lancaster pa real estate: How To Help Your Real Estate Agent Lose Their License - 12/02/11 03:46 PM
The other day I was forwarded an ad for a new residential listing by an enthusiastic homeowner.  They had listed with another agent and wanted me to know about the property.  The title of the ad was “gorgeous home in a family-oriented neighborhood”.
I can only hope this particular ad copy was penned by the homeowner themselves, because if they were asking the agent to write it the agent should just say no.
Everyone knows about Fair Housing, right?  In the course of advertising a property for sale or lease, one cannot discriminate (or present the appearance of discriminating) … (4 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: Hempfield Move-In Ready Mountville PA Townhome in Summit Hills For Sale - 11/11/11 04:56 PM
Summit Hills Cape Retreat 236 Providence Place, Mountville, PA 17554 View Map See more photos and details at Explore this move-in condition Summit Hills end unit in the cool “cape-cod” style configuration – not a common floorplan so it stands out in a sea of same-same townhome floorplans. There’s a master suite upstairs and bedroom/bath combo on the first floor for your lifestyle choice. The main living space connects seamlessly to the oversized garage and private rear patio. Outside, there’s a large yard with lots of room to play, entertain or putter. In fact, this property is ideal for gardening … (2 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: Evaluating Absorption Rates Vs. Median Sold Prices for Lancaster PA Real Estate - 11/02/11 08:11 AM
Today I updated my sales databases for Lancaster County PA - I keep a running log of residential home prices, sales totals and other figures off the MLS.  I was curious to dig into home prices in Lancaster County a bit more, and also wanted to see if I could spot any trends in pricing other than the generic "things are off a bit" analysis.
I combined the monthly absorption rate (total active home listings divided by sold homes that month) with the median sold prices from January 2007 to October 2011.  Absorption rate is a widely-used yardstick for market health … (1 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: The Politics Of Housing Recovery - 10/19/11 07:47 AM
It seems that while everybody is putting forward ideas for a plan to “fix housing,” not much is being done. Considering that several proposals have come from the Republican side of the aisle, it shouldn’t be considered an election-year football.   The latest, presented as a congressional bill Oct. 5 by Sen. Johnny Isakson and Rep. Tom Graves, would create a waiver for the IRS penalty for withdrawing 401(k) savings to pay down delinquent loan amounts in a pending foreclosure. As with all the other plans or ideas put forward in the last two years, this one has its positives and negatives. My fear, … (5 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: List Price, Market Cycles And The "Race To The Bottom" - 09/22/11 08:07 AM
Everyone knows real estate moves in a cycle — market conditions change, making purchasing a home more attractive; buyers move into the market, home supply begins to fall and prices begin to move up.  
At some point the market conditions reverse to some degree, slowing buyer activity.
Sellers, however, continue to list with top-of-market prices and things begin to grind to a halt. Eventually, sellers begin dropping their prices to attract the reduced number of buyers. To complete a full real estate cycle, prices need to bottom out and supply needs to correct to the new reality.
The race to … (4 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: Nestled In Neffsville PA - Home For Sale - Authentic Craftsman Home In Manheim Township - 09/09/11 04:10 PM
Visit this home's website at for more photos and info.
Search all listings of Lancaster PA Real Estate
Nestled In Neffsville 67 Valley Road, Lancaster, PA 17601 View Map For complete property details, large photos and the home seller's comments visit This 1927 Craftsman home, a classic example from the “Arts & Crafts” architectural period in Lancaster County homes, is nestled in the village of Neffsville, Pennsylvania. Neffsville PA homes for sale often are historic properties and this home is no exception, retaining the clean lines and well-shaded “Craftsman Porch” distinguished by the heavy, square wooden columns and wide … (2 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: Paul Stoltzfus of Wisegrass - Fall Lawn Care Challenges - 09/07/11 09:42 AM

