haddonfield new jersey: Speechless Sundays - Is Jeff Belonger crazy nuts? - 01/30/11 01:27 AM

<<<<January 29th, 2011  
Okay, so I am nuts... but for those that know me, I love my snow. Yes, I love my summers and the beach also.... but one of the reasons that I still live in the New Jersey area other than family (parents / nieces & nephews) and Philadelphia sports teams, is because of the snow that we get. And in the last 2 years, been getting more snow than in a long time... last big snowfalls... 1994 & 1995... and before that... the late 70's. Last year we got like 73 total inches … (14 comments)

haddonfield new jersey: Wordless Wednesday - Did someone say snow? part 2 - 01/26/11 03:59 PM

Outside my house....  it snowed last night and this morning... we got 3 to 4"... it stopped by 11 am.  We were suppose to get rain, but it only rained very lightly around 3 pm for 30 minutes. We then got an inch of sleet for an hour around 6:30 pm and then changed over to all snow.  As you can see, it's snowing hard now. It's suppose to stop by 4 am. Total accumulations 6-10 inches... I'll probably see 8 inches by morning, plus the 3" from this morning.
Read my blog post that I did … (7 comments)

haddonfield new jersey: Wordless Wednesdays - Let it Snow Let it Snow - 01/26/11 09:32 AM

Wouldn't you like to have a job to where you could be wrong 50% of the time and still get paid?  
In the beginning of the winter season, one of Philadelphia's meteorologists, Hurricane Schwartz, said that we will be slightly below our normal snowfall. This area's normal snowfall is about 17 inches a year. Well, year-to-date, we have received about 20 inches already which about another 6 to 8 inches tonight.
Here is are the local weather forecasts for the year, by weather station. 2010 - 2011 weather forecasts
As you can see, Hurricane Schwartz has revived his … (4 comments)

haddonfield new jersey: Ghostly Gathering in Haddonfield New Jersey & the Haunted Mansion in Haddonfield New Jersey - 2010 - 10/25/10 02:25 PM
HALLOWEEN WEEKEND in Haddonfield New Jersey
I love holidays... Thanksgiving for the family gathering... Christmas for the giving and watching little kids eyes open wide when receiving gifts..., and Halloween, because kids get excited in getting dressed up. Halloween this year falls on a Sunday, but many will be having parties and such on Friday and or Saturday night. Hence brings me to some ghoulish good times that will be taking place in Haddonfield, New Jersey this weekend. So, what is in store in Haddonfield? There is the Ghostly Gathering, the Haunted Mansion, and the Halloween parade.


haddonfield new jersey: Haunted Haddonfield in Haddonfield New Jersey - Scary Stories by William Meehan Jr. - Oct. 22nd & 23rd 2010 - 10/21/10 05:32 AM

It's that time of year again, when fall is here and Halloween is near. If you live in or around Haddonfield, New Jersey, you might have heard about Haunted Haddonfield. It's a tour of ghostly stories surrounding the town of Haddonfield. The tours are a fundraiser for both the Historical Society of Haddonfield and for the local Haddonfield Public Library.
William Meehan Jr., who is a member of the Historical Society of Haddonfield, is the one that actually gives these tours every year. Bill is also the author of Haunted Haddonfield, which he published in 2002.

haddonfield new jersey: Haddonfield, New Jersey -- Crafts & Fine Art Festival - 07/15/07 05:02 AM

Every year in July, Haddonfield has the Crafts and Fine Arts Festival, which is a 2 day event. It's a nationally ranked event with over 230 fine arts and crafts persons that come to display and sell their work. 

Haddonfield's main artery, Kings Highway, is closed down for this 2 day festivity. If you want to see what Kings Hwy looks like prior to the festival, please click onto this link. An Introduction to Haddonfield New Jersey. It's the first main picture on the left 
Some of the arts and crafts range from jewelry, metal, paper drawings, glass, wood, paintings, photography, ceramics, … (8 comments)

haddonfield new jersey: What makes a house a home: What Makes A House A Home -- Haddonfield, New Jersey - 05/23/07 09:53 PM
As a loan officer living in Haddonfield, New Jersey for the last 3 years, this town has become my home. An Introduction to Haddonfield New Jersey.....
So, the Big Million Dollar Question...... What Makes a House a Home????
Is it your furniture?The color of your home?Your neighborhood?Your big screen tv?Your collection of antiques? For me, those can be nice, but it's the Memories that I cherish the most and what makes the House a Home for me. Ever see It's a Wonderful Life? I have moved so many times in my life, so many different houses. What made them all special was … (35 comments)

haddonfield new jersey: The Churches of Haddonfield, New Jersey -- Series of Haddonfield -- Part 1 - 04/14/07 02:12 PM

Haddonfield,New Jersey is a remarkable town of over 11,000 residents here in South Jersey. There are 10 churches in the town of Haddonfield, some going back to the early 1800's. 
Haddonfield is a very tight-knit community. Just this past summer of 2006, Mt. Pisgah AMEC had caught on fire. The community has been helping with small donations and working on a fund raiser for this coming summer from local businesses.
Overall, there are enough churches and their congregations that cover most faith's. Here is a link to most churches, their locations, and information about these churches and their hours of worship. Local … (3 comments)

haddonfield new jersey: An Introduction to Haddonfield New Jersey..... - 03/31/07 03:53 PM

Haddonfield, New Jersey is located in Camden County which is located in Southern New Jersey. As of the United States 2000 Census, the borough had a total population of 11,659.
Haddonfield is an unique town because of it's friendly residents, the close knit community, and because of its many special events that it holds each year. It has a an old, rustic look because of the many old homes that have been maintained throughout the years. As a resident of Haddonfield for 3 years now, I have grown to love this town and just enjoy the people and events that take … (12 comments)

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