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When it comes to tenant screening, the 'net is a great thing... I just had a prospective tenant call me, and when asked 'why is he moving', his answers were not consistent.  BTW, I like to ask 3 times when the first response to that question is anything with the word 'landlord' in it.  He went on...
Hello everyone, Just wanted to give you a website that grades your website. analyzes what your website has (and what it doesn't), and spits out a great report that you can look at where your site needs work. You can also type in additional websites (5 of your competitors) to com...
Hello Everyone, I just got an idea on collecting larger amounts of application fees... and making it easier. Several times prospective tenants ask if there is an app fee, and I often waive the charge, in hopes to get more appicants to choose from.  I have found that requiring a large fee upfront ...
Hello everyone, I keep watching the ads on tv about Direcway (now called Hughes net) about how you can enjoy high speed internet access anywhere, as long as you have a view of the southern sky... I had this sytem for years, and dropped it for the following reasons: 1) Ask them about upload speed,...
Hello everyone, In our local area, there has been advertising on the radio about your chance to receive a free laptop... ok, what's the catch? is a legit site, but I read the program requirements, and it seems as though you are required to fullfill a vast amount of 'sponsor o...
Hello everyone, I just wanted to tell you about a software program that helps you type faster... all you do is talk, and the words appear on your screen! Last year, I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, which slowed my abilities to type, which is an important part of my job!  Check out my blo...
Hello everyone, I heard this idea recently, so I thought I'd pass it along: If you have the older 3 gallon tank toilets in your rentals and You pay the water bill, consider replacing them with a newer, 1.6 gallon toilet.  This relatively small amount of expense will save lots of gallons of water,...
Hello everyone...If you're looking for specific photos, you might want to try , where you can purchase the rights to use photos for as little as $1.We all know that the internet provides us with lots of photos that you can 'copy and paste' for our use, but copyright laws may c...
Hello everyone,Just a quick reminder-Photos need updating...Yesterday I was setting up showings for today, and I noticed that 2 of the homes I was to set up had SNOW in the main picture on the mls... wow, we haven't had snow for at least a month now!When I was calling the agents, I nicely mention...
 Posted by Jim Harger | The Grand Rapids Press April 26, 2008 00:25AMCategories: Breaking News View larger map | This map shows the location of HUD-foreclosed homes in Grand Rapids last December. Since then, some of the homes may have been sold to private owners and will no longer be available fo...

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