Today Paul Stoltzfus and I braved intense rain and lightning to find a few (semi) dry moments to catch up on Fall lawn challenges. Paul is the owner of Wisegrass, a top Lancaster County lawn care operation and now he's selling his premium lawn care products online at Here's what Paul had to say about the next couple of months and caring for your lawn:There are a few things to keep in mind for your lawn that will go a long way in making your grass much healthier.Keep your lawn mowed consistently at 3 or 3 1/2 inches and do … (0 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: Garry Seidel Interview - What's Hot & What's Not With Mortgages Now, All About Rural Housing Loans - 08/24/11 09:09 AM

In today's show we visit with Garry Seidel, manager over at Fulton Mortgage Company to talk about what's hot and what's not in the mortgage market as summer 2011 winds down...With the upcoming changes to FHA loans, the maximum loan limit is returning to pre-2008 levels. Rural Housing Service (RHS) home loans will be adding mortgage insurance payments to the principal and interest. Both of these changes are scheduled to go into effect October 1, 2011.I asked Garry to talk about Rural Housing (RHS) loans - how they stacked up as a good option for your typical homebuyer. Garry likes … (0 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: What Exactly Is A "Privacy Violation?" - 07/27/11 10:17 AM

If you’re looking at buying a home you’ll likely come across the phrase “privacy violation” somewhere. In a nutshell, a privacy violation occurs in real estate where you have to pass through one room to get into another, specifically with bedroom spaces.
This is a common issue in homes for sale in Lancaster City, PA and also in older farmhouses around Lancaster County. I was just in one such home this morning showing it to some buyers from New Jersey. Privacy violations can be a significant issue when listing agents don’t disclose them properly and buyers are led to believe … (7 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: Interview - Seller Short Sale Tips From A Negotiator - 07/13/11 08:52 AM

Today I add another installment in my short sale tips series - I met with our real estate team's short sale negotiator Greta Olson. Greta is our point person for working with the lenders to get short sales approved and closed. 
Greta talked about short sales in Lancaster County and how the landscape looks as of summer 2011 for sellers. The hardship letter and financials are an important first step which need to be provided to the lender bank, but even more important is to get an offer on the home since many banks won't begin the review process until … (1 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: Dealing With Contractors As A Homebuyer - 06/22/11 06:07 AM

Sometimes a homebuyer just has to have things fixed or upgraded, etc. as they take possession of a home - in this episode I discuss how to navigate dealing with multiple contractors and survive...
I could go on about the more subtle nuances of these points but if you're interested, let me know at
Thanks for watching! Please take a moment to subscribe here at and pop over to our facebook page to "like" it at
Choose Jeff Geoghan for your next home sale or purchase in Lancaster PA! Thanks.
(c) 2011 Jeff … (0 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: Understanding Homebuyers – My “Battery Theory” - 06/17/11 03:24 AM

Today I’m talking about a theory I have about understanding homebuyer behavior – it’s called my “battery theory”. I’ve observed over many years and thousands of home showings a pattern where (with 2 or more buyers) there is pretty clearly a “positive charge” and a “negative charge” going on.
The “positive charge” person is likely the one who wanted to see the home, and encouraged the other to come along. They come in hoping to see their hopes confirmed with the property.
The other side is the “negative charge” individual – this is the one who wasn’t that interested in the … (2 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: The 5 Key Points To Negotiation – Lancaster PA Realtor Tips - 06/15/11 07:05 AM

Going into a search for homes for sale Lancaster PA with a prospective buyer means we’ll be dealing with NEGOTIATION – that wonderful back-and-forth between the seller looking to get as much as possible and the buyer looking for… well, the opposite.
I’ve found there are 5 key “points” to be aware of in negotiating the sale terms of a home in the Lancaster PA real estate market – I’m sure it’s the same for your area too.
I’ll work backwards from the highest point:
5 – the asking price of the seller (better known as the list price, of … (0 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: Three Things That Make The Difference In A Lancaster City Home - 05/31/11 10:45 AM

