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jane e daley: Tale of Two Markets | Winfield Real Estate Arizona - 12/09/18 12:43 PM
Tale of Two Markets Highlights: An emerging trend for some time now has been the difference between available inventory and demand in the premium and luxury markets and that in the starter and trade-up markets and what those differences are doing to prices! Inventory continues to rise in the luxury and premium home markets which is causing prices to cool. Demand continues to rise with lower-than-normal inventory levels in the starter and trade-up home markets, causing prices to rise on a year-over-year basis for 80 consecutive months. Read more about the Winfield Real Estate Arizona team.

jane e daley: Scottsdale Real Estate Arizona | Luxury Valley Homes AZ - 11/28/18 11:06 AM
Scottsdale Real Estate Arizona - Current Home Sales - Scottsdale Information 
Scottsdale Real Estate Arizona is nestled in a moderate size city but enjoys the sophistication and amenities of a big city.
The City - Scottsdale AZ Scottsdale real estate Arizona - When it comes to unique experiences is one of the best, with options that include world-class museums, galleries, a renowned botanical garden, a butterfly wonderland, Aquarium, and the nation’s largest wilderness preserve. Scottsdale is also home to Old Town, known as the West’s most Western town and a throwback to the 1880's   Scottsdale’s Sonoran Desert is at your doorstep. Explore … (0 comments)

jane e daley: Is There a Shift Happening in the Real Estate Market? - 10/01/18 03:39 PM
Housing inventory is up year-over-year for the first time in three years which means that home price appreciation will likely begin to slow. If you're looking to buy or sell a home, now is still a great time! Let's get together today to go over what this shift in the market means for you. [September 27, 2018]
Watch the short video on the Shift.
We are beginning to see reports that more housing inventory is coming to the market and that buyer demand may not be increasing at the same pace it did earlier this year. The result will be many headlines written … (1 comments)

jane e daley: Supply-Demand Will Determine Future Home Values - 08/12/18 12:40 PM
Supply-Demand - Will home values continue to appreciate throughout 2018? The answer is simple: YES! – as long as there are more purchasers in the market than there are available homes for them to buy. This is known as the theory of “supply and demand,” which is defined as:
“The amount of a commodity, product, or service available and the desire of buyers for it, considered as factors regulating its price.”
When demand exceeds supply, prices go up. Every month this year, demand (buyer traffic) has increased as compared to last year and for the first five months of 2018, supply (the number … (1 comments)

jane e daley: Marriage – Mortgage | Which Comes First? | Luxury Valley Homes - 02/14/18 03:01 PM
Marriage - Mortgage - According to the National Association of REALTORS most recent Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers, married couples once again dominated the first-time homebuyer statistics in 2017 at 57% of all buyers. It is no surprise that having two incomes to save for down payments and contribute to monthly housing costs makes buying a home more attainable.
But, many couples are also deciding to buy a home before spending what would be a down payment on a wedding, as unmarried couples made up 16% of all first-time buyers last year.
If you’re single, don’t fret! Single women made up 18% of first-time buyers in 2017, while … (0 comments)

jane e daley: Reasons to Love Using A Real Estate Pro | Luxury Valley Homes - 02/09/18 09:22 AM
Reasons to Love Using A Real Estate Pro - Hiring a real estate professional to guide you through the process of buying a home or selling your house can be one of the best decisions you make! They are there for you to help with paperwork, understanding the process, negotiations, and helping you with pricing (both when making an offer or setting the right price for your home).
One of the top reasons to hire a real estate professional is their understanding of the local market, and how the conditions in your neighborhood will impact your experience.
Here are some key takeaways from the … (0 comments)

