jeff lobb: Real Estate Technology- Mirror your IPAD or IPHONE 4s to your Mac or Big Screen - 03/25/12 03:44 AM
Real Estate Technology - Breaking NEWS!!   I have found a fantastic way to Share and Mirror my IPAD 2 or IPAD 3 and the IPHONE 4s to my mac and screen without Apple TV. I have tested it for 3 Weeks solid and it has been reliable and without fail. The app/software is called Reflection !  While this is huge for me to speak, train and Demo apps and the use of these devices, I felt Obilgated to the industry to share this so that others can do the same. When you useReflection, you must be on the same wifi connection and once its … (2 comments)

jeff lobb: Real Estate Technology - IPAD gets Windows Browser with IE and Flash thru ONLIVE DESKTOP - 02/24/12 03:28 AM
Real Estate Technology - IPAD gets Windows Browser with IE and Flash thru ONLIVE DESKTOP Finally a Cloud Based Windows Browser with Internet Explorer and Flash. While I have encountered a few issues with logging in and server issues..I am chalking that up to the newness and server capacity..Overall, working well and could be a GREAT solution to many....   for more info. For other GREAT REAL ESTATE TECHNOLOGY TIPS, TOOLS AND ADVICE...
OnLive Desktop gives you the freedom to work from anywhere.

Create. Build dynamic PowerPoint®presentations with graphs, animations—even videos. Present directly from your tablet screen or attach … (3 comments)

jeff lobb: Real Estate Technology and Tools App Review - Pixeet - 01/30/12 06:54 AM
I have had the Pleasure of REVIEWING one of the finest Virtual Tour Apps on the Market to
Pixeet uses one of the finest tools we have on us most of the time throughout the day...our SMARTPHONES. If you have an IPhone4, IPhone4s or a newer Android device, you too can make an really impressive Virtual Tour of your clients property. 
One of the Finest things you can do for your customers and your marketing is to display the home in a "virtual world" format. Virtual world meaning, as if your were standing in the ROOM.
Lets take a Look … (0 comments)

jeff lobb: Real Estate Technology Tool - CloudOn for IPAD - 01/03/12 11:30 AM
CloudOn Brings Microsoft Office to Your iPad, Complete with Cloud Storage iPad: CloudOn brings a fully-loaded version of Microsoft Office to the iPad, so you can edit documents on-the-go using all of Office's features, and store your documents right in your Dropbox.
Full size CloudOn isn't really a touch-optimized version of Office; instead, it's like using a screen-sharing app with a computer running Office elsewhere. You'll need an internet connection to use it, since the program runs on CloudOn's servers, but it actually works pretty well, despite being designed for a mouse and keyboard. You probably wouldn't want to do all … (3 comments)

jeff lobb: Real Estate Technology - how real estate gets done - A MUST READ - 11/07/11 04:23 AM
        If you know me, you know that I am a Huge Fan of Real Estate Technology. (and all the gadgets & gizmos that go with it!) Not only do I love the new toys & what they can do to make life better, but in fact, its my job to stay on the cutting edge of the technologies used by Real Estate Professionals. Over the past 24 months, I've become increasingly concerned with what I see taking place in our Industry across the country.
      Everyone seems to be looking for the Magic Pill. The Easy Fix. The … (2 comments)

jeff lobb: Real Estate Technology Conference - XPLODE for Real Estate Technology - 07/19/11 03:37 AM

jeff lobb: Real Estate Technology and Tools - Productivity APP - LISTME APP for IPHONE - 07/13/11 09:17 AM

Real Estate Technology and Tools - Productivity APP -  LISTME APP for IPHONE 
What a Fantastic Shared Cloud App with Full Sync.  If you have a partner, Team, Admin or Significant other with Iphones...This app keeps your todo's and tasks in full sync as you complete them.  A must try for Real Estate and Life. For more info on this App for Real Estate  or for more REAL ESTATE TECHNOLOGY AND TOOLS TIPS


jeff lobb: Real Estate Technology and Tools - The MUST have case for IPAD - 04/23/11 02:45 AM