Today I’m discussing real estate in Lancaster City, PA – in particular the three things that IMO make the difference when it comes to value and buyer interest….
1 – Offstreet parking (or garages).  This is HUGE issue for most city buyers, and not so common among the real estate inventory.  If you have one, it really helps (assuming the garage actually fits some sort of modern car).  As a home buyer, you would be well served to look for one but it does severely limit your search.
2 – Second baths – this is a biggie.  Almost everybody … (1 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: Four Things You Need To Make An Offer On A Home - Lancaster PA Real Estate Video Blog - 05/18/11 10:33 AM

Whether it’s your first foray into Real Estate or you’ve owned your home for many years, you’ll need to know some basics in order to make a successful offer on a home.
There are four key components of any offer, and as a homebuyer of real estate in Lancaster County PA or beyond you’ll need each of them to place an offer (it’s not called a “bid”, by the way).
1 – Mortgage Prequalificaton. If you are not paying cash you’ll likely need a mortgage. It’s critical to your budgeting that you have a clear picture of your mortgage situation. I … (0 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: Lancaster City PA Apartment Rental Opportunity - My Client Has A Nice 2 Bedroom Available - 05/16/11 09:39 AM

If you're interested in Lancaster City living and want to rent within walking distance of most of downtown, including Binns Park, Lancaster Central Market, The Fulton Opera House, Lancaster General Hospital, TheBelvedere, Building Character, Rachel's Creperie, the Lancaster County Courthouse, Musser Park, TheMuseum of Art and much more, then be sure to check out this great  2 bedroom apartment on the 300 block of north Lime Street! 

Here are some details:
For the 3rd floor - $725 2 Br, 1 Ba, central air, cherry cabinets, granite counters.  No smoking or pets. Includes water, sewer and trash. Includes dedicated off-street parking (one space per unit). If you work at Lancaster General's … (1 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: Three Reasons Not To List Your Home For Sale - 05/16/11 08:38 AM

A few months ago I made a bit of stir online with my video show episode "3 Reasons Not To Buy A Home." ( Folks expressed surprise to hear that coming from a real estate professional, of all people.Of course, there really are valid reasons not to leap into home ownership — my video merely recapped a few more glaring roadblocks for the would-be house buyer.The same logic can be applied to those who already have a deed recorded at the county courthouse. If you're a homeowner who's not in the midst of a foreclosure, there are several pretty good … (1 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: Paying Back The Homebuyer Tax Credits - 05/11/11 09:17 AM

I get questions regularly from folks about the homebuyer tax credits - what should they do (if anything) about repaying it, etc. Here's a brief (but not exhaustive) summary of the ground rules for each of the homebuyer tax credits. If you bought a home for sale in Lancaster, PA and beyond between April 8th 2008 and April 30th 2010 you should understand your tax situation.(I have to add the obvious statement that I am a real estate professional, not a tax professional so my observations below are not to be taken as tax advice, thank you)The first homebuyer tax … (2 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: Why You Need To Hire A Buyer Agent First - Lancaster PA Realtor Information - 05/05/11 07:24 AM

Virtually every other day I interact with prospective home buyers who are in the early stages of researching properties (usually online) and reaching out for more info on a property. To anyone in this stage, let me give you some advice you won't see or hear in most places:HIRE A BUYER AGENT FIRSTThe process of real estate buying usually involves you (as a buyer) eventually hiring an agent to write the offer for you and move forward. All too often, however, buyers wait and wait before taking the step of engaging an agent. Do not do this - the first … (5 comments)

lancaster pa real estate: The Coming “Home Energy Score” Will Change Real Estate – Again - 04/26/11 04:44 AM

Remember those stickers on every new car in the sales lot – the one touting the fuel economy?  Now imagine one on the front door of every home for sale.  No, not a fantasy…a coming reality.  And ultimately homebuyers will benefit and the real estate industry will adapt.
In November the Department of Energy (USDOE) released a long-anticipated pilot program for formal testing in ten locales across the U.S. The program is entitled “Home Energy Score” and it signals the official dawn of a new era of energy awareness in the real estate industry.
Some of you may still remember the dawn of the … (10 comments)

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