activerain help: 5 Reasons to use your ActiveRain Outside blog. - 10/18/12 03:48 PM
5 Reasons to set up your ActiveRain Outside blog. I'm sure at some point, each one of you has asked yourself, "So, what's the point of an ActiveRain outside blog?"  The answer is, there aren't very many reasons to start a new outside blog these days.  Here are a few, and I hope this article can guide you to the reasons that work for you.  
Keep in mind that there are people out there in ActiveRain-land that are seeing success with getting their outside blog in Google's results.  If you're not one of them, these are some good ways to … (52 comments)

activerain help: Set up Google+ Authorship for your ActiveRain Outside blog! - 10/12/12 10:03 AM
Learn how to set up Google+ Authorship for your ActiveRain Outside blog. For most of you, your AR Blog is going to be where people find your content on ActiveRain via Google's search results pages, but it would be nice for Google to know that you contribute to your outside blog too.  Right?  Well, thanks to some code found on a blog that Michael George wrote a while back, a little bit of poking around on my part, and some help from Bob Stewart, you'll be able to tell Google that you are a contributor to your outside blog!
You may not … (48 comments)

activerain help: Let's make your "AR Blog" easier to navigate. - 09/19/12 09:58 AM
Use "Tags" to Organize your ActiveRain Blog  While Tags no longer have the SEO power they had once held, you may still want to use them on your ActiveRain blog. Recently, I've heard a few RainMakers say they really want to be able to organize their "inside blog" so it looks more like their "outside blog". For those of you who are new to ActiveRain, "inside blog" is slang for your "AR Blog" and your "outside blog" is a feature you get with a RainMaker subscription that allows you to claim a custom domain. This information works for ActiveRain members who aren't … (47 comments)

activerain help: Setting up and Managing your "Campaigns": Setting up your Hit Router part III - 09/07/12 09:53 AM
Setting up your "Campaigns"  
When you set up a campaign, you buy traffic that comes from other RainMaker's outside blogs, but only if they they haven't set up a "Market" in that city.  For example:  I live in Seattle.  I work in Seattle.  I don't really want or need traffic for someone who is interested in Florence, SC, so it wouldn't make sense for me to set up a "Market" for Florence.  Right?  So, if a consumer went to my outside blog and typed in Florence, SC, whoever had a "Campaign" set up for Florence would get that traffic.  I … (1 comments)

activerain help: Setting up your "Markets": Setting up your Hit Router part II - 09/07/12 09:52 AM
Setting up your "Markets"  
From your Hit Router set up page, click on the search button under "My Markets" and type in your city.  You should see that your page looks a lot like this: 
From there, click on the closest match for the city you want to work in.  Now you can type the URL for the page where you want your traffic routed.  It should look like this:

I would strongly recommend that you send the traffic to where you have your IDX hosted.  If you can, send it to a page for the city you're hoping to … (1 comments)

activerain help: Setting up your Hit Router: Why does my outside blog take people to a site that isn't mine?!? - 09/07/12 09:52 AM
Setting up your Hit Router  
If you're here because the "Find Homes" search bar on your outside blog is directing consumers to a competitor, don't worry, ActiveRain isn't broken.  The truth is: If you haven't set up your Hit Router "Markets", we have to make sure that the traffic from those "Find Homes" searches go somewhere.  We don't want broken links on our site, so we route that traffic to people who have set up their Hit Router "Campaign".  It only takes a few minutes to set up your Hit Router, and this blog will walk you through the whole process.


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