jane e daley: Homeowners Net Worth 44 x Greater than Renters - 10/12/17 02:21 PM
Homeowners net worth - Every three years, the Federal Reserve conducts their Survey of Consumer Finances in which they collect data across all economic and social groups. The latest survey data, covering 2013-2016 was released a few days ago. The study revealed that the 2016 median net worth of homeowners was $231,400 - a 15% increase since 2013. At the same time, the median net worth of renters decreased by 5% ($5,200 today compared to $5,500 in 2013). These numbers reveal that the net worth of a homeowner is over 44 times greater than that of a renter.Homeowners Net Worth Owning a home is a great way … (0 comments)

jane e daley: 20 Tips for Preparing Your House for Sale - 08/04/17 01:04 PM

Some Highlights:
When listing your house for sale your top goal will be to get the home sold for the best price possible!There are many small projects that you can do to ensure this happens!Your real estate agent will have a list of specific suggestions for getting your house ready for market and is a great resource for finding local contractors who can help! 
Available Properties: Scottsdale Real Estate Arizona | Luxury Valley Homes Jeff and Jane Daley started their careers in real estate after taking early retirement from the corporate world in October of 1999. Their success is achieved by way of … (1 comments)

jane e daley: Two Myths Holding Back Home Buyers | Scottsdale Real Estate Arizona - 06/26/17 01:26 PM
Two Myths Holding Back Home Buyers - In Realtor.com’s recent article, “Home Buyers’ Top Mortgage Fears: Which One Scares You?” they mention that “46% of potential home buyers fear they won’t qualify for a mortgage to the point that they don’t even try.”
Myth #1: “I Need a 20% Down Payment”
Buyers overestimate the down payment funds needed to qualify for a home loan. According to the First Quarter 2017 Homeownership Program Index (HPI) from Down Payment Resource, saving for a down payment was the barrier that kept 70% of renters from buying.
Rob Chrane, CEO of Down Payment Resource had this to say,
“There … (0 comments)

jane e daley: Is 2017 the Year to Move Up to Your Dream Home? If So, Do It Early! - 05/16/17 09:14 AM
If you are considering moving up to your dream home, it may be better to do it earlier in the year than later. The two components of your monthly mortgage payment (home prices and interest rates) are both projected to increase as the year moves forward, and interest rates may increase rather dramatically. Here are some predictions on where rates will be by the end of the year:
Freddie Mac
“While full employment and rising inflation are signs of a strong economy, they also have the potential to push mortgage rates and house prices up. The higher rates and higher prices create significant … (0 comments)

jane e daley: Owning Your Home – Do you Know the Cost of NOT Owning Your Home? - 05/16/17 08:20 AM
Owning your home has great financial benefits, yet many continue renting! Today, let’s look at the financial reasons why owning a home of your own has been a part of the American Dream for as long as America has existed.
Zillow recently reported that:
“With Rents continuing to climb and interest rates staying low, many renters find themselves gazing over the homeownership fence and wondering if the grass really is greener. Leaving aside, for the moment, the difficulties of saving for a down payment, let’s focus on the monthly expenses of owning a home: it turns out that renters currently paying the median rent in many markets could … (0 comments)

jane e daley: Measuring Your Ability to Achieve the American Dream - 04/26/17 03:03 PM
Forbes.com recently released the results of their new American Dream Index, in which they measure “the prosperity of the middle class, and…examine which states best support the American Dream.”
The monthly index measures several different economic factors, including goods-producing employment, personal and commercial bankruptcies, building permits, startup activity, unemployment insurance claims, labor force participation, and layoffs.
The national index score was rounded out to 100 in January and saw a modest jump to 100.5 in February.
Alaska represented the lowest score on the index at 80.7, due mostly to the recent collapse in oil prices. Nevada came in with the highest score at 108.8, boosted by big gains … (0 comments)

jane e daley: Slaying Home Buying Myths | Scottsdale Real Estate Arizona - 04/26/17 02:16 PM

Some Highlights:
Interest rates are still below historic numbers. 88% of property managers raised their rent in the last 12 months! The credit score requirements for mortgage approval continue to fall. People that read this article also enjoyed the following:

List Your Home Today - 3 Charts That Show You Why 
In school, we all learned the theory of supply and demand. When the demand for an item is greater than the supply of that item, the price will surely rise.
People that read this article also found interesting the article that follows:
Preview of article: Some of the highlights of this infographic show … (0 comments)

jane e daley: Bonus Army WWWI Veterans Killed by General MacArthur, Major Patton in Washington D.C. - 03/09/17 02:10 PM
Bonus Army WWWI  - The Bonus Army was the popular name for an assemblage of some 43,000 marchers—17,000 U.S. World War I veterans, their families, and affiliated groups—who gathered in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 1932 to demand cash-payment redemption of their service certificates.
Bonus Army WWWIOrganizers called the demonstrators the "Bonus Expeditionary Force", to echo the name of World War I's American Expeditionary Forces, while the media referred to them as the "Bonus Army" or "Bonus Marchers". The contingent was led by Walter W. Waters, a former U.S. Army sergeant.
Many of the war veterans had been out of work since … (0 comments)

jane e daley: Nevada Town: Attracts Billionaires With Luxurious Lifestyle – And Zero Taxes - 03/06/17 01:01 PM
Nevada Town: Nestled on the banks of Lake Tahoe is Incline Village — a gorgeous town that’s attracting a lot more than skiers and snowboarders.Thanks to Nevada’s lack of state personal, business or corporate income tax, Incline Village’s lakefront homeowners now include billionaires such as Oracle’s Larry Ellison, PeopleSoft’s David Duffield and Zazove’s Gene [...]  Read More > 
Article: Nevada Town
Jeff Daley is a decorated Vietnam Veteran that supports veterans and veteran issues when possible.

jane e daley: Homeownership: Old Millennials Are Taking The Plunge - 08/22/16 06:00 AM
Highlights of Graphic
Old Millennials’ are defined as 25-36 year olds according to the US Census Bureau.According to NAR’s latest Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers, the median age of all first-time home buyers is 31 years old.More and more ‘Old Millennials’ are realizing that homeownership is within their reach now!
Readers that read this article also enjoyed the following:
Rent-Buy: You Are Still Paying a Mortgage

jane e daley: Rent-Buy: You Are Paying a Mortgage: ScottsdaleRealEstateArizona.com - 08/22/16 05:55 AM
Rent-Buy: Unless you're paying cash for a home you have a mortgage to pay each month. There are some people that have not purchased a home because they are uncomfortable taking on the obligation of a mortgage. Everyone should realize that, unless you are living with your parents rent free, you are paying a mortgage - either yours or your landlord’s.
Rent-BuyAs The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University explains:
“Households must consume housing whether they own or rent. Not even accounting for more favorable tax treatment of owning, homeowners pay debt service to pay down their own principal … (0 comments)

jane e daley: Make Over Projects – Deck Upgrades Under $300 Dollars - 08/19/16 03:05 AM
Make Over Projects - Want to upgrade your deck but watching your budget? Here are 5 easy deck makeover ideas, many well under $300. If you'd rather hide inside rather than hang out on your tired-looking deck, you need an upgrade.
Make Over ProjectsHere are five ways to transform it back to its fun self.
Add Solar LightingIf you’d like your wood deck to come alive when the sun goes down, add solar lighting. Solar lights don’t need an on/off switch -- they light up when it gets dark, then fade away 4-6 hours later and the best part is that these make over … (0 comments)

jane e daley: Home Prices: Where Are They Headed Over The Next 5 Years - 08/15/16 06:08 AM
Today, many real estate conversations center on housing prices and where they may be headed. That is why we like the Home Price Expectation Survey.
Every quarter, Pulsenomics surveys a nationwide panel of over one hundred economists, real estate experts, and investment & market strategists about where they believe prices are headed over the next five years. They then average the projections of all 100+ experts into a single number.
The results of their latest survey:
Home values will appreciate by 4.5% over the course of 2016, 3.6% in 2017 and about 3.2% in the next two years, and finally 2.9% in 2020 (as … (0 comments)

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