Real Estate Technology and Tools - The MUST have case for IPAD  
I don't care if it ads bulk ! Drop your ipad a few times or bump it really hard.... How nice is it with a cracked screen and scratches ??.. We in Real Estate need to use these devices in the field where anything can happen.. Protect your investment the way I do..,. Otterbox !! In my next few posts I will show you REAL proof !! Watch for it !
The OtterBox Defender Series for Apple iPad 2 is part of our most … (1 comments)

jeff lobb: Real Estate Mobile Session At XPLODE Conference - Shortened - 04/01/11 05:16 AM

jeff lobb: Real Estate Apps - Narrowing Thousands down to 10! Free Webinar - 03/21/11 03:31 AM
Narrowing Thousands Down to 10: The 10 Best Real Estate Apple, Droid , and BlackBerry Apps for Smartphones and Tablets
Free webinar guides real estate agents on which apps to choose to enhance their business
   Woburn, MA (Grassroots Newswire) March 16, 2011 - Real estate agents are bombarded daily with technology choices.  Buy this, download that - it can be overwhelming.
    Technology is only worthwhile if it helps them make more money, but how can today's busy agent wade through all the choices to make informed decisions?  Join Jeff Lobb, technology expert and REALTOR® for a free webinar … (1 comments)

jeff lobb: Real EstateTechnology Conference - XLPLODE Austin - MOBILE Real Estate - 02/20/11 03:39 PM
Real EstateTechnology Conference - XLPLODE Austin - Mobile for Real Estate


jeff lobb: A Flurry of Inspiration - 02/15/11 02:40 PM


jeff lobb: Desktops and Laptops and Tablets..Which Direction for a Real Estate Agent - 02/15/11 01:58 PM


jeff lobb: Real Estate Technology Tools - Jeff Lobb Reminds of the Verizon Iphone4 - 02/02/11 08:31 AM
Real Estate Technology Tools - Verizon Iphone4 … (0 comments)

jeff lobb: Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages - 01/07/11 08:47 AM
Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages Posted by iphp on Feb 22, 2010 in Facebook, PHP, Project  We launched our Facebook fan page earlier this month and as with all Facebook pages only Facebook Insights program is available to page administrators. Facebook Insights shows demographic details and interactions on your pages BUT limited to show information of fans only. It is far less sophisticated and comprehensive when compared to the free Google Analytics. One of the limitations of Facebook Fan pages is that you can only run limited Javascript on it and Google Analytics needs Javascript code included to correctly track visitors. We have successfully managed to get … (5 comments)

jeff lobb: Real Estate Technology - IPAD for Real Estate APP ! PDF EXPERT - 12/27/10 11:15 AM

jeff lobb: Real Estate Technology Tools - Iphone4 and Mophie JUICE pack - 12/27/10 11:12 AM

jeff lobb: IPAD's and IPHONE's Changing the World - This is Awesome ! A Live I-BAND ! - 12/27/10 10:41 AM
The Ipad and Tablets Alike will be used by Real Estate Professionals across the board for those who want to stay ahead of the times and more importantly ahead of the CONSUMER...Just thought I would share some REAL ESTATE TECHNOLOGY with a little Holiday Spirit... The IPAD's Gone MUSIC..Amazing.
North Point's iBand from North Point Web on Vimeo.

jeff lobb: Will Real Estate Data save agents? - 12/19/10 11:49 AM

Wait until you see what I have in store this year !! Brian says it best in the LAST 2 sentences. Will real estate data save agents? By Brian Boero | December 16th, 2010 Tags: Agents, Real estate data, RPR | Filed in: Marketing “RPR now live in 43 markets”
I didn’t even click on the headline when I saw it on a few weeks ago.
At this point, and previous writings here notwithstanding, I am having difficulty seeing how RPR will change the working lives of agents.
But my waning interest has little to do with RPR specifically. It seems to be picking up momentum and will be a solid … (0 comments)

jeff lobb: National Real Estate Speaker and Technology Expert Takes Top International Honor - 12/08/10 12:47 PM


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