2010 Home Staging success story! The properties below were on the market, vacant, for months before Home Staging Design Pros staged it with a Key Room Staging Package. The homes sold or rented just weeks later. The staging package Real Estate Professionals purchased included lite stagi...
    How long will this economic recovery take seems to the question on everybody's mind. Many people seem to feel it will be a long recovery. "The real estate market today seems to be leveling off but it still needs help", says Brad Fletcher co-owner of Home Staging Design Pros in Orlando Florida...
Lets talk about even the smallest places and unseen spaces that need attention when prepping a house for sale. Don’t make the all too common mistake of storing all the clutter in the closets. Buyers might not say anything when they see an over flowing storage area but you can be sure it will lea...
We are victims of our own perception. We are always telling folks to stage a vacant home for obvious reasons. It’s difficult for most people to visualize space relationships without references to go by. Empty spaces just look smaller then they really are. Recently we downsized from a 3/2.5 singl...

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