savvy House Hunting Buyer – Intrepid House Seller Go Digital Some home sellers believe advertising their homes two, three, or even four … (2 comments)

4805956412: Mortgage rates rising - Buyers Beware | Scottsdale Real Estate - 02/21/14 01:41 AM
Mortgage rates rising - Buyers Beware | Scottsdale Real Estate Notice to potential homebuyers. Mortgage rates rise for second week in a row.[/caption] Average fixed mortgage rates up slightly for the second week in a row, according to Freddie Mac’s weekly Primary Mortgage Market Survey.
“Mortgage rates crept up further following the uptick in the 10-year Treasury yield  as minutes of the Federal Reserve's last meeting indicated little possibility of a pause in the central bank’s reduction of bond purchases,” said Frank Nothaft, vice president and chief economist, Freddie Mac.
“Housing starts in January fell 16% to a seasonally adjusted annual … (2 comments)

4805956412: Have a Clean and Organized Closet with These Easy Steps - 01/28/14 06:55 AM
Have a Clean and Organized Closet with These Easy Steps
When you love shopping and have limited closet space in your home, you have to be careful of how much you buy. If closet space is limited, it must be organized to make the best use of it. The task of un-cluttering a closet to make it organized can sometimes be overwhelming and emotional because it may require you to get rid of items that you are so attached to, yet are no longer of any use.
Clothes come in different colors, sleeve length, hemlines and so on, so it's no … (4 comments)

4805956412: Biggest Home Seller Mistakes - ScottsdaleRealEstateArizona - 01/26/14 04:49 AM
Real Estate Agents Rank Biggest Home Seller Mistakes A recent survey of real estate agents conducted by ActiveRain confirmed activities a seller should avoid if they are trying to get their home sold for the best price in the least amount of time. The results of this survey are no surprise to real estate agents, but sellers need to understand that eliminating as many hurdles as possible to the sale of your home will help you achieve your desired outcome.

Of the top mistakes, most are ultimately in the hands of the seller. Working with your real estate agent to minimize … (0 comments)

4805956412: Make Your Scottsdale Vacation Memories Picture Perfect - 01/16/14 05:20 AM
Make Your Scottsdale Vacation Memories Picture Perfect
A vacation is never complete without taking a camera with you to capture precious moments and stunning landscapes. You are willing to spend a thousand dollars and months of planning for that perfect vacation so it just makes sense to carry professional camera to capture those moments.
In today’s world, every traveler is a photographer. With the advancement of the camera on most cell phones, we can typically take photos anytime, anywhere. However, is camera phone enough? The answer is NO.
A point and shoot camera is typically the perfect fit for taking on … (1 comments)

4805956412: This Luxury Home is the Most Expensive in the Neighborhood – Buy It? - 01/12/14 02:32 AM
This luxury home is the most expensive in the neighborhood - Buy it?, it’s perfect but should I really buy it? The answer – It depends. 
When homes in an area are appreciating rapidly, it may be a good idea to buy as much as you can afford. The more you invest, the more you'll get back when you sell, assuming the market remains strong and there in lies the rub.
“Buying the most expensive home you can afford, does it makes economic sense?”   
Let’s assume you found the perfect home and it was exactly what you wanted. It contained … (2 comments)

4805956412: Phoenix Symphony Orchestra - Something Special - 12/01/13 06:08 AM
Phoenix Symphony Orchestra - Something Special Saturday, November 30, 2013, was a day like most other’s during the week. It was quiet with little conversation with our client’s and prospective new clients alike. The holidays have most thinking about something other than house hunting. We took advantage of the lull and decided to do something fun and found that the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra and Choir were having a matinee at the Phoenix Symphony Hall called the Holiday Pops.
The Phoenix orchestra, choir, and featured vocalist entertained us with a medley of Christmas songs. Yes I said Christmas and not holiday … (0 comments)

4805956412: 7717 Soaring Eagle Way Scottsdale AZ – For Sale - 11/08/13 08:11 AM
Luxury Valley Home in Winfield Incredible View Lot – Custom 5,208 square foot home.
Profile: 7717 E Soaring Eagle Way Scottsdale, Arizona 85266 5,208 square feet living area
1,062 square feet 3 car garage
762 square feet cover patio
3 Bedrooms - Main House
5.5 Baths
Stadium Theater
Guest Casita
Pool, Spa, and BBQ
Within the resort community of Winfield rests a home that combines breathtaking views with the finest custom detailing and expert craftsmanship, this home in Scottsdale is a stunning example of architectural excellence. With the home bordering the Winfield Mountain Preserve, whoever purchases this gem will always have beautiful views of the hillside … (4 comments)

4805956412: Increase Your Disposable Income When You Buy a Home - 11/03/13 10:38 PM
Increase Your Disposable Income When You Buy a Home
Amazing, but true. Buying a home adds to your "take home" income – possibly by several hundred dollars or more – simply by increasing the number of federal income tax withholding allowances on Form W-4.
Here is how it works. New home buyers generally find that their pre-purchase withholding rate will result in overpayment of taxes, if they don’t adjust their withholding allowances. That’s because they haven’t reduced their withholding to compensate for reduced taxes caused by deductions for mortgage interest and property taxes – items that are currently deductible at income … (1 comments)

4805956412: Dodd Frank Begins With a Vengeance January 14 2014 - 11/03/13 01:04 AM
Dodd Frank begins with a vengeance January 14, 2014. The new provision of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act goes into effect on this date.
So what? - You ask, it was passed into law in 2010.
The so what comes in with the new provisions of the law that kick-in on January 14, 2014, and these laws will have a dramatic affect on your wallet if your planning on buying or selling real estate after that date. Now that I have your attention, let me explain why.
This law consisted of more than 2,300 pages and was so … (6 comments)

4805956412: Remember a Veteran on Veterans Day - 10/30/13 08:05 AM
Remember a Veteran on Veterans Day – Veterans Day Activities in the Valley
It's November and this is the time where we take a few moments to honor our brothers and sisters who have risked their lives defending the freedom of our country. On November 11, remember a Veteran on Veterans Day as the country will once again celebrate the Veteran's Day and wave our flag to say thank you to all the veterans everywhere.
In the Valley of the Sun, there are several activities and ceremonies to honor the our veterans heroism.
Veterans Day – The Phoenix Parade Kicks … (2 comments)

4805956412: Hydrogen Home in Scottsdale Arizona - Energy Bill Zero - 10/28/13 06:31 AM
Hydrogen Home in Scottsdale Arizona
We had a unique experience when we took the opportunity to explore a Hydrogen home with its owner.
On the side of one of Scottsdale's Troon mountain rests this unique energy efficent hydrogen home.
Engineer and inventor Bryan Beaulieu invested $2 million in this home that runs on hydrogen.
Bryan lives in the home with his wife Yvette, and sons, off the power grid, and harnessing solar energy instead of burning fossil fuels.
Beaulieu hopes his new home, where he has been living since April 1, 2005 is the answer to a question he asked himself five years … (10 comments)

4805956412: Incredible Sights Worth Seeing - Ooh and Ahh Experiences - 10/25/13 06:43 AM
Incredible Sights Worth Seeing - Ooh and Ahh Experiences Our world is so full of wondrous and amazing places are discovered every day. Both the professional and amateurs photographers that travel the world discover these sights and places every day. We’re privileged to see these sights ourselves or benefit from the photographers that share their experience. We get to see different geographical locations, climatic conditions and even seasons offer the widest variety of natural wonders: pink lakes, stunning lavender or tulip fields, breath-taking canyons, people taking part in these areas of interest, mountains, and other places you can hardly believe actually … (1 comments)

4805956412: GRIZZLY BEAR INTERRUPTS PHOTO SHOOT - 10/23/13 02:43 AM
GRIZZLY BEAR INTERRUPTS PHOTO SHOOT Dangerous place Canada... the grizzly bears are huge and very curious... see what happens when a huge grizzly bear decides to take a closer look at a film shoot for a washing machine...
To watch this short 2 minute video below, go to Scottsdale Real Estate

To watch this short 2 minute video above, go to Scottsdale Real Estate.

4805956412: Today's Smile of the Day - 10/18/13 12:20 AM
Today's Smile of the Day
One of our Senior Citizen's was out for a drive in his convertible and entered the freeway. The wind was blowing through what was left of his grey hair and he was feeling almost euphoric. 
He stepped on the gas and moved to 80 MPH, then, 90, he then heard a siren and looked in his rear view mirror to see a State Trooper with his lights flashing.
He pushed harder on the gas pedal and was soon up to 100 mph, then 110, 120, and he thought OMG!, what am I doing, I am too … (3 comments)

4805956412: Rankings of Popular Dog Breeds - 10/11/13 07:56 AM
Ranking of Popular Dog Breeds
Dogs are often viewed as members of the family, but it’s important to know what kind of commitment a canine companion requires. “Sometimes, we need a reminder of everything that is required of us in return for the wonderful privilege of having a dog. Dogs bring us love, affection, comfort, security and unrivaled devotion, despite our flaws or past mistakes,” said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson.
On Jan. 31, 2013 the American Kennel Club released its most popular breeds in the America list. The rankings are based on the number of AKC registrations for each breed during … (7 comments)

4805956412: Fall Color is Fantastic in Arizona – Who Needs Vermont? - 09/25/13 03:46 AM
Fall Color is Fantastic in Arizona – Who Needs Vermont? 
Visitors and some residents of Arizona don’t equate fall leaves and its incredible color with the fair state of Arizona. However, autumn colors runs from early September on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to early December in the southern parts of our state.
This year Arizona Highways spoke tongue in cheek, that the Arizona autumn colors rivaled those of Vermont who they declared was the gold standard for autumn fall colors. Of course, it’s clear that Vermont feels that its the state that has the best foliage, hands … (0 comments